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Ann Barnhardt Breaks Down Benghazi



Let's quit the chickenshit dancing around here.The Obama regime has been running guns and BIGTIME armaments and munitions, including MANPADS, which are shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles designed to shoot down commercial jetliners, to the Muslim Brotherhood. This is just Fast-and-Furious except that the people being armed are musloids tasked with reforming the Islamic Caliphate instead of the drug cartels. But it is exactly the same thing. Ghadaffi was overthrown because the Obama regime wanted to use a chaotic, destabilized "wild west" Libya as the doorway to the Caliphate to get the arms in for distribution to Syria, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt and eventually Saudi Arabia. Egypt would have been too risky.

Ambassador Chris Stevens and the CIA were somehow, some way running or heavily involved this armament pipeline.

The Obama regime wanted and "needed" Chris Stevens dead, probably to cover the gun and armament running, so they killed him. Word was sent to the Muslim Brotherhood to attack the Benghazi facility. The Obama regime promised that there would be no retaliation and that a cover story about "slandering the prophet" would be provided. The Muslim Brotherhood wins all around. They get to keep all of the arms and MANPADS supplied by Obama with no whistleblowers AND they get their bullshit sharia law agenda advanced and explicitly ratified by the government of the United States.

Get used to this business of the Oligarch class using the Muslim Brotherhood to do their dirty work for them. This has been the plan all along, and it will only escalate from here.

As I have been saying since 2008, Barack Obama is the explicit enemy of what used to be the First American Republic, and of Western Civilization in general. EXPLICIT ENEMY. As in traitor. As in treason. As in murderer. As in should be arrested as a non-state, non-uniformed enemy belligerent, tried in a military tribunal, and upon conviction be put against a wall and shot by a firing squad, and then have his dead body publicly displayed so that there will be no future doubt or bullshit conspiracy theory crap that the son of a bitch wasn't executed. No shit.

And the same goes for dozens of people in his "administration" right along with him, except that the U.S. citizens, like Hillary Clinton, should be tried for treason. But like Obama, upon conviction (which should take all of five minutes to deliberate) these people should be executed by firing squad without delay. They are traitors and they are murderers.

After almost four years of this shit, you people are still trying to parse these events as if these people are just misguided or inept. These people are the declared enemy of what used to be the United States (they put the last nail in the coffin - the Republic is already dead) and of Western civilization. They are attempting to bring about a global tyrannical oligarchy and are in a close, explicit alliance with islam in order to consolidate control of the oil producing areas of the muslim world and eliminate Israel, and eventually to use the Caliphate as the army which will totally overrun and overthrow Europe.

Clinton, Obama, Panetta, Axelrod and THEIR HANDLERS, all of these people are coming straight out of Communism, which is really nothing more than a push for a global tyrannical oligarchy. It has little to do with any sort of economic theory per se, its only goal is to put a cadre of oligarchs in power, and to enrich them by any means necessary. We should probably stop calling it Communism and just call it neo-Stalinism.

Chris Stevens was tortured, gang ass raped, killed, and his dead body was gang ass raped again because the initial order came from Washington D.C. to kill him. The details really didn't concern the murderers sitting in Washington watching it happen via drone-cam, nor did the collateral damage in the form of the other three men killed. Stevens thought he was "in the club", but the poor fool was just another "stupid faggot" in the eyes of the Obama regime who was used and then killed because he was worth less than nothing to them. But then, all human life is worth less than nothing to these people.

One of the SEALs was on the roof of the building painting a target with a laser expecting a drone or a gunship to engage. What the SEAL failed to understand is that the drone he knew was flying above him was in fact the asset of the very people who ordered the strike, and that they were back in Washington watching via that drone-cam, cooly waiting for him, the ambassador and the other assets there present to die.

You people need to wake the hell up. Prepare for war. These people are killers and will stop at nothing until someone stops them.

