Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Israeli Provocation in Killing Of US Ambassador?

In the presence of such an obvious international provocation as the killing of a US ambassador and the previous attack and seizure of the US embassy in Cairo, both apparently designed to inflame and further exacerbate existing tensions as well as occurring on the American high holy day of September 11, yet again we have to ask ourselves, the question, "Cui bono?".

With the on again off again, and to many minds, inevitable Israeli attack on Iran in full boil on the front burner, the answer to this question is obviously the state of Israel. The film "The Innocence of Muslims" which apparently inspired the latest "Muslim outrage" over the latest blasphemous ridicule of the Prophet Mohammed (may flaming diarrhea be upon him!) "was directed and produced by an Israeli-American real estate developer, Sam Bacile, with $5 million in funds from 100 Jewish donors" WSJ.


Though little known, Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, along with the CIA had created, supported, and funded the Benghazi Libyan rebels. The "coincidence" of Netanyahu's visit to New York to address the UN, Obama's well publicized "snub" of the Israeli prime minister and the timing of these attacks arouses suspicions that we are witnessing yet another false flag attack designed and scripted to further Israeli plans to discredit the "recalcitrant" president and to help lay the groundwork for the attack on Iran. Of course Obama's "pose" is itself staged to distance himself from any overt involvement, as he has amply shown unwavering commitment to the Zionist state, especially in his speeches to AIPAC over the years, continuing an unbroken and equally unwavering support of Israel by an ongoing succession of US chief executives.

While the Secretary of State and the President took great pains to suggest that the Ambassador was humanely transported to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead, it appears that the reality of the situation was more grisly and much less sanguine than these sanitized sound bites. The relevant graphic photographs can be found here.
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