Saturday, September 22, 2012

Down the Rabbit Hole with Vile Rat and Montagraph

While the Anglo/American MSM closes ranks in an unprecedented display of homogenous orthodoxy on the issue of the manifest unsuitability of a certain presidential candidate to the apparent benefit of the incumbent presidential marionette, certain gaps of clarity have begun emerging from the incredibly dense smokescreen of disinformation, misdirection, and propaganda surrounding the deaths of the unfortunate Americans in Benghazi, Libya and the now notorious "film" which is being blamed for that incident as well as the massive unrest roiling the various nations of Islam, resulting in attacks on American embassies throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South and Central Asia

In the many and varied revisionist scenarios which arise on a daily basis surrounding the events which led to the death of "Ambassador" Christopher Stevens, only one thing is really certain. The "official version" of events, from the very beginning ridden with obvious inconsistencies, contradictions and outright falsehoods, lacks even the pretense of credibility which is generally accorded the usual preposterous pack of lies emanating from government agencies. The pathetic, feeble, and witless attempts to cover the irreconcilable nonsense was so obvious that the State department finally gave up altogether and simply refused to answer any more questions regarding the issue. 

While such a state of affairs might be a cause for alarm or suspicion in a discerning public and a representative government, especially given the severity of the situation, the present administration, largely due to the unquestioning allegiance and fawning devotion of a compliant fourth estate and a hopelessly suborned and corrupted legislative branch, continues to walk blindly, unscathed, and untouched through ongoing, respective, and catastrophic failures of domestic and foreign policy. Unfortunately, such wanton unaccountability gives criminal license and even wider scope for greater violations of a public trust so woefully and regrettably misplaced. But there is nothing really new here where those in power do the bidding of a occult and arcane elite ruling from the shadows. 

What caught our attention in respect of these abstruse and difficult to define agencies which nonetheless have a compelling influence on the course of events was some interesting information concerning both the so called "film", which it is now understood, was the production of a recently released felon and government informant with ties to intelligence agencies. In this respect we have the following video which is, as of late, garnering a quite a bit of attention.

So we can add the decidedly provocative investigative speculations of Mr. Montagraph to the much muddled and befuddling mysteries enshrouding the so called "Arab Fall". What piqued my interest beyond the revelations concerning Stanley Incorporated and its connections to State and Defense Departments was the site which Montagraph screen captured. http://www.youtube.com/user/DarthF3TT/videos?flow=grid&view=0 As he noted, this site, in addition to the relevant videos concerning the repeatedly renamed film now called "Innocence of Muslims" also displayed several "gaming videos" This fact of course assumes particular relevance in respect of the fact that Sean Smith who was killed with Stevens and whose role has experienced a parallel reinvention comprising alternately; Navy Seal, CIA operative, diplomat, and finally Foreign Service Information Management Specialist, was, in his last hours communicating his status via a gaming forum. It is strange that Smith gave an interview shortly before his demise and in his previous incarnation as Navy Seal in which he stated that he was involved in retrieving or destroying Manpad surface to air missiles in Benghazi, a seemingly most peculiar activity for a Foreign Service Information Management Specialist.

Smith's death was duly noted on many vidoe gaming forums and sites where he had gained prominence for his role under the psuedonym and avatar "Vile Rat". http://www.csmonitor.com/The-Culture/Family/2012/0913/Sean-Smith-Diplomat-showed-gaming-generation-s-online-influence
Yet as controversy continues to swirl about what really happened on September 11 in Benghazi, questions are being raised about not only "Ambassador" Steven's role but also the other actors in the ill fated drama which cost the four Americans their lives. Given the by now obvious psy-ops background of the internet film post on Youtube fairly convincingly elaborated by Montagraph as well as others and the involvement of video gaming sites and forums in this imbroglio, it would be instructive to introduce yet another vector of the increasingly complex interactions between cyber war and the political and military stratagems with which they interface in very real and lethal outcomes.

A little less than a year ago, Amir Mirzai Hekmati, US citizen and former Marine of Iranian descent was sentenced to death in Tehran for spying, allegedly for the CIA. Though the "story broke big in the mainstream press" Hekmati's confession was suppressed in the Western media outlets but was subsequently tracked down by Gar Smith of the Berkeley Daily Planet. http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2012-01-10/article/39112?headline=-Confession-of-Accused-CIA-Spy-Reveals-Link-to-US-Videogame-Maker--By-Gar-Smith According to Smith:
One of the most surprising revelations in Hekmati's online tell-all was his admission that, in addition to training at the Pentagon's Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, he also spent time working for Kuma/War, a US-based videogame company that specializes in combat simulations. Kuma/War has reportedly worked under contract for the US Army but, in the transcript of his taped statement, Hekmati also claims that, in addition to its Pentagon contracts, Kuma/War received funding from the CIA. 
As Iran prepares to shut down Google and establish its own domestic version of the internet  having sustaining an unprecedented attack by the Stuxnet virus on its nuclear facilities last year and undoubtedly presently under similar attacks, the long expected and expanding cyber war has reached new levels of intensity. At the very least,  the alleged CIA involvement in the Kuma War raises some interesting questions and assumes even more critical relevance with the viral proliferation of the "Innocence of Muslims". 

At issue is whether this bungling, third rate, and clownish production was actually intended to provide cover for the obviously well orchestrated international provocation engineered by intelligence agencies and culminating in the attack on the Benghazi villa which unleashed the orgy of violence on American embassies  throughout the nation of Islam. It is not without a great deal of irony and that Stevens met the same grisly fate of Gaddafi apparently being brutally sodomized before his murder.http://beforeitsnews.com/2012/2012/09/ambassador-rape-and-gaddafi-rape-2437272.html

While it has been an object of much generally unfounded speculation as to the groups and individuals responsible for the attacks on the Benghazi villa cum "consulate" ranging from any one of the numerous NATO proxy Libyan rebel militias to elements of Gaddafi loyalists of the Green Movement, one thing again is for certain. And that is that "Ambassador" Stevens and his unlikely entourage were exposed to a well planned and coordinated attack without the benefit of the extensive and bullet proof security protections usually afforded to State department personel especially in locations such as the highly volatile and dangerous streets of Benghazi. This becomes even more of an issue given the violent demonstrations against the US Embassy in Egypt just the day before. 

Whatever the reasons for the anomalous presence of the Americans in Benghazi that night, this fact alone points to either a catastrophic lapse of security and intelligence, or which is more likely the case, a classic false flag operation. Meanwhile as we hear the hypocritical paeans and official hagiography devoted to Stevens in Obama's fulsome speech to the UN, we eagerly await the Kuma War episode devoted to the "take-down" of Stevens and his companions in Benghazi.http://thesantosrepublic.com/2012/09/cia-salafism-formula-americas-covert-plan-to-fully-destabilize-the-middle-east-and-russia/


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