Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization Turns Hopey-Changey World Upside Down

As the nuclear powered aircraft carrier USS George Washington and its battle group surges across the Western Pacific and into the Yellow Sea for joint naval exercises with the South Korean Navy scheduled to commence Sunday and continue through next Wednesday, it appears that commander in chief whatever his name is will finally become the beneficiary of the expected and engineered international crisis which will restore his approval rating to levels befitting his exalted mission as world savior.

Coming on the heels of the significant national diversion of the frenzied American orgy of consumerism oddly denoted as Black Friday, the erupting conflagration on the Korean peninsula provoked and fueled by ongoing US naval exercises in the Yellow Sea for the past several weeks just so happens to follow the Illuminati G20 meeting in Seoul and a state visit by our Supreme Prestidigitator to India where two divisions comprising 36,000 troops are presently massing on the Chinese border in central and eastern Arunachal Pradesh.

It has been a matter of widespread and persistent speculation across the net and even in some mainstream media outlets just how far the US would descend into its unprecedented economic and societal malaise before the requisite international incident would be staged to distract the credulous and ever gullible American public from the dawning realization that the death knell was sounding not only for the once mighty dollar and their hopelessly moribund economy but also for themselves as well. Well it appears that the long awaited moment has finally arrived.


Liberte said...

To what extent is the SCO intertwined with the zio-lluminati?

To what extent is Ahmadinejad intertwined?

Is the zio-lluminati struggling to keep it together now or is this all for show?

yardfarmer said...

whoa! I confess that I really don't know the answer to any of these most interesting and provocative questions, Liberte. Obviously the "zio-illuminati" as you call them are a pervasive and powerful group of occultists which has been exhaustively and encyclopedically researched as of late all across the web.

Their tentacles seem to intertwined and coil about just every macro-political and economic sphere of activity. Obviously there are several levels to any understanding of the esoteric phenomena which underlie much of the dubious conventional history we were taught in school.

I would recommend the work of Fritz Springmeier and Rudolf Steiner as the most penetrating explorations of these "secret societies"
Then you have the somewhat less esoteric delineations of a Texe Marrs or Jim Marrs and of course the redoubtable and legendary William Cooper.

The Asian nexus and thus the SCO seems to be a little more abstruse and difficult of discernment but if you're willing to take along a large grain of salt, Benjamin Fulford is the go to man on this subject and especially the relationship of the Eastern secret societies with their Masonic counterparts in the West. Speaking of that, I've heard much said of Ahmadinejad's connection with the Masons.

Your last question of course is the most challenging and goes right to the crux of the issue as regards the extent and influence of these "conspiratorial" forces. Most recently Zbigniev Brzezinski's much quoted speech concerning the awakening of public consciousness to the schemes of, say, the Council on Foreign Relations or Bilderberger's have necessitated a recalibrated hastening of "their" plans for "full spectrum dominance" and global social control.

Perhaps one of the most excellent collations of information on this subject is a book entitled "Hope of the Wicked- The Master Plan to Rule the World" by Ted Flynn. www.MaxKol.org. Good luck tripping down all those rabbit holes!

Liberte said...

Thanks again for the detailed follow-up. I shall research recommended material post-haste. May the law of the jungle provide canopy for you and yours.

yardfarmer said...

thanks for stirrin' the pot.