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David Rockefeller (or anyone from this dynasty) Net Worth – 1/3 the world
The combined wealth of the family – its total assets and investments plus the individual wealth of its members – has never been known with any precision. The records of the family archives relating to both the family and individual members' net worth is closed to researchers.
Much of the wealth has been locked up in the notable family trust of 1934 and the trust of 1952, both administered by the Chase Manhattan Bank. These trusts have consisted of shares in the successor companies to Standard Oil (Exxon Mobil) other diversified investments, as well as the family's considerable real estate holdings. They are administered by a powerful trust committee that oversees the fortune. It has consisted over time of high-profile individuals, which have included Paul Volcker, William G. Bowen (former president of Princeton University) and John C. Whitehead (retired co-chairman of Goldman Sachs).[citation needed]
In 1992, it had five main arms:
• Rockefeller & Co. (Money management: Universities have invested some of their endowments in this company);
• Venrock Associates (Venture Capital: an early investment in Apple Computer was one of many it made in Silicon Valley entrepreneurial start-ups);
• Rockefeller Trust Company (Manages hundreds of family trusts);
• Rockefeller Insurance Company (Manages liability insurance for family members);
• Acadia Risk Management (Insurance Broker: Contracts out policies for the family's vast art collections, real estate and private planes.)

5 Jun 2010, 9:05PM

Why are the Bilderberg bad? Evil? Why should they be put enmass into jail? For many many many reasons. For example this bunch of bad believe that their "Agenda 21" is just what is needed for them to win.
Agenda 21 is the elite's decision to murder 9 out of 10 people worldwide. All races, all lands, men, women, children. 1 out of 10 worldwide to be allowed to live, kept as slaves, scientificially controlled by RFID chips implanted under their skin and microchips implanted into the brain to manage them and track them 24/ 7. You 'll work, andl have no rights whatsoever. Murdering over 5.5 BILLion people ( 9 out of 10 currently alive) doesn't worry the Bilderberg group. The Bilderberg group have many different ways of achieving this. Soft kill weapons are a favourite. Soft kill weapons kill you slowly over time. They put fluoride - the catch term for about 280 DIFFERENT POISONS- into your drinking water, for you to bathe in and drink. It's killing you and your children slowly over time. Fluoride already scientifically proved to ruin and rot all your internal organs, ruin your brain, and give you a helping hand to contracting the agony of bone cancer. Chemtrails, another soft kill weapon. Look up into the sky, view the silent chemtrails above you destroying you and yours.. GMO foods, another weapon, put into shops although its been scientifially proved to steralize you over time, thus helping along the good old Agenda 21 plan. The forth coming war with Iran arranged and set up by this evil Bilderberg group will kill off a tidy number of innocents. So helpful. Just some of their ways. To prison with the Bilderberg group. And wash your hands after touching them.

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go ahead and crank the PBS counter all the way to 4,200,000 GAL/DAY. Sure does look like Pearl Harbor to me. or maybe just another 9/11.

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border fence nogales

Well it looks like the Arizona "anti-immigration" law which was just signed into law by the governor has had its most immediate political fallout in the announcement by B.H. Obama to send some 1,200 National Guard troops to the Mexican Border and commit $500 million to border security, shortly after hosting Mexican president Felipé Calderon at the White House. Perhaps the primary elections which saw a distinct delegate predilection for maverick candidates across the nation was also a factor.

Calderon, backpedalling somewhat after scolding the American people for their unrealistic and draconian immigration policies and lecturing the U.S. Congress on the need for renewing the ban on assault weapons expressed the hope that these additional forces would be deployed to interdict the flow of weapons and drugs across the porous 3200 kilometer border rather than in support of the some 20,000 border patrol agents already in place, supposedly running down coyotes and their tribes of wetback border jumpers. He was of course referring to the feral narco-civil war which has been raging along the border between the various drug cartels and Mexican Army troops (or the various assemblages and hybrids thereof) for the past several years which has mostly characterized his dictatorial and failed state after the fraudulent stolen election which put him in power in 2006. The following year saw some 2,837 Mexicans killed, many of them in most grisly fashion as befits a full blown narco-state. Since then the toll of the beheaded, garroted, stabbed, shot, mutilated and tortured has risen exponentially to 22,743, with 9,635 just this past year alone.

Obama's pathetically inconsequential contingent of weekend soldiers will do as little to stem the tide of the inundating waves of cataclysmic violence and disorder surging over the southern border as the much ballyhooed window dressing of the Arizona immigration law. Both of these equally ineffective political grandstands are of course nothing more that salves thrown to an increasingly restive and discontented American populace struggling with the imminent demise of their republic.


