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Down the Rabbit Hole with Vile Rat and Montagraph

While the Anglo/American MSM closes ranks in an unprecedented display of homogenous orthodoxy on the issue of the manifest unsuitability of a certain presidential candidate to the apparent benefit of the incumbent presidential marionette, certain gaps of clarity have begun emerging from the incredibly dense smokescreen of disinformation, misdirection, and propaganda surrounding the deaths of the unfortunate Americans in Benghazi, Libya and the now notorious "film" which is being blamed for that incident as well as the massive unrest roiling the various nations of Islam, resulting in attacks on American embassies throughout the Middle East, Africa, and South and Central Asia

In the many and varied revisionist scenarios which arise on a daily basis surrounding the events which led to the death of "Ambassador" Christopher Stevens, only one thing is really certain. The "official version" of events, from the very beginning ridden with obvious inconsistencies, contradictions and outright falsehoods, lacks even the pretense of credibility which is generally accorded the usual preposterous pack of lies emanating from government agencies. The pathetic, feeble, and witless attempts to cover the irreconcilable nonsense was so obvious that the State department finally gave up altogether and simply refused to answer any more questions regarding the issue. 

While such a state of affairs might be a cause for alarm or suspicion in a discerning public and a representative government, especially given the severity of the situation, the present administration, largely due to the unquestioning allegiance and fawning devotion of a compliant fourth estate and a hopelessly suborned and corrupted legislative branch, continues to walk blindly, unscathed, and untouched through ongoing, respective, and catastrophic failures of domestic and foreign policy. Unfortunately, such wanton unaccountability gives criminal license and even wider scope for greater violations of a public trust so woefully and regrettably misplaced. But there is nothing really new here where those in power do the bidding of a occult and arcane elite ruling from the shadows. 

What caught our attention in respect of these abstruse and difficult to define agencies which nonetheless have a compelling influence on the course of events was some interesting information concerning both the so called "film", which it is now understood, was the production of a recently released felon and government informant with ties to intelligence agencies. In this respect we have the following video which is, as of late, garnering a quite a bit of attention.

So we can add the decidedly provocative investigative speculations of Mr. Montagraph to the much muddled and befuddling mysteries enshrouding the so called "Arab Fall". What piqued my interest beyond the revelations concerning Stanley Incorporated and its connections to State and Defense Departments was the site which Montagraph screen captured. http://www.youtube.com/user/DarthF3TT/videos?flow=grid&view=0 As he noted, this site, in addition to the relevant videos concerning the repeatedly renamed film now called "Innocence of Muslims" also displayed several "gaming videos" This fact of course assumes particular relevance in respect of the fact that Sean Smith who was killed with Stevens and whose role has experienced a parallel reinvention comprising alternately; Navy Seal, CIA operative, diplomat, and finally Foreign Service Information Management Specialist, was, in his last hours communicating his status via a gaming forum. It is strange that Smith gave an interview shortly before his demise and in his previous incarnation as Navy Seal in which he stated that he was involved in retrieving or destroying Manpad surface to air missiles in Benghazi, a seemingly most peculiar activity for a Foreign Service Information Management Specialist.

Smith's death was duly noted on many vidoe gaming forums and sites where he had gained prominence for his role under the psuedonym and avatar "Vile Rat". http://www.csmonitor.com/The-Culture/Family/2012/0913/Sean-Smith-Diplomat-showed-gaming-generation-s-online-influence
Yet as controversy continues to swirl about what really happened on September 11 in Benghazi, questions are being raised about not only "Ambassador" Steven's role but also the other actors in the ill fated drama which cost the four Americans their lives. Given the by now obvious psy-ops background of the internet film post on Youtube fairly convincingly elaborated by Montagraph as well as others and the involvement of video gaming sites and forums in this imbroglio, it would be instructive to introduce yet another vector of the increasingly complex interactions between cyber war and the political and military stratagems with which they interface in very real and lethal outcomes.

A little less than a year ago, Amir Mirzai Hekmati, US citizen and former Marine of Iranian descent was sentenced to death in Tehran for spying, allegedly for the CIA. Though the "story broke big in the mainstream press" Hekmati's confession was suppressed in the Western media outlets but was subsequently tracked down by Gar Smith of the Berkeley Daily Planet. http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com/issue/2012-01-10/article/39112?headline=-Confession-of-Accused-CIA-Spy-Reveals-Link-to-US-Videogame-Maker--By-Gar-Smith According to Smith:
One of the most surprising revelations in Hekmati's online tell-all was his admission that, in addition to training at the Pentagon's Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, he also spent time working for Kuma/War, a US-based videogame company that specializes in combat simulations. Kuma/War has reportedly worked under contract for the US Army but, in the transcript of his taped statement, Hekmati also claims that, in addition to its Pentagon contracts, Kuma/War received funding from the CIA. 
As Iran prepares to shut down Google and establish its own domestic version of the internet  having sustaining an unprecedented attack by the Stuxnet virus on its nuclear facilities last year and undoubtedly presently under similar attacks, the long expected and expanding cyber war has reached new levels of intensity. At the very least,  the alleged CIA involvement in the Kuma War raises some interesting questions and assumes even more critical relevance with the viral proliferation of the "Innocence of Muslims". 

