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CFR State Department Shill Heads Amnesty International USA

The recent appointment of former Hillary Clinton aide and deputy assistant for International Organization Affairs at the US State Department, Suzanne Nossel, as Executive Director of Amnesty International USA as reported by the ever perspicacious investigative journalists at Voltaire.net raises some interesting questions not only as to the connections of the human rights organization with the US government, but also, given the unsavory and preternaturally ugly Ms. Nossel's pedigree as visiting senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and her significant role on a host of other globalist organizations such as Bertlesmann Media Worldwide, the role of NGO so-called human rights organizations in the geo-political stratagems of the US/NATO sponsored destabilization and military campaigns throughout Africa and the Middle East. In her recent leave taking from the department of state and echoing the dissociative ranting of her mentor Hillary Clinton, Schnossel effused about these genocidal war crimes.
"the drive for political freedom in the Middle East and the demands for greater economic equality here at home are just two examples of the centrality to human rights to some of the most important issues on the global agenda today."
The attempts to justify indefensible and genocidal aggression against sovereign nations through the thoroughly transparent ruse of intervention in the name of human rights has supplanted the former sham tactic of the threat of so-called weapons of mass destruction. Ms Schnossel has been at the forefront in this latest contrivance in public disinformation at the behest of the CFR most notably in her contribution to "Powers and principles: international leadership in a shrinking world" By Michael Schiffer, David Schorr, Stanley Foundation. The Stanley Foundation and its own preferential interest in "human rights" is of course intimately associated with the CFR sharing common global political agendas and membership. As is usual for the highly politically connected, Ms. Schnossel has occupied such many and varied positions as an assistant to UN ambassador Richard Holbrooke from 1999-2001 (playing an influential role in the UN Human Rights Council), vice president of Dow Jones and the Wall Street Journal and vice president at the scandal plagued Bartlesmann Media Worldwide. It is interesting to note that the German company BMW not only published and promoted works by Nazi authors but recently was compelled to admit its other significant ties to the Nazi regime. According to wikipedia.
In 2002 Bertelsmann admitted that they lied about their involvement with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party, which included making profits from slave labour and publishing propaganda. The revelations came to light during their takeover of US book publisher Random House in 1998; Bertelsmann used a revised account of their Nazi past to smooth the deal.
It all but appears, given the pervasive and pronounced anti-financial tenor of the Adbuster's Media wildly successful advertising campaign called Occupy Wall Street that the stage is being set in the US for an even greater concentrated effort towards social disruption and destabilization otherwise expressed by Schnossel so innocuously as "demands for greater economic equality". This follows the economic policy blueprint emanating from such quarters as the CFR and its myriad foundation think tanks such as the Stanley Foundation and of course Soros' Open Society Institute which has had such a devastating effect across Central and Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and of course now at center stage, wreaking unprecedented economic havoc in the Eurozone. The staged and eminently public spectacle of a policeman pepper spraying protesting students at the University of California Davis which has generated such a vociferous outpouring of outrage was undoubtedly designed to further the CFR's domestic replication of Egypt's April 6 movement with the ultimate aim of generating even more massive civil discontent as a prelude to further police repression. This age old dialectic of provocation/protest/police repression has been the tried and true method used so effectively by such Illuminist entities as the CFR to foment the inevitable Chaos out of which the synthetic Order of a New World variety will then emerge.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

National Security Beta Test at Zuccotti Park

I've often wondered what would impel an individual to gather together with thousands of other like minded into what is for all practical purposes a steel ringed pen and literally take up residence in sleeping bags and tents surrounded by surveillance trucks, various other "security" apparatus and heavily armed police. While the media alternately extols and censures the activities of the OWS "protesters", it is becoming increasingly obvious that, much like the chain linked "free speech zones" which we became familiar with during the respective Republican and Democratic conventions during the run up to the last presidential election, something quite anomalous and even grotesque is taking place across the American political landscape and specifically in respect of the First Amendment. Apparently the questionable tactic of "occupation" is playing right into the hands of our national security police state as the disaffected minions of dissidents chose to conform and cooperate with their own internment and sequestration all in the name of "free speech", all the while being confined, identified, surveilled, video and audio taped and perhaps subjected to other less identifiable technological forms of harassment such as ELF radio waves. Nick Turse provides some valuable insight into the ongoing national security Beta test to which the willing are being subjected to at Zuccotti Park.