Obama's justice department is also on the move with most disastrous consequences especially for the inmates of the Tivoli and Trenchtown slums of Kingston, Jamaica. The decades long "war on drugs" initiated during the Reagan regime, which after all, was little more than a transparent scheme to build the vast American gulags of the prison-industrial complex, has assumed a quite literal significance for the present 60 fatalities resulting from 1000 army and police agents battling heavily armed supporters of one Christopher "Dudus" Coke, legendary drug kingpin and overlord of south Kingston, who is the subject of an arrest warrant on drug and gun running charges brought by the U.S. Justice Department demanding Coke's immediate extradition.

Mr. Coke has apparently been in business for the better part of two decades. His cozy relationship with successive Jamaican prime ministers including the present PM Bruce Golding appears to have come to an end, as Mr Golding has suddenly reversed his long standing refusal to hand Coke over to the U.S. DEA prompting the sanguinary struggle erupting in Kingston which has resulted in a declaration of national emergency, and the closing of the Manley International Airport. Golding has long depended on Coke to deliver the votes of the largely disenfranchised denizens of the Kingston ghettoes for whom he has been main benefactor, bestowing the largesse of the burgeoning coffers of his drug empire on his impoverished minions in the way of clinic, schools, food programs and the like, which, due to the nature of the corrupt establishment politician which he manifestly is, Golding would not provide.

It will probably remain forever open to question what line Mr. Coke crossed or double crossed or what inadvertent action or omission led to him being declared expendable by the greatest drug cartel in history, but much like his predecessor Manuel Noriega, he obviously ran afoul of the invisible hand that controls the action and will pay with his life along with the lives of so many unfortunate others. We can be assured however that although the players come and go, the game remains the same and as with the phony drug war and the untold billions poured into it, massive transshipments of drugs from every poppy, cocoa, and marijuana field will continue unabated into the voracious maw of our hopelessly addicted society.


A little closer to home, we have the strange case of Jerry Kane Jr. and his 17 year old son, Joseph Kane. The Kanes had the distinct misfortune to run into an Arkansas State Patrol road block recently as they travelled from Las Vegas and one of the many financial seminars which had gained the elder Kane a certain notoriety especially in his seven part YouTube videos concerning alternatives to foreclosure which many Americans in such straits found particularly relevant and compelling to their situation. Apparently so did the Department of Homeland Security which had placed the Kanes on a terrorist watch list resulting in the state patrol roadblock which left two Arkansas law enforcement officers dead allegedly at the hands of the Kanes who were later tracked to a WalMart parking lot and gunned down in a hail of police bullets.

The Kanes are just the latest in a growing number of so-called home grown "terrorists" such as Stack, Bedell, and Hutaree misfits et al. who join the various and obviously inept patsies of Muslim origin in the ongoing cavalcade of enemies foreign and domestic attempting apparently to subvert and destroy our cherished democracy. One has to ask whether this is an example of some random psychopaths just going berserk or whether the recently adopted government policy of extra-judicial assassinations of its own citizens is beginning to bear its strange fruit. At any rate, as with Mr. "Dudus" Coke, the Kanes got caught in a tangle with the kind of people who make the kind of offers you can't refuse.

Of course these little bagatelles can scarcely compare to the cross border skirmishes which are presently threatening to erupt in international conflagration between client states of our reigning ascendant and declining world superpowers, namely the late great U.S. and its partner in crime, The People's Republic of China. It's all too easy to forget that the demilitarized zone separating the two halves of the Korean Peninsula is the all too thin membrane on the razors edge of which balances the precarious and hostile tensions which still smolder beneath the conditional economic arrangement and apparent rapprochement between the giants of East and West.

For the legions of those unaware of the attempts by Central Banks to reflate the catastrophic international deflationary debt spiral by counterfeit electronic data entries which is soon to evolve into its natural concomitant of inflationary and hyper-inflationary depression, it might be instructive to recount the events of last November, 2009 in North Korea as described by Stewart Dougherty.

On Sunday night, November 30, 2009, North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Il (a name that says it all, even better than Made-off’s), an international poster child of Master Class psychological illness, devalued his country’s currency by 99%. This vicious tyrant, who has given birth to a national hell on earth, is chauffeured in Mercedes Benz limousines, drinks the finest imported whiskies and dines in imperial dignity on foods prepared by personal chefs while his citizens starve to death on the streets or, at best, eke out a subsistence living. Kim became paranoid that the people were actually figuring out how to improve their pitiful, impoverished lives in tiny ways, so he decided to wipe them out. The people were given one week to exchange their money at a rate of 100 old Won for 1 new Won. Any lifetime family savings in excess of roughly $700.00 were simply confiscated by the North Korean government. To keep the people in line, the military and police were put on high alert, fully prepared to kill or arrest any protesters.