Fran Marshall Davis, All in the Company

The storyline is Stanley Armour turned Obama over to Davis at age 10 or 11 because he believed it would help his alienated grandson identify with being of mixed heritage. For seven years, Obama had a “father-son” relationship with Davis, who confessed to being an underground pedophile practicing a wide array of deviant sexual activities; voyeurism (paraphilia), exhibitionism, bisexuality, rape, sadomasochism, and bondage.[72] Davis’ most likely role in Obama’s preteen years (9-13) was as a special “MONARCH” handler and programmer most likely with specialized knowledge of Mengele and Thetford’s “Conversion Hysterics”. Davis may have been a FBI/CIA asset since 1948 in Seattle, WA starting with the Navy’s ulta secret Project CHATTER.“MONARCH programming was a government funded mind control experiment included under the larger CIA operation MK ULTRA. Operation Monarch involved using severe electro-shock trauma, sexual abuse, and other sadistic methods designed to split the subject’s mind into alternate personalities. The methods were conducted primarily on children because they are easier to break down psychologically, due to their primitive stage of emotional and cognitive development.”[73]Frank Davis was a MONARCH trauma abuse multiple personality disorder (MPD) layering expert in control of amassing traumatic and ritual sexual abuse experiences to overwhelm Obama’s preteen growth alternative personalities, and then program the alters with layers of Satanism and perversion.
Barack Hussein Obama II is unlike any African American that you have never seen. He was born a MK ULTRA mold within the secret National Security State. He is an ILLUSION, a CYBORG, designed to advance its clandestine interests overseas and in the U.S of the CIA whether you want to see or not. The demarcations between those things that are human and those that are robotic and automatic programmed behavior have been carefully crafted and masked to deceive you.
CYBORG LOG FIRST STAGE, Formative Years (From birth to 6 or 7 years old)
Above, StanleyArmour Dunham (SAD) and Barack Hussein Obama, Sr. at Hickman Air Force Base in Hawaii. It demonstrates that SAD was slated from the very beginning to be a clandestine caretaker of an experiment, a Cyborg Human Seed.In 1959, SAD was part of the EWC-HU’s Africa Airlift welcoming team that greeted Barack Obama, Sr. at Hawaii Airport. Beyond doubt, SAD was directly connected to the CIA’s EWC-HU Africa Airlift project.[74]August 4, 1961, Stanley Ann Dunham (SAD1) was residing with SAD and Madelyn Dunham (MD) when Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) was born.From 1961 until 1968, very little is known about this period other than BHO is reared in Hawaii with SAD, MD and SADI centering on EWC-HU. During this period, SAD1 becomes associated with Dr. Gregory Bateson’s expertise and cover, Anthropology (Study of Culture).BHO recorded repressed memories, Dreams From My Father, of astronauts observed from an isolation chamber from a successful NASA Apollo splash down that couldn’t have taken place at Hickman Air Force Base in Hawaii.[75] NASA’s Apollo Pacific Ocean splashdowns began in December 1968 (Apollo 8),[76] a year after Obama moved to Jakarta, Indonesia with SAD1.
Above, BHO on the shoulders of the man with a distinctive military crew cut and a very characteristic (spaded) nose that clearly is not SAD. The mystery man has an uncanny likeness of NASA Astronaut Air Force Captain Virgil (Gus) Grissom, Master Mason, Member of Mitchell Lodge 228 of Mitchell, Indiana.[77]
If the picture was taken when Obama was three (3) years old as it has been represented between August 4, 1964-August 4, 1965, [78] the picture could have been taken within a couple months after or before Grissom’s Gemini 3 flight, March 23 -25, 1965. It was the first spacecraft to maneuver in orbit, and first manned flight of Gemini spacecraft. Gemini 3 splashdown was in the Atlantic Ocean near the Turks and Calicos Islands (UK).[79]
Gus Grissom and NASA Astronaut U.S. Navy Captain LeRoy Gordon Cooper, Jr. (33rdDegree Mason) were directly involved in a secret MK ULTRA-NASA mind control program, SPACE KIDS.[80]
On January 27, 1967, Grissom was killed in a suspicious space capsule fire. Before his body was cold, federal agents invaded his home and seized Grissom’s personal records and diary.[81]
The logical conclusion is that BHO was early top secret experimental NASA “SPACE KID” during his most formative years, and Gus Grissom had been his secret MK ULTRA handler.
SECOND STAGE: Formative Years (7-10 years old)
January 1, 1968, SAD1 (anthropologist) relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia with a new CIA asset husband trained at EWC-HU with BHO at 6 years old, 5-6 months enrolled in school.[82]
Above, the pagan mystic and occulted mass murderer General Suharto of Indonesia. In March 1968, CIA backed general took power and instituted a “New Order” in Indonesia.[83] The killing led by General Suharto began in October 1965 when tens of thousands of Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI) cadre and supporters were rounded up at night, detained, and executed.[84]
Anti-communist youth groups were supplied with weapons by General Suharto forces and sent out to murder PKI members and supporters in thousands of towns and villages. In one area of Central Javaknown as a stronghold of the party, one-third of the population died in the massacre.[85]
