Friday, June 28, 2013

Arrest Warrant Issued for War Criminal Obama in South Africa

@ the 7:32 mark On the Eve of Barack Obama’s visit to South Africa, a national day of “NObama Campaign” action has been held with over one thousand demonstrators, including 1000 in Pretoria alone, protesting Washington’s “oppressive” policies, imperialism, assassinations and other crimes of a “dictator.” http://beforeitsnews.com/power-elite/2013/06/1000-nobama-pretorians-protest-his-visit-burning-us-flags-2442538.html

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Satanism in the NSA

The recent highly staged theatrical international melodrama concerning NSA data mining and digital eavesdropping along with the outing of  "heroic whistleblower" Edward Snowden is yet another example of classic NSA black psychological operations. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the arcane complexities of domestic intelligence agency skullduggery has come to realize that such "revelations" are designed as part of a decades long strategy of foreign and domestic Psyops to further demoralize the already eminently suggestible and gullible masses with overwhelming feelings of helplessness and vulnerability at the presence of an implacable, omniscient, and all powerful entity in absolute control and most importantly against which any possible resistance is absolutely futile. We adduce the following from "Obama, Neptune, and the Culture of Death" to further elucidate this supposition.

This bizarre hybrid of scientific methodology and black magic might have well attracted the attention of the eminent James Braid whom you remember felt compelled to defend his new found science of hypnotism against the onslaughts of the English clergymen. Indeed the evidence of "satanic agency" which Braid sought to disavow was provided in abundance a century later by the black psy-ops expert and National Security Agency general Michael Aquino when he formed the openly satanist Church of Set after a brief apprenticeship in Anton Sandor LaVey's Church of Satan. An army specialist in intelligence and psychological warfare and executive officer of the 306th Psychological Operations Battalion, Aquino's opus "From PSYOP to MINDWAR: THE Psychology of Victory" laid the groundwork for military and intelligence development of psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons employing ELF radio wavelengths along the lines developed by paperclip scientists and the efforts of Gottlieb, Aldrich and others at the CIA cutout Scientific Engineering Institute. A veteran of the notorious Phoenix program in Vietnam, Aquino's "thesis" developed and radically expanded the selective targeting and elimination of individuals selected from computerized data bases that was the hallmark of the Phoenix assassination program. The aspiring churchman developed programs employing the aforementioned mind control agendas to subdue populations "by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of imminent destruction". These applications were to be directed to both domestic and foreign operations. Apparently to further these nefarious aims, Aquino acquired the Bavarian castle where the Nazi SS was founded and, with a selected group of his fellow army intelligence operatives, re-enacted the occult ceremonies, which accompanied the investiture of the deaths head storm troopers, in full Nazi regalia.
