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Viva Cristo Rey! These brave, resounding, and unambiguous words uttered by the Jesuit priest Miguel Pro as he was gunned down by a Mexican Army firing squad 85 years ago on November 23, offer us a lasting witness to universal kingship of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on the Feast of Christ the King promulgated barely three years before by Pius XI in December of 1925.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

They Must Die

As the fall from grace of of the 44th POTUS becomes more precipitous and perilous with each passing day it is most instructive to observe the bizarre behavior of the coterie Obama of parasites, sycophantic admirers, and various hangers on, especially amongst the pimped out posse of millionaire illuminati designer Negros who are presently going to absurd and laughable lengths to assert their bona fides as the oppressed and still enslaved champions of the black race. Notable amongst these is Kanye "Jackass" West whose programming seems in need of a thorough overhaul. While attempting to distance himself from brand Obama with hysterical injunctions to the presidential impostor to lay off him and his dominatrix, KKKardashian, and "super dedicated to awesomeness", the irrepressible bubble headed buffoon equated his aspiration to fashion design to the life and death struggles of the celluloid slave in the latest black exploitation epic "Twelve Years a Slave" This idiotic pretense is of course shared across a spectrum of equally co-opted and dubious negro personages in the entertainment and political arenas. Among these is the the director of that latest Zio-Illuminati Hollyweird roll out, Steve McQueen (?), only one of the many black hand puppets exposed by the incredible and exhaustive research of Prince Ray at Mind Control Black Assassins

As amply demonstrated by the Prince through his encyclopedic, well documented historical and contemporary analysis along with his own searing personal witness as a former member of the Black Panther Party, this latest series of purportedly black historical genre films, beginning with "Django Unchained" and culminating most recently with "The Butler" and "Twelve Years a Slave" embodies a unholy trilogy psychotronically designed to covertly control mass public perception through a conscious sub and supra liminal manipulation of the Afro-American experience to further destabilize, subvert and destroy the black community, an obvious and essential concomitant of which is the exacerbation of existing black/white racial tensions. Along the way he meticulously delineates the connection and collusion between the eminent icons of the black entertainment/political establishment and the luciferic cabal of white racist occultists which has had its ultimate aim the decades long manufactured persona of the 44th POTUS. It is most interesting to note in this respect the apparent recent outing of popular actor Harry Lennix as the template upon which brand Obama was modeled. 

Indicative of the desperate levels of excess evidently orchestrated to provide cover for convolutions of the ongoing Obama debacle are the extravagant and purposefully contrived attempts at race baiting provocations now circulating from the government propaganda organ MSNBC in the person of Martin Bashir and the recent scandalous comments by the dedicated MKUltra Obot Oprah Winfrey. Bashir's sanctimonious and disingenuous portrayal of the obscene indecencies inflicted upon negro slaves as recorded in the diaries of a sadistic slaveowner were occasioned by Sarah Palin's comments on the "slavery" of future generations to the national debt of all things. His accompanying suggestion that these same indecencies be inflicted upon the Alaskan bimbo and perennial airhead caused considerable outrage.

 Of course, the template was the same, trotting out the historical and savage cruelties of slavery on a media bully pulpit to pillory the evil whites and inflame race hatred all in the name of the endlessly maligned pretender in the White House. This egregious provocation was soon to be outdone by the billionaire Winfrey who opined that old white folks who had been stewed and "marinated" (like dead meat I assume) in generations of bigotry and prejudice "must die". Given the existing climate of racial fear and tension and coming on the heels of escalating levels of generally under reported gratuitous racially motivated hate crimes and random violence against whites, such venomous words, so obviously designed for mass consumption, can only be interpreted as an irresponsible and cynical call for more murder and mayhem. But we will leave it up to the inestimable talents of Prince Ray to expose the inflammatory and feral madness which so malignantly percolates not so far beneath the thin veneer of respectability and new age enlightenment of this much adulated and worshipful beast of Typhon.

