Sunday, March 27, 2011

Could Be the Ultimate Tsunami Video

New Shocking Video Of The Japanese Tsunami by timbarracuda

Peering Behind the Mask of Islamic Radicalism

An interview with a "Libyan rebel commander" published on March 26 on the Public Intelligence website has established that elements of the so called Al-Queda are indeed involved in the efforts to overthrow Mohammar Gaddafi.

A fact given much due diligence by Webster Tarpley as well.

Of course we all should be aware that Al-Queda from the very beginning was a fabrication of CIA/MI6 intelligence agencies.

And in point of fact, that the so called Ikhwan al Muslimen or Muslim Brotherhood has been controlled by British Intelligence from the time of the dismemberment of the Caliphate after WWI, and abetted by the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and subsequently the CIA after the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

And furthermore, speaking of the Zionist State, that Hamas was entirely a creation of the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad

Sunday, March 20, 2011

US/UK Unloads on Libya

Some things never change. As the French say."La plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose." Right on schedule, on the eighth anniversary of the second Gulf War, once fortuitously known as Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL), US Tomahawk Cruise Missiles rained down on the Libyan coast in yet another "humanitarian" enterprise sponsored by the genocidal madmen of Washington and the City of London and surprisingly, the Elysee Palace.

See full size image
From thence has emerged the
unlikely titular generalissimo of the assembled infernal engines of doom of the Evil Empire, the misanthropic Khazar homunculus Sarkozy who has managed to tear himself away from his notable libidinous excesses long enough to make amends for the Republic's open defiance of the "coalition of the willing" in the second Gulf slaughter. To prove his bona fides to his stepfather, CIA ghoul and éminence grise Frank G.Wisner, whose handprints are already manifestly and malignantly imprinted upon the fratricidal cataclysm enveloping the Middle East and North Africa, this stunted reprobate convened a quaint luncheon table around which were ceremoniously convened the various cowardly impresarios of the NATO/UN juggernaut whose dainty white hands, already drenched in blood of countless victims, picked at sumptuous fare as their eldritch and oleaginous host proudly informed them that French Mirage F-1s were already in the air on their way to the shores of Tripoli.
for more on the devious machinations of Sarkozy see http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1464.htm

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Benjamin Fulford and HAARP Onslaught on Japan

see also The Devil's Messiah Strums HAARP Over Haiti on Kushmonster.

Witnessing the incredible positive economic spin on this unprecedented cataclysm makes me question my own sanity. Apparently natural and man made calamitous ruination has combined in tandem to provide the latest growth industry.

Japan is a rich country that is also able to borrow at relatively low interest rates. As such, it definitely has the ability to rebound economically from these horrible natural disasters. Moreover, in a really good recovery scenario, Friday’s dreadful shock could even be a catalyst for internal political unity and for overcoming what has been two disappointing decades of economic performance. Indeed, a prolonged period of high and sustained growth is key to Japan’s handling of its domestic public dynamics.

The world has a shared interest in the economic recovery of this systemically important country. The good health of Japan is central to a robust global economy that generates lots of jobs and enhances productivity. And, at the most basic human level, we wish for the well-being of all those in Japan who have been affected by a truly horrible tragedy. Pimco executive Mohamed El-Erian in the Financial Times

Given the lack of any other feasible alternative on the immediate and hopelessly blighted economic horizon, it makes one wonder if indeed the insane global technocrat engineers haven't had recourse to their infernal HAARP death machines, as some have suggested, to undermine the very natural foundations of the planet upon the ruins of which to erect their dystopian Novus Ordo Seclorum.