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Pastor David Manning spills the beans on Barry Soetero's shady past as a CIA operative working in Pakistan in 1981 as translator and logistical pointman for the intelligence agency's covert supply and support of mujhadeen and Taliban rebels waging jihad against the Soviet occupation in Afghanistan. This dovetails nicely with the alleged recruitment of Soetero at Columbia in 1983 by architect and planner of the Afghanistan "soviet bear trap", revanchist Columbia professor of Soviet studies Zbigniew Bryzezinski , former National Security Adviser to President James Earl Carter, and present éminence grise in foreign policy affairs in the Obama White House. Obama/Soetero's brief career at BIC-Business International Corporation, a long standing CIA front organization followed his stint at Columbia under Zbig's tutelage.

"At the very least, Obama helped in providing economic intelligence to the CIA as a contract employee. At most Obama was, like previous BIC employees who operated abroad for the CIA, a full fledged non-official cover (NOC) agent."- Wayne Madsen Reports. Full article at


In light of the breaking news of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chile it was with great interest that Kushmonster came across this intriguing video at WakeUp1776 featuring the latest offering from the always provocative Benjamin Fulford, who in addition to his capacity as Japanese correspondent for Forbes business magazine, has embarked on a fantastic and far ranging investigation of the clandestine schema of the occult underground and most specifically in its manifestations in the shadowy realms of secret societies operating behind the thrones of power worldwide. Fulford is not quite up to speed on the most elemental technology of HAARP and is out of his depth in that respect (who isn't?). He also doesn't appear to be aware of the equivalent Russian discoveries in plasma and wave frequency transmission and scalar weaponry. (An earth quake in the former Soviet republic of Georgia in 2002 led to similar accusations by the Georgian green party against the Russians ). Nonetheless there is much of value in his otherwise characteristic hyperbolic effusions. Fulford has expounded upon this particular theme before, and it finds added relevance with the increasing awareness, especially across the internet, of the involvement of the HAARP facility in Gakona, Alaska in the Haitian earthquake last January. For more on this timely subject refer to THE DEVIL'S MESSIAH STRUMS HAARP OVER HAITI posted on Kushmonster last January 20th. Once again all due credit must be given to Nick Begich for his seminal study on this subject "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" which has gone a long way to exposing this awesome and frightening technology. Begich's web site is at Earthpulse.com.

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Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold , Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
Economic inequality and the myth of Reagan trickle down logic are shown by new data from the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston . The report noted: "What has been missing from the public debate over the labor market crisis is an honest and detailed analysis of which American workers have been most adversely affected by the deep deterioration in labor markets." The researchers found a correlation between household income and unemployment rate in the last quarter of 2009: Look carefully at these numbers and see how unemployment rises as income drops:
$150,000 or more, 3.2 percent
$100,000 to 149,999, 8 percent
$75,000 to $99,999, 5 percent
$60,000 to $75,000, 6.4 percent
$50,000 to $59,000, 7.8 percent
$40,000 to $49,000, 9 percent
$30,000 to $39,999, 12.2 percent
$20,000 to $29,999, 19.7 percent
$12,500 to $20,000, 19.1 percent
$12,499 or less, 30.8 percent
Ten times worse unemployment in the lowest class than in the highest class! Truly amazing and disheartening, don't you think? And you can also infer that in some hard hit geographical areas the poorest people and people of color are being even more adversely impacted. And don't think for a minute that things have really improved in 2010.

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John Needham, Australian attorney and stock trader has recently received a great deal of attention for his market trading theories, which he calls the Danielcode. Largely based on the life work of W.D. Gann (image-right), a legendary market trader known for his uncannily accurate and highly successful market trading, the Danielcode, as the title implies, is further inspired by Needham's reading of a passage from the Book of Daniel, specifically Chapter 12 ,verse 12: "Blessed is the man who has patience and perseveres until the one thousand three hundred and thirty five days". In Needham's own words:

The Danielcode is an ancient and mystic sequence of numbers stretching from zero to infinity. It predates the Fibonacci sequence by 18 centuries. The Danielcode was originally written as a timing mechanism for the Jewish people. These are Daniel’s words from the Bible:
Dan 12:12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.
In sacred geometry, numbers and sequences have multiple meanings. The number 7 can mean 7 days, weeks, years etc. It can also mean 70 or 700 so the decimal point can slide. The square root of 1335 is 36.537. If we slide the decimal point we get 365.37 which is an astonishingly accurate measurement of a calendar year.

Needham has established quite an impressive track record as well, correctly predicting the bear market rally in the equities beginning in March 2009 as well as a string of other impressive prognostications which he has duly recorded on his web site Danielcode Online. Add him to the list of Prophets for Profit. Needham is the latest in a line of traders and market savants who employ relatively abstruse methods such as Elliot Wave Theory which has acquired such caché that it has become a regular part of the curriculum in mainstream economic institutions.

Formulated by accountant R.N. Elliot in the 1930's and popularized by Robert Prechter, the Wave has become an established and essential tool for economic analysis and especially stock trading Prechter has been the most visible proponent of Elliot Wave theory over the past several decades, editing and publishing Elliot's books and producing several of his own volumes on the subject. He gained some notoriety for predictions involving recent market highs andows, notably the top in October 2007 and the subsequent bottom in February 2009. However his prognostications have received much criticism. He has consistently called for crashes ever since the famous collapse in 1987 with little success. His most enduring lapses have likewise been in reference to the gold market whose top he has been unsuccessfully predicting for the better part of the last decade. On the other hand the more obscure and certainly more prescient Alf Field has consistently predicted the resurgent gold bull market ever since lift off in 2001 using Elliot Wave.

Needham's guru, W.D. Gann, relied primarily upon a complex interaction of angles as the basis of his market augury predicated on the 90 degree right angle with the vertical axis denoting price and the horizontal indicating time. No surprise there I suppose, but it was not Gann's elaborate and unique interpretation of such simple functionality alone that led to his amazing prescience which guaranteed him a large following willing to pay exorbitant sums for privileged access to his arcane science. Less known was his close association with the astrologer Sepharial, the nom de plume of one Walter Gorn Old, to whom he owed much of his prophetic prowess in profit. On the surface this was a distinctly improbable relationship given Gann's strict and apparently devout fundamentalist Baptist confession. And yet, as it is with so many historical notables, Gann's religious profession was but the persona masking his deep and abiding involvement with freemasonry. Sepharial himself was deeply connected with the notorious theosophist thaumaturge and Ohkrana agent Helena P. Blavatsky with whom he resided. Among Sepharial/Gorn Old's most notable accomplishments was the improbable feat of winning the Cuba lottery five times (!) a testimony to his much admired proclivity in the practical application of his extraordinary mantic gifts.