Perhaps because the inmates of the steel ringed play pen are being blanketed with such intrusive means of constant surveillance, some of their number in other venues have expressed a prickly sensitivity to attempts to record their activities and have resorted to some rather heavy handed and "authoritarian" tactics to dissuade even the most innocuous attempts to do so, as inveterate gadfly Adam Kokesh soon discovers


Even the most cursory examination of the highly staged political theatrics and controlled media circus of the OWS movement reveals the unmistakeable handprints of a highly organized and heavily funded complex nexus of organizations, foundations, and unions the existence of which belies transparent attempts to characterize this latest emanation of the international social media and various "color revolutions" of the past decade as a spontaneous popular uprising erupting from the engineered financial crisis of 2008. Arising from the interconnected matrices of political, financial, advertising and media agencies which brought Obama out of relative obscurity to the US presidency, coroneted him as Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and elevated him to an unprecedented term as UN Security Council president, we can discern the same operant forces which also will likely result in his re-election. OWS is undoubtedly part of the blueprint to ensure this predictable outcome. Indeed, in the equally consistent demographic and socio-political component of the OWS movement can be discerned the self same constituency which massed on the grounds of Chicago's Lincoln Park in November of 2008, ushering in the regime of the man whom Cornell West has subsequently called "the black puppet of Wall Street" and whom Texe Marrs, with perhaps with a bit more cogency, has designated as "Rothschild's Choice". It is no accident that these two unusually astute commentators coming from opposite ends of the political spectrum and across the nations increasing racial divide have characterized the latest emanation of the imperial presidency as the pawn of respective financial colossi. In a political system where it is generally agreed that the presidency is bought and sold to the highest bidder one only need to look at Obama's top financial contributors to understand that despite his increasingly populist rhetoric Obama is beholden to the very financial predators which have generated such unrelenting animosity from his most ardent supporters in the OWS movement: Goldman Sachs, CitiBank, JPMorgan Chase et al. Of course there is yet another avowed bête noire of the left which received the unqualified endorsement and support of then Senator Obama in 2006 and 2008 in two major speeches to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the most powerful and heavily funded congressional lobby in Washington. Breaking with established policy, Mr. Obama publicly called for the unification of Jerusalem under control of the state of Israel. Greeted with howls of indignation from the Palestinian Authority which he had only recently been courting with his tacit support of future Palestinian state, Obama's reversal was seen as a stark betrayal. Such an unprecedented pronouncement was however warmly embraced and celebrated by the Israelis who made bold to launch the horrific and brutal invasion of Gaza, Operation Cast Lead, coinciding with Obama's election in November of 2008, only days after which the IDF tanks were rolling into Gaza while Israeli jets were unleashing white phosphorus bombs on a defenseless civilian populace. Meanwhile, basking in the warm and fuzzy glow of the apotheosis of their savior, the masses of teary eyed and overjoyed Obamanites not only countenanced such atrocities committed in their names but completely ignored the wholesale slaughter of the men, women and children of Gaza. Thus the billion dollar Obama presidential campaign financed by Wall Street investment banks and AIPAC and managed by AKP&D Media and Message's David Axelrod had its decided and intended effect, the legacy of which we are witnessing today in the same blind, gullible and highly suggestible undiscerning minions of OWS as the NATO/US juggernaut reduces the once prosperous Muslim nation of Libya to a smoking and bloody abattoir presided over by US/UK agents of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Meanwhile as Obama's poll numbers continued to slide inversely to record and rising unemployment and inflation, as the economy rapidly deteriorated amidst record foreclosures, toxic mortgage backed securities, the astronomical debt of quadrillions of financial derivatives and trillions of taxpayer funded US Treasury issues continued to be doled out to US and Foreign Central Banks at the behest of Obama's cabinet cronies from Goldman Sachs, CitiBank, JPMorgan Chase, and the Federal Reserve and an assemblage of Clinton administration retreads such as Geithner, Summers, Rubin, Orszag, Emmanuel et al, a Vancouver based media and advertising firm, Adbusters Media Foundation, began laying the foundations of an obscure organization called Occupy Wall Street to engage and confront the Wall Street investment banks in the heart of New York City. "An anti-consumerist organization founded in 1990 by Kalle Lasn", AMF, supposedly inspired by the apparent success of the Tahrir Square uprising in early 2011 committed itself to mobilizing its more than 91,000 members to create a similar movement embodied in OWS. Assisted by New Orleans Service Employees International Union (SEIU) local head and founder of
ACORN, Wade Rathke (photo right) who called for "days of rage in ten cities around JP Morgan Chase" and supported by Stephen Lerner, SEIU board member (photo left), who called for a movement to "bring down the stock market". (SEIU of course was instrumental in bringing Barack Obama to the White House and continues to be a mainstay of his present presidential campaign) The result was the September 17 and October 1 protests which kicked off the OWS movement soon spread to other cities through the agency of AMF members. Lasn's prescription for social revolution is instructive in this regard.