At issue is whether this bungling, third rate, and clownish production was actually intended to provide cover for the obviously well orchestrated international provocation engineered by intelligence agencies and culminating in the attack on the Benghazi villa which unleashed the orgy of violence on American embassies  throughout the nation of Islam. It is not without a great deal of irony and that Stevens met the same grisly fate of Gaddafi apparently being brutally sodomized before his murder.http://beforeitsnews.com/2012/2012/09/ambassador-rape-and-gaddafi-rape-2437272.html

While it has been an object of much generally unfounded speculation as to the groups and individuals responsible for the attacks on the Benghazi villa cum "consulate" ranging from any one of the numerous NATO proxy Libyan rebel militias to elements of Gaddafi loyalists of the Green Movement, one thing again is for certain. And that is that "Ambassador" Stevens and his unlikely entourage were exposed to a well planned and coordinated attack without the benefit of the extensive and bullet proof security protections usually afforded to State department personel especially in locations such as the highly volatile and dangerous streets of Benghazi. This becomes even more of an issue given the violent demonstrations against the US Embassy in Egypt just the day before. 

Whatever the reasons for the anomalous presence of the Americans in Benghazi that night, this fact alone points to either a catastrophic lapse of security and intelligence, or which is more likely the case, a classic false flag operation. Meanwhile as we hear the hypocritical paeans and official hagiography devoted to Stevens in Obama's fulsome speech to the UN, we eagerly await the Kuma War episode devoted to the "take-down" of Stevens and his companions in Benghazi.http://thesantosrepublic.com/2012/09/cia-salafism-formula-americas-covert-plan-to-fully-destabilize-the-middle-east-and-russia/

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Repost of April 2009-Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose

OK Dog, Its time to back off that Kool-aid stand for awhile. There's this little kid hanging out on the parade route and he's still shouting about something having to do with the sartorial deficiencies of a certain eminent personage who's making quite a display of himself these days. You would think that kind of exposure would not be the strong suit, so to speak, of somebody who has so much to hide. But there it was for all to see as Jay Leno, the very unfunny conservative shill who collects vintage cars like Imelda Marcos once did shoes, helped the commander in chief to exhibit more of his considerable backside. 

I personally had no interest in this spectacle as an aversion for television in general and media narcissism in particular is only compounded by the inane exhibitionism of the political animal. And yet in bouncing around the internet I happened to come across a portion of the video on the Huffington Post. It all left me wondering what there was to recommend the supposed vaunted rhetoric of the selfstyled national savior much less the substance of anything that was said. Here instead was the condescending schoolmaster alternately shmoozing and lecturing a classroom of unruly children, the arch-pedant who with cloying smugness rewards the toadies who laugh on cue.

 Though at times projecting an affable and even charming persona, one could  sense the palapable undercurrent of inflexible dogmatism which has characterized less casual encounters such as his address to enthusiastic supporters of Planned Parenthood on his firm committment to abortion on demand, or either of his addresses to equally adamant American Israeli Public Affairs Committee gatherings concerning his unshakeable support for the Zionist State. Following the lead of so many others who with paid homage to the Great One with such notable fawning and obsequious servility, Leno at one point proffered what was most obviously a seeded question with appropriate and exagerrated deference, asking, almost fearfully as if he were importuning a lord, why, if all these monies have been allocated to the various banks and lending agencies, were these said agencies not extending the instruments of credit to the hopeful and yet still expectant peasantry. 

With an eagerness borne not only of his profound desire to fulfill the hope of those expectations but also of his mission to instruct the masses in abstruse financial matters of which they had no apparent understanding, the apogee of humankind, with a characteristic humility which belied his obvious greatness, declared that the banks and lending agencies have not yet accrued a sufficient amount of capital to embark upon the process of supplying credit to the nation, which they would certainly provide as soon as it was within their capacity to do so. And furthermore these institutions would all be tested and tuned up through the auspices of Mr. Goodwrench and his factory trained experts (laughter and applause). And in addition, through  agents of "securitization" further funds would flow to student loans, environmental programs, infrastructure, etc...(let it be noted here that securitization markets provide more funding to the economy at large than do banking systems).