In the 1990s, details of the U.S. hand in the massacre became known as several former State Department officials admitted their role publicly. Political officers at the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta handed the Indonesian army lists of PKI leaders in unions, peasant and student organizations that it had compiled. From this, Indonesian army intelligence was able to create a “shooting list” of 5,000 PKI leaders. In the weeks and months that followed, the U.S. embassy and the CIA’s intelligence directorate, Richard Helms, in Washington D.C. checked off the names as they were “eliminated.” How many people were killed by General Suharto and his butchers? Two to three million citizens were slaughtered.[86]
SAD1 Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo, was an army colonel in General Suharto’s CIA-backed rank of killers.[87]
Under cover and deception of a benign anthropologist, SAD1 infiltrated indigenous groups and tribes in the countryside and islands of Indonesia to clandestinely single out and identify PKI leaders and sympathizers to be detained and liquidated (Human Terrain System).[88]
It should be crystal clear why BHO with Soetoro and SAD1 adorns the “Dead Man Rune.” During BHO’s second stage formative years in Indonesia, BHO had been conditioned and desensitized to human rights and ritualized mass murder by one of General Suharto’s butchers, his stepfather Col. Soetoro. BHO had been initiated into an Indonesian pagan ritual “DEATH CULT” with a historical human rights violation “BODY COUNT” and record of genocide.
THIRD STAGE, Preteen and Teen Years (10-17 years old)
In about 1971, BHO returned to Hawaii to live with SAD and MD. At ten years old, SAD turned BHO over to CIA pedophile, rapist, and exhibitionist, bisexual sadomasochist Frank Marshall Davis (FMD)[89] for satanic ritualized sexual abuse and dissociated conditioning and programming (MPD). MPD conditioning is a regimen of physical and psychological beatings, rapes and sexual molestations that give birth to a cluster of alter personalities.[90]
Above, BHO with one of his Occidental College gay rich dope fiend Pakistan roommates that he was assigned to spy on and accommodate for whatever. FMD turned BHO into a CIA MPD bisexual “honey pot” and “slave sex” manly for Middle Eastern perverts.
So, it should be no surprise that BHO has no significant background, history or relationships with women,[91] and has been linked to reports of deviant sexual activities involving: Larry Sinclair alleges drug and sex encounter with BHO in November 1998; Donald Young, gay choir director at Trinity United Church of Christ, who was murdered; Stuart Levine, Prominent GOP Fundraiser, drug and homosexual parties; Actor Kal Penn, White House Office of Public Engagement, and Rahm Emanuel & Man’s Country, a Chicago gay bath house.[92]
Obama’s obvious exaggerated African “mannish” cultural swagger is a Cyborg programmed illusion and hoax to make him appear as a real “brother.” At 28 years old, it appears that BHO’s only real relationship with a woman was Michelle LaVaughn Robinson.
Strangely enough to add this crazy mix, Michelle’s mother, Marian Robinson, is reportedly a Pagan “Handmaiden of Santeria” in the White House.[93] In some cases, Santeria has been turned into a “Blood Oath” Cult of Satanism, human sacrifice and occulted secrecy.[94] I wonder if Michelle Robinson’s marriage to BHO was a result of a Luciferian “Blood Oath Covenant for Fame, Fortune and Power.” Who did Marian and Michelle sacrifice to Lucifer?
Fraser Robinson. In March 1991, Michelle’s father died at the age of 56 of complications from multiple sclerosis. In July 1991, Michelle leaves law firm Sidley Austin and goes to work for Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s machine. October 18, 1992, Michelle weds BHO at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicagoon the way to the White House.[95]
This is part of the Buzz on the internet, “According to Atkinson, Marian Robinson became increasingly frustrated as her husband, Fraser Robinson, was hobbled by multiple sclerosis in the late 1980s, and turned to “Santeria in a desperate hope” to cure him. “Michelle put her foot down when she heard that her mother took her dad to ceremonies where they did spells and trances, and sacrificed animals, chickens and goats I think. But Marian was desperate and kept going anyway, even when her husband was to sick to go with her.”[96]
On election night, November 4, 2008, Michelle Obama turned a lot of heads when she made, so to say, a fashion statement, a very scary and ominous statement at Grant Park in Chicago. Michelle’s fashion statement upset a lot of people.[97]
Michelle had what appeared to be symbolic blood at her breast (Wisdom) and womb (Rebirth), a Luciferian “Blood Feast Sacrifice” out of something like the Horror Classic, “Carrie”. Below, Malia is dressed in a pool of red, the Blood Sacrifice. Sasha (Alexandra the Great) was dressed in black for a funeral, the Luciferian sacrifice.
The story is strange and unverified, but is consistent in Luciferian-Satanic MK ULTRA/MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE themes, and BHO and Michelle Obama’s timeline to the White House.
The World can see through Barack Hussein Obama. They can understand the demarcations between bodily existence and computer simulation, between cybernetic mechanism and the biological organism. They can clearly see what is part free godly human compassion and part programmed Luciferian “robotic” behavior. Why can’t you?
Destroy the image and you will break the enemy.”