  Why US military and intelligence agencies would have such recourse to the occult practices of established satanic cults is open to question. However the fact that they do actively participate in such practices is well documented. Indeed the efforts to enter into the workings of the human mind in an attempt to manipulate and control the thoughts, habits and activities of the populace has been long established as we have attempted to demonstrate in the above study using the reference of the Obama horoscope. Indeed with the 44th presidency of the United States much of what the esoteric and occult cabals working quietly behind the scenes for many decades is now coming to fruition. Indeed it has been suggested that the latest POTUS, coming from a multi generational CIA background, is himself a grand experiment in the mind altering techniques of ritual and trauma based mind control programming. His arrival on the international stage from relative obscurity itself bears the hallmarks of a mass irrational obsession and fixation out of all proportion to any actual significance or accomplishment. This alone is evidence of an artificially induced mass programming of the collective unconscious, something our social engineers have been effecting through the subliminal suggestions of modern advertising. In addition the profound and yet largely unacknowledged advances in psychotronic engineering have left little doubt that the mass manipulation of consciousness is having its decided effect.
In the early 1980's Aquino's activities came to the attention of the San Francisco police department and the FBI, which raided his home in 1984 as part of its investigation into the allegations of ritualistic satanic child molestation at the Presidio Army Base childcare center. The NSA satanist was also allegedly involved in the Franklin Savings and Credit pedophilia ring in which young boys from the Boys Town orphanage near Omaha were procured by Larry King, regularly subjected to ritualistic abuse at Offut Air Force Base and provided to the White House for sex parties with high ranking Republican officials including George H.W. Bush. Aquino escaped indictment along with the other numerous perpetrators in both these cases and remains one of the highest ranking officers in the NSA.The bizarre and pathological fixations of our Nazi mind controllers cum satanists began to bear some strange fruit as MK Ultra spawned CIA mind control projects proliferated and spread across the nation in clandestine government laboratories and academic programs. Much of the incredible violence both foreign and domestic which so characterized the emergence of the United States from the European cataclysm of WW ll as the predominant world power could be traced to hidden agendas fueled by the nightmarish paroxysms of the mad scientists and their implementation through Faustian bargains struck with the infernal powers. Along with the monstrous creation of ever increasing levels of the unimaginable destructive powers of nuclear weaponry and concomitant open experimentation which unleashed the insidious hidden poisons of radioactive elements upon an unsuspecting populace came in tandem the invasive technological and occult probings into the human mind, the encroachment of which poses the gravest threat to the universally acknowledged and fundamental character of human freedom. 
The disingenuous media exposé of NSA monitoring of personal communications through the agency of yet another planted "whistleblower"* belies the obvious facts that the NSA has not only been engaged in illegal intelligence gathering since its inception but will continue to do so into the indefinite future from its multimillion dollar state of the art facilities in Bluffdale, Utah. Meanwhile the infinitely more threatening and subtle programs of invasive psychotronic warfare and mind control against the citizenry under the aegis of its esoteric luciferic cabals will naturally remain unrecognized, unacknowledged, and as a result, fatally effective.  
*There is also a connection to be made between Edward Snowden and The Carlyle Group. Jon Rappoport on his blog said that Snowden worked for Booz Allen which is owned by The Carlyle Group and that CG has $170 billion in assets with ‘their money making money in 160 investment funds.’