Back to Needham. The Aussie lawyer's trading career, by his own admission, plied a circuitous and tortuous path between investment seminars, tutorials, and other multifarious programs designed to unlock the secrets to consistent and effective stock market trading, all at great expense, and was augmented by a large and likewise costly and steadily growing library comprised of the vast literature devoted to investment and marketing analysis. All to little avail. It was only when he discovered Gann, and in the process retrieved him for posterity from the obscurity into which he had unexplainably fallen, that the scales fell from his eyes and he discovered a reliable and workable system that actually produced scientifically verifiable results. And yet there was something missing. Gann's system of angles was correlated with the influence of vibrational frequencies which Sepharial had discovered in relation to planetary aspects effective at the time of the introduction of the various specific stock offerings to the market- thus their "birth", an all important index in astrological analysis. Needham eventually dismissed these and other astrological indices as too cumbersome and dependent on and thus at the whim of vague and sometimes unreliable insights of the individual practitioner preferring instead to anchor his system on the bedrock of sound empirical principles. As a result he came to rely on algorithmic formulas based on the numerological indications in the Book of Daniel and found a surprising and somewhat unexpected consistency with Sepharial's own vibrational frequencies, which confirmed his belief in the inherent order governing all phenomena including, and most importantly to him, the indices on the stock markets and currency exchanges. Thus with a stripped down, modernized and demystified and above all marketable program, Needham was off to the races, which is of course an international lecture and seminar circuit, peddling the latest infallible once in a lifetime ticket to the promised land of endless profits.
This trail had been blazed decades before Needham's rediscovery of W.D. Gann due to the efforts of the legendary Martin A. Armstrong. (image- above) The boy genius Armstrong's career began auspiciously. By the age of fifteen, he had parlayed a pubescent interest in coin and rare stamp collection into a million dollar fortune, opening his own dealership at twenty-one. His basic interest in ancient and modern history and antiquities pervades his prolific economic essays. Much like Gann, who managed only a third grade education before being compelled to childhood bondage at the family farm on the hardscrabble plains near Lufkin, Texas, Armstrong was largely autodidact, characterizing himself as acquiring his education in the pits of the exchanges where he could "smell the blood" of the visceral and heady atmosphere of the day trade. Armstrong's interests extended into computer science as well. As the founder of Princeton Economics International LTD., he is largely responsible for a groundbreaking program which developed Kondratieff long wave cycle theory combined with Armstrong's pi-cycle into a comprehensive analytical tool for prediction of world economic cycles. With this system Armstrong notably called the top in the Japanese Nikkei months before its crest in 1989 as well as the high in US equities reached on July 20,1998, again several months before the fact. But it was his models for international economic markets, the profound implications of which garnered the interest of several foreign governments including China that also attracted the attention of the CIA. The nature and extent of the program was such that the government, convinced that this program had extremely deep implications for "national security", offered Armstrong a vast sum for its proprietary contents which Armstrong refused. The ensuing events led, according to Armstrong and his supporters, to a frame-up on charges of financial fraud involving Japanese investors and a supposed Ponzi scheme involving the Republic Bank of New York and to Armstrong's imprisonment in 1999, on contempt charges for failing to hand over all the proceeds (several gold bars and Roman antiquities) of his alleged fraudulent activities. Armstrong did hand over some millions worth of bullion and Republic Bank paid some $660 million in reparations. Apparently a government raid on Armstrong's business and residence including the seizing of his computer files failed to yield the desired program which Armstrong had rigged to self destruct if the requisite computer were to be moved. Is is suggested that the failure to surrender his proprietary claim on his soft ware is the real reason for Armstrong's imprisonment on an unprecedented civil contempt charge for which he had been imprisoned for over seven years. The fact that Armstrong was imprisoned without a conviction on the charges lodged against and subsequently serve the longest term for contempt in U.S. history certainly lends credence to evidence of a government conspiracy against him. The contempt charge was vacated in 2007 and Armstrong was sentenced still without a trial by jury on the pending charges, to an additional five years. Ironically, this term will possibly see him released at the critical juncture of another one of his predictions, the bottom of the equity market on June 18, 2011. Regarded by many as a political prisoner, concerted efforts have been made for his release accompanied by his own legal petitions issued from the Fort Dix Federal Facility where he is confined.
Professor Nickolai Kondratieff - Kondratieff Theory - K Wave
Nikolai Kondratieff suffered similar and yet much more dire consequences. His arrest in 1928 culminated a short lived career during which he first served as the ill-fated Kerensky government's "minister of supply". Lenin subsequently appointed Kondratieff as head and founder of the Institute of Conjuncture and mandated him to engage in an extensive study of the capitalist economic system to discover the timeline and mechanics of its eventual collapse.Instead,while traveling throughout the West including the United States, Kondratieff discovered the regular rhythmic cycles of expansion and contraction which came to be the hall mark of his wave theory. In this capacity he actively participated in the Soviet Five Year Plan during the following years where his emphasis on the "primacy of agriculture and the industrial production of consumer goods "ran afoul of Stalin's purge of the kulak farmers, the disastrous collectivization, and the subsequent decimation of agricultural production in favor of the push for massive industrialization and "modernization"programs undertaken under the auspices and massive subsidization of Standard Oil and the Rockefeller and Ford foundations. After being kicked around the Stalinist gulags for the better part of a decade, Kondratieff was summarily executed after a peremptory trial in September of 1938 at the height of the Stalinist purges. In the midst and in spite of the political mayhem in which he was embroiled, Kodriatieff found time to develop and found his long wave theory publishing his "Long Waves in Economic Life" in 1926. True to his agricultural background, Kondratieff's long waves were equated with and expressed in their seasonal equivalents whereby he envisioned a similar cyclic nature of economic life. The following chart gives a fine graphic depiction of his stated theory. Important to understand are the cycles within cycles which typify both Armstrong and Gann as well as Needham in their subsequent attempts to discern and define the effective presence of similar waves or cycles in the economic life of nations and more specifically in the indices of financial markets and currencies. Notice that the outer circle denotes confidence or lack thereof a major indicator of the tenor of each economic cycle, one of the major themes addressed by Armstrong in his numerous prison essays. These can be accessed most readily at scribd.com.. A fine archive can be found as well at Nathans Economic Edge