We might add for good measure that Kim Jong Il has been reputed to have been provided with constant access to expensive Swedish call girls as well as those above mentioned perquisites of dictatorial power. Let it be noted that this and many other most extraordinary and sensational rumors have been circulating concerning the activities of the hyper insular nation and its bellicose and pathological despot. Tom Heneghan has gone so far as to suggest that North Korea's preeminent role in international relations, so far out of proportion to its actual size and economic influence, are due to the fact that the nation is a puppet of both U.S. and PRC economic interests.

Henegahn suggests that the North Korean state is staging area for U.S. "military and financial black ops" with U.S. Treasury funds routinely and illegally siphoned off by government crime syndicates involving the Bush/Clinton families and deposited with the North Korean government. http://blogs.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel. As outlandish as these claims seem to be, he goes on to say that U.S./Chinese financial consortiums are attempting to "stabilize"Asian financial markets which are being threatened by massive exposure of G.E. Capital, a subsidiary of General Electric, to OTC derivatives with Japanese and Chinese hedge funds leveragedmore than 20/1.

While these rather esoteric speculations remain open to dispute, the facts on the ground and more specifically over the Sea of Japan, where the North Koreans have regularily conducted provocative ballistic missle tests in conjunction with its inchoate nuclear program and where the recent sinking of a South Korean military corvette in March killing 46 South Korean sailors has been "conclusively" attributed to a hostile attack by a Korean submarine, have generated an international crisis, the likes of which the Korean peninsula has not seen since the seizure of the USS Pueblo on January 23, 1968.

Of course the magnificent stalemate will go on. The memories of millions of Red Chinese soldiers flooding across the Korean border and a certain mutually held economic interest will undoubtedly preclude any breakout of Armageddon in this quarter. Maybe Heneghan's right.

(time to seek shelter)

With the commencement of the Turning Point 4 national air raid drills across Israel this week, the IDF has unveiled a new local cellular alert system designed to notify the citizenry in the event of ballistic missile attacks possibly with chemical weapons from either Hezbollah to the north in Lebanon or the Shahab class missile emanating from more distant Iran. With memories still fresh with the stinging defeat at the hands of Hezbollah in the July 2006 war which culminated with Israel's withdrawal 10 years ago this month from its suzerainty in Lebanon, the Israelis are all too mindful of the growing military muscle of the Syrian and Iranian backed Hizbollah which forms a de facto government parallel to divided Beirut.

With a series of bunkers and fixed and mobile missile emplacements just north of the Litani river, Hizbollah's charismatic leader Sayed Hassan Nasrallah has made bold to confront the superior might of Ehud Barak's IDF. While Israel seems publicly fixated on the potential for the ongoing development of Iranian nuclear capabilities, private concerns are voiced concerning the more immediate threat of the "Party of God" to the north which claims to have stockpiles of more that 20,000 missiles pointed at the Jewish state including Fateh 110 and Fajr-5 large ballistics as well as outdated behemoth Scuds from the Syrians at the ready in the event of any hostile Israeli actions.

Hizbollah is conducting war games near Baalbak in the northern Bekka Valley in response to the ongoing Israeli defense exercises as Nasrallah daily rattles the scimitar in the direction of his Zionist foes all the while proclaiming the ascendncy of ultimate "divine victory" over the 'Zionist entity". Once again a proxy battle is joined as Russian president Medvedev fresh from a Syrian visit provides Pantsir surface to air missiles MIG jet fighters and anti-aircraft batteries while Obama responds on the very same day with $133m for Israel's rocket defense systems. Meanwhile Iran awaits the long delayed delivery of the much coveted Russian S-300 missile defence system which military analysts unamimously agree will be a critical game changer possible tipping the balance in Iran's favor in any conflict with Israel's F-16 and F-15 fighter jets, essential to the precise delivery of U.S. bunker busting bombs on deeply fortified underground Iranian nuclear facilities.

