Sunday, December 15, 2013

Arapahoe High School, Private Security "Drills" and Staged Terror

The news of yet another school shooting is scarcely surprising anymore except most immediately to the unfortunate individuals involved as people have become conditioned in the post-Columbine era to accept what had been unthinkable only over a short decade before. Speaking more from an inside knowledge of the Fabian programs he espoused than any mere curious observation, George Bernard Shaw once famously stated that "Custom will reconcile people to any atrocity" Through constant and yet incremental exposure to that which once caused immediate shock and excruciating emotional anxiety, a peculiar human reaction inexorably sets in which causes the subject to split off the harmful effects of trauma and, through the well known processes of psychological repression, unconsciously compartmentalize the traumatic experience effectively removing it from the purview of ordinary consciousness. The resulting extraordinary constellation of complexes in its most extreme, manipulated, and intended effect is in specific the practice of trauma based mind control upon targeted individuals and in general, the populace at large.

In the processes of this engineered outcome, which is intended immediately to instill fear, panic, and a general paralysis of the will and the ability to react, and in the end, over the longer term and perhaps more importantly, a profound and lasting suspension of the faculties of reason, the ultimate effect is isolation, alienation, helplessness and the subsequent dependence upon the very agencies which curiously and paradoxically create the source of the trauma and then release the intended victim from its apparent consequences. In terms of the prevalent social engineering presently manifesting itself through staged terror and false flag subversion, an iron clad matrix of control is created wherein individuals unconsciously and collectively subscribe to the manufactured outcome, an artificially constructed narrative which subsumes individual responsibility and replaces it, effectively suspending both volition and the capacities of reason. Nothing short of this can explain the pervasive and collective inability and failure to comprehend a real existent threat or immediate danger and substitute for it an obvious fallacy concocted in the form of state propaganda.

It is within and against this background that we find ourselves as a nation and a society in profound crisis; splintered, fractious, divisive and striking out blindly at the various chimeras, phantasms, and illusions endlessly arising out of the Pandora's box of collective fears so enflamed, engendered and meticulously cultivated by an infernally complex and seemingly endless institutionalized hierarchy of seamlessly interconnected government agencies, think tanks, foundations, media facilities, entertainment outlets, commercial interests, and advertising agencies. Have you ever perhaps wondered how large segments of the population can be so mesmerized and subconsciously manipulated to retire for long periods of time into such a passive and semi vegetative state that the brain oscillates at radio wave frequencies only found in completely unconscious individuals? It is only in such post hypnotic suggestive states completely devoid of reason and moral responsibility that the indelible impressions of conditioned response can be imparted unrecognized provoking the desired and automatic reaction.

The most recent and only the last in a series of school shootings over the past decades which attracts our interest is the Arapahoe High School shooting of December, Friday the Thirteenth in Colorado actually just down the road from here and just one day before the first anniversary of the Newtown Connecticut Sandy Hook staged terror drill which to this day remains shrouded in a seemingly impenetrable mystery even as the obvious media fabrications and artificially manufactured fables of government and police agencies remain the official narrative; established, irrefutable and unchangeable historic fact. Case closed. This particular tragedy once again apparently unfolded at the hands of another "lone wolf assassin" modeled on the same template as Klebold, Harris, only the most notable among many other school shooters too numerous to relate and the perpetrators of the Columbine Massacre in 1999 only eight miles away from AHS. However it is not our intention here to weigh the various complex factors which will only slowly emerge and which will be said to have contributed to the evolution of this tragedy. Only one logistical aspect of this event will be the object of our attention and that is the activation of a planned "active shooter" drill at Arapahoe Community College scheduled to take place on December 14 the day after the actual shooting at AHS.

It is the common contention among many critical observers that the specialized and highly technical platforms of so called private security service companies as they establish and perform broad and widening interface with local police agencies increasingly armed with "surplus" military hardware and the Department of Homeland security are in advanced process of providing logistical support and planning not only of active shooter drills, exercise, and multi level training for private, commercial, and government entities but also designing and putting into operation simultaneous, parallel live exercises such as were witnessed recently at LAX and the Boson Marathon "bombing" among many other staged terror events. This operational model allows for the maximum implementation of the functions of the drill itself which put in place provides at the very least the logistical framework and cover for the provocation and provides essential deniability as well. 