Though the considerable technical complexities contained in the respective predictive methodologies profiled above remain far outside the limited purview of the present brief exposition, an issue arises which we find to be of considerable importance to the present discussion. In perusing Mr. Needham's numerous articles which can be found at his website and are also in the archives of http://financialsense.com/, a certain bias has been perceived which is reflective of an elemental conflict within the financial community which itself finds wider currency in political and social analysis resonating with a particular intensity across the internet forums. Needham, as do so many others, feels a certain understandable antipathy towards the "conspiratorial" viewpoint expressed by numerous commentators suggesting that equity and commodity prices, especially gold and silver are the subject of extraordinary manipulations. He pointedly and rather derisively singles out GATA as being particularly representative of the prevailing delusions regarding the surreptitious and illegal rigging of markets for the suppression of gold and silver prices as carried out by the COMEX, the LBMA and their numerous "agents" in the bullion and investment banks. He goes on to suggest that the precise and consistent predictive capacities of his danielcode technique, which he exemplifies in numerous and admittedly persuasive chart offerings, prove that market forces alone, reflective of an inherent and incontrovertible empirical law, are operative in the various tells and turns, risings and fallings of price and earnings.
Such a sweeping assumption, which dismisses a vast body of apparent evidence to the contrary, implies that the market itself is the only and absolute gauge of economic affairs, which themselves are subject to inscrutable cyclic laws. Needham, like so many others before, him lays claim to an understanding of these recondite patterns. The success of the predictive art pertaining to an empirical assessment of this underlying template validates the authenticity of what would otherwise comprise only a conditional value. Thus the more consistently successful that trading becomes the more it approaches the measure of absolute understanding inherent in the system. This becomes possible only in the marginalization of all irrelevant subjective variables possessing only relative significance, thereby having as its ultimate objective the elimination of the need or even the possibility of human interference.
Such reasoning suffers some obvious flaws which it shares with the assumed supremacy and triumphalism which is so characteristic of the prevailing paradigm of scientific determinism as well as the utopian social and economic constructs which are its inevitable and unfortunate concomitants. Economics, as much as it might be satisfying to assume so, is not a rigid and deterministic machine, whose variables one can manipulate like so many levers, pulleys, shafts and wheels, much less one which operates with no human agency as one stands by and busily records its workings. This is not to say that efforts based on such mistaken assumptions are not undertaken and often with an unbridled enthusiasm which increases in proportion to the disastrous consequences.This misconception is largely responsible for the breakdown of our economic "order". Disorder and chaos in human affairs and significantly in the all important sphere of economic relations result from flawed and faulty premises, which in turn derive from a seemingly limitless capacity for error deeply embedded in human nature, not the blind obedience to immutable and super-ordinary laws imbedded in time.

Does it matter to what degree of foreknowledge and design the policies implemented in the political and economic management of our social order are undertaken if they are based on an ill informed, misplaced, conception and faulty principles? In this respect the vaunted and seemingly transcendent cycles of economic activity partake only of the expectations of human aspiration and inventiveness which create them and their inevitable downfall and defeat is assured not so much by the blind forces of nature but by the inherent capacity for self delusion and deception, the lasting and tragic inheritance of our species.
Thus even the elites of the supposed oligarchical hierarchy which seem to exert such omniscient and plenipotentiary control over the political and economic structures of society possess severe and distinct limitations and perhaps even more so because they are possessed of an inherent moral blindness, a necessary concomitant of their unswerving devotion to the attainment of power and control over the destinies of nations and peoples. Such alleged conspiratorial cabals which apparently wield such awesome and unmistakeable powers, ultimately become the very agents which bring about the manifestations of the supposedly immutable cyclic influences in the economic and political spheres and most often not according to their own inscrutable reckoning and sometimes in a manner that contradicts their avowed intentions.

The chart above is a simplification of Kondratieff wave cycle which the authors (Redburn Partners) have adduced to represent what they perceive as a radical intervention by the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, to stave off, as they see it, the deflationary collapse and recession of the natural cyclic descent into the Winter phase of the K wave economic cycle. Greenspan's intervention was accomplished by an aggressive loose monetary policy effected by sharp credit cuts down to 1% from May 2000 to June 2003 accompanied by massive injections of liquidity. This policy was supplemented by the "recycling of vast US deficits by creditor nations through the US Bond markets." The resulting globalization of capital markets resulted in the exportation of US inflationary policy to international markets and laid the groundwork for the worldwide economic meltdown we are presently witnessing as Greenspan's successor, Mr. B.S. Bernanke, expands and amplifies his predecessor's policies.

As it has been made abundantly clear by many economists and commentators, any attempt to manipulate or forestall the natural economic cycles can and will have disastrous consequences, the results of which are becoming clearer with each further evolution of the economic crisis.

There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought on by credit expansion. The only alternative is whether the crisis should come sooner...or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved-Ludwig von Mises

Even a cursory study of the K wave cycles reveal that economic life is subject to the same natural forces which are constantly seeking the state of equilibrium essential to the sustenance and continuation of organic forms. The inflation/debt cycles partake of this natural law, the violation of which creates the sever distortions that are presently taking place in both ecological and economic systems. Just as the excesses and imbalances in any physical system left untreated tend to create disturbance and disease, the artificial and toxic workings of fiat monetary policy only prolong the state of financial imbalance against the natural and effective purgation of recession creating an immense hangover of toxic residues which require an ever more violent and cathartic abreaction. The K wave cycle beginning in 1948 has thus been attenuated by manipulation from its average 54 year cycle to 59 years, with the result that the catastrophic destruction of the currency system referred to by von Mises is upon us. The question becomes then not whether such obvious exogenous technical manipulations have been accomplished by design but by what agency and to what purpose such design is actually intended.

We witness the same in the disruption and manipulation of the cyclic processes of nature itself through industrial pollution and the liberal use of toxic chemical fertilizers and the recent introduction of genetically modified seeds. The attempts at weather modification, tomographic x-ray and interference in the ionosphere and earth's magnetic fields by the HAARP and Russian"woodpecker" scalar weaponization and aerosol dispersal of barium salts in so-called chemtrails are already revealing dire consequences across the planet. The discoveries of quantum wave theory alluded to above are operative in unprecedented scientific discoveries resulting in some of these very questionable and even destructive technologies operating across a wide spectrum of mostly black budget military programs related to so called defense related capabilities.