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NASA View of Deepwater Horizon Oil Slick with commentary by "onlooker" and "waterwings"(from zerohedge)

by onlooker
on Wed, 05/19/2010 - 15:54

The link was good info. If you look at the compression and fold aspect of this, lord only knows what kind of pressures they are attempting to deal with. An on- land field has pressure. Depending on the formation, you may have salt water, gas, oil, any and or all. Now, if you compress that with 5,000 or 10,000 feet of water with water at 10 pounds or so per gallon you get super pressure. One thing is sure; the word leak that is applied to this is grossly out of place. This is a Blow Out that may be beyond comprehension. Then they are dealing with unknown faults. With the size in the Gulf of the escaped oil, the flow rate may be in huge numbers of barrels per minute rather than the traditional barrels per day. This is not a leak and the idea that they can plug it with mud is beyond lame. If there was any way to plug this, they would have done it. This is indeed a mile stone for the oil industry and life, that looks like a grave stone. As a disclaimer, let me state that I am 3rd generation oil people and have worked on rigs that had problems. I am not anti-oil, but what we have here boys and girls is a show stopper.

(and here's more) by WaterWings
on Thu, 05/20/2010 - 13:15

If the truth about the oil spill gets out any sooner they will be announcing evacuation plans for coastal communities - the air is toxic: workers lungs look like smoker's lungs; chemicals in air have "narcotic" effect and can potentially "fry" the brain. It has only just begun:


AP is also now reporting the massive underwater plumes that are miles long:


Coast Guard threatening arrest of CBS crews filming on the beach:


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For some reason there has been a lot of recent and sudden interest generated by the posting some months ago of the already widespread and dated video (2005) concerning the fatal fire fight between the drunken Vietnam veteran and the unfortunate constable. This has now apparently come to the attention of the ubiquitous and persistent USAISC, this time from West Point, New York. Mr. Cass Sunstein, I sincerely hope my interest in this matter and my unintended prescience concerning the deplorable actions of Mr. Stack in this connection has not become a cause for concern. I reiterate my opposition to all enemies of our nation, both foreign and domestic.

I suppose that the recent revelations that GoogleEarth "street view" mapping vehicles traveling down every thoroughfare in America have "inadvertently" been recording (surveilling?) the internet usage of private citizens along with the fact that the massive search engine has established symbiotic relationship with the National Security Agency is a clear indication the we are just playing in the backyard of the beast here anyway.

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Cryptome has a whole series of ghastly grisly images such as this coming from the catastrophic bloodbath unleashed by the TPTB via the satanic Bush family and continued by the "peace president" Obama on the unfortunate nation of Iraq. Suffice it to say we're all losers in this abysmal, hellish and hideous abattoir, which proceeds unabated and largely unquestioned by the apathetic, indifferent and media blinded masses. We publish this here not out of any morose delectation or a desire to scandalize, but as a counterpoise to the sanitized and desensitizing airwaves of the mass mainstream media. I suppose it would be gratifying for the war mongers to convince us that this is the just desserts of some suicide car bomber which it well could be. The point is moot however when one considers that civilian populations now comprise by far the large majority of victims and casualties in these high-tech "low intensity conflicts". Cryptome is to be commended for the unsavory task of documenting a wide array of atrocities and war crimes gratuitously committed by our government. As the prophet says, "Woe to the people who build a town with blood"

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I always appreciate with special interest the robotic trawlings of the USAISC across this site. Now, through the magic of StatCounter, we find that the proxy server that registers at Fort Huachuca is emanating from Mililani Town, Hawaii. How interesting. I wonder if that has anything to do with the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX who reside in that upscale and idyllic island town. Without the stalwart patriots at USAISC and the NSA, the country would have long ago been overrun and subverted by our vile enemies. I hereby swear by oath and affirmation that Kushmonster is implacably opposed to all such enemies foreign and domestic. I salute the brave defenders of our Republic! God Bless America!

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When one considers all the pejorative connotations attributed to "sheep" in reference to the peculiar propensities of the human species itself to be blindly led, cajoled, bamboozled, "fleeced" or other wise taken advantage of, the immediate contradistinction arises, namely that same simile is applied in both the New and Old Testaments numerous times to the person of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ. To this we can add His own appraisal of the human race itself in its entirely as a "flock" of sheep without a shepherd. Indeed in His rôle as both sheep and shepherd we experience the mystery of the incarnation in its fulfillment.

The allusions to sheep in the Bible are plentiful, beginning perhaps with the tale of Abraham and his son Isaac. As Isaac trudged up the slopes of Mount Moriah with the wood of sacrifice on his back he asked his father where the sheep for the holocaust was. In prophetic utterance Abraham said "My son, God will provide himself a lamb for the burnt offering" When Abraham was forestalled by the angel from effecting the sacrifice of his son Isaac commanded by Jahweh, he spied a ram with its horns tangled in a bush which he then sacrificed in Isaac's stead, prefiguring the sacrifice of His own Son in expiation for the sins of mankind. That Christ stands in the place of man as a "sacrifice acceptable to the Father" is the basic tenet of Christianity. As such He is the "innocent Lamb led to the slaughter"(Isaiah 53:10) mute, powerless and yielding His divinity and human nature in the place of mankind which owes a debt to the Almighty for Original Sin, the legacy of Adam and Eve's disobedience in the Garden of Eden.