-”I Surrender All” -
Alice Walker & Oprah Winfrey hand symbols represent Earth Mother Goddess, the consort of Lucifer, the woman figure whose sign is the downward pointing triangle, reigns side-by-side with Satan over the Illuminati and its minions
It is interesting that standup comedian Whoopi Goldberg had no prior acting experience before landing a leading role in a major motion picture production. It is also interesting that radio host Oprah Winfrey also had no prior acting experience before landing a major role in the film as Sofia.

First Lady Michelle Obama & Oprah Winfrey, Color Purple Power Coven, expressing some type of Clash with Hand Symbols. Oprah's hand triangle in the up position representing Fire, while the First Lady is having nothing to do with Oprah or her Lucfierian Coven
Sophia (Sofia) is a pagan goddess of Wisdom and wife of God.[25] She is the creator of all. She gave breath to Adam. [26] Most of Sophia’s ancient attributes were profoundly broken down in Christianity. Christianized and patriarchalized, she was demoted to a Fallen Angel. [27] Sophia was cast down and made to suffer (whoredom and imprisonment) and repent until a superior male god deigns to “correct her deficiency.”[28]
For whatever reasons, Oprah had been “obsessed” with Alice Walker’s 1982 novel. According to Oprah, she desperately wanted a part when she discovered that Hollywood was casting for a movie version. Oprah said that she had been spiritually moved by Faith Hill’s rendition of the religious song, “I Surrender All.” She said that she sang the song and surrendered it all to the “universe” in regards to a role in the movie version. That’s quite interesting and unusual to surrender all to the “universe.” She never mentioned “Jesus” which is the main objective of the song. [29]
The song “I Surrender All” is a song with Monarch (mind control) programming meaning & access parts soliciting behavior or thinking. [30]