End Game-Needham Contra Gold

Ultimately, the fortunes and follies of "the trade", like so many other spheres of human activity which have profound influence on human affairs, are of little or no interest to the ordinary individual. The intricacies of finance and economics, just like the complexities and guiding principles of empirical science, which form the foundation and upon it the technological superstructure of the growing global order, remain a remote and inaccessible realm, the province of an elite and select group. The initiation into this empyrean depends much on birth and circumstance, though obviously education plays an important though more limited role. It often depends more on who one knows than what one knows when it comes to suitability for advancement into the influential circles from which emanate the power that controls and binds.

Gann, Gorn Old, and most probably Needham, are certainly representative of this clique which presupposes a certain established pedigree and philosophical attunement oriented towards the belief in the innate supremacy of a select group of individuals possessed of a superior and "hidden" knowledge. And most probably and to a large degree by his own admission, Needham's danielcode, much like Gann's system, is founded upon the arcane numerological, astrological, geomantic and "sacred" geometric correspondences peculiar to this system of knowledge. Needham's claim that "the greatest gift you can give yourself is to learn to trade the financial markets" is expressive of his almost worshipful view of the market and befits an attitude, which despite his professed neutrality regarding market commodities and forex currencies, betrays a singular antipathy if not outright aversion to gold and silver. His particularly vociferous stance on this subject earned him a sobriquet of which he is apparently quite proud, having recently been crowned GATA's "moron of the year". He earned this honor voicing such unequivocal comments such as the following.

• all the hyperventilating from the Gold bulls will sucker in a few small players. Perhaps more than a few have already been suckered but ultimately the weight of money always wins. The weight of money will determine the outcome.

• (referring to Gold being a haven and true store of value)...while those beliefs were true for centuries, modern machinations of paper shuffling carry trades and global markets have conspired to turn Gold and Silver into mere commodities

• the gold bull market is sold on froth on bullion from the carry trade not from consumer or investment demand.

While these comments may have once born a certain basis in fact they have been generally repudiated by some recent events. That is unless you consider China and India as well as major Central Banks small players and sources of insignificant investment demand. Whatever the case they place Needham squarely on the side of the gold bear camp and not surprisingly a committed apologist for the status quo, a view which is confirmed by his adamant support of Federal fiscal policies as below:

The present home mortgage drama sees federal and state officials from the president down trying to stabilize home prices with a plan to freeze mortgage repayments and offering Federal funding from Federal and State institutions to stop the mortgage resets that threaten to engulf the US home market. Both the intention and effect of these initiatives is to manipulate the property market by easing price pressures that a tsunami of foreclosures would bring.

This decidedly sanguine and naive view of a benevolent government engaging in economic policies with the aim of benefitting its populace is either an exercise in outright mendacity or self deception. Of course Needham is all for government manipulation of economic markets as he suggests that "it is part of their charter to manipulate markets. It is called price stability". These are but the expedient and superficial utterances of a day trader endlessly booking profit and occasional losses and are reflective of that peculiar moral blindness alluded to above. But then again this is an individual who penned an article entitled "Obama, the Dawn of Reason", an obsequious paean to the puppet of Goldman and Soros. All the while Needham proclaims that the Gold and Silver markets are"rational, precise, organized and reasonably predictable", that is only if you subscribe to the danielecode and its decidedly oracular and yet otherwise limited significations.

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Here's a little preview of what might be coming down the road when some people get a little crazy and even more desperate than you now think possible. If you've ever wondered why cops shoot first and ask questions later, here is a possible explanation. On the other hand, you and I are a lot more likely to be on the receiving end of this kind of exchange. Unfortunately, the fatal flashpoint is all too easy to reach in a heavily armed and increasingly volatile and violently confrontational society. You can be assured that we are all going to be exposed to such highly escalating levels of violence as the social and economic order continues to deteriorate. Prepare to get caught in a nasty crossfire as anarchy and social chaos create a situation where desperation and culturally ingrained moral irresponsibility gain the upper hand in the fight for survival. The resulting and preprogrammed response of the police and military authorities will be an equally vicious and escalating level of engagement, justified by the psychopathic criminality witnessed in this video. Add to this powder keg the presence of tens of thousands of mind controlled manchurian candidates whom this veteran might well have been a prime example of, and we have the makings of an unprecedented bloody social conflagration which after all is only the logical outcome of a nation which has laid claim over the centuries to the dubious honor of the most violent country on the face of this planet.
February 22-Some few days after the above post, the nation witnessed the fiery destruction of the Echelon building in Austin as a light aircraft crashed into the structure with a full load of fuel (some sources say with an extra payload of fuel and/or explosives rigged into the cabin). The pilot was identified as Andrew Joseph Stack III, a 53 year old Vietnam Veteran. Joe Stack is presently assuming the posthumous status of folk hero in the minds of some of the more committed members of the growing anti-government movement, having left to posterity a lengthy "rant", as he himself characterized it, on his company website. To my mind, an unexceptional tirade focusing on some obscure IRS statute and a general dissatisfaction with the government, it was otherwise composed of a rehashed litany of the manifold abuses of John Q. Public at the hands of the financial predators on Wall Street, the IRS in particular and the ever encroaching multi- tentacled kraken in Washington.
Of course the internet rumor mill is running amuck with Austin based media bullwhoren Alex Jones leading the charge. Though it is not my intention or purpose to wade through these increasing salvoes and their relative merits, it does indeed appear surprising odd that a Piper Cherokee weighing some 1400 pounds fully loaded could cause such extensive damage. And then there are the assertions that the software programmer/contractor had ties to corporations with extensive defense department connections and contracts. http://ofgoatsandmen.blogspot.com/2010/02/joseph-andrew-stack-had-911-nsa-cia-and.html and was even himself a software contractor for the CIA/Pentagon including remote control of aircraft. This latter from John Lee at Pirate radio is going viral. http://piratenews.org/
There are a multitude of red false flags waving above and around this sordid affair and thousands of internet pundits and info-junkies rushing into the maddened fray like birds of prey in a frenzy to pick this Joe Stack carcass clean. This society and especially the internet is one mass herd of schadenfreude, stampeding to each successive disaster in hysterical panic stricken glee.


You know very well that the day of the Lord is coming like a thief in the night. Just when
people are saying "Peace and security," ruin will fall upon them with the suddenness of pains
overtaking a woman in labor and there will be no escape.

