Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 6, 2012-R.I.P.US$

With China offering settlement for crude oil in yuan (renminbi) on September 6, and Russia on the following day offering China unlimited purchase of its now vast oil reserves denominated in Chinese currency, the following video assumes even more relevance. R.I.P. US$. 

Caveat: While the video correctly assesses the background of the US economic implosion and the worldwide financial malaise, it falls far short of its present implications, reverting to the usual overblown histrionics concerning a "revolution".

 While we agree with the premise of a change in consciousness through self education and "civil disobedience", and all that entails regarding the establishment of radically alternative communities, the highly idealized and misplaced conception of radical and comprehensive change through force of arms is not only highly unlikely but as history has repeatedly proven, impossible. 

The creators of this video have not followed through and drawn the logical conclusions of their otherwise well placed analysis-a soon to be realized confrontation of the Anglo-American Nato axis with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization under the aegis of Russia and China. No amount of Ghandis or MLKs, or for that matter armed citizen soldiers will prevent the inevitable cyclic historical progression as it inevitably grinds to its preordained conclusion.

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