The next and perhaps most important prefigurement of the redemptive act is in the book of Exodus 12/13, when Yahweh commanded the Israelites to sacrifice an "unblemished lamb eaten with unleavened bread and bitter herbs"and whose blood was to be smeared on their lintels to spare them from the final plague of judgement on the gods of Egypt, namely the destruction by the Angel of Death of the first born of every man, woman, and beast of Egypt. Seeing the blood of the lamb on the doorpost, the Angel of Death would "passover" all of the House of Israel, causing Pharaoh to release the Hebrews from the long enslavement of their Pharaonic captivity. Again the lamb prefigures the perfect and eternal sacrifice of Calvary where the Lamb of God redeems corrupt mankind by a bloody sacrifice and frees us from our bondage to sin.

The references in Scripture referring to the lamb and sheep proceed from the numerous allusions in the prophetic book of Isaiah which again prefigure the Messiah and His pure innocent and spotless nature, free of the blemish of sin. In the New Testament, the allusions become even more direct and come to involve mankind as well, foreshadowed by Isaiah 53:16, "We are all like sheep have gone astray" thus invoking the propensity of sheep to wander, go astray and become lost which in their defenseless and innocent nature exposes them to the dangers not only of starving and of thirst but also of predators.

Sheep depend on the care of the shepherd who guides and guards with his rod and staff. And thus we have in Psalm 95 " For He is our God and we are his people , the flock He shepherds". Thus Christ assumes His destined rôle as the Good Shepherd who "lays down His life for His sheep". He pities the throngs who follow Him and languish in hunger and thirst "like sheep without a shepherd" (Matthew 9:36) and even abandons the entire flock to search out one lost sheep (Matthew 18:12-13). And of course, there are the "false prophets , who come to you in sheep's clothing but underneath are wolves on the prowl"(Matthew 7:15) and finally "The hireling-who is no shepherd or owner of the sheep-catches sight of the wolf coming and runs away, leaving the sheep to be snatched and scattered by the wolf. That is because he works for pay; he has no concern for the sheep" (John 10:12)


Aside from the profound spiritual dimension of these images, I felt the need to preface the following remarks with a brief overview of the significance of the sheep and the shepherd in biblical lore as it assumes a particular and important contemporary relevance to the events now unfolding in what many believe to be the inevitable and imminent collapse of our nation as we know it. I refer specifically to the depiction of the American people as a species of sheep or "sheeple" who in their blindness, credulity and misplaced trust are being led to destruction. That the wolves in sheep's clothing are usually identified with "the powers that be" comes as no surprise. That the appearance of benevolence and paternal concern for the welfare of the citizenry generally associated with the government belies the transparent attempts on the part of state power to manipulate and exploit the populace for the attainment of a starkly criminal agenda should also be no secret. The oft repeated quotation from Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels is proverbial in the expression of this:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Less understood and much harder of discernment is the nature of the "hireling", who pretends concern for the sheep and indeed seems to act with solicitous devotion to the care of the flock and yet ultimately flees at the appearance of the wolf, leaving the defenseless sheep at the mercy of the predator. Once again we have the duplicitous nature of evil masquerading as benevolence. and yet in this case it is the shepherd himself who is dissembled. The overriding characteristic of the hireling is that he "works for pay". He is an imposter who only feigns concern for the flock to advance his own interests in the service of someone else. Is this not after all an apt description of the modern political creature whose very existence is dependent on the opulence of special interest groups and wealthy campaign contributors whose mostly hidden agenda he/she is paid to carry out, all the while feigning an active interest in the common welfare of his/her constituency.

While it may challenge some widely held and prevailing assumptions to suggest that the American populace is really a nation of "sheep", let's simply acknowledge again for the moment that there is a considerable weight of opinion that supports such a view, at least enough to grant that opinion some relative importance in any attempt at a social critique. This assumption implies, as was expressed at the beginning of this exposition, some decidedly negative implications concerning the significant disconnect between the presumed independence and freedom of the citizens of the United States of America and a propensity for the kind of blind submission, docility, helplessness and aimless meandering characteristic of a flock of sheep, or "sheeple". The expression has gained such currency that it is widely used in very disparate quarters of the American society from billionaires such as Jim Sinclair and Jim Rogers to the hoi polloi of the various Internet threads, chat rooms and comment pages.