TacOne Consulting has been very busy as of late as have the hundreds of other private security companies nationwide. With a professional management core composed of experienced war veterans and tactical experts from the Middle East theater, they find themselves uniquely disposed to provide and profit from the kind of services which are wildly proliferating across the country in response to the "endless war" proclaimed by George Bush and exponentially expanded by his piebald successor Barry Soetero. Just hours after the AHS school shooting which must hold the Guinness book of world records prize for shortest "terror attack" ever at just over one minute and a half from beginning to end, the TacOne Consulting founder Joe Deedon was being interviewed by local Fox 31 News and KWGN Channel 2 on the AHS shooting.  We have to ask ourselves why in the world was Joe Deedon, whose security company was activating an "active shooter "drill at Arapahoe Community College just a few miles from the actual"active shooter" scene at AHS, suddenly given a mass media exposure to inform the public about the events at AHS. Deedon significantly failed to mention that his company, along with local police agencies, had planned this live shooter drill at Arapahoe Community College on December 14, 2013, just a few miles from the incident at AHS and a few more miles down the road from Columbine HS. Coincidence? While some might suggest with some cogency that this incident is yet another instance of media/corporate/government collusion in fabricating a convincing narrative surrounding yet another transparent false flag provocation designed to counteract the significant successful recall efforts of the antigun lobby of state senator Angela Giron, Colorado state senate president John Morse and most recently state senator Evie Hudak, the situation seems much more complex, implying even a more pervasive and at the same time more insidious agenda. (continued)

One Nation Under The Gun

In a case of classic misdirection, while the public effuses so about the pathetic and feeble efforts of some broken down teenager to attack his high school with a shotgun and bottle bombs, the shock troops of the security and police forces deploy and move in under the guise of this travesty. The scope and extent of this heavily armed mercenary strike force with the most sophisticated light arms weaponry and logistical support of local police and military, deploying in schools, shopping malls, stadiums in "training exercises" which support or turn into real "active shooter" events represents an appalling militarization of society only equalled by the spectacle of a frenzied populace arming themselves with unprecedented fury.