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Chemtrails in Tandem With Unprecedented HAARP Activity Reveal Geoengineering of Hurricane Sandy

10/26/2012 – Aerosol Geoengineering of H. SANDY Continues. MODIS Satellite reveals aerosol deployment most intensely over the northern and NE sector. Numerous Persistent jet aerosol tracks are noted transcending South Carolina and Georgia predominantly in a NNW diagonal track with a few exceptions. Interactive electromagnetic aerosol prints are seen in S. Carolina and into N. Carolina.



The following link refers to the 1997 simulation and hurricane drill for "Hurricane Sandy"(!?) modelled after the hurricane which struck New York City in 1938. It is interesting to note that it was in 1997 that Secretary of Defense William Cohen admitted in a government memorandum that not only did the military possess the capacities for the generation of tectonic events but that the same technologies in the hands of foreign agencies posed a grave threat to national security.
.In a Department of Defense briefing on April 28, 1997 Cohen stated in reference to terrorist threats, "Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves".

As the evidence of weather modification continues to mount in the fabrication and positioning of appropriately named "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy we have the following from Infowars regarding the involvement of the Department of Homeland Security.

IDF Sniper Team Kills 400 US Troops in Iraq

Israeli’s do a lot of spitting and kicking, at least when they have their charges hog-tied and outnumbered.We have a number of questions for our Israeli friends, questions from 1967, questions about who attacked who, how many Egyptian prisoners were executed in Sinai, how many Americans were murdered on the USS Liberty, why Israeli teams were overheard planning the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing in Beirut, questions only those who ask the hard questions know of.One IDF sniper team has spread stories around Israel that they killed 400 American troops inside Iraq.http://www.veteranstoday.com/2012/10/25/press-tv-understanding-the-us-israeli-business-of-war/

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So, You Support Obama....