Stanley Kubrick’s Clockwork Orange, Oprah Winfrey and Jay-Z, Satanic-Illuminati Triangle-All Seeing Eye Symbol
Just as Tyler Perry and Tiger Woods, Oprah has a veiled background as highlighted by Kitty Kelley’s 2010 biography Oprah.[31] Just as Tyler Perry, Oprah had been ritually sexually abused, beginning in 1963 when she was 9 years old. [32] According to the background research of Kitty Kelley, she doesn’t believe that it was Oprah’s relatives that molested her.
Oprah Winfrey & MK ULTRA?
It was somewhere around 1958-1960 that the CIA began to concentrate on turning children into mind control sexual slaves for clandestine operations. Claudia Mullen of New Orleans was a child ritually sexual abused sex slave of the CIA from 1958 to 1988. [33] According to Mullen, the lead CIA children mind control programmer, Dr. Luther Wilson Greene, had collaborated with the mind control research and experiments of Nazi Angel (demon) of Death, Hauptsturmf√ľhrer SS Dr. Josef Mengele.[34] 
At Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, SS Mengele used barbaric and inhumane electrical shock therapy, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, torture, rape, starvation, and trauma bonding as experimental models for mind control. Mengele was so successful with his technique of trauma bonding that survivors today still exhibit a profound affection for their torturer, referring to Mengele as “beautiful Joseph.”[35]
Mengele took copious notes of his mind control experiments in journals that he allowed few if any to review. As the war came to an end, Mengele and his journals disappeared from Auschwitz. Dr. Mengele was one of most wanted war criminals of WWII. He subsequently captured by U.S. forces and released in June 1945 then smuggled into South America.
From his barbaric and inhumane experiments at Auschwitz, Mengele was probably the world’s most foremost authority on iatrogenic multiple personality disorders (MPD). The CIA used him extensively in developing MK ULTRA experimental subprojects involving MPD and children.  
In Milwaukee, Oprah had developed or was taught skills to sexually please men. At the same age that Oprah began to be sexually used at 9 years old, Claudia Mullen had been trained by the CIA to please men at a camp in Maryland.[36]  
Mullen identified the training as MK ULTRA subproject 74 [37] headed by Carl Rogers out of the University of Wisconsin.[38] The University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee is apublic research university located in Milwaukee.[39]
Before Oprah was 14, she had become pregnant. Oprah wasn’t a teenage prostitute. She was a child ritually sexually abused consistent within the framework of sex kitten programming of the CIA MK ULTRA/Monarch program, one of which was housed not far from Oprah at the University of Wisconsin.
Oprah was an intelligent child. At age 3, she had recall and was reading. At 3, she was presented publicly with her first church Easter recital in her hometown of Kosciusko, MS. [40]  Oprah started kindergarten at 5 already knowing how to read and write — she was quickly moved into the first grade. At Wharton Elementary School in Nashville, Oprah skipped a grade for the second time and was placed in a third grade class. She could fit the CIA profile for Monarch programming as an asset.
At 13 or 14 years old, a high school teacher, Gene Abrams, took interest in Oprah and helped her get a federally funded Upward Bound scholarship to Nicolet High School, an all white school in Glendale, Wisconsin. At Nicolet, Oprah was the only Black student out of 2000 pupils, but was later uncharacteristically quoted as saying, “In 1968 it was real hip to know a black person, so I was very popular.” [41]
But there was something extremely disturbing about her childhood and the all white Nicolet experience, Oprah resorted to acting out — skipping school, prostituting, stealing money from her mother, and running away. At 14, she gave birth to a baby by an unknown man. The baby was either terminated or died naturally within two weeks of birth. [42]
Oprah has had an unprecedented miraculous rise in the radio-television-movie industry as if not by chance along. Oprah just so happens to share Walker and Goldberg’s particular lack of love for Black males, Black Church and the Black Folk. It seems a bit too convenient to be coincidence.     
–CIA’s A Course in Miracles-
“There is no sin…”
“…I was taught to talk to older men and encouraged to become friendly with older men and eventually, when I was old enough, I was sent out into what they called the operational field, and I would be photographed with government and agency officials (CIA), doctors who were consulted, heads of universities and private foundations — all under the chance that if the government funds started dwindling, they wanted to be able to blackmail or coerce the men into making sure the projects continued. That was the ultimate goal. The projects had to continue at all costs. They had to train a certain amount of young females to go around, and I was sent to a camp in Maryland for three weeks when I was nine years old, and that was my first training on how to sexually please men. I was through a training course, like a seminar.” –Claudia Mullen- [43] 
Mullen said that the CIA was training children of all ages, teenagers and also young adults for future operational assets. She said it was a Top Secret 1958 MK ULTRA subproject 74 called “Imaginative Research.”
Subproject 74 was headed by renowned imminent Psychologist Carl Rogers (January 8, 1902 – February 4, 1987). He taught psychology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison (1957–63).  One of Rogers’ CIA contact agents and understudies was Dr. William Thetford (April 25, 1923–July 4, 1988). Under Rogers, Thetford’s studies centered on personality development in childhood. [44]
From 1950-1952, Thetford completed research and published eleven professional papers, of which seven involved children. He submitted an additional five more papers for publications, of which two was on fantasy projections in children.[45]