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Wed, 02/10/2010 - 13:15

a most interesting exchange indeed and indicative of the rock and the hard place where the "sovereigns" find themselves today. Joseph Stiglitz representing the interests of the IMF, is flanked conveniently by one of the government satraps who implement the predatory lending policies of the IMF. National assets used as collateral are sequestered first in the form of high rates of interest and the expansion of national debt in the inevitable inflation of asset and housing bubbles. With the subsequent and inevitable collapse leading to the austerity of "structural adjustments" said assets are ultimately stripped in subsequent repurchase agreements at fractional costs. What is forgotten these days is the role Stiglitz, our nobel laureate, played in the same asset stripping and plundering of the former Soviet Union in his capacity of head of the World Bank with the able assistance of head of Russian finance under Al Gore, present OMB head Peter Orszag. The World Bank and IMF then turned their attention to Iceland with the predictable result that under the aegis of Stigltz and Orzsag, the Bank Of Iceland failed precipitating an economic crisis which is still unfolding to this day. Hendry for his part representative of another notable predator class, hedge fund manager, swoops in to pick the leavings clean with short raid speculation along with Soros, Goldman Sachs et al. all the while squawking"you should have saved for a rainy day". Meanwhile the "sovereigns" (don't you love that great new term) are left holding the bag and are left to fend off their dispossessed new underclass of plebes rioting, pillaging and robbing, madly scavenging for any scraps that fall from the master's table.

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"In individuals, insanity is rare,
but in groups, parties, nations and epochs it is the rule."

(Nietzsche, 'Beyond Good and Evil')

With the latest of the last two recent major smackdowns of gold and silver, the fall of "Dr.Copper", the breakout of the sagging US$ past 80 on the exchange index, the tanking of equities and the surprising resilience of the unprecedented sale of soaring yields of long term U.S. treasury debt, Kushmonster has taken a couple of necessary steps back (much like Au and Ag), scratching the head in general disbelief and a certain measure of dismay. Having taken an obligatory crash course in hard knocks economics 101 over the past year like a lot of people, we can't help but stand in utter astonishment at the continuing unprecedented spectacle of socio- economic devastation and as a consequence marvel at the efforts to regressively restore the persona of a fractured and fragmented financial order based on what Jim Sinclair has dubbed MOPE or Management of Perception Economics. A reiteration of the Nazi propaganda minister Goebbel's famous quote is also instructive in this regard:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

The economic indicators referred to are, at the least, expressive of a volatility which reveals an underlying highly unstable substrata. Though the long term indications seem clear, namely the eventual devaluation of the US$(along with all fiat currency) and the consequent parabolic rise of the precious metals, the shorter term shakeout is less sure. Even though the effects of this colossal upheaval cannot be understated and permeate even the most obscure interstices of the social fabric, an elemental disagreement exists concerning the origins and the ultimate outcome of the crisis. What we are ultimately dealing with is a crisis of confidence: in government, in the private sector, in the viability of social and economic institutions, and most importantly, in ourselves. The crisis we are experiencing today reflects on the one hand a deep seated and pervasive mistrust of government and on the other hand and more predominately an unwavering acceptance and trust in state power. The flux and flow between these two antipodes will largely determine the political direction of the country. Whatever its policies may be, a government cannot maintain its standing without the confidence of a significant majority of its varied constituencies. Lacking the necessary support that confidence inspires, government must either necessarily fail or use force to maintain the power once freely granted to it by its people. Some have suggested that this critical juncture has already and perhaps long ago been reached, rendering such considerations as the above as gratuitous and irrelevant. Whatever the case, the struggle between the true state of affairs and the attempt to distort and misrepresent this truth has been with us over the millennia though it displays a distinctly sharper and threatening edge when our own societal and personal survival is at stake.

"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country."
– Edward Bernays

The disruptions, dislocations and disorder of millions upon millions of foreclosures and job losses have led to a growing and tangible disillusionment with the institutions of political and social governance. The resultant and ongoing corrosion of the assumed authority of these institutions has in turn led to a predictable retrenchment and re-investiture of the same with redoubled commitment to those implements which have always been the first and last resort of flawed, failed policy- treachery and violence. Thus the two great levers-in this particular instance the hyperbolic largesse bestowed on the grandees of the financial institutions coupled with the interminable and obscene subsidy of the predations of the military establishment have effectively interdicted not only any hope for the future but have seriously undermined the mere subsistence of the present as well laying the groundwork for an anarchic social breakdown. What can only be called a national schism is fast developing, an ever growing and deepening fissure in what remains of the social discourse composed of two diametrically opposed views This dichotomy finds an unambiguous clarity of expression in the battle over gold and the much debated fate of the US$ world reserve currency.
A recent survey of the years 2004 /2008 shows the US$ and gold have moved in inverse proportion as exemplified in the following chart:

Another revealing chart shows a similar inverse relationship to the stock market during the gradual decoupling of Gold from paper currency with the significant watershed of the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913:

both courtesy of the excellent and informative site http://goldversuspaper.blogspot.com
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AU versus US$

The antipathetic relationship existing between Au and the US$ and indeed all fiat currency is of course expressive of the gradual abandonment of the gold standard begun with the creation of the Federal Reserve and followed two decades later by the confiscation of of gold by Roosevelt in 1933 and in turn by the Bretton -Woods Agreement of 1944, which established an international floating rate of exchange and finally completed during the Nixon Administration in 1971 with the de facto establishment of the now free floating US$ as the world reserve currency and the cessation of bank exchanges of gold for currency.

As we have often said the turning point for the dollar and the American economy was on 8/15/71, when the US abandoned the gold standard. That was followed by de-industrialization, free trade, globalization, offshoring and outsourcing, which ripped the industrial heart of America, sending our companies and jobs to foreign lands, so that transnational conglomerates could be, enriched tax-free. The result since 1972, due to inflation, is that two incomes per family are needed to financially survive. A very sad commentary, and the direct result of the actions of government, Wall Street and banking. They ended sound money and gave us corporatist socialism, also known as fascism.-Bob Chapman

In direct response to the very real possibility of a massive run on the banks by citizens seeking to exchange their federal reserve notes for gold, Roosevelt's dictatorial appropriation of the gold of private citizens and the subsequent revaluation of gold upwards from $24 to$35 and the devaluation of the dollar was nothing short of theft and the first step towards a gradual upward transfer of the nations wealth which has culminated recently in the massive looting of the treasury by the international banking cartel in collusion with Congress beginning in September 2008. This process, either by design or necessity will be completed only when the US$ finally reaches zero, a denouement regarded as inevitable by many, including the economist Marc Faber.