in the interest of fairness: this is the usual warm and fuzzy, feel-good, group think talking points which characterize the idiots who have abandoned their common sense and reason to support the inherently destructive and immoral policies of the crypto fascist brand Obama political machine
  1. The so called Affordable Health Care Act was written by the insurance companies and their lobbyists in Washington D.C. Thus it is not surprising that American citizens are now required by threat of law and IRS imposed penalties to register with the government and pay exorbitant up front costs to the same insurance companies for hospital services which they may not require and indeed have no desire of availing themselves of. After cancer, heart attacks and strokes, it has been ascertained that hospital treatment is the third leading cause of death in the US. Talk about a captured market. The basic constitutionality of such unwarranted, and unconstitutional mandates go hand in hand with the increasing attacks by the FDA on local growers of organic foods and the commercial outlets that dispense their products. The Obama regime is in bed with the likes of Monsanto, Sygenta, Dow Chemical and other corporations who continue sowing their poisonous GMO seeds, petro chemical fertilizers, and toxic pesticides across the continent. Obviously, as with the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) which along with JP Morgan Chase administers the notoriously corrupt Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) program, the Obama machine is much more interested in controlling and enlisting the dysfunctional, illiterate, and dumbed down masses in an ineffective and unhealthy dependency than in offering them any meaningful opportunities for self advancement or employment. Thus after disenfranchising, sickening, and undermining the health of its citizens, Obamacare and its stealth programs of rationed and dubious ill health care will funnel an increasingly sickened, debilitated, and soon to be unmanageable populace into the choke point of a bureaucratic maze of procedures benefitting only the death dealing pharmacological cartel and the insurance industry who just happen to be some of his largest campaign contributors.
  2. The systematic destruction of Iraq which was once the most prosperous nation in the Middle East by means of two successive wars led by US forces and a crippling program of draconian sanctions, which according to UN estimates led to the deaths of more than 500,000 Iraqi children, and its balkanization into three conflicting spheres of Shia, Sunni, and Kurdish sectors is now carried on by an army of private commercial mercenary forces composed of more than 150,000. Xe (the former Blackwater), and Dyncorps head the list of these cadres of former military operating throughout Iraq which is in a state of ongoing civil strife and social anarchy and routine mass murder bombings, devoid of central government, and being systematically pillaged of its oil as well as its other natural and human resources. Obama has accomplished nothing more than a mute approbation and continuance of these deplorable and genocidal atrocities enacted by the Bush family. Nothing is being brought to a close except perhaps in the minds of brainwashed and unthinking devotees who operate on a kind of unquestioning faith in the warmonger Obama's empty platitudes.Quite to the contrary, in fact the endless wars have been immeasurable expanded with Obama drone attacks throughout the tribal areas of Pakistan and the NATO/US wars roiling the Middle East and North Africa. The so called government of Unocal's Afghan president Hamid Karzai doesn't extend much further than the city limits of Kabul, the rest of Afghanistan being a no mans land of Taliban attacks, bombings and the indiscriminate assassination of ISAF troops on a weekly basis by members of the Afghan police and security forces. 
  3. Free preventative health care= the murder of the unborn, with more than 50% of black pregnancies ending in abortion. Black genocide pure and simple as envisioned by the racist founder of PPFA Margaret Sanger who from the beginning targeted the "inferior blood lines" for preferential extermination. Yet another great triumph of the "first black president".
  4. "he believes in equality for all people" well, isn't that nice. first of all refer to #3. and then proceed to Syria and Libya where over 100,000 have met an untimely and often gruesome death at the business end of US weaponry provided by the Obama regime. It's interesting that Christians are being especially targeted by the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda, funded, installed and supported by the Obama regime."equality for all people" ha,ha. another lily white liberal fantasy projection. I know. You believe in unicorns too, don't cha. It seems that this brand of "equality" also seeks preferential treatment for a certain sector of the population whose aberrant behavior happens to dovetail with the agenda to undermine and subvert the very basis of our social orde and natural law. but that's yet another facet of the divisive sexual agenda designed to fracture and alienate. in other words, "divide et impera". In Latin that means "Divide and Conquer". but we won't go there.
  5. This is an easy one. Beginning with the debacle of the solar company Solyndra which went bankrupt after a taxpayer funded investment of $500,000,000, and continuing with a host of other successive bankruptcies of federally funded "green job" industries, along with the boondoggle production of the Chevy Volt (yes, he saved the auto industry. ha.ha.) which cost the taxpayers $40,000 apiece (!) to subsidize, Obama's green energy program has been an unmitigated failure of epic proportions.
  6. I think the catastrophic collapse and disintegration of modern American education was recently on vivid display with the Chicago teacher's strike where Arne Duncan, Obama's present Secretary of Edumacation, and former Chicago Superintendent of the same has left his lasting impression with a graduating class of primary and secondary students who display abysmally low math and reading skills and proficiency and await their addition to the rolls of a growing underclass of the marginally literate and chronically unemployable. And to top this off the most highly paid teacher's union in the nation thought this performance merited even more pay which they rather ungratefully received. And that One Trillion Dollar college debt, with each successive graduating class facing the prospect of steadily diminishing prospects for employment. Proving it doesn't matter how much money you throw at a failed system. It remains a failed system.
  7. According to some reports the Obamas, with the aid of longtime supporter and contributor Hyatt Hotel heiress Penny Pritzker, recently purchased a $35 million mansion in Hawaii adjacent to land where Obummer's Presidential Library will be constructed. How about that for a community organizer! Once again we witness the rank hypocrisy of the Saul Alinsky school of radicalism where you play the class warfare card, laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile the Wall Street banksters were bailed out to the tune of several trillion dollars on Obama's watch richly rewarding his three top campaign contributors- Goldman Sachs, CitiGroup and JP Morgan Chase. And don't forget the largest campaign expenditure in electoral history- a whopping $1 billion in 2008. Yeah that really is a "no brainer". Your's in particular. ha.ha.
  8. "I voted for him and I will vote for him again" What did Einstein say? "It's a symptom of insanity to do the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result." There's my donation. And BTW, I think we would have to add 200,000+ jobs a month for about 20 years to regain the levels of employment we had at the beginning of Obama's tenure.Try this one on for size. "Since January 2009, the "labor force" in the United States has increased by 827,000, but "those not in the labor force" has increased by8,208,000.  This is how they have gotten the unemployment numbers to 'come down'." That really is a "no brainer" ha.ha.