Psychologist Dr. Henry Murray (May 13, 1893 – June 23, 1988) of Harvard was the CIA’s imminent elder statesman. Former OSS officer during WWII, he joined with the Schools and Training Branch of the OSS to write a book about the recruitment of special agents called Assessment of Men. The title was later changed to Selection of Personnel for Clandestine Operations: Assessment of Men. [46]
Along with Dr. Thetford, Dr. Murray also began to concentrate research in personality development in childhood [47] probably and most likely consistent with his agent recruitment manual and objectives. Dr. Murray is linked to the MK ULTRA mind control experiments on Ted Kaczynski, the infamous Unabomber. [48]
Keep in mind that Claudia Mullen statements cited above regarding subproject 74 “Imaginative Research” were based on a March 15, 1995 interview on CKLN, 88.1 FM, Toronto, Ontario. Rogers and Thetford’s most recent background information were released in the summer of 2009 on A Course in Miracles’ website.
In 1951, Dr. Thetford had become a senior assessment psychologist on Dr. John Gittinger’s CIA Assessment and Evaluation Staff in the Office of Training. [49]
In 1960, Dr. William Thetford along with a David Saunders headed CIA MK-ULTRA Subproject 130: Personality Theory at Columbia University.  Dr. Thetford conducted among other things TOP SECRET Personality Theory of Conversion Hystericsexperiments. [50]
Conversion Hysterics is often referred to as “disorder of imagination.” It is a mental disorder characterized by the conversion of mental conflict into somatic forms (into paralysis or anesthesia having no apparent cause). Conversion Hysterics usually occur in people subject to traumatic stresses such as battle fatigue. Patients develop mysterious subjective maladies and disabling illness (Torture).[51]
In regards to Dr. Mengele and the prevention of conversion hysterics during trauma based programming of children, there was one certain drug developed at Auschwitz that was used on children to induce severe pain and torture. Where the child would normally black out, and become unconscious from severe pain, the doctor would administer or inject the drug and it would keep the child from blacking out, and thus the doctor could than inflict greater pain, going far beyond the threshold of human endurance, which in turn would allow the mind of the child to became totally wiped clean, a total blank so that the child forgot their own personal identity, forgot how to add or subject, or carry on a conversation.
Back to Thetford’s MK ULTRA subproject 130 in 1960, he was Associate Professor of Medical Psychology, College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in New York. Thetford was in charge of all clinical psychology departments of Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia University and New York Psychiatric Institute.[52]
Thetford hired Dr. Helen Schucman, a research psychologist, as his key MK ULTRA program collaborator. Their clinical focus, again it was personality development in childhood. Dr. Thetford and Dr. Schucman joined Dr. Gittinger’s CIA front, Personality Assessment System (PAS). [53] PAS expanded and refined Dr. Murray’s models in the recruitment, assessment, training and hiring of CIA agents, government department heads, and clandestine operatives.  
In 1978, these two childhood personality assessing spooks, Dr. Thetford and Dr. Schucman, manufactured New Age Bible A Course in Miracles (ACIM) like the Great BEAST 666 Aleister Crowley contrived the satanic work The Book of Law from channeling with the “Chief Masters.”
Crowley’s master was the godly voice of Aiwass. Aiwass was a messenger to Hoor-Paar-Krat also known as Set (Satan), the Fallen Angel. Dr. Schucman’s master was “Jesus” and sometimes “Charley.”
ACIM teaches its students to rethink everything they believe about God and life. The ACIM Course Workbook bluntly states: “This is a course in mind training” and is dedicated to “thought reversal.” [54] In other words, it’s MK ULTRA objectives.
ACIM is a covert revival of Gnostic heresies, occult and satanic teachings of the Great BEAST 666 Aleister Crowley’s The Book of the Law for the masses.
Here are some quotes from the CIA’s A Course in Miracles:
  • “There is no sin. . . ” pg. 9
  •  A “slain Christ has no meaning.” pg. 10
  • “The journey to the cross should be the last ‘useless journey.’ ” pg. 11
  • “Do not make the pathetic error of ‘clinging to the old rugged cross.’” pg. 12
  • “The Name of Jesus Christ as such is but a symbol… It is a symbol that is safely used as a replacement for the many names of all the gods to which you pray.” pg. 13
  • “God is in everything I see.”14
  • “The recognition of God is the recognition of yourself.” pg. 15
  • “The oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity and your limitless power.” pg. 16
  • “The Atonement is the final lesson he [man] need learn, for it teaches him that, never having sinned, he has no need of salvation.” pg. 17
We are not servants of some God; we are ` our own gods?” (According to Michael Aquino, Oprah Winfrey Show, Feb.17, 1988).[55]
Oprah Winfrey is controlled and always has been controlled. As bits and pieces of Oprah’s dark secrets and veiled background are exposed, I believe she will be linked as an unwitting victim of MK ULTRA, suffering from Mengele’s trauma bonding pursuant to programming to University of Wisconsin Carl Rogers Subproject 74 “Imaginative Research”; Columbia University Dr. William Thetford’s Subproject 130 ACIM and its underlying satanic symbolism.  
In 1988, Oprah gave a national television platform to the insidious fanatical Satanist U.S. Army Psychological Warfare Expert, Lt. Col. Michael Aquino while he was the subject of a national scandal for the ritual satanic abuse of preschool children. Aquino, founder of the Temple of Set, was also the reserve attaché to the Defense Intelligence Agency under Dr. Fritz Gustane Anton Kraemer