As one picture is worth a thousand words, this illustration from David Dees, whose striking images find a wide currency across the Internet on such sites as Rense.com, InfoWars.com and Prisonplanet.com, pretty well sums up the attitude of many who see the United States under assault from the the various conspiratorial cabals associated with the so-called New World Order which is attempting to bring about a one world global governance with the active connivance of a camarilla of plotters within the U.S. government. Barack Obama is but the most recent political emanation of the nefarious conspiracy merging seamlessly with the Clintons and Bushes to deliver the nation into the hands of elitist international bankers. freemasons, Zionists and Illuminati.

As is readily noticed in Dees photomontages, the flock of sheep is watched over by some very unsavory personages indeed, including the requisite political and media demagogues and a threatening turbaned figure alluding to the archetypal jihadist terrorist no doubt. We can imagine all the menacing visages as representative of the "hireling" who intends to not lead the sheep astray so much, but to "run away" and abandon them to the sanguinary fate which inevitably awaits them. Perhaps the turbaned figure lurking in the background himself is the ravening predator wolf which the "hirelings" are protecting all of us from.

No matter what the particular political stripe or persuasion, the common theme in all of the respective weltanshauung is indeed the specter of some shadowy and nefarious evil lurking in the recesses of some hidden redoubt, incessantly plotting and scheming to enact some new and ever more malicious abomination on the sheepfold, which the ever vigilant shepherd is attempting to counteract, interdict, or prevent. Whether the bogeyman is a jihadist with explosive underwear or shoes or a Bilderberger bent on world governance, the alarum must be sounded, the flock gathered and sheltered and the defensive measures undertaken.

The poor sheep meanwhile are defenseless and helpless.They are herded together or scattered or snatched by the wolf who makes so bold as to feign his sheepishness, to come among the flock and thereby deceive the shepherd. Sheep cannot do anything on their own. They must be guided and guarded. Ultimately they are just so much mutton. Whether the wolf or the owner, they provide a tasty meal or warm clothing or as in the wolf's case a very effective dissemblance. Just look at them as they meander aimlessly through their lives, inspiring either pity or disgust or simply the desire to sate the appetite with their tender, succulent and ever yielding flesh. Especially notice the two or three young and fleshy sheep and their looks of sheepish stupefaction directly to Obama's right as he moves so confidently among his flock. Is he only the hireling, or is he perhaps the wolf himself with the cunning and well crafted disguise fooling the ever compliant and unquestioning lambs. I think we can certainly be assured that he is not the "Good Shepherd".


Of course there are others about who seek to warn us of this looming and fatal dissimulation. Below is one of these "watchmen" who seek to guide and protect the flock from the predations of the New World Order wolves in sheep's clothing or the hirelings who conspire to set themselves up as true guardians and shepherds only to abandon the flock to "be snatched and scattered by the wolf". His name is Al Cuppet.

Mr Cuppet's pedigree reveals a very interesting, rich and illustrious history with the U.S. Military and Intlelligence establishment. Make no mistake about it, Al Cuppet is one hard-assed SOB you wouldn't want to mess with. He is also a born again Christian of the Messianic Jewish variety who has taken it upon himself to raise the alarm about the New World Order scheme to take over the United States and send American citizens to FEMA concentration camps complete with gas chambers housed in abandoned transit facilities. government installations, derelict rail yard terminals etc. There was and interesting little web site some months ago which seems to have disappeared (as predicted) called St. Birgitta.com which broadcasted some very evocative videos concerning these FEMA camps sprouting up all across the nation.

The video claimed its information came from a high level military asset who revealed that some weeks prior to martial law being declared, certain individuals were to be rounded up and taken by military SWAT teams at 4 a.m. in the morning, usually on the 13th of the month, trundled into vans, taken to helicopters and flown to your local FEMA camp where they will be mercifully dispatched in the waiting gas chambers at the appropriate facilities. Supposedly, there are three lists coded alternately Red, Blue, and Pink (?) which contain the names of persons targeted for immediate elimination (Red), those who will be rounded up after martial law is declared and subsequently interned, most of them also slated for execution (Blue) and finally the masses who have no knowledge or interest in the NWO and who can be expected to compliantly accept the rigors which the elite seek to impose upon them (Pink). This final category is of course the mute, unquestioning and forever docile flock of "sheeple" who are being led to the slaughter by their NWO shepherds, but presumably in no great hurry.