Describing himself as someone who has “been a student of revolution all my life,” Lasnsaysthat in the summer of 2011 he and his fellow Adbusters staffers—especially senior editor Micah White —were "inspired" by the popular revolution that had recently occurred in Tunisia. Moreover, they “thought that America,” whose economy was in crisis, “was [also] ripe for this type of [mass] rage.” According to Lasn, Americans' anger stemmed chiefly from Wall Street financial speculators' violation of the “sense of fairness Americans have always believed in.”

was also confident that young Americans' “despondency” over such concerns as “climate change,” “corruption in Washington,” and the “decline” of their country, greatly increased the likelihood that the U.S. might experience “a Tahrir moment” of sorts. (The reference was to Cairo's Tahrir Square, a focal point of the 2011 Egyptian Revolution.) Emboldened further by “that sort of anarchy cred” which the civil disobedience/“hacktivismgroup Anonymous had been demonstrating in recent times, Lasn and his Adbusters associates held brainstorming sessions on how they themselves might effect “some kind of a soft regime change” to diminish the political influence of “finances,” “lobbyists,” and “corporations.”

In an effort to
catalyze a protest movement against those forces, Lasn and Adbusters “put feelers out on our [Internet] forums” suggesting a mass demonstration in the hub of New York City's financial district. Thus was born the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, whose first public rally was held on September 17, 2011. After some OWS demonstrators subsequently became involved in conflicts with police officers, Lasn said that “police brutality actually helps the movement” by drawing media attention.

While Lasn
concedes that every popular movement faces the “danger” that its idealistic leaders may eventually “turn into monsters,” he nonetheless believes “it’s very important for us to win, and [to] worry about how badly we behave later—right now we need to pull the current monster down.http://www.discoverthenetworks.org/default.asp

Of the many disparate foundations and adjunct organizations of George Soros' Open Society Institute, the Tides Foundation was endowed with $24.6 million from the OSI and reportedly gave Adbusters Media Foundation $6.4 million since 2001. Another Soros organization, the Alliance for Global Justice, provided OWS directly with $206,000.
This is in keeping with the stated policy of other Soros fronts among many others such as the Democracy Alliance which has given "progressive organizations" some $150 million with the stated aim of "forming Wall Street progressive movements to end the domination of the economy, government culture and media by large corporations". While it may appear to the disinterested observer that the street theater of OWS is a spontaneous, singular and merely national phenomenon, the movement is but the latest emanation and culmination of decades of agit-prop subversion conducted by so-called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) acting at the behest of diverse government funded institutes and foundations. The so-called "color revolutions" alluded to before which have taken place most notably across the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) of the former Soviet Union have been funded and ideologically managed by such agencies as the notorious National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The various color coded revolutions which to greater or lesser degrees have changed the socio-political landscapes in former Soviet Georgia, the Ukraine, Belarus and most recently Iran can be traced to the Rand Corporation. Indeed, Mr. Soros and his Open Society Institute which has close ties to the NED has apparently been active across the globe in fomenting the kind of agitation which has become the staple of various destabilizations from Myanmar to Belarus.

NED and George Soros' Open Society Institute led a campaign for regime change in league with the State Department by its own admission. Engdahl explained that the "State Department....recruited and trained key opposition leaders from numerous anti-government organizations in Myanmar" and ran its "Saffron Revolution" out of the Chaing Mai, Thailand US Consulate.
Street protesters were "recruited and trained, in some cases directly in the US, before being sent back to organize inside Myanmar." NED admitted funding opposition media, including the Democratic Voice of Burma radio. http://www.rense.com/general86/color.htm

The efforts of the State Department to fund and train the so-called April 6 movement in Egypt in prelude to the street demonstrations in Cairo and the subsequent occupation of Tahrir Square were in keeping with the covert attempts to subvert and destabilize the government of Hosni Mubarak in preparation for what was a de facto military coup and the establishment of martial law.

The same type of pattern can be readily discerned in the various Occupy movements now proliferating across the nation and in many foreign capitals. Again it is obvious that far from being the spontaneous efflorescence of popular discontent, these events have been planned for years in the think tanks of such government funded foundations such as the Rand Corporation, NED and numerous other organizations and have been carefully stage managed, funded and organized by a wide nexus of highly complex and interactive agencies with a decided and common political agenda. While great pains have been taken to portray the street gatherings as unpremeditated expressions of some hypothetical common will devoid of any external stimulus or centralized leadership, the very nature of the efforts to direct, channel and establish a collective identity, platform and purpose with a specific goal oriented towards tangible demands reveals at most only a common template of procedural parameters known as consensus building centered around a practice known as the "peoples microphone". This bizarre process in which the speaker addressing the group is subsequently echoed phrase for phrase by the entire group is the forum for so called consensus building and is itself an outgrowth of a system of verbal and non verbal "signals" emanating from Nuero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) a system of subliminal communication which has a little known and yet pervasive influence and practice among a wide spectrum of political and media personalities, including Barack Obama. It is best witnessed live in all of its dysfunctional and ludicrous glory, as Occupy Atlanta silences the efforts of John Lewis to address them.
This madhouse is not only a living testimony to the anarchic confusion which reigns within the ranks of the hopelessly dissociated Occupy delusories and their seemingly infinite capacities for unfocused and mindless digression but also serves as an object lesson in how easily the gullible, suggestible, and largely unthinking masses are misdirected into blind alleys of useless preoccupation by a cadre of provocateurs trained to exploit them to the ends of their own hidden agendas. Aside from having their movement discredited from the beginning and their own basic intelligence and sanity questioned beyond any reasonable doubt, these useful idiots in their willful ignorance, impotence and crippling sense of inferiority are being exploited to the core to bring about the chaos, disorder and mayhem prerequisite for the reflexive authoritarian crackdown which is the ultimate aim of their controllers.