Active Shooter Drills:
1. November 6, 2013: Eaton County Mall Train for Active Shooter Incident (East Lansing, MI)
2. November 7, 2013: Active shooter drill at Mercy Medical Center (Cedar Rapids, MI)
3. November 8, 2013: Police drill for active shooter scenarios (Cheektowaga, NJ)
4. November 8, 2013: Local police participate in active shooter drill (Warren Township, NJ)
5. November 11, 2013: Active shooter reported on Bloomingdale Road (Batavia NY)
6. November 12, 2013: Active shooter drill event at the New Jersey mall (Paramus, NJ)
7. November 13, 2013: LAFD Holds Unified Command Active Shooter Exercise (Los Angeles, CA)
8. November 14, 2013: Medical Staff Preps for Active Shooter in the Hospital (Boston, MA)
9. November 14, 2013: Officers gather at school building for active-shooter training (Hallsville, TX)
10. November 14, 2013: DHS conducts active shooter training at U of Louisville  (Louisville, KY)
11. November 14, 2013: Local agencies take part in active shooter drill at school (McFarland, WI)
12. November 15, 2013: Police conduct active shooter training at WME Theatre (Show Low, AZ)
13. November 15, 2013: Active Shooter Training Held at Upper Valley Career Center (Piqua, VA)
14. November 16, 2013: Shooter drills turn hospitals into ghost towns (Green Bay, WI)
15. November 20, 2013: DHS trains first responders in active shooter drill (Sacramento, CA)
16. November 20, 2013: Police Participate in Active Shooter Exercise (Marion County, WV)
17. November 20, 2013: Marine base conducts active shooter training drill (Coleville, CA)
18. November 21, 2013: Active shooter drills executed at elementary schools (Marietta, OH)
19. November 22, 2013: Active shooter training exercise held at Hollywood school (Los Angeles, CA)
20. November 23, 2013: Police drill active shooter scenarios at school (Springfield Township, IL)
21. November 25, 2013: Police conduct active shooter training drill at school (Hermosa, CA)
22. November 25, 2013: Marines execute active-shooter training in combat town (Quantico, VA)
23. November 26, 2013: Sheriff’s Office Performs Active Shooter Exercise (Holmes County, FL)
24. November 26, 2013: Cops train to confront active shooter crisis (Nogales, AZ)
25. November 27, 2013: Police Boost Training to Combat “Active Shooters” (Santa Monica, CA)
26. November 28, 2013: Lafayette police host active shooter training exercise (Lafayette, CA)
27. December 2, 2013: Police Practice ‘Active Shooter’ Drill at Five Towns College (Dix Hills, NY)
28. December 3, 2013: Active Shooter Drill Held at Jewish Center (Plantation, Florida)
29. December 3, 2013: Joint Active Shooter exercise at Eglin Air Force Base (Valparaiso, Florida)
30. December 3, 2013: Police Practice Getting Help To Victims Of Active Shooter  (Philadelphia, PA)
31. December 4, 2013: ‘Active shooter’: Drill helps SCSU prepare for shooting (Orangeburg, SC)
32. December 4, 2013: Marine Corps Logistics Base practices for ‘active shooter’ (Albany, GA)
33. December 4, 2013: Choctaw County Active Shooter Drill (Gilbertown, Alabama)
34. December 4, 2013: Local agencies participate in active shooter training (Barstow, California)
35. December 4, 2013: Illinois State Police take part in Hospital active shooter drill (Rockford, IL)
36. December 4, 2013: Hospital explores safety issues with active shooter drill (Monett, MO)
37. December 5, 2013: County plans shooter training for December 10, 2013 (Canyon City, OR)
38. December 6, 2013: Beebe Healthcare holds active shooter exercise, Dec. 12 (Lewes, DE)
39. December 6, 2013: Northfield schools execute active shooter drill (Faribault, MN)
40. December 6, 2013: Police hold two-day active shooter training course (Medina Township, OH)
41. December 16, 2013: Active shooter drill prepares local university for worst (Tyler, Texas)
42. December 16, 2013: EMS, fire departments train for ‘active shooter’ scenario (Cherry Hill, NJ)
43. December 17, 2013: UVU students, president involved in ‘active shooter’ simulation (Orem, Utah)
44. December 18, 2013: COC Stages Active Shooter Drill for Faculty, Admin (Santa Clarita, CA)
45. December 18, 2013: MCLB Albany conducts active shooter training (Albany, NY)
46. December 19, 2013: School participates in active shooter drill (Ogle County, Illinois)
47. December 19, 2013: Course tests UA police officers on active-shooter scenario (Akron, Ohio)
48. December 20, 2013: Active shooter drill practiced at DeRidder High School (DeRidder, LA)
49. December 20, 2013: Police undergo active shooter training at courthouse (Gadsden, AL)
50. December 20, 2013: Unit 10 to conduct ‘active shooter’ drill Monday at BGS (Bridgeport, LA)
51. December 20, 2013: Greenup Co. HS undergoes active shooter training (Greenup, Kentucky)
52. December 20, 2013: Active Shooter Drill in Local Schools on Friday (Ohio County, WV)
53. December 21, 2013: Colton-Pierrepont ‘gets prepared’ with active shooter drill (Colton, New York)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sandy Hook In Your Face- You Be The Judge

On the anniversary of the alleged Newton Sandy Hook school shooting we present the following without comment merely to acknowledge the deep abyss that has opened up between perception and reality. May you be the judge as to which is which.
The following videos seem to make a pretty good case that many of the children who died that day a year ago in Newtown were actually singing a few months later  at the 2013 Super Bowl. Once again you be the judge.

Friday, December 13, 2013

The Real Hot and Bloody Mess Behind the Late Great False Messiah

The Autopsy of Nelson Mandela by Yiull Damaso
I was going back over some old posts and I happened on one that caught my attention due to the international media spectacle surrounding the interminable internment of the most venerable "Madiba", very much a very late though not the latest false messiah. It was an article buried in some quarter of the net and didn't receive much attention. here it is: http://kushmonster.blogspot.com/2013/06/arrest-warrant-issued-for-war-criminal.html While the attempt to arrest the war criminal Obama remains highly unlikely and only symbolic, we must remember that similar warrants issued for George Bush and Henry Kissinger have led to sudden revisions of travel plans for both of them. 