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Lard Tards Threaten Preppers with Murder and Mayhem

Highly emblematic of the hopelessly corrupted gutter republic of thugs which is degenerating daily right before our eyes are these inbred retards from Buckley, Washington, euphemistically calling themselves and their 80 strong contingent of miscreants "Spartan Survival". What's even more amazing is that they are the chosen subject of a National Geographic Special airing this Sunday, November 17. hmmmm...Aside from the obvious fear mongering and transparent attempt to demonize and marginalize further the ranks of those who are returning to the land and resourcefully preparing for the very real possibility of  doomsday scenarios of economic collapse and social anarchy you have to wonder what or whom is really sponsoring the media sensationalism which has brought these malevolent ghouls to national attention. I have chosen the publication of this article on the SHTF plan site because the comments alone are worth the price of admission. 

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Monday, November 11, 2013

Microwave Pulse and Super Typhoon Haiyan

The arc of a micro wave beam directed at the low pressure system spawning Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) can be clearly seen in the following animation. More technological weather manipulation with devastating results.


Microwave Pulse


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The End Is Come.

Ezek 7:1-9 And the word of the Lord came to me, saying:
2 And thou son of man, thus saith the Lord God to the land of Israel: The end is come, the end is come upon the four quarters of the land.
3 Now is an end come upon thee, and I will send my wrath upon thee, and I will judge thee according to thy ways: and I will set all thy abominations against thee.
4 And my eye shall not spare thee, and I will shew thee no pity: but I will lay thy ways upon thee, and thy abominations shall be in the midst of thee: and you shall know that I am the Lord.
5 Thus saith the Lord God: One affliction, behold an affliction is come.
6 An end is come, the end is come, it hath awaked against thee: behold it is come.
7 Destruction is come upon thee that dwellest in the land: the time is come, the day of slaughter is near, and not of the joy of mountains.
8 Now very shortly I will pour out my wrath upon thee, and I will accomplish my anger in thee: and I will judge thee according to thy ways, and I will lay upon thee all thy crimes.
9 And my eye shall not spare, neither will I shew mercy: but I will lay thy ways upon thee, and thy abominations shall be in the midst of thee: and you shall know that I am the Lord that strike.

The signs are many these days, all pointing to a visitation of great tribulations upon the land. While the manifold nature of these are duly noted by a remnant of believers, the vast majority remain unaware of the impending judgment, for that it is, being leveled against this nation in particular and its unprecedented global empire. While those immersed in the follies of these passing days still walk proudly, blindly, and obliviously into this encroaching darkness there are those who tremble in fear at the approach of the great reckoning which is being at once foreshadowed and accomplished in these many auspicious and unmistakable events that like darkening clouds crowd upon the horizon of the future with an urgent immediacy, an ominously lowering sky presaging a great storm about to break upon us. "Behold an affliction is  come" 

And so even amongst the many who go about their daily business untroubled by the signal convulsions of nature and the violent upheavals of nations which abound throughout the earth, there is a great and undeniable disquiet felt which troubles the soul and invades even the deeply ingrained complacency which only slowly yields, like one awakening from the comfort of deep slumber, to a realization of great crisis and greater uncertainty.