"Never let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it's an opportunity to do things you couldn't do before." Rahm Emanuel
"I create crisis because crisis is that edge where change is possible" Lisa Fithian

With the self afflatus of an unquestioning sense of rectitude so characteristic of the
ideologue, the "community organizer" and muckety muck Lisa Fithian takes the winning words of former White House Chief of Staff and present lord mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel, a step further. While the exploitation of existing crises for political purpose is the tried and true modus operandi of the politician, it is up the political operative and street agitator to fan the smoldering embers of slumbering public discontent into the flames of outright conflagration.The ability to significantly disrupt, impede and obstruct the customary routines of everyday social intercourse is the primary means to this end. As such an agenda is dependent upon the mass media for its propagation, dissemination and optimum mass exposure, the control and manipulation of such media outlets constitutes the single most important lever of influence. The more sensational and provocative an action is, the more chance it has of being recognized across a wider spectrum of the national media. Thus efforts are made to ensure that radical confrontations are enacted and sustained through constant media exposure and attention. The mass exhibitionism occasioned by violent confrontation with civil authority and the spectacle of mass arrests and detention disseminated by the media becomes the most immediately enabling means of the sustainability and thus the viability of a movement despite the lack of any clearly stated goals or objectives.

The rapidly escalating breakdown of the social order sweeping across Europe, the Middle East and North Africa is now spreading In the US due to the engineered financial crisis and its intended effects of spiraling unemployment, inflation and unprecedented levels of extreme poverty. As desperation, panic and mass hysteria fuel an already volatile, highly charged and explosive atmosphere, a point of serious inflection has been reached. As the existing social and economic infrastructure breaks down, the underlying fissures of an increasingly polarized American society are becoming painfully exposed. The barely restrained innate propensity of the american populace for gratuitous violence is flooding to the surface. Herein is the "crisis" that the instigator seeks to exacerbate and exploit. Lacking as was said the capacity for well defined goals or constructive objectives, the "movement" becomes the goal in itself, the means have become the end.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Illuminati Witch Celebrates Ritual Murder

Witness the incredible schadenfreude and morose delectation of one of the most hideous revenants of the dark side literally chortling with glee at the evisceration of the once most prosperous nation of North Africa, the shameless slaughter of its populace, and the lynching of its head of state. Of course the pomposity and afflatus of unrestrained hubris as evidenced in the retarded allusion to Julius Caesar clearly displays the stunted juvenility characteristic of such a craven, sadistic, and most odious personality whose insensate and cowardly bloodlust reveals a shocking and demoniacal malignancy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Devil In Libya

In response to your question as to why the flag of the so called Al Qaeda is now flying over Benghazi, I have only the following to offer. This opinion has been expanded and elucidated in older posts throughout this site.
Ever since the dismemberment of the Caliphate following WWII and the establishment of the Sykes-Picot agreement which eventually led to the creation of the Zionist entity in Palestine, British foreign intelligence MI6 has been active in the creation of the so called Muslim Brotherhood. It is a documented fact that Hamas itself is a creation of Mossad. The creation of enemies, false flag provocateurs, and the machinations of the various infernal secret societies have long been at the covert center of exoteric histories. Now that the veil is being drawn back revealing at least to some the devious blueprints as described in such documents as Zbigniew Brzezinski’s “The Grand Chessboard,” there is a growing awareness gratuitously provided by those same social and political controllers of the plans for the global elitist agendas. The colossal atrocities taking place Libya and across North Africa and the Middle East are notable not only for their brutal, insensible and blind cruelty, but for the transparent and bold nature of the escalating plans for the Brave New World Order of the Anglo European supernumeraries of these esoteric cabals. The present convulsions of the world economic and political order as it descends into a predesigned chaos is proceeding without any significant opposition as the streets of world capitals descend into a desired anarchic mobocracy in prelude to the establishment of martial law.

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