These large demonstrations in Pretoria against Obama came during his state visit to South Africa as a time when Mandela-Madiba was in a vegetative state, brain dead, with massive organ failure and on life support as his immediate family engaged in internecine squabbling. and prepared law suits over his considerable estateIndeed as the Guardian article suggests that Madiba was taken off life support, dying on June 26, 2013. This unusual state of affairs provided much grist for the more conspiratorially and apocalyptic minded denizens of the internet who seized upon the news as evidence that the vast gathering of some 91 world leaders was merely a pretext for either some Illuminati ritual intended to bring about the long expected manifestation of the Annunaki/Nephilim, or perhaps the retreat of these plenipotentiaries into some vast billion dollar underground city apparently constructed under the Nkandla compound of the reigning president of SA and Mandela's heir, Jacob Zuma to escape the coming ravages of comet Ison. We suspect of course that this arcane sensational tabloid boilerplate presented with the usual feverish forewarnings of impending doom and catastrophe is being spoon fed to these credulous commentators by the very minions of darkness they are seeking to expose. After all, as we shall see, there is a sanguinary trail of nefarious skullduggery and homicidal mania to be covered up by the misdirection afforded by these fascinating and arcane speculations  

Amid these great and seemingly unending commemorations and ceremonies one gained the unmistakeable impression that we are being led to believe that Madiba was the black messiah and Obama is his prophet. It is no accident that the most slavish purveyors of this insane patho-mythology are the rock stars and Hollywood icons such as Phil Collins who infamously and blasphemously averred that if we as human beings could all claim a universal "father" it would be Nelson Mandela. It was not long ago that Obama himself, in an equally deranged collective madness was being accorded a godlike status and proclaimed the savior of mankind. Actually the record is unambiguous and abundantly clear on both of these Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Although Mandela's atrocities pale in the face of Obama's it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Even from his well appointed prison cell on Robbins Island the savior of his people was planning and initiating horrific bombing campaigns which left hundreds of blacks and whites alike maimed and murdered.

It occurred to me that in a country, so much like the United States in its endemic poverty unemployment and political repression, where an elite class of criminal Prince Hall Negroes such as Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson etc...not to speak of Oprah, Jay-Z, L'il Wayne, Bill Cosby, front for the white power elite...and where black Wall Street lawyer Kevin Orreo is presently presiding over the financial liquidation by bankruptcy of one of the largest cities in America... that South Africa, presently ruled by a similar cabal of black elites, was indeed merely a more sophisticated reiteration of the enslavement of the unfortunate untouchables of the lower strata of all colors of South African society. 

Testifying to this inconvenient reality which stands in stark contradistinction to the sumptuous hagiography being fabricated around Madiba is the apparently little remembered incident of the Marikana massacre of 34 striking black African miners in August of 2012 presided over by Jacob Zuma, Madiba's heir apparent. Adding insult to injury, the surviving miners were then charged with the murder of their comrades under an obscure apartheid era law.
The decision late Thursday by South Africa’s state prosecutors to use a notorious apartheid-era law to charge 270 striking miners with the murder of 34 of their colleagues — men who were actually shot dead by the police, as recorded by numerous television crews — marks a bizarre new low in a bloody scandal that threatens to strip the country’s post apartheid state of what remains of its moral authority. National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesman Frank Lesenyego announced “34 counts of murder have been laid against the 270 accused” over the shooting dead by armed police of 34 fellow miners at the Lonmin platinum mine at Marikana in northern South Africa on Aug. 16. The miners, also accused of the attempted murder of 78 fellow miners who were injured, were charged under a law dating back to 1956 known as “common purpose,” said Lesenyego, in which members of a crowd present when a crime is committed can be prosecuted for incitement. In other words: the state says the miners provoked the police to kill them.
Read more: South Africa: State ProsecutorsTIM

Charge Miners over Colleagues' Deaths | E.com http://world.time.com/2012/08/30/south-africa-massacre-miners-charged-over-colleagues-deaths/#ixzz2nNvc7dPY

 As to this we have the following analysis from an ANC communist party insider which should be required reading for anyone unduly enamored of the hopelessly corrupted ANC sellout traitors presently in the process of enshrining the former British MI6 operative and Zio-Illuminati agent Nelson Mandela as a national and universal sanctified hero .http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2013/12/did-mossad-betray-mandela.html