 And so in a mere 40 seconds or so the supreme prestidigitator had reduced the most complex financial and economic matters freighted with the gravest consequences not only for the nation but the entire world and which are much in dispute even amongst the most distinguished economists and financial experts, to an offhand, highly simplistic, and laughable commonplace. A sound bite. But such is the level of our national discourse, a cheap side show in which endless electioneering and slick advertising have pre-empted public policy, and media whoring for mass consumption masquerades as effective leadership. The Big Top is in town replete with ringmaster, dancing bears, circus clowns, and high wire act all to the fustian din of delirious throngs wild with enthusiasm, weeping with joy. 

Meanwhile, all across the nation, there are other tents springing up, whole cities of them, full of a new discarded underclass America. But nevermind that, Dog, Videobama is mounting a charm offensive. Next stop-Iran! Like some peripatetic latter day Wizard of Oz, the World Manager is flying from screen to screen, his electronic fiz flashing across oceans to deliver yet another appearance along with benevolent greetings to the 6,000 year old kingdom of Ahura Mahzda on the occasion of the Persian New Year. Holy Zoroaster! The pan- African American Schoolmaster goes global urging harmony and brotherhood to the minions of Mohammed, rankling his AIPAC denizens, howling as they usually are for a bloody fight to the death with the miscreant mullah mongers. Petitions fly to the White House along with fearful rumor. Betrayal! We warned you about that polack anti-semite Zbig! 

 And yet the colored conciliator can countenance such dissonance, his political capital flowing like honey from the rock.  After all are there any Arabs in the White House?  And if there were, they'd be cleaning floors like Emmanuel Sr. said. What with "Irgun" Rahm, Axelrod, and Orszag in place you should worry? Oy Vey!  And thus Hussein closes his address seraphically in Farsi, gently baracking the cradle of civilization. Meanwhile back in the Holy Land, Dr. Iran, a.k.a. Bibi Netanyahu, is busy preparing a different kind of greeting for the Shitites. The mad doctor, finally in the driver's seat after all these years, is priming his brand new fuel efficient Harop killer drones(with 1000km range) for a test run to preempt the Russian S-300 missile defense systems ready for deployment around Iranian nuclear facilities in support of Rapier SAM missiles already in place. The S-300s deterrent capabiities definitely change the strategic balanceonce so heavily weighted in Israels favor. They need to be nuetralised prior to the planned concentrated ballistic missile attack on the Isfahan facility and the Natanz nuclear enrichment plant. General Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is preparing contigency plans in support of the planned Israeli attack, involving air support from the U.S. Sixth Fleet.

 Perhaps it was these eventuations which prompted the Iranians to reject the blandishments contained in Videobama's overtures as disigenuous at best. Also of interest in this respect was the flap which arose recently over the appointment of Chas. Freeman as deputy director of National Intelligence. Freeman subsequently withdrew from consideration after what he characterised as an unprecedented campaign of slur, innuendo and outright slander mounted by AIPAC former foreign policy director Steven Rosen who is curiously currently under indictment along with Keith Wasserman for violation of the 1917 Espionage Act for passing top secret U.S. documents to Israel in 2005, involving former National Intelligence staffer Larry Franklin. Hmmm...  Freeman, with impeccable credentials and wide support from the intelligence community, ran afoul of the Israel Lobby for his oppostition to what he considered to be the unwarranted and illegal influence of AIPAC in U.S. government policy.

 Ray McGovern, former intelligence officer aired the same fears, suggesting that the Obama administration had been seriously compromised in its ability to conduct foreign policy by its shameful acquiescence to the Israel lobby, echoing the open secret in the intelligence community that national security itself has been seriously undermined by the ongoing penetration of Mossad moles. The director of U.S. intelligence, Admiral Dennis Blair, in a report to the Senate Intelligence Committee on potential threats to U.S. security as foreseen by 16 intelligence agencies forecast war between Israel and Iran before the end of the year, a clear signal that the clandestine activities spoken of above have had their intended and potentially horrific effect.

 Interestingly enough another significant threat mentioned in the intelligence report was the economic meltdown itself, concerning the devastating effects of which the Treasury Secretary was busying himself back at the ranch. "Zombie Tim", as he has come to be known, is pumping trillions and trillions of dollars into the sagging and attenuated conduits of U.S. credit and bond markets, ostensibly in an attempt to revive an economy which has gone into terminal arrest. The simplistic explanation adumbrated by our erstwhile late night entertainer as to the present financial difficulties was obviously intended for mass consumption, and cannot even begin to penetrate the arcane and abstruse workings of high finance which for most mortals remains as opaque and impenetrable, so inaccesible to ordinary reason as the laws of astro or quantum physics. 

Suffice it to say that two signal events occured in these past weeks of March which constituted 1) a continuation of the economic policies first witnessed last September 2008 by the then Treasury Secretary and former Goldman Sachs CEO Paulson, and continued by the Obama administration this January 2009, in other words the massive infusion of electronically created currency into banks, investment agencies, and of most recent note, the insurance giant AIG in an attempt to save them from imminent collapse. In common parlance and on the froth of many lips this is of course known as the "bailout", and 2) a reintensification and augmentation of these efforts which took the process to a whole new superheated level of outright desperation to right the ship of finance and its denizen bankers before it crashes upon the shoals of irrevocable ruin. The primary method employed for this purpose is what economists call "quantitative easing", i.e. printing more money. In the latest phase though, the extremity of these measures is better conveyed in the more vernacular phrase  "the nuclear option". 

In the first trillion dollar payout, Geithner authorized the purchase of $700 billion of Treasury notes, and the assumption of $300 billion of mortgage backed securities on the books of the giant lending agencies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, effectively opening up the flood gates of the Treasury in a tsunami of federal paper. The dollar value of gold soared more than $50 in ten minutes following the announcement, blowing past its range bound upper resistance of $960, reflecting the fears of hyperinflation. Scarcely a week later "Zombie Tim" truly earned his moniker when he authorized the trillion dollar purchase of the notorious "toxic assets" of insolvent banks, effectively insuring their survival. 

As Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman said later "the zombie ideas have won" also expressing His "deep personal despair" over this action. Joseph Stiglitz, also a Nobel Laureate, former president of the World Bank and colleague of Geithner, called the Treasury action nothing short of "robbery of the American people". James Galbraith, University of Texas economist and former economic adviser to the Obama campaign, suggested that federal prosecutions and jail time might be a more appropriate response to the depredation of the banksters rather than the sweetheart deal they had been rewarded with by the Treasury which effectively unloaded the colossal debt off their balance sheets and dumped it into the laps of the American taxpayers. The gigantic confidence game that "Zombie Tim" had just pulled off also had its intended effect. The Stock Market soared 500+ points, largely on higher earnings in the banking and financial sectors. The living dead were partying again on Wall Street....

I suppose a word is necessary here in closing about the basic aspects of the Geithner scam as I understand it which will then lead to some more general speculations. First of all these "toxic assets" are just that, dangerous and possibly fatal to come into contact with. No investor in his right mind would want to have anything to do them. Part of this lies in the fact that their exact valuation in quite unknown. Perhaps they have no value at all. They are the end product of complex financial instruments of relatively recent origin called Over the Counter Derivatives and Credit Default Swaps, "privately created entities traded between major financial institutions, which rely heavily on counter parties in these transactions meeting their obligations when they fall due. If one major counter party fails, it could trigger a domino effect collapsing major financial institutions one after another."(Sound familiar?)

 Apparently these"instruments" were created in the rush to deregulation of financial markets at the turn of the century(2000)  For example the CDS were created by a team at JPMorgan Chase and signed into law by Slick Willy Clinton in December. This time Undersecretary of the Treasury for Foreign Policy (1998-2001) was one Timothy Geithner, working under the Treasury tag team of Larry Summers and Robert Rubin. "Toxic Tim" (minor rechristening) was widely recognized as Rubin's protege'. Rubin opposed regulation of derivatives in 1997 and in 1999 joined CitiGroup as a board member, which subsequently experienced losses of 70% which resulted in an investors lawsuit against CitiGroup in 2008 which alleged that executives sold shares at inflated prices. 

Rubin along with Wall Street investment banker and White House economic adviser Rahm Emmanuel(currently White House Chief of Staff) were instrumental in crafting NAFTA. Also under Rubin's tutelage was current Director of White House Office of Management and Budget, Peter Orszag, who worked on the White House council of economic advisers(1993-98) under Rubin prior to which time he was chief economic adviser for the Russian Ministry of Finance during the "period of rampant financial criminality" during which time Russia's mineral assets were looted by the oligarchy, creating instant billionaires who subsequently fled the financial chaos they had unleashed and settled comfortably in London and Europe. 

The other bookend(1998) of Orszag's stint at the Clinton White House was at the head of an economic consulting group with Joseph Stiglitz called SEBAGO Associates, client of the World Bank and advisers to the Central Bank of Iceland, which subsequently collapsed largely due to the disastrous policies implemented by Whoresbag. Investigative journalist Christopher Bollyn who has followed Whoresbag's swath of destruction, sizing up domestic economic policies over which Whoresbag has purview, trenchantly observed, "Expect a trainwreck". But I really do digress. Back to Geithner's piece de resistance, more wholesale looting of the treasury and betrayal of the public trust. Ahem, as was said, the pesky "toxic assets", stewing away in some financial Yucca Flats, have to be disposed of. Toxic Tim's plan is to sweeten the deal enough to attract the "private investor" in partnership with whom?, you guessed it, the American taxpayer! (Too bad they can't find some Indian Reservation to bury this stuff on) 

At any rate the deal goes something like this. Using as a model $100, "the private investor" ponies up say $12 and the "taxpayer" another $12 while the Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation picks up the remaining $76. I don't know the exact figure but it's something like that. Good enough? Wrong. Now we come to the tricky part which all of the eminent economists have their underwear all bunched up in knots about. Any profit or upside which might be realized on the future market of these assets is to accrue to the "private investor", while any loss, downside, default or indebtedness will be absorbed by the FDIC and the taxpayer. I don't know the exact proportionality here but you get the basic idea. What a deal! No wonder Krugman called it "heads I win, tails you lose". Like some shell game you'd find in a side show tent. As if this wasn't bad enough, Galbraith voiced even further suspicions, namely, who's to say the banksters themselves as "private investors" or even through a third party can't buy up their own assets for pennies on the dollar? 

Well, chap my hide! They'd make a killing even before the pigs went to market and well, anything else would be more cherries on the parfait especially absent any significant risk. Tim boy, you'ze a genius!... Privatization of profits, socialization of losses. Privatization of profits, socialization of losses....Privatization...of profits....socialization.... of losses....Well Dog, they're throwing a lot of pasta against the wall, hoping something is gonna stick, but it looks like it will all end in disaster anyway. All the money is going out the back doors to some miserable crooks and into off shore bank accounts. The losers are left holding the bag. They keep adding 0s to those banknotes to cover the difference. The country is bankrupt, the almighty dollar is like yesterdays newspaper. The party's over Dog. 

There's only one more matter I want to discuss here. Its mere technicality actually, one that has to do with these"major financial institutions" and their friends in government. All throughout this imbroglio, the opinion has been voiced that these "institutions" cannot be allowed to fail. That our very lives as a viable human society depend on the continued existence of these entities. In this respect, they assume an almost omnipotent and even god-like status, and yet they remain, along with the government which shares and partakes of this status as to be almost indivisibly connected with it, in remote and inaccesible domains like Kafkaean monoliths, which we have no understanding or immediate connection with, and yet which exert an inexorable and plenipotentiary force upon us. And so as these idols totter and sway and appear to be on the verge of imminent collapse, a great deal of fear and anxiety, as so much of our identity as a people and indeed our very physical welfare and well being has been invested in them, is subsequently generated and most acutely felt. (Was 911 and the collapse of the WTC the tangible symbol and foreshadowing of all of this?) 

 But more to the matter at hand. The FDIC is the regulatory agency responsible for insuring that if banks become insolvent, bankrupt, the deposits therein will be guaranteed. In other words the theory is at least that these banks can fail without substantial financial loss to the depositors. My question is then why didn't the FDIC step in and put these banks into receivership as is its government mandated policy? A simple enough question. This question was put to James Galbraith and his response was unequivocal. When these financial institutions pour vast amounts of money into presidential campaign coffers then they exert a directly proportional influence on government policy especially where their own vested interest is concerned. "At the top of Obama's contributor list is Goldman Sachs, followed by UBS, JPMorgan Chase, Citigroup, Lehman Brothers, and Morgan Stanley."

 Be that as it may and not wanting to belabor the obvious I think is befits us to delve a little deeper into the matter. And this brings us back to those devilish financial instruments, the OTC derivatives and Credit Default Swaps. We must recall what was averred above about these entities, notably, "there is a grave risk of counter party failure" etc. Now much in the news these days is the most recent and perhaps the last "bailout", of AIG Insurance to the tune of $180 billion and counting. AIG really broke all records for losses. In late 2008, AIG lost $500,000 every minute for 13 weeks in a row, eventually racking up losses of $61 billion for the last quarter of 2008 alone, the largest such loss in history. The reason for these losses? OTC and CDS derivatives. 

When the smokescreen of the executive pay bonuses finally blew over, some of the more astute commentators directed their attention to the fact that most of the bailout monies allocated to AIG were flowing out the back door to none other than Goldman Sachs and other  assorted investment and European banks. A great hue and cry went up. But those more knowledgeable about financial matters weren't surprised. AIG was a counter party failing on its obligations and Goldman and the rest were just collecting on their CDS bets. And who was paying on those bets? Toxic Tim and the U.S. Treasury.

 Even a guy with as great an analytical mind as Alf Field eventually came to wonder why these bankers whom he characterized as "very clever and cautious people", would expose themselves to the incredible risks entailed in dealing with these derivative instruments. And in the end he concluded that THEY KNOW SOMETHING WHICH WE DONT (actually his emphasis). And what they knew he suggested was that their backs and their assets were covered by the U.S. government. Do you scent the whiff of conspiracy here? as in "with intent to defraud"? And isn't it so characteristic of the major financial institutions and the government and the perpetually revolving door between them to engage in a kind of exalted musical chairs with the various roles, offices, cabinet positions, posts, and appointments all mutually interchangeable? Isn't that the classic definition of Fascism? 

 It was Mike Ruppert who exposed the CIA's role in this melange, noting the fluency with which investment banker morphed into intelligence operative into White House chief of staff, all in the service of corporate and government power interests. After all what's a little bank fraud or insider trading by white collar criminals in the tangled web of the organized criminal enterprise of drug and gun running,corporate money laundering, covert operations, assassins, bag men and influence peddlers that this government has become? Well, the chickens have really come home to roost for good now, Malcolm....Are you still with me Dog? Or is it time for the six o'clock news and all that regurgitated slop you been lapping up. Mmmmm. Must taste good with the Kool Aid....

Waking Up to the Truth-The History of Our Rulers

This excellent video details the complex,fascinating, and highly esoteric matrix behind world governance and the historical genesis underlying our modern geopolitical realities. Highly recommended.  

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Pluto's Station

The upcoming direct station of the planet Pluto on 20 September should produce some surprising results. If my memory serves me well, the Fukushima earth quake, nuclear disaster, and tsunami occurred within a station of Pluto, and if I had the inclination, I could adduce other instances of this astronomically forsaken, and forlorn iceball at the furthest reaches of our desolate and lonely solar system, which has only recently dismissed from the planetary host by enlightened scientists. Yet, as I have observed, the influence of the god of the underworld is amongst us both personally and universally. Usually, when the earth shakes and convulses with earth quakes and volcanoes as we are presently witnessing, Pluto has moved into prominence. Yet given the present phantasmagoria of nightmarish world events, this latest appearance of the Lord of Hades might well culminate in a particularly incendiary outpouring out of the bowels of Dis and this from the agency of distinctly human interventions.

In the light of the new moon conjoined with Saturn and proceeding tomorrow towards a sojourn with Mars and following that, some days from now, with Diana moving into orb of conjunction with the Keeper of Death, the heavens seem to signal a most dire scenario. With the welter of natural disaster and international geo-political conflagration going exponential and internet prophets of doom having to resort to bullet lists to keep up with the outbreaking emanations of the unprecedented world chaos, it appears that mankind is indeed moving towards a reckoning of biblical proportions which is quickening into realization at mach speed and brutal immediacy.

Meanwhile, it's business as usual for the media fixated American public. Psychologically controlled and hypnotically mesmerized by Lilly wave and ELF frequencies on television and frequency modulated radio sources piggy backed with subliminal messages, the American populace scoffs at the evidence of astrological incidences synchronized with mundane events as much as it is ignorant and in denial of its own mind controlled enslavement. The result is an incredible complacency and indifference to the most obvious and substantial threats to their basic economic security, health and well being which are being mounted daily through the agency of their own government in collusion with the elitist financial oligarchy against the background of  apocalyptic environmental catastrophes. 

Saturday, September 15, 2012

September 6, 2012-R.I.P.US$

With China offering settlement for crude oil in yuan (renminbi) on September 6, and Russia on the following day offering China unlimited purchase of its now vast oil reserves denominated in Chinese currency, the following video assumes even more relevance. R.I.P. US$. 

Caveat: While the video correctly assesses the background of the US economic implosion and the worldwide financial malaise, it falls far short of its present implications, reverting to the usual overblown histrionics concerning a "revolution".

 While we agree with the premise of a change in consciousness through self education and "civil disobedience", and all that entails regarding the establishment of radically alternative communities, the highly idealized and misplaced conception of radical and comprehensive change through force of arms is not only highly unlikely but as history has repeatedly proven, impossible. 

The creators of this video have not followed through and drawn the logical conclusions of their otherwise well placed analysis-a soon to be realized confrontation of the Anglo-American Nato axis with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization under the aegis of Russia and China. No amount of Ghandis or MLKs, or for that matter armed citizen soldiers will prevent the inevitable cyclic historical progression as it inevitably grinds to its preordained conclusion.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Israeli Provocation in Killing Of US Ambassador?

In the presence of such an obvious international provocation as the killing of a US ambassador and the previous attack and seizure of the US embassy in Cairo, both apparently designed to inflame and further exacerbate existing tensions as well as occurring on the American high holy day of September 11, yet again we have to ask ourselves, the question, "Cui bono?".

With the on again off again, and to many minds, inevitable Israeli attack on Iran in full boil on the front burner, the answer to this question is obviously the state of Israel. The film "The Innocence of Muslims" which apparently inspired the latest "Muslim outrage" over the latest blasphemous ridicule of the Prophet Mohammed (may flaming diarrhea be upon him!) "was directed and produced by an Israeli-American real estate developer, Sam Bacile, with $5 million in funds from 100 Jewish donors" WSJ.


Though little known, Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, along with the CIA had created, supported, and funded the Benghazi Libyan rebels. The "coincidence" of Netanyahu's visit to New York to address the UN, Obama's well publicized "snub" of the Israeli prime minister and the timing of these attacks arouses suspicions that we are witnessing yet another false flag attack designed and scripted to further Israeli plans to discredit the "recalcitrant" president and to help lay the groundwork for the attack on Iran. Of course Obama's "pose" is itself staged to distance himself from any overt involvement, as he has amply shown unwavering commitment to the Zionist state, especially in his speeches to AIPAC over the years, continuing an unbroken and equally unwavering support of Israel by an ongoing succession of US chief executives.

While the Secretary of State and the President took great pains to suggest that the Ambassador was humanely transported to the local hospital where he was pronounced dead, it appears that the reality of the situation was more grisly and much less sanguine than these sanitized sound bites. The relevant graphic photographs can be found here.
foe further developments on this:

and pepe escobar elucidates the background:

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Truth About Media Collusion and US War Crimes in Syria

Thanks to our friend George over at Goats and Men.

Steve Quayle Cries Wolf, Adds to Unbroken Record of Zero Credibility

It looks like the little boys crying wolf are once again filling cyberspace with sensational and multiple alarms of foreign troops infiltrating fortress America in preparation for martial law, Homeland Security and TSA lockdown, civil war and social anarchy. Over the past week ominous portents of such alarming activity have made the rounds of the internet with the usual suspects, along with some new arrivals, fueling the smoldering rumor mills warning of the subversion and takeover of America by the minions of the New World Order.

Aside from the fact that this is pretty much already regarded as an accomplished fact in many quarters, the titillating reports of tens of thousands of English speaking Russian Spetsnaz forces with midwestern accents being surreptitiously transported across the borders from Minnesota to Texas, being encountered on shooting ranges and remote locations throughout the West and Midwest, offers much grist for the conspiracy mills who have been propagating these strange and mostly unsubstantiated reports for decades.

Alex Jones, already famous for his hysterical scaremongering reports of the launch of Russian missiles on the eve of Y2K more than a decade ago has had to move over for the likes of Doug and Larry Haggman, ex Green Beret John Moore, and former Kansas State trooper Greg Evenson, and of course the ubiquitous Steve Quayle in their dire forewarnings of approaching calamity accompanying the red letter year 2012. Quayle is especially fervid, apparently undeterred by the failure of any of his fantastical projections to materialize. The latest of these was of course was the prediction of some holocaust at the London Olympics (as if the English satanists were going to blow up their own world party. Yeah right.)

Of course, these self styled modern seers and saviors of mankind would have us believe that if not for their efforts to expose these conspiracies, they would have then actually taken place! Imagine that. We delved into Qualye's latest alerts, the last of them being a report of US Army Northcom occupying what turrned out to be an abandoned aluminum plant in Columbia Falls, Montana, in preparation for some government yardfarming involving patriot groups, militias and the like. The following is from Quayle's site.
The troops are here! Confirmed!! Some of our local residence went to the aluminum plant and saw them, and spoke to them. They were not alarmed to be visited. They are able to be seen camped at the aluminum plant! Some are staying at the Red Lion Hotel and the Hilton Garden Inn, and maybe other hotels as well. These troops are confirmed to be North Com troops, and Feds came with them. These have been seen here in this valley. Troops are including Hazmat and the 83rd Civil Support. They came in un-noticed, but they are here!
Mike last night said, he spoke to a Colonel of North Com. yesterday. Mike said, what he found out was:
North Com is getting set up with our governor, local sheriffs, local police and fire departments, in ten regions of Montana this week through the weekend: to let the North Com. commander take over the entire state of Montana if any group that Southern Poverty Law Center calls a terrorist group; like the Tea Party or Freedom Action Rally group, or any of these people or groups Is ACCUSED of doing setting up a bomb anywhere! They are sweeping the area for these so-called terrorist groups and people.
Mike said, they are here to train the fire dept. and local departments to co-operate and do what the North Com Commander tells them to do in case anything is detected in the state.
Mike said, they are not here to train our people to do anything but, to call 911 (be hound dogs for them) if they detect any trouble, and to stay out of their way.
What does this look like to you? It looks like Martial Law is next, and their goes our liberty!
As to the US Army activity in Columbia Falls, we located the Columbia Falls Aluminum Plant and soon discovered that the plant which has been shut down for several years is indeed being used as a mobile command center for "hazardous materials training" involving "The Northwest Montana Type III Incident Management Team, in conjunction with the 83rd Civil Support Team, and Northwest Montana Regional Hazmat Team". This is according to KPAX in Missoula. http://www.kpax.com/news/columbia-falls-hosts-disaster-training-exercise/#!prettyPhoto/0/ Now we really don't know what exactly is going on up there, but there is presently no evidence that the inflammatory accusations contained on Quayle's site are founded in anything but the feverish and suggestible imaginations of Quayle's sources. At the very least there seems to be no involvement of Northcom and the residents of northern Montana can probably be assured that they won't be at present subject to any interdictions of the US Army. Similar melodrama concerning National Guard activity in southern Colorado also published on Quayle's site and then immediately dropped, proved equally overblown.

Undoubtedly, "Mike" and "LB" are impeccably reliable sources like the "generals" and military insiders who apparently disseminate or spoon feed this kind of idiocy and misdirection on a regular basis not only to Quayle but to the questionable likes of the Haggmans, Moore, Jones and Evenson alike. This alarmist cant was of course picked up by innumerable cadres of undiscerning internet junkies addicted to this insensible tabloid pandering. While there is obviously much genuine, factual, and alarming evidence of what we see as the transformation of the US into a police state with a distinct possibility of the imposition of martial law, this kind of misdirection can only serve one purpose. 

It is no accident that the US military and police agencies are heavily involved with the various militias and patriot groups. Since the heydays of Cointelpro , intelligence agencies of the US have infiltrated, compromised, and subborned any group which they have not already established and supported. The destruction of the American Indian Movement and the Black Panthers was accomplished by a coordinated effort on the part of the FBI. The presence of government agents and military operatives in opposition groups is proverbial. The aim is provocation and incitement. Thus we have the following from yet another of our self styled revolutionaries and super patriots from the so called Liberty movement, Brandon Smith, apparently speaking recently at the Republican National Convention:

In my speech, I gave clear cut and tangible solutions to Paulfest attendees, including alternative markets and barter networks, commodity based currencies, micro industries and localized business models, useful trade skills, off-grid living, preparedness, and if all else fails, real revolution.  Not idealized intellectual activism under the catchy label of revolution, but fists in the air and rifles in hand revolution.


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Obama's Moving to Hawaii January 2013?

These figures alone seem to suggest that Obama's mother-in-law is not going anywhere. http://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/index.php
Though we don't usually post this kind of stuff, I couldn't resist.

"Barack and Michelle Obama will be moving to Hawaii in January of 2013 and preparations are now being made to purchase an estate in close proximity to land owned by the University of Hawaii, where the Obama presidential library and “political center” will be located.
Here in Chicago, it’s pretty obvious that Michelle does not want to move back to this city and its winters (for any reason) and Michelle’s mother, who’s been living in the White House with her daughter and her family, will be happily making the move to Hawaii as well.
I have a friend whose family knows Michelle’s mother; they have been crystal clear that the elderly Mrs. Robinson regularly says that she’ll be in Hawaii next year permanently with her daughter and granddaughters. There is neither talk of returning to Chicago to live nor of living in the White House for another four years — instead, there’s a sense of “it was fun while it lasted” coming from Mrs. Robinson in her talks with her Chicago friends."


"I’ve done some more digging here in Chicago on the story we brought you on Friday about plans currently underway to purchase a $35 million beachfront estate on the island of Oahu in a part of Hawaii called “Kailua” for the Obama family to move into in January 2013 when they leave the White House.
It’s funny, but “kai” means “victorious” in Mandarin Chinese and you probably know that “lua” is close to the Hawaiian word “luau”, which is of course a large party.  It’s more than ironic that a spot in paradise that conjures a mental image of “victory party” will be the place the Obama family moves to in just four months or so, after they’ve been booted from the White House. They surely won’t be in a festive mood after being downgraded from “First Family” to ordinary citizens again, but no doubt the rest of the world will be celebrating.
The woman who is organizing the funding of the Obama’s post-presidential estate is Penny Pritzker (pictured above, in between the worst President since Jimmy Carter and a woman who only dresses appropriately on Halloween or April Fool’s Day), who is also in charge of raising the donations for Obama’s presidential library and museum. ""

Read more http://hillbuzz.org/who-is-funding-the-purchase-of-the-35-million-beachfront-hawaiian-estate-for-barack-and-michelle-obama-to-move-into-come-january-2013-2013

as to Penny Pritzker, we know Penny from way back. "$850,000,000- a somewhat conservative estimate of the expenditure needed to secure the nomination and the presidency. The campaign finance chair-Penny Pritzker, well known member of Chicago banking family, owner, among other entities, of the Hyatt Hotel chain worldwide...."
read more at http://kushmonster.blogspot.com/2009/04/recent-history_11.html