Outside my window, a stiff north wind is presently stripping the remaining leaves from the trees which have long basked in the extended warmth of a long and lingering Indian summer. The leaves fly brightly and aimlessly through the crisp autumn air, gayly flying in chaotic and abandoned extravagance across the rooftops or scuttering against the earth in whirls of wild exuberance where they finally gather together in eddies and piles of collegial respite against the harrowing wind. 

Little evidence is given here in this timeless and peaceful autumnal scene, save in memory and reflection, of the great cataclysm which most recently engulfed the peoples and country of Northern Colorado or the raging fires which devastated the counties to the South. Indeed, all across the nation; from Oregon east through Idaho, down the West Coast through Yosemite, across Texas and throughout the Midwest, the unruly and devastating powers of great nature, through endless drought and incendiary forest conflagrations, in roiling floods on the front range and across the plains, and frightful barreling tornadoes and hail storms, and finally in a most cruel Dakota snow blizzard killing 30,000 head of cattle, the nation was yet again lashed remorselessly and relentlessly by the elements of a natural world which seems to have abandoned all balance and proportion.

Ezek 13 Therefore thus saith the Lord God: Lo, I will cause a stormy wind to break forth in my indignation, and there shall be an overflowing shower in my anger: and great hailstones in my wrath to consume.

Overshadowing even these dire eventuations by several orders of magnitude are the apocalyptic disasters at the Japanese Fukushima Daiici Nuclear Plant and the BP Macondo oil rig blowout off the coast of Louisiana. After years of toxic contamination and failed remediation efforts, the consensus is that the still unfathomable and ongoing effects of these respective catastrophes, the origins of which remain shrouded in mystery, are irreversible in nature, already fatally impacting the lives of countless present and future generations with unprecedented radioactive and petrochemical toxicity.

I traipse out to the garden where I tend my little plot as I have for the past 25 years. The little green shoots of spinach poke up out of the black earth loam under the skylight cold frame where I carefully positioned the seeds some weeks ago to fledge into luxuriant green leaves come next March. The garlic cloves rest in their deep bed heavily blanketed with straw and goat manure. 

Down south the same thing is happening in a hillside garden high up in the hard scrabble foothills which ascend to the spine of the Sangre de Cristo mountains whence I have recently returned to the city after several months of work on the ranch. This past summer I witnessed the hellacious fires ravaging the Huajatolla, the smoke billowing high against the empyrean, an ominous portent of doom threatening to jump the intervening canyons and descend upon us. Alone, I contemplated the possibility of loading up the herd of goats and sheep, all the dogs and fleeing east. Thankfully and most gratefully spared this as the fire, fanned by strong winds from the southwest, pushed the conflagration to the east and north, I still had the opportunity only days later to witness yet another fire blow up on Fisher's Peak to the east on the Mad French Ranch which smoldered through the warm summer nights in red flames in the far distant darkness like the fires of Mordor. 

 Months of years of extended absence from the city living off gird have sharpened and conditioned my responses to the urban environment in both my continual departures from its confines and my eventual returns. What I've always perceived as a challenging nerve wracking and even hostile environment have given way to a deepening and even more painful alienation at the aspect of the modern urban American post industrial industrial society that carries within itself the inevitable seeds of its own destruction now rapidly incubating into the specters of chaos, anarchy, and violent social disorder presently being witnessed across the nation's urban centers. 


The various media distractions, amusements, diversions and above all rabid consumption which are the object and end product, the "reward" of the highly regimented and systematic program of generally distasteful employment offer only a temporary escape from these empty drudgeries to which a demoralized populace returns with consistent and monotonous frequency. No wonder then that this drone like and repetitive existence inspires not only loathing but also a not so subtle dependence on the status quo and its accompanying enervating apathy and indifference.