It was a dire error on my part to focus on my own responsibilities and leave the economic issues to the ANC’s experts. However, at the time, most of us never quite knew what was happening with the top-level economic discussions. As s Sampie Terreblanche has revealed in his critique, Lost in Transformation, by late 1993 big business strategies – hatched in 1991 at the mining mogul Harry Oppenheimer‘s Johannesburg residence – were crystallising in secret late-night discussions at the Development Bank of South Africa. Present were South Africa’s mineral and energy leaders, the bosses of US and British companies with a presence in South Africa – and young ANC economists schooled in western economics. They were reporting to Mandela, and were either outwitted or frightened into submission by hints of the dire consequences for South Africa should an ANC government prevail with what were considered ruinous economic policies.
All means to eradicate poverty, which was Mandela’s and the ANC’s sworn promise to the “poorest of the poor”, were lost in the process.Nationalisation of the mines and heights of the economy as envisaged by the Freedom charter was abandoned. The ANC accepted responsibility for a vast apartheid-era debt, which should have been cancelled. A wealth tax on the super-rich to fund developmental projects was set aside, and domestic and international corporations, enriched by apartheid, were excused from any financial reparations. Extremely tight budgetary obligations were instituted that would tie the hands of any future governments; obligations to implement a free-trade policy and abolish all forms of tariff protection in keeping with neo-liberal free trade fundamentals were accepted. Big corporations were allowed to shift their main listings abroad. In Terreblanche’s opinion, these ANC concessions constituted “treacherous decisions that [will] haunt South Africa for generations to come”.http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/12/11/how-the-anc-sold-out-south-africas-poor/

Whether by accident or design I guess we will never know, a unlikely court jester was tossed into this otherwise solemn nonsense in the person of an interpreter for the deaf, a "signer", whose actions and image has now gone viral over the net. Suffice it to say that that Thamsanqa Jantjie,  who was subsequently revealed to be a self admitted"schizophrenic" and a convicted serial felon, insists that he slipped into some alter reality while Obama was droning on in his usual meaningless platitudes, and began "hallucinating angels descending into the stadium" while gesturing randomly and chaotically just an arms length away from the president. It is hard to fathom how or why such an individual could be put in such a position but the ensuing confusion generated by such a ludicrous spectacle was particularly embarrassing for the organizers who went to great lengths to distance themselves from the debacle disavowing in unity any responsibility. 
Given the equally embarrassing photos of the POTUS like some teenager on a lark giddily taking "selfies" with the UK Prime Minister Cameron while cozying up to Danish Prime Minister Hell Thorning-Schmidt during the memorial's solemn proceedings one has to wonder if the first Obot's programming is completely short circuiting to the point where he is losing any remaining sense of self composure and the gravity of his position if he indeed possessed any to begin with or whether he is being "set up" to expose the slap happy irresponsible adolescent fool that he really is who just happens to be "the leader of the free world". On the other hand it has been suggested that such media "coverage" is meant to counteract the persistent allegations of Obama's homosexuality most recently put forward by a classmate of his at Punahou High School in Honolulu, Mia Pope, who suggested that the young Obama was selling his services to rich elderly white male clients for cocaine.  

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Conversation With A Madman

Erasmus Sloboluchowitz 
5:36 PM (18 hours ago)

there is an undeniable war on christianity from both within and without. the church has always been persecuted in one way or another and beset by secularism and materialism as opposed to the sacred and the transcendent. in the age of our empirical scientific technological dictatorship, which has rightly or wrongly assumed preeminence in human affairs, the challenge to the absolute truth expressed by especially the Catholic Church is constant and unremitting. the state has assumed the mantle of humanist secularism as well as that of scientific materialism in its struggle to overthrow the hierarchy of religious faith built on the foundation of divine revelation and the human witness of the martyrs and saints. the present and obvious state of moral decay, existential alienation, and the rudderless drift of aimless souls seeking meaning in an increasingly chaotic and random world/universe all testify to the radical effects of mankind trivializing and abandoning its god given birthright in favor of the exaltation of the passing and tragic earthly kingdom as the ultimate aim of man. no legislation or legal maneuvering will be able to counteract and at the same time maintain this attempt to accommodate and delimit the transcendent and infinite to mundane and finite variables. man may and will not prevail in the attempt to enthrone reason anymore than the French revolutionaries succeeded in their attempt to enshrine the goddess of Reason in the person of a harlot on the altar of the Notre Dame. by the fatally unacknowledged limits of their mundane circumscription these great ersatz champions of Liberty Equality and Fraternity succeeded only in accomplishing the very antithesis of all those lofty noble and hopelessly erroneous counterfeits of the preexistent adamantine and indestructible attributes of the divine which the Almighty has foreordained to share with His ineffable creation.
David Dodge
12:36 AM (11 hours ago)

