Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Steve Quayle Cries Wolf, Adds to Unbroken Record of Zero Credibility

It looks like the little boys crying wolf are once again filling cyberspace with sensational and multiple alarms of foreign troops infiltrating fortress America in preparation for martial law, Homeland Security and TSA lockdown, civil war and social anarchy. Over the past week ominous portents of such alarming activity have made the rounds of the internet with the usual suspects, along with some new arrivals, fueling the smoldering rumor mills warning of the subversion and takeover of America by the minions of the New World Order.

Aside from the fact that this is pretty much already regarded as an accomplished fact in many quarters, the titillating reports of tens of thousands of English speaking Russian Spetsnaz forces with midwestern accents being surreptitiously transported across the borders from Minnesota to Texas, being encountered on shooting ranges and remote locations throughout the West and Midwest, offers much grist for the conspiracy mills who have been propagating these strange and mostly unsubstantiated reports for decades.

Alex Jones, already famous for his hysterical scaremongering reports of the launch of Russian missiles on the eve of Y2K more than a decade ago has had to move over for the likes of Doug and Larry Haggman, ex Green Beret John Moore, and former Kansas State trooper Greg Evenson, and of course the ubiquitous Steve Quayle in their dire forewarnings of approaching calamity accompanying the red letter year 2012. Quayle is especially fervid, apparently undeterred by the failure of any of his fantastical projections to materialize. The latest of these was of course was the prediction of some holocaust at the London Olympics (as if the English satanists were going to blow up their own world party. Yeah right.)

Of course, these self styled modern seers and saviors of mankind would have us believe that if not for their efforts to expose these conspiracies, they would have then actually taken place! Imagine that. We delved into Qualye's latest alerts, the last of them being a report of US Army Northcom occupying what turrned out to be an abandoned aluminum plant in Columbia Falls, Montana, in preparation for some government yardfarming involving patriot groups, militias and the like. The following is from Quayle's site.
The troops are here! Confirmed!! Some of our local residence went to the aluminum plant and saw them, and spoke to them. They were not alarmed to be visited. They are able to be seen camped at the aluminum plant! Some are staying at the Red Lion Hotel and the Hilton Garden Inn, and maybe other hotels as well. These troops are confirmed to be North Com troops, and Feds came with them. These have been seen here in this valley. Troops are including Hazmat and the 83rd Civil Support. They came in un-noticed, but they are here!
Mike last night said, he spoke to a Colonel of North Com. yesterday. Mike said, what he found out was:
North Com is getting set up with our governor, local sheriffs, local police and fire departments, in ten regions of Montana this week through the weekend: to let the North Com. commander take over the entire state of Montana if any group that Southern Poverty Law Center calls a terrorist group; like the Tea Party or Freedom Action Rally group, or any of these people or groups Is ACCUSED of doing setting up a bomb anywhere! They are sweeping the area for these so-called terrorist groups and people.
Mike said, they are here to train the fire dept. and local departments to co-operate and do what the North Com Commander tells them to do in case anything is detected in the state.
Mike said, they are not here to train our people to do anything but, to call 911 (be hound dogs for them) if they detect any trouble, and to stay out of their way.
What does this look like to you? It looks like Martial Law is next, and their goes our liberty!
As to the US Army activity in Columbia Falls, we located the Columbia Falls Aluminum Plant and soon discovered that the plant which has been shut down for several years is indeed being used as a mobile command center for "hazardous materials training" involving "The Northwest Montana Type III Incident Management Team, in conjunction with the 83rd Civil Support Team, and Northwest Montana Regional Hazmat Team". This is according to KPAX in Missoula. http://www.kpax.com/news/columbia-falls-hosts-disaster-training-exercise/#!prettyPhoto/0/ Now we really don't know what exactly is going on up there, but there is presently no evidence that the inflammatory accusations contained on Quayle's site are founded in anything but the feverish and suggestible imaginations of Quayle's sources. At the very least there seems to be no involvement of Northcom and the residents of northern Montana can probably be assured that they won't be at present subject to any interdictions of the US Army. Similar melodrama concerning National Guard activity in southern Colorado also published on Quayle's site and then immediately dropped, proved equally overblown.

Undoubtedly, "Mike" and "LB" are impeccably reliable sources like the "generals" and military insiders who apparently disseminate or spoon feed this kind of idiocy and misdirection on a regular basis not only to Quayle but to the questionable likes of the Haggmans, Moore, Jones and Evenson alike. This alarmist cant was of course picked up by innumerable cadres of undiscerning internet junkies addicted to this insensible tabloid pandering. While there is obviously much genuine, factual, and alarming evidence of what we see as the transformation of the US into a police state with a distinct possibility of the imposition of martial law, this kind of misdirection can only serve one purpose. 

It is no accident that the US military and police agencies are heavily involved with the various militias and patriot groups. Since the heydays of Cointelpro , intelligence agencies of the US have infiltrated, compromised, and subborned any group which they have not already established and supported. The destruction of the American Indian Movement and the Black Panthers was accomplished by a coordinated effort on the part of the FBI. The presence of government agents and military operatives in opposition groups is proverbial. The aim is provocation and incitement. Thus we have the following from yet another of our self styled revolutionaries and super patriots from the so called Liberty movement, Brandon Smith, apparently speaking recently at the Republican National Convention:

In my speech, I gave clear cut and tangible solutions to Paulfest attendees, including alternative markets and barter networks, commodity based currencies, micro industries and localized business models, useful trade skills, off-grid living, preparedness, and if all else fails, real revolution.  Not idealized intellectual activism under the catchy label of revolution, but fists in the air and rifles in hand revolution.


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