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Mercurius Fomalhaut on "Videre Quam Esse- The End of Obama"

With the catastrophic performance of Obama in the first of three scheduled presidential debates now fading in the rear view mirror, its tangible effects are now coming to be realized as some major polls reflect a sharp and sudden decline in the president's once burgeoning numbers. http://www.businessinsider.com/obama-romney-polls-debate-election-gallup-rasmussen-ppp-2012-10
As the Democrat pundits dismay and Republican apparatchiks effuse about the apparent shellacking of the once internationally proclaimed demi-god and world leader, the reasons for Obama's embarrassing contretemps has become a matter of much speculation. Aside from many partisan, pathetic, and witless attempts to spin a victory out of the obvious debacle by the likes of the porcine toady Diana DeGette, there have been many transparent excuses ranging from Al Gore's ridiculous excuse of the mile high "altitude"to even more ludicrous assertions of Obama's transcendent and perhaps fatal inability to descend to the level of such distasteful and mundane affairs.

 Of course the prevailing opinion remains that the Emperor was painfully revealed without the usual accoutrements of his imaginary sartorial vestiture as he ventured out before an audience of some 67 million to be ultimately revealed as the bare assed buffoon so many have imagined him to be. Ever since the inception of this incredibly dubious and duplicitous regime there have been many and accumulating interent exposés profaning the perceived sacerdotal nature of Obama's presidential pontificate with revelations concerning the sordid truths of his past so grossly at variance with the fulsome and self adulatory tales of his autobiography. The persistent reports of drug use, the president's now obvious homosexuality tied to murders in the Chicago Trinity Church of Jeremiah Wright have now received the kind of currency which long ago had ceased receiving any attention other than a shrug of the shoulders. http://hillbuzz.org/daily-doom-antidote-ten-things-to-know-about-denver-debate-last-night-1042012-1042012

Thus as the critical election cycle approaches its denouément ominously accompanied by a growing penumbra inexorably darkening the media manufactured and minted luster of the "the first black president," even one of the darkest and most sedulously guarded secrets of this miasma of lies, which comprises the official narrative of the life of the president, is slowly coming to light- that Obama's real father is CIA cutout and Communist double agent Frank Marshall Davis. Obama's mother, the unfortunate Stanley Ann Dunham, as well as her parents, have been convincingly exposed as CIA operatives themselves. SAD's subsequent marriage to Lolo Soetero, a colonel in the Indonesian Army in the regime of the CIA installed dictator Suharto and her work with the notorious USAID supposedly in "anthropological field work" during the mopping up of PKI rebels lend credence to her CIA pedigree so amply documented by Wayne Madsen. http://www.thesecrettruth.com/obama.htm 

Obama's own deep CIA identity has also been thoroughly exposed. In 1981, during the time he was purportedly attending Columbia University, Obama travelled to Pakistan and was allegedly active in establishing forward bases there in support of the mujahideen and Taliban fighting in Afghanistan after the Soviet invasion of 1979, perhaps acting as an interpreter in service to the CIA. It is interesting to note that no one could recall Obama attending any classes at Columbia during that period, including his supposed professors. Although he has denied fluency in any foreign language, it has been stated that Obama has occasionally surprised ransom interlocutors such as NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof with his recitation of the Muslim call to prayer in fluent Arabic. Indeed it goes without saying that such a bi-lingual background would have been essential to Obama's role in Pakistan in 1981.

I am only presently this cursory thumbnail sketch of Obama's CIA background to emphasize one thing. And that is that BHO has, from his very birth into a multi generational CIA family lineage, been completely assimilated into a complex culture of the most sophisticated psychological conditioning and control matrix operative in the world today. From its inception, the CIA was charged not with the gathering and processing of  "intelligence" as its misleading moniker suggests, but rather with psychological operations of which its notorious MKUltra program it the most obvious manifestation. The sudden emergence of BHO onto the national and international stage and his ascension to the US presidency  was but the end result of a covert "intelligence" campaign, meticulously and carefully crafted over several decades. 