What you say is partially true, but I see no premeditated coercion here.  As we discussed before, materialism, secularism, narcissism and commercialism is not being forced on people by government or business.  They put these material things out there and the people make their choices.  As I said re. these things [materialism, narcissism etc.] being able to successfully compete and win in the free market place puts the onus on the Church: what is their counter-competition?  As I said: the same old "turn to Jesus, reject the material world and pray" can't be the counter-offer because it isn't working, people are ignoring it.  People are making a free choice and saying: "what has religion to offer me when I can go out there and get all the cars, sex, football and flat screen TVs I want?"  The Church needs a response and needs it now.  What will it be?  I suggested Pope Francis and the Nuns On The Bus could be the offer.  What do you say?  Because an offer must come very soon or the Church will see a serious diminution in revenue via parishioners leaving.

As to knowledge.  Remember: the Church has accepted Darwinism for years and science in general after they got burned so bad with Galileo and Pope Urban VIII..  Seeking more and more knowledge is native to man.  Knowledge is everything.  Knowledge is all there is and why we're here.  God is that knowledge because God=quantum physics + gauge invariant energy fields in probability space.  Knowledge has increased man's lot since the invention of the wheel and onward.  We are on the verge of incredible knowledge in science.  I mentioned genetic engineering and stem cells, but so much more is coming in other fields due to IT and a yearning and susceptible young population.  From our standpoint, you and I can scarcely imagine what lies ahead.  You know, there are some forms of process theology that assert that God himself is evolving along with man.  This sounds nice but seemingly conflicts with the absolute relationships of quantum energy and mass states.  But I guess even on the sub sub sub atomic levels perhaps there is a subtle evolution.  I mean we know that even super stable particle like the proton do decay over trillions of years.  I have always seen knowledge as compatible and symbiotic to spiritual concepts like the incarnation.  But you are right: there is a diminution in traditional spirituality.  Perhaps it is part of the evolutionary process.

Archimedes Phlogiston
Erasmus Sloboluchowitz 

thank you, Pangloss Verkhovensy. your bizarre rationalizations of the deplorable depths to which the human estate has inexorably plummeted relies intrinsically on the vague and mistaken assumption of the notion of human progress as contained in the insupportable triumphalism of the western scientific technological imperium and the outdated, discredited and highly presumptive doctrines of positivism all mingling in a veritable gallimaufry of random and conflicting particles of thought bombinating in the ossifying grey matter of your constricting and convoluted cranial carapace. While you sit there in your comfortable quarters bandying about your superficially comprehended theories on god, quantum physics,and "invariant energy fields", the entirety of the Pacific Ocean and its aquatic animal creation is succumbing to the incessant bombardment of radioactive isotopes emanating from one of the many toxic and decaying monuments to the hopelessly flawed hubris of scientific imperialism exemplified by your mawkish paeans to its primacy. This is not to speak of the massive increases in hyperthyroidism being found in newborns on the West Coast due to the same malignant agency of mass destruction. And what do your brave ministerial creatures of state do to alleviate this unholy mess. They institute proscriptive laws of secrecy threatening 10 years of prison time for factual reporting on this unparalleled environmental catastrophe. All across the middle east we find the same devastating grotesque malformed perversions of your "sub sub atomic levels" of nature thanks to the depleted uranium casings employed in the more recent efforts of your heroes of scientific engineering to eviscerate the most developed nations of that region destroying basic infrastructure and reducing the remaining populations to mere semblances and shadows of civilization. So much for your idiotic claim that "knowledge is everything". 
David Dodge
10:34 AM (1 hour ago)

Well spoken.  I think I understand you.  Indeed, the world is replete with problems.  But I do want to re-emphasize that what the evangelicals and Republicans see as a premeditated war on religion is false.  It's the people themselves who choose this lifestyle.  Again, if secularism, materialism, narcissism and commercialism can successfully compete in the free market place and win, what must the Church/religion do?  How do you answer a person who queries: "Why should I turn to Jesus and religion when I can go out there and get all the cars, sex, football and flat screens TVs I want?"  You must provide that person with ananswer.  I can't.