It has been estimated that less than 2% of the American populace have ever held a gold coin in their hand., a most unsettling, disturbing and strange outcome given the fact that the U.S. was in possession of some 75% of the worlds gold reserves prior to World War II, a fact which many suggest led to the greatest world wide economic expansion in history. Now more than 60% of US dollars are presently circulating or held in deposit outside the United States and it is suspected that gold reserves in the COMEX and its English counterpart, the LBMA are seriously overstated due to the gold carry trade. This decades long fraud involving the"leasing" of bullion at 0% interest and investing the cash in high yield U.S. Treasuries has resulted in the disappearance of physical inventories from the vaults. Evidence of massive fraud is surfacing in the bullion markets as gold bars originating in the U.S. sold to China are found to be gold plated tungsten forgeries. Record long contracts on ETF gold paper certificates are expiring, demanding physical delivery. Instead the investors are being offered 25% cash premiums. All the while speculation centering on possible gold confiscation is being aired, without due diligence being given to the fact that a defacto stealth confiscation is well underway. 1933 Roosevelt redux 2009. Meanwhile these bogus gold (and silver) paper contracts are being used by JPMorgan Chase, Goldman, HSBC et al. to frontrun the gold market with illegal naked short selling. As a matter of fact the price of gold that we see on the Kitco charts is literally denominated in paper per the gold paper contracts on the COMEX. The true inflation adjusted dollar denominated gold price in gold would be closer to $6500! The dollar itself, though technically weighted to a basket of currencies would more realistically be pegged to the price of oil. We recently received an e-mail from an acquaintance of ours, an unemployed artisan who is down to his last 50 cents, is desperately clinging to his gold and silver and is thereby weighted almost 100% in gold in his "portfolio". His rudimentary analysis of the the gold trade is deceptively simple and yet provides some basic insight into a very complex phenomena. He wanted us to know that "his truck is paid for".

"there is a great deal of manipulation going on in equity and commodities markets which simply put 1) tend to inflate and thus overvalue the stock market and the U.S. dollar and 2) to deflate and thus undervalue the price of gold very radically. This is basically due to accounting tricks which value assets not at mark to market value but at the aforementioned inflated value (mark to model) which has no real sound economic basis. This kind of accounting is a big reason we're in this economic quagmire in the first place. The price of AU on the other hand is being manipulated downwards by the short sellers at COMEX, the New York Mercantile Exchange, and various banks such as J.P. Morgan Chase and HSBC in London. This has a lot to due with gold derivatives and the gold carry trade where bullion banks lease their reserves at ridiculous rates of 1 or 2% or less which the lendees then invest in U.S. Treasuries, in the process reaping very handsome dividends. The whole process depends on keeping the price of gold artificially low. A lot of this kind of trading is carried on with paper gold certificates which thus mandates a certain amount of trust as the gold is never actually delivered. When the contracts on these trades expire the physical gold must be delivered. A greater and greater percentage of these gold futures are being allowed to expire, expressly demanding delivery. And this is catching a lot of banks on the short end, as their reserves cannot meet demand for delivery. Thus when the European Central Bank, during the recent G20 meeting, sold 37 tons of gold to an unnamed buyer(not on the open market) many analysts speculated that the recipient was Deutchebank of Germany which had been caught short of reserves when the futures demanded delivery, threatening collapse of the German flagship bank and many others in its wake. This is an example of the risk to which these short sellers are being exposed. Only so many armored car deliveries of emergency bullion reserves can be made to these banks before the house of cards(or paper) collapses. The immediate result though was that some more time was bought, the price of gold was stabilised for the time being, and the bankers breathed a sigh of relief. This can only go on for a "short" while longer. At some point, as the reserves are depleted and the mining concerns themselves, whose unmined gold itself, still in the ground, subjected to ever costlier extraction processes, and above all, already under paper contract in the bullion banks, necessarily curtail operations, the simple laws of supply and demand will inevitably take over, investment will take place, and the price of gold... well, I'll let you figure that one out for yourself.

The US$ and its debt instrument, the US Treasury bond and their relative recent assimilation and appropriation by the banks of foreign governments, notably China and Japan has guaranteed not only the easy access to domestic credit, the most significant feature of the now collapsing housing bubble, but also and more importantly the unprecedented expansion of the U.S. military and corporate interests throughout the world. At the same time, this debt expansion, in its incipient stages allowed for an equally unprecedented growth in the Japanese economy, which itself came grinding to a halt in the early 80's after the gratuitous paving of the island in a tsunami of cement in the form of endless bridges to nowhere and offshore island airports. The ensuing so called "lost decades" of Japan, characterized by negative interest and a massive debt deflationary spiral, prefigured the collapse of the U.S. economy two decades later, just as the hyper inflationary hurricane now bearing down on the land of the rising sun foreshadows the same approaching and not distant catastrophe in America.

Jim Sinclair

Ever since the strategic initiative culminating with Nixon's visit to in 1972, China has made steady and significant strides in economic and industrial development which has resulted in the remarkable emergence of the Middle Kingdom onto the world stage as a major power.Largely as a result of the outsourcing and exportation of American industry and technology over the past four decades, China has of late been accorded the mantle of newly crowned world economic sovereign. Its banks are now the largest in the world and it recently surpassed Germany as the world's largest exporter. Such financial eminences as Jim Sinclair and Jim Rogers, now a globetrotting American expatriate resident of Singapore, never tire of their endless promotion of the economic miracle of Chinese industrialization and development. The legendary "gold guru" Sinclair, Chairman and CEO of Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation, owner of 121 prospecting licenses in an area comprising 2,154 sq. miles in Northern Tanzania, excoriates the corruption of Wall Street bankers and the COMEX as he waxes eloquent on the great virtues of the eminently wise and resourceful Mandarins as in the following, taken from his website-jsmineset.com.

1. China is going to build a major consumer based economy. About that there is no question.
2. China is going to lead the world in time in technology because of the cost thereof.
3. China invented money.
4. China has a millennium plan, and works that plan.
5. The Chinese do not just do something as a reaction to unforeseen circumstances like the West. China acts within the confines of long term planning.
6. Their long term plan is to be the most powerful nation on the planet.
7. That will require the strongest money on the planet.
8. As predicted in the book "Boom" in the early 90s, they will succeed.
9. This is why friends of China in Africa with world class leadership are investment opportunities in every category of business.