"In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way." Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The elaborately staged and highly synthetic mythos of Obama in the years leading up to the last presidential election was thus a series of strategic steps each undertaken according to an assiduously scripted blueprint in which the Manchurian candidate Obama, already unerringly psychologically conditioned throughout his childhood and adolescence and into young adulthood by CIA programmers and his family handlers, was further groomed, modelled and manicured according to a psychological profile manufactured and most probably computer generated to subliminally appeal to the unconscious projections of the dissociated hyper suggestible and media mesmerized masses.

Nowhere is appearance more at variance with actual truth than in the realm of politics. Indeed, as Will Rogers once suggested, "if you inject truth into politics, than you have no politics," offering the obvious implication that politics is actually antithetical to the truth. Yet modern power politics as we know it would be impossible without two other essential components of our society which are inextricably linked- the media and mass advertising. The presidential debates are obviously the penultimate forums for the presentation and marketing  of the respective candidates to the electoral constituency. Little if nothing is left to chance in these encounters. Ralph Nader recently spoke to this.

Obama and Romney control the CPD.(Commission on Presidential Debates) Secret back room deals are made. Prescripted arrangements are consummated. Formats exclude debates.
Everything is negotiated in advance. If done “between two corporations, they could be prosecuted for criminal violation of the antitrust laws.”
Voters aren’t told about the “backroom” Obama/Romney “fix.”

At issue then is the apparent, unexpected and near catastrophic performance by the incumbent in the first debate. Was this a scripted and preprogrammed outcome with a specific agenda in mind, a "backroom fix"? It is also a distinct possibility that Obama himself was subjected to severe intimidation either through subliminal messaging implanted in the Romney articulation as Lindsey Williams has suggested or perhaps even by psychotronic means such as ELF waves. Whatever the means, it is evident that there was a directed attack on the president with the net effect of "seeding" the 67 million viewers with an incontrovertible display of weakness, indecision and defeat on his part and to his challengers great advantage. 
One does not have to look far for possible reasons for attempts to undermine and subvert the Obama presidency. With the nation in profound economic crisis and the US petrodollar now being abandoned by China and Russia and a host of other countries for trade and settlement for oil, the handwriting is on the wall. The US$ has been abandoned de facto as world reserve currency. This fact alone sets the stage for the absolute evisceration of the US economy and a hyper inflationary depression in 2013. 

In addition, the mounting scandals of the Obama regime are threatening to evolve into full blown congressional inquiries. The so called Fast and Furious gun walking program is rapidly moving to front and center stage with talk of the appointment of an independent special prosecutor. The fallout from the Benghazi incident is threatening to implicate not only UN Ambassador Susanne Rice but also the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with the president himself in the crosshairs.

Evidently the president is becoming a growing liability to the controlling oligarchy and his performance at the October 3rd debate is evidence of their intention to take Obama out either through the election itself or through planned events shortly thereafter. A harrowing scenario is already being projected for massive riots and civil unrest if Obama is defeated on November 6. The internet is already becoming rife with the rumblings of such provocations. It has been generally acknowledged across a wide spectrum of alternative internet  forums that the extra-governmental elite secret agenda is the creation of societal chaos, civil strife, and anarchy from which will emerge the military/technological control grid of the New World Order. This strategy is being witnessed on a global scale with the subversion and destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa as well as the engineered economic crisis afflicting the Eurozone. As the old illuminist credo goes: "From Chaos, Order." 

The Obama regime has fomented and exploited the existing societal and class divisions within the US to further divide an already fragmented and alienated populace already reeling from the dislocations of profound economic crisis. The racial divide, pitting black against white, Mexican immigrants versus native born Americans, Hispanics against blacks etc.. needs only a spark to ignite the already slow boiling animosities into an outright incendiary racial conflagration. Obama's defeat will almost inevitably trigger such an outcome. The riots in Greece and Italy are seen by many to be the template for the impending colossal and violent upheavals in a nation which unlike its European counterparts is armed to the teeth, not to speak of a hyper militarized national security state madly stockpiling weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition in anticipation of massive social breakdown. The short fuse to this national powder keg has apparently been ignited and we can be sure that the results of the November 6th election will one way or another assure its inevitable and devastating explosion.

