Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pluto's Station

The upcoming direct station of the planet Pluto on 20 September should produce some surprising results. If my memory serves me well, the Fukushima earth quake, nuclear disaster, and tsunami occurred within a station of Pluto, and if I had the inclination, I could adduce other instances of this astronomically forsaken, and forlorn iceball at the furthest reaches of our desolate and lonely solar system, which has only recently dismissed from the planetary host by enlightened scientists. Yet, as I have observed, the influence of the god of the underworld is amongst us both personally and universally. Usually, when the earth shakes and convulses with earth quakes and volcanoes as we are presently witnessing, Pluto has moved into prominence. Yet given the present phantasmagoria of nightmarish world events, this latest appearance of the Lord of Hades might well culminate in a particularly incendiary outpouring out of the bowels of Dis and this from the agency of distinctly human interventions.

In the light of the new moon conjoined with Saturn and proceeding tomorrow towards a sojourn with Mars and following that, some days from now, with Diana moving into orb of conjunction with the Keeper of Death, the heavens seem to signal a most dire scenario. With the welter of natural disaster and international geo-political conflagration going exponential and internet prophets of doom having to resort to bullet lists to keep up with the outbreaking emanations of the unprecedented world chaos, it appears that mankind is indeed moving towards a reckoning of biblical proportions which is quickening into realization at mach speed and brutal immediacy.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual for the media fixated American public. Psychologically controlled and hypnotically mesmerized by Lilly wave and ELF frequencies on television and frequency modulated radio sources piggy backed with subliminal messages, the American populace scoffs at the evidence of astrological incidences synchronized with mundane events as much as it is ignorant and in denial of its own mind controlled enslavement. The result is an incredible complacency and indifference to the most obvious and substantial threats to their basic economic security, health and well being which are being mounted daily through the agency of their own government in collusion with the elitist financial oligarchy against the background of  apocalyptic environmental catastrophes. 

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