 Correspondingly, this ingrained anomie contributes to an inability to respond to and even a distinct aversion to understanding the critical dimension of the developing and unprecedented socio-economic and global environmental crises as they morph into a full blown and all encompassing intercontinental catastrophe accompanied by the transformation of this nation into a militarized police state intent on controlling, interdicting and eventually interning and eliminating segments of its own citizenry. For just as the natural elements themselves are in turmoil, perhaps at the instigation of human technologies, so the apparent order in the body politic is thrown off giving way to parallel and similar if not more devious disruptions and dislocations as the institutions which form the superstructure of the civilized world succumb to the inevitable corruption and subversion of the natural law.

On the other hand, the extremity of off grid living along with its accompanying remoteness and isolation and all of the attendant responsibilities which the average urban dweller can little imagine, much less desire or attain, calls forth a natural initiative, energy, and test of personal mettle which radically departs from the structured grid of "civilized" existence and its accompanying complacency and dependency. The virtues of self reliance, ingenuity, and enterprise which once inspired the settling of the country are taken for granted in a demanding environment which continually challenges one's physical stamina and ability to adapt and cooperate with the forces of nature to secure the needs of a community where the struggle for mutual survival becomes a binding force of collective identity.

It has become evident to many discerning individuals and more so with each passing day that the underlying economic, political, and social structures upon which the majority of the populace depend are rapidly disintegrating. Indeed, strident alarms continue to be raised across a broad spectrum of social, political, and economic forums as to an impending economic collapse and accompanying social disorder which will radically and irreversibly alter the standards of living to which most Americans have been long accustomed. The evidence of just such an outcome continues to mount despite the efforts of government agencies and financial establishment institutions to delude* the public as to the dire realities of such a collapse through statistical manipulation and outright propaganda. Indeed, the multifarious and obvious stratagems being put into place by the government and financial elite are the best evidence of the complete social and economic breakdown for which they are preparing themselves.
* A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary.[2] It is also a form of avoidance behavior. Avoidance behaviors, in the context of social anxiety disorder (SAD), are things that people do, or don’t do, to reduce anxiety about being in social situations. Avoidance behaviors can take the form of “true avoidance.” True avoidance behaviors involve the complete avoidance of the feared social situation.(thanks to Prince Ray for this most concise definition)

It should come as no surprise then that these elitists have long been engaging in strategic relocations out of the urban centers and at the very least, inhabiting gated communities complete with helicopter pads and employing private security forces. The evidence of vast underground cities such as Mount Weather just outside of Washington D.C. connected by subterranean highways and being fully stocked by semi trailer trucks full of the requisite necessities
for survival during extended periods have become common knowledge. Is it no wonder then that ordinary folk have undertaken similar exigencies to the extent of their capacities to escape the coming chaos of modern urban centers which can and most probably will be transformed into painful scenes of primal human survival in its most basic and extreme aspects. The incredibly vast levels of hundreds of thousands of armaments and billions of rounds of ammunition being acquired by a panoply of government agencies, along with a heavily armed populace alone guarantees an incredibly sanguinary outcome. 


As the levels of expatriation and renunciation of American citizenship reach record levels and as growing numbers of citizens seek to escape the burgeoning police and surveillance state equipped with a now infamous technologically advanced state of the art "full spectrum dominance", the best alternative for equally growing numbers of those of more limited means seeking to preserve their basic rights and indeed their very lives is an escape from the potential urban kill zones and relocation to smaller rural communities and possibly to even more remote locations far from the combat zones and civil devastation due to be unleashed in the once great cities of America. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Medical Nemesis

While the mainstream media relentlessly assails us with the various obviously preplanned and escalating dysfunctions of the hopelessly misnomered "Patient Affordable Care Act", it is probably well to consider the elemental and underlying and wildly feral reality of the corporate sick care industry and its unprecedented and long established soft kill assault on the American populace. Thanks to iconoclastic internet legend John Lee.