We can assume, rightly I think, that Mr. Cuppet is the high level military source referred to in the St Birgitta video which itself caused no little amount of consternation among many denizens of the web and received quite a bit of attention. The so-called Rex 84 plan is all too real and has received increasing attention since the testimony by Oliver North during the Iran/Contra hearings concerning classified plans for Continuity of Government (COG) entailing the use of detention camps to house U.S. citizens in the event of a national emergency. FEMA "relocation camps" are indeed proliferating across the nation and Mr. Cuppet, among many others, has gained notoriety for his detailed and frightening accounts of government plans regarding these "concentration camps", complete with tales of the now infamous railroad transport cars with manacles and shackles welded in place and portable guillotines all awaiting their projected unfortunate victims.

Along with the likes of Steve Quayle and Alex Jones, Cuppet has never tired of recounting his warnings concerning the plans of the New World Order. Oddly enough though, as of late these sentinels have acquired the status of the little boy crying wolf., and one wonders whether, given the very real nature of the threats which they have constantly undertaken to expose, these alarums are consciously meant to lull the persons who have given them hearing into the same fatal complacency which such habitual and repeated warnings seem to naturally induce. Could it be that Cuppet, Quayle and Jones are "hirelings"? Quayle and Jones for their part have made vast fortunes plying their scaremongering trade. All three of them, along with active militia members such as the insidious and suspect Mark Koernke, continually assume requisite religious postures, characterizing themselves as prophetic servants of the Almighty on a chosen mission to save the flock from the predations of the evil one. Aside from any outright and crucial relevance of the arguable truth of their assertions, this starkly Manichean outlook panders to the ignorance and suggestibility of the "sheeple" in the same manner and to the same purpose as their supposed NWO adversaries.

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Access Denied (policy_denied)

Your system policy has denied access to the requested URL.

If you feel this is a mistake, click the link, conus-tnosc@netcom.army.mil, to send the CONUS-TNOSC an email with the pertinent information. If the link does not autopopulate the email, copy/paste the information in Bold above into the email message.

After repeated failed attempts to load the following site during which it was indicated that the requested URL was not responding, Kushmonster has the puzzling experience of finally being "denied access" to http://usacac.army.mil/cac2/CALL/docs/10-16/ch_15.asp, on which I was conducting research on the role of the 3rd Infantry Divisions 1rst Brigade Combat Teams redeployment from Iraq in October 2008 and its subsequent involvement with the Joint Task Force Civil Support (JTF-CS). This was all the more disturbing because I had freely accessed the site two times previously with no problem..... Strange to relate, after some two days of attempting to access the above site and finally being denied access in the official pronouncement recorded above, immediately after publishing this post, access was restored... Strange indeed.

Although next to no one ever views this blog which, like so many others rest relatively undisturbed and forlornly in the vast wastelands of cyberspace, it has for some reason attracted the attention of the United States Army Information Systems Command Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona as well as Fort Bragg, just outside of Fayetteville, North Carolina. This was discovered after I googled the above conus-tnosc@netcom.army.mil. in attempting to ascertain why I would be denied access to the military newsletter openly published on the USACAC Army website also listed above. As I trolled through the various sites, I discovered that way back in 2004 an obscure forum site representing itself as http://www.webservertalk.com/message427958.html had registered a "strange access attempt" involving an entity identified as armygl.army.mil. by a guy at www.toms hardware.com/forum/224149-46-strange- access- attempt. This "strange access attempt" involved the above mentioned conus-tnosc@netcom.army.mil. This individuals Syngate Personal Firewall had been set to ask him if the Generic Host Processes tries to connect to the Internet. "Yesterday, it prompted me the army.glarmy.mil. is trying to connect to Generic Host Processes. Now I don't work for the military or anything like that. I denied the request. I did a Whois look up on armygl.XXXXXXXXXXXX and came up with this" He goes on to record the Whois profile and IP numbers of The Fort Huachuca/United States Army Information Systems Command (USAISC) in Arizona. IP, along with NETC-CONUS-TNOSC.

That particular name rang a bell and I realized that I had seen the name "Fort Huachuca" on the Revolver Map that records the visitors to Kushmonster. Sure enough, the"visit" had taken place on April 26, at 12:40 pm evidently during one of my attempts to load the army newsletter site. It is interesting to note that another "visit", this one from Washington D.C. took place a mere 20 minutes later, one of only several from the Capital. As I investigated further, I found a curious 8 visits from Fayetteville, North Carolina which I subsequently found is located near Fort Bragg with its own USAISC center leading me to speculate about the source of those hits as well. As has been suggested elsewhere, these transmissions are, in all probability, simply robotic messages which are triggered as an automatic response to questionable incursions into army domains. On the other hand, the frequency and prevalence of such contacts across the net lead one to believe that, at the very least, a concerted effort is being conducted in covert surveillance and information gathering by Military Intelligence and Information Technologies on the Internet.Though the tangible realization of these activities came as a surprise to this blogger, others with more experience and technological acumen are apparently quite used to this.