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Horny Toads and Drones- US Army Aerial Surveillance in Southern Colorado

There are quite a variety of creatures here in the canyon including the droll and charming horny toad (genus Phrynosoma). I was enjoying an encounter with one of these little critters the other day in the upper meadow where the goats and sheep has settled in for a late afternoon sojourn attended by their flock guardians when I heard the sound of what seemed to be one of the random small aircraft which occasionally overfly the canyon. Upon lifting my head from contemplating my little friend, I was surprised to witness not one of the usual small craft, but something much smaller and cruising only a few hundred feet above the ridge of the eastern canyon wall. Much to my growing incredulity I was witnessing something I had previously only heard of and seen only in photographs on the internet-a unmanned aerial drone. Being only a few moments in sight as I observed the craft before it disappeared over the canyon wall, I struggled to believe what I was seeing, an actual UAV or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in flight over the ranch. 

After this singular and disturbing experience settled in a bit I immediately began thinking about the obvious and only possible source of this military foray into our mountain fastness, the US Army's Pinyon Canyon Maneuver Site and The Butts Army Airfield located therein.With the presence of military drones in American skies an established fact, it has been estimated that some 36,000 of these aerial surveillance and potentially armed vehicles are presently operational ranging in size from an insect to those monstrosities equipped with Hellfire missiles presently raining down terror upon the unfortunate residents of the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia. While the relative intricacies and extent of drone usage remain far beyond the scope of this article, I decided to assay the possible presence and use of drones emanating from the PCMS some 40 miles northeast of here.  According to the Fort Carson document which is largely regarded as "an environmental assessment" we have the following, apparently right on schedule. (bold emphasis) 
Future Projects at Fort Carson
CAB associated construction including control tower, bulk fuel facility, hot refuel point,
CEP, and infrastructure
FY 2012-2017
Battle Command Training Center FY 2012
Chapel at Fort Carson TBD
Convoy Skill Trainer FY 2010
Special Forces Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV) Facility FY 2012-2013
According to the Fort Carson Combat Aviation Brigade Stationing Implementation, as of July 2012 there were four types of UAVs operational at the Butts Army Airfield.
I immediately recognized the RQ-7 Shadow 200 as the airborne vehicle which I had personally witnessed in "low-level" flight over the canyon.
The implementation study affirms the singular "low level" flight pattern which again, just from the standpoint of altitude, rules out the possibility that this was a private or commercial aircraft, which are required to fly at much higher altitudes.
"The three modes of terrain flight are low-level, contour, and nap-of-the-earth (NOE).
Continuous NOE or contour flight is unusual as terrain and vegetation vary. Normally, there is a transition from one mode to another as the situation dictates. Modes of terrain
flight are defined as: 
 o NOE flight. NOE flight is conducted at varying airspeeds as close to the earth’s surface as vegetation and obstacles permit. 
o Contour flight. Contour flight is conducted at low altitudes conforming to the
earth’s contours. It is characterized by varying airspeeds and altitude and
dictated by terrain and obstacles.
o Low-level flight. Aviators perform low-level flight at constant altitude and
airspeed dictated by threat avoidance." 
It is interesting to note that the army's own protocols as outlined in the implementation study suggest that although there are no established flight corridors between Fort Carson and its satellite at the PSMS, there is an aerial operational grid dubbed Route Hawk which apparently delineates the flight patterns generally observed. I adduce this here only in reference to the fact that the drone I witnessed was easily 30 miles or more outside the Route Hawk circumference. The Army has agreements with the Bureau of Land Management for the usage of national forests such as the Pike and San Isabella national forests for training purposes. The very near proximity of BLM land here suggests that the RQ-7 was on just such a "training mission".

 Given the track record of the Army in the past decade concerning the very controversial proposals to exponentially expand the PCMS to millions of acres not to speak of the vast overflight training area being proposed and the considerable degree of public opposition to those plans, it is not surprising that we have Army UAVs casually prowling the skies of Southern Colorado. The unprecedented militarization of our nation and its previously sacrosanct civilian and domestic spheres have come to be generally unquestioned and necessary components of our national security state. The implications of drone surveillance, especially given the recent scandals swirling around NSA spying, are a significant threat to constitutional guarantees to privacy and freedom of movement and speech if not outright government coercion and intimidation.

The question remains why a military aerial vehicle described by the Army as "a tactical reconnaissance UAV for ground maneuver forces" and which was used extensively throughout the Middle East and Iraq in tactical engagements is now patrolling the skies of Southern Colorado. With the military actively war gaming "large scale economic chaos" and "civil unrest" and the Department of Homeland Security's purchase of billions of rounds of ammunition, it has become more than obvious to many of us that the "chickens are coming home to roost" and the decades long unfettered and largely unopposed US international military hegemony is soon to come to a "theatre" near you.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Hidden in Plain Sight-The Politics of Misdirection

 This latest transparent machination concerning the sudden media exposé revelations of NSA data mining with the active cooperation of Internet and TeleCommunications industries is simply another case of classic misdirection. The establishment of the NSA mega facility in Bluffdale, Utah ensures that despite the attempts to suggest otherwise, Big Brother tracks anything and everything in the USSA and will continue to do so indefinitely. And that is not to speak of ECHELON the original super computerized signals intelligence tracking unit. In other words the intensive monitoring of of all digital and internet surveillance has been common knowledge for years. Likewise, the subornation and infiltration of print and wire service media has been going on for decades by the CIA. The fact that the major mainstream media news outlets are not only owned by major corporations but that the press and TV are nothing more than the mouthpieces of statist propaganda is once again, common knowledge. In other words, the latest scandals are very old news to anyone with half a brain left. Likewise, the gun walking expeditions across the Mexican border dubbed "Fast and Furious", as if it was all some