Then of course, there is Israel. Never has a the leader of a foreign nation assumed such a determining weight of influence in a presidential election. Netanyahu's incessant and strident presence in the early stages of the election culminating in his appearance at the UN accompanied by his now famous cartoon bomb was a piece of blatant international provocation. Needless to say this provocation has been taking place for the better part of a decade with each successive reiteration of Iran's supposed imminent acquisition of a nuclear weapon unfailingly trotted out for mass public consumption.

 Evidently the powerful Zionist lobby working from the shadows of AIPAC is no longer sufficient to convince the American public that the affairs of the state of Israel are essentially its own. The cat and mouse game played by Netanyahu and Obama over Iran only belies the unfailing support that the president has given Israel over the years being the first chief executive to call for the reunification of Jerusalem as Israel's capital. On the other hand we have Netanyahu's personal friend, Mitt Romney whose foreign policy advisor is none other than the notorious Rabbi Dov Zakheim, the comptroller of the Pentagon under the Clinton regime when an astounding $2.3 trillion went suddenly missing from the Pentagon budget and has never been accounted for. http://www.activistpost.com/2012/10/romneys-top-adviser-dov-zakheim.htmlThis particular act of the Punch and Judy show of the 2012 presidential election cycle is intriguing and yet instructive to the more discerning. While Obama feigns disinterest in the Israeli quandary, much as he did while the IDF unleashed its merciless assault on Gaza using white phosphorus bombs on a civilian population to celebrate Obama's election, you can be assured that behind closed doors the alliance between Tel Aviv and Washington is as iron clad as ever. While it remains to be seen who will be the chief executioner of the Israeli game plan, it appears that the hat has been tipped in the direction of the challenger by means of the transparent mock dust up between Obama and Netanyahu. 

Yet another media proliferated psyops courtesy of "intelligence" agencies and their occultist sponsors operating in the shadow lands of innumerable think tanks, councils, foundations and committees is of course the orchestrated September 11 attacks on the CIA gun running/ safe house in Benghazi, Libya, the proliferation of the ridiculous film trailer, "The Innocence of Muslims" and the subsequent assaults on US "embassies" throughout the Muslim world. Apparently the Obama regime was either complicit in this CIA/Mossad provocation or was completely double crossed, sucker punched and blindsided much as Obama was in the presidential debate in Denver. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the upcoming "debate" on foreign policy where most expect to see Romney take dead aim on the State Department, Hillary Clinton and Obama himself. In short, the payoff for this exemplary piece of false flag agitation propaganda is about to be realized in full.


In closing we necessarily make a departure from these desultory ruminations on the unparalled reeking garbage heap of corruption which is AmerCIAn electoral politics and adduce some more arcane witness to which we necessarily have recourse when we have reached the painful mundane limitations of our pitiful speculations. We must apologize beforehand to those who view a recourse to astrological indices as unprofitable and useless, but a singular celestial event, which had regrettably escaped our attention and which we feel has a direct bearing on the critical transition presently unfolding, must be addressed. This concerns the horoscope of Barack Obama which we have treated of at length in "Obama, Neptune, and the Culture of Death". In that study we paid perhaps overmuch attention to the planet Neptune which at the time of Obama's disputed birth was in what is called "square" aspect to the Sun at the time of his birth. At least that much cannot be disputed and was the subject of much other speculation across the astrologically inclined denizens of the internet. Suffice it to say that this critical formation between the Sun and Neptune is about to be impacted in a very forceful manner when the planet Saturn "transits" the point Neptune occupied at Obama's putative birth at the end of this year. It is interesting to note that when Obama's horoscope is locationally transferred to Denver, Colorado, the locale of his coronation as US president and de facto world super hero, Neptune assumes even more prominence as it occupies the MidHeaven, a powerful position relating to the important 10th house angular positon which signifies in simple terms one's professional standing, importance, and outward position in the world. The transit of Saturn over "natal" Neptune at this critical juncture and in "square" to the Sun almost assuredly signifies, at the very least, the unwelcome intrusion of long avoided reality into the deceptive delusions and illusory projections which inhabit the Neptune dominated soul. Donald Bradley calls this transit " a real throne toppler" and in Obama's case it seems to signify public downfall and personal humiliation. Long held secrets come to light and the complex and entangled web of deceit which the native has spun comes to entrap and ensnare him with a most painful immediacy. 
As if to confirm the inevitable, we have the following Freudian slip from the Pretender in the second presidential debate on October 16  at Hofstra  University. ha ha...