Other blogs and sites which have had a visit from the Fort Huachuca USAISC range from Tacomaworld, a Tacoma Truck owners and enthusiasts forum site to a radical blogspot located in New Zealand, http://tumeke.blogspot.com/2006/01/death-to-america-attack-waihopai-spy.html, which posted a particularly spirited and informative exposé of the Fort Huachuca eavesdropping which included the above mentioned "strange access attempt" by Tomshardware.com. Tumeke paid special attention to the commandant at Fort Huachuca, Barbara Fast, noting that she had indeed served in the same capacity at the notorious Abu Ghraib facility in Iraq, "as senior military intelligence officer during the time when the most in- famous abuse of prisoners occurred". Fort Huachuca has trained thousands of "interrogators" who plied their strange trade at both Abu Ghraib and the Guantanamo Bay Camp X-Ray.

Also of great interest especially to those Mac users who might have thought their computers were impervious to such intrusions we have the following from http://www.sciencetext.com/mac-hack-us-army.html:

Is Your Mac Reporting Back to the US Army?

December 4th, 2007 · by David Bradley >> 11 Comments

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Despite anecdotal claims to the contrary Apple Mac computers are not invulnerable. As Sig Figs’ guest blogger Jenny Oliver has reported previously there are many security issues for Mac users. She sent me an update recently in which she seems to have uncovered a very worrying conspiracy surrounding a cluster of machines with an inbuilt trojan apparently reporting back to the US government.

“It is now almost two months since I have been unable to use my Macbook Pro online,” she says. “After various offers to allow anti-cybercrime persons access to my computer for information-gathering purposes in the interests of national and international security, I realized that my personal and business needs were obviously greater and did a total erase and reinstall this week. The unidentified Trojan (or equivalent) had zombified my laptop, and the agency involved had jammed open ssh (secure shell handling)… this meant that they had complete control over it. Indeed, if I had not used it in a while, it would hopefully switch itself on (even disconnected from the ‘net!), lid closed and all! Some programming skills there… note that the said ‘agency’ was waiting for a passing Mac-user to drop by.”

The panic begins when you do more digging than you should inside your machine. “When I first got my Mac, I did lots of exploring. I noticed that if I fired up Network Utility, under the Info tab it would report a network connection which looked quite alien,” she adds, “This would only be visible if examined when completely disconnected from the Net. “Odd!” I thought, and supposed then that it must connect with Apple for some reason, and did not take the matter further. It was only after I accidentally clicked on the bogus, malicious link in Google in September that I did some more investigation. The ‘default’ IP address was there after the hack, but it was then I recalled seeing it from the first … and the reinstall established that. I looked up the address on www.arin.net – the American Registry of Internet Numbers. The US Corps of Infrastructure and Engineers. This Corps is responsible for rebuilding in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan.”

I did a quick Google for that IP address and discovered a discussion forum talking rather haphazardly about the issue way back in November 2004, well before Jenny’s Mac purchase. Apparently the Apple Firewire TCP/IP defaults to a 144.x.x.x number on all Macs. What at first appears to be a US government conspiracy actually turns out to be nothing more than a legacy of the fact that the US government ran the first internet machines and these 144.x.x.x addresses are just some of the earliest IPs handed out to organisations, such as Apple, early on.

Anders HiPhi speaking on that forum points out that, “The server is part of the European ORSN network – a 13 strong server array network – through which all European internet traffic passes. The ORSN say they need the US side servers as they don’t have enough resources.” However, he asks, “Even if this is the reason for the IP to be a default in the OS, Apple has it’s own ORSN servers, so why should they program US ARMY servers as their deafult? USACE are almost certainly responsible for Cyber Operations as part of their brief, so why have APPLE put US ARMY CyOps servers as a default when they could have used their own?”

What does Apple have to say on this subject? Apparently, just because the machine defaults to this IP when it doesn’t have a real address to hook into does not mean it is an active address being packet sniffed by a US government employee. It’s an inactive address.

Who knows? Maybe Jenny is right and there is a conspiracy. I’m of a mind to assume that it’s nothing more than a pingback address to an ancient timeserver that is no longer used by Apple’s Firewire drives but that was hardwired in early in the design and is so low priority that there is no impetus to remove it now. Except that it would stop Mac users who dig too deep from worrying needlessly that the US Army is watching their every move. Indeed, I just spoke to Jenny Oliver again and she is relieved that I found this information but wonders why it is not more widely known and readily available to paranoid Mac users. Maybe there really is a conspiracy after all!