Erasmus Sloboluchowitz 

i don't think it's up to either one of us to provide the answer to a question that poses a basically irreconcilable conundrum. yet the question itself in its inherent contradiction provides the answer. the present inhabitant of the Chair of St. Peter by the choice of his papal moniker "Francis" and his at least symbolic attempts to distance himself from the perquisites of the royal papacy seems to be emphasizing the return to voluntary poverty. This implies a renunciation of material goods apparently with saintly monasticism of the poverello as a model. Anyone reading the life of St. Francis especially the simple depiction by St. Bonaventure is immediately encountered with the very real consequences of such an action for the poverello. Possessed of only his rough woolen habit, a pair of threadbare underwear and a rope for a belt, il poverello and his monks lived a life of utter and complete self denial. They actually envied the most abject and miserable of beggars and rather than attempting to assuage and ameliorate such grinding poverty they sought to emulate it. Now who among us today in this modern age of endless acquisition and lust for material goods an lucre would actually follow this radical course of action modeled as it is upon the poverty of the Master himself who "had no place to lay his head"? Certainly not el papa himself who despite all of his voluntary divestiture of the privileges of his office still leads a very comfortable life as do many of us swathed in the illusory complacency of material luxury of our modern utopia provided for us by the not only the methods of production provided for by empirical science but the highly complex artifacts of machines of war which guarantee our abundance by the expropriation by force and violence of the vast majority of the earth's resources. The former divine right of kings has been transformed into the divine right of science and translated into the insatiable consumerist greed which up to this point has been seen as unbounded and limitless. Well, that is fast coming to an end not only with the very profound economic dislocations which the Western nations are experiencing but also the unparalleled environmental disasters being unleashed by either the conscious misappropriation of the tremendous power of advanced technology or a basic and fatal misunderstanding of the extensity of this genie uncorked from its bottle.The consequences of such unbridled empirical scientific ambitions to subdue and control great nature and bring all the nation states under the unassailable aegis of one world government which are just beginning to be felt will be severe in the extreme and perhaps bring us unwillingly to that point of grace and poverty in the midst of collective affliction which il poverello so desired himself. I think the very destiny of the present pope himself will be inevitably expressive of this in ways that he himself cannot foresee.

David Dodge
10:20 AM (8 minutes ago)

Erasmus, this is political drivel, garbage and below your intellectual acumen.  Furthermore, I'd be careful of this stuff.  The NSA knows you are viewing it.  Let's move on to reality and discuss physics, theology, Platonic philosophy and Spinoza.  Wasn't the Higgs boson and Bell's Theorem enough for you?

Let me ask you this on a purely practical basis:  if our present social condition of materialism, secularism, narcissism and commercialism allowed to continue, does it really matter?  If the people are allowed to get their stuff and do what they want, does it really matter?  If religion takes a nose dive because the people lose interest, does it really matter?  If the universe persists because of quantum mechanic energy fields which are invariant, does all the moral protests over homosexuality, rampant sex, pro-choice and the loss of white middle class Christian family values really matter?  If all social endeavors are corrupt yet the people are fed, creativity thrives and the earth stays on its axis, does it really matter? 

There is a special providence in the fall of a sparrow [Hamlet] which is death due to the thermodynamic laws of entropy.

Let's be content with our mental constructs of heaven and hell, because does it really matter after all?

If God does not exist, everything is permitted [Dostoyevsky]

If God does not exist, everything is permitted as long as it's funny. [variation by Johnny Dodge]

If a man enjoys a Beethoven symphony, a Chekhov short story, a football game, a good fuck or a Plato dialogue, does it really matter? To anyone?

Davidovitch Dioodgianov
Attending mass at St. Basils