Of course Sinclair's fulsome hagiography conveniently omits some questionable steps on the path to greatness such as the Moaist genocidal purges of the 50's which resulted in the deaths of tens of millions, the draconian one child policy which through preferential abortions of females has left an entire generation of the country a lopsided male enclave. Add to this the brutal occupation of Tibet. And let's not forget the Tiannemen Square massacre, the most widely publicized among many other atrocities too numerous to mention. Mr. Sinclair like so many other 20th century entrepreneurs before him simply finds the domestic rigors of totalitarian regimes an irresistibly friendly climate for business, along with the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Schiffs, Warburgs et al. Needless to say, Mr. Sinclair's experiences in the gold mining industry in the Lake Victoria Greenstone Belt must have acquainted him with the need to "crack some eggs to make an omelet" as the saying goes. It is also certainly no coincidence that his friends in the PRC have established economic and military liaisons with the Tanzanian leadership which Sinclair expects to result in the creation of "one of the strongest armies in Africa". Sinclair, who is fond of quoting the poetic epigrams of ancient Chinese military strategist and general Sun-Tzu, author of "The Art of War", might benefit from a study of a work concerning more contemporary Sino stratagems, Mao-Tse-Tung's "Little Red Book", in which the author states in more prosaic terms, "Political power grows out of the end of the barrel of a gun"

Of course there are other economic theorists who are not quite as sanguine as Sinclair in his conviction of the uber- ascendancy of the PRC and who see in China a kind of super Dubai waiting to happen. Indeed China has recently put the brakes on its own super overheating economy and its requisite inflated provincial GDP numbers with tightened credit and escalating bank reserve requirements. With its famous ghost city of some million+ non residents whose empty high rise offices and unoccupied residences are nonetheless heavily invested in by its elite class and its Three Gorges Dam project which displaced uncounted millions of peasants from their now submerged villages, the PRC has indulged in its own orgy of hyper- development, not to speak of its expanding military footprint throughout south Asia to the horn of Africa and into the mother continent itself. (see "The Precipice and the Abyss" on Kushmonster). With its still burgeoning supply of U.S. treasury foreign reserves and the cushion of growing surpluses China seems well equipped to weather the economic storms now sweeping the West. The question remains whether the Mandarins and their South Asian partners can avoid the fate which now looms large over the struggling sovereigns who have followed the Western Anglo American economic paradigm on its inevitable road to ruin.

Mr. Sinclair's deep involvement with the Chinese is emblematic of the increasingly important role that country is playing in the world economy and the resurgence of the gold bull market over the past three decades. China's recent purchase of roughly 400 tons of IMF gold was matched by India's only weeks later of some 300 tons, a massive call option thought responsible for building the present floor of support at the "psychologically significant" $1000 level. Sinclair expects the price of gold to surge even higher, surpassing the recent high of $1200 and continuing on to $1650 and then on to Elliot Wave specialist Alf Field's numbers which are really stratospheric, approaching $10,000. It is noteworthy that after the last parabolic blowout of gold in 1979-80, Sinclair is reported to have sold off $15 million worth of bullion after the top in early 1980, correctly predicting the precipitous drop which occurred only months later. Some wags attributed this uncanny prescience to Sinclair's devotion to the charismatic and controversial Indian sage Bhagavan Shri Sathya Sai Baba, who rewarded the Connecticut gold magnate's extraordinarily lavish donations of some $600 million with divine omniscience. At that rate the 15 mil. is so much chump change, but we are guessing that every little bit helps. But why even bother playing the markets when you're at the top of the A list with the incarnated godhead who produces gold watches out of ash heaps and changes water into gasoline. click (Yes, I kid you not).

Lindsey Williams

And this brings us to an altogether different kind of esoteric wisdom, that of an old Southern Baptist preacher who was the chaplain on the Trans -Alaskan pipeline. His name is Lindsey Williams and he achieved fame when he correctly predicted that the price of oil was going to fall from its all time highs of some $150/barrel to $45/barrel. Williams attributes his apparent clairvoyance to confidential information supplied to him by one of the many "elites", as he calls them, involved in the exploration and production of vast oil reserves on the Alaskan north slope. He had gained the man's confidence during his ministerial activities with the corporation building and administering the pipeline. This particular individual, advanced in years and in the terminal stages of a fatal illness, informed Williams of the concerted efforts of the oligarchy to manipulate the price of oil. According to the informant, the price of oil as well as most other key commodities including gold had nothing to do with supply and demand but were determined by investment bank traders in front of computer terminals in New York City(Goldman Sachs?).

According to Lindsey Williams, the latest manipulation of the oil price downward was designed to undermine and ultimately crash the economies of the oil exporting Gulf states whose expanding economies depend on a price per barrel of oil of, at the minimum $80/barrel. Any default in the Gulf would necessarily exert pressure on the banks of the European Union, especially the UK, which were heavily invested in the hyper development in the gulf and especially the emirates. The recent default of Dubai World and the impending sovereign defaults of several member states of the European Union at the least lend considerable credibility to Williams' claims. The recent speculative short raids on the floundering Greek economy by George Soros and Goldman Sachs not only reinforce the assumption of predatory economic practices by the clandestine agencies that Williams refers to but also presages similar attacks on the European sovereigns as well as the increasing number of states in the American union facing default.

William's forecast for the future is dire. He warns that the global elites' designs include the engineered collapse of the American economy, a process that has been planned for decades. This strategy is in its final stages of its completion and will culminate with the absolute impoverishment of the United States citizens within the next two years. The devaluation and complete collapse of the US$ is imminent and he advises investment in gold and silver as the only protection against the coming hyperinflation which will result in a personal economic catastrophe for all those with only US$ holdings. When one considers that only two to three % of Americans are in possession of gold and silver this exceedingly bleak scenario becomes critical. Indeed, Williams suggests that the elites are "laughing" at the purblind and pathetic American populace who they are leading into feudal serfdom. "The money of the elites is gold and silver and always has been" he says, adding that they mock the plebeians whose recourse to their highly taxed and steadily devaluing FRN debt coupons have rendered them impotent bond-slaves on the land that their forefathers conquered.

Even though the elites' plans for the control of the world's resources and its inhabitants partake of a decidedly evil impulse we should not mistake the fact that the elites do serve a "higher power" and consequently have an ethos. As the implementation of their nefarious designs necessarily partakes of an attempt to disguise their ultimate purposes, this "ethic", according to Williams, obliges them at the same time to forewarn the hoi polloi in thinly veiled and symbolic allusion of their otherwise deeply concealed designs. This is accomplished by various devious methods in keeping with the occult nature of the various secret societies in which they participate, lest the conspiratorial workings of this malign cabal bound by oaths of secrecy be too much revealed.

Mr. Williams also refers to the parabolic spike in gold prices in early 1980, which Jim Sinclair worked so much to his advantage, suggesting that the elites did some extremely profitable front running with their Arab clients in whom they confided supposed privileged inside information concerning a future rise in the price of Au, compellingly urging the the house of Saud in particular to buy vast quantities of gold with their suddenly burgeoning supplies of petro-dollars. The Saudi promptly had "train cars"loaded up with bullion and had it shipped to the Hijaz. Having accomplished this, at an appropriate juncture the investment bank traders with their bullion bank allies promptly withdrew their bids on the COMEX and plunged the price of gold, reaping windfall profits from the huge short positions taken out at the top of the Saudi "bull run".

The obvious question then becomes if Sinclair might himself have been privy to some valuable inside information in this regard. Indeed, though he constantly attempts to portray himself as the avowed enemy of the "mega-rich" even to this very day, his significant holdings in TREC and his high level connection with the Red Chinese government certainly speak otherwise and might make him a prime candidate for inclusion into the elite circles of which Mr. Williams speaks. His association with Sai Baba raises even more serious questions of a deeply metaphysical and occult nature the significance of which have been explored at some length by Fritz Springmeier concerning the connections of Masonry with atavistic eastern religions which have spawned "new age" movements throughout the west and laid the groundwork for the "Novus Ordo Seclorum." (click here for Sinclair/Sai Baba)

The Legacy of Well Intentioned Illusions
In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.

From these considerations it can be argued that the commodity, equity, bond, real estate and credit markets are all the subject of significant manipulations by investment bankers, politicians, hedge funds , monetary funds, government agencies and certainly the Federal Reserve. The free play of market forces if it ever did indeed exist, has certainly been seriously compromised. At the very least the complexities of modern electronic trading with black box high frequency trades and algorithmic programming triggering automatic buy and sell stops have long ago taken the game out of the hands of the traders and replaced it with preprogrammed robotic controls. The question is: who is doing the programming? If the testimony of the preacher Lindsey William is to be given any credence and his track record suggests that it should be, the economic machinery of the nations is in the control of a select group of elites, a cadre of immensely wealthy oligarchs operating behind the scenes pulling the hidden levers of power, creating and destroying governments, installing and removing their heads of state like so many pieces on a grand chessboard.

Although most people would be unwilling to admit such a state of affairs, consigning such speculations to that convenient and ever at hand dust bin of "conspiracy theories", such a dismissive attitude is most often the result of an inability or disinclination to explore the relevant information, most of it a part of the public record. Here again we come to the core of the issue. Are the significant failures of modern society in almost every arena of human activity merely the result of ignorant incompetence and lack of foresight or, as Mr. Williams and so many other suggest, or are they due the preplanned agendas of nefarious clandestine agencies operating outside the purview and the capacities of limited human awareness.

I suppose the answer to this question would demand an open and honest and unbiased assessment of the nature of our understanding and would thus entail at the very least an acknowledgment of an inherent inhibition in our human nature which prefers the comfort, warmth and security of the herd to the rigors, risks, and personal challenges of independent inquiry in "foro interno" which is the source not only of human inventiveness in the arts and sciences but also of the wellsprings of a self understanding, the necessary prerequisite for any attempt to penetrate the veil of illusions and misconceptions which keep us from the truth.

The unfolding panoply of manifold crises that will only grow with astonishing and destructive force will compel us to profound changes the nature of which we can only guess at. What has become apparent though is that most will simply be caught unprepared and unawares as their world comes crashing down around them with the unchallengeable and devastating effects of a natural disaster. In the context of our present study the relative stability of our economic and social structures have been incrementally undermined over decades in a such a way that the monstrous and far reaching extent of the future devastation is hard to apprehend. In the all important economic sphere it is evident that this will be manifested in a destroying global hurricane of hyper-inflationary depression which will dwarf the Weimar episode, engulfing one nation after another in its unrelenting cataclysm and the subsequent descent into chaos and mere anarchy. Though most persons are naturally resistant to the compelling and multiplying evidences of these hard facts, approaching events will unerringly force them most painfully to a realization of this truth and a once in a lifetime up close and personal view of those mortal perils to which we are all heirs.

Fate and Fiat

While the foregoing must remain largely in the realm of conjecture and speculation, what is generally accepted is the fact that the road to economic ruin has been paved with the illimitable supply of fiat currency dispensed by the electronic printing presses of the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury and multiplied through the magic of fractional reserve banking. Add to these debt bearing notes the relatively recent creation of the complex financial instruments of OTC derivatives and multiple variants by the economic wizards at JPMorgan Chase under the aegis of former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan during the Clinton regime and you have the basic underpinnings of the heady effervescence of years of the economic expansion which seemingly eliminated the national debt and produced an actual surplus, all the while inflating the housing and asset bubbles which ultimately led to the September economic meltdown of 2008. The essential question of whether this boom and bust cycle, which is generally recognized as the logical and inherent concomitant of capital expansion, is rather a phenomena engineered by an elite cabal or simply the result of natural market fundamentals still remains. Indeed the manipulation of markets by flash trading, frontrunning, and naked short selling by the large brokerage houses (now banks) such as Goldman Sachs has become a very serious question.

The widespread practice of after hours trading on the exchanges by the so called Plunge Protection Team(PPT) as well as the suspicion that the Federal Reserve is engaged in the clandestine purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds through the agency of foreign central banks and other third party agencies leads inevitably to the conclusion that the federal government is extorting tax monies from its citizens for the express purpose of supporting its own ongoing criminal enterprises. That this opinion has come to be held by a growing number of recognized economists, business owners and entrepreneurs and some members of Congress itself, including a potential presidential candidate, indicates that the confidence of the citizenry has reached such a low ebb that it may never be restored even given the vague possibility of an economic recovery the real nature of which itself is constantly being called into question. This is primarily due to the suspicion that certain leading economic indicators such as recently released Q4 GDP figures indicating 5.7% growth were greeted with immense skepticism hopelessly skewed as they are by the admission of such factors as accumulated inventories etc. Employment figures for 2009 were recently revised downward by more than 800,000 jobs. This is but one example of how notorious birth/death ratios are the most obvious evidence of the statistical manipulation of data to represent a much lower % of real unemployment than really exists. The constant efforts to misrepresent the severe nature of the economic and social malaise by the media combined with obvious evidence of covert government actions in the bond and stock and gold markets will inevitably lead to the undermining of what little and rapidly evaporating confidence remains.