Friday, February 10, 2012

Scientists Suggest HAARP Involvment In Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

It is with great interest that we came across a scientific report contained in the latest issue of the Technology Review of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology apparently confirming that, in the days preceding the devastating earthquake which struck Japan last March 11, electron content in the ionosphere directly above the epicenter increased to dramatic levels, "reaching a maximum three days before the quake struck". Infrared emissions also peaked in the hours before the quake indicating a radical super heating of the ionosphere, a telling and familiar sign of HAARP activity. http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/26773/Similar data obtained from the DEMETER spacecraft registered the same ionospheric increase in "ultra-low frequency radio signals" activity prior to the January 2010 magnitude 7 Haiti Earthquake, also a tell tale sign of HAARP activity. http://kushmonster.blogspot.com/2011/04/japan-earthquake-tectonic-haarp-warfare.html

It has long been our contention, joining with an ever growing chorus of voices world wide, that HAARP was responsible for the devastating Haiti earthquake as well as a number of other seismic events in Indonesia, Chile, and China. This secretive black budget technology remains largely outside the purview of public awareness and yet a growing body of evidence, not the least of which emanates from official government agencies, documents and scientific studies such as the one conducted by Dimitar Ouzounov and colleagues from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland suggest a direct correlation between the super heating of the ionosphere with ELF radio waves emanating from the HAARP di-pole antennae array outside Gakona, Alaska and the increasing level of large magnitude seismic events across the planet. http://www.naturalnews.com/032670_Fukushima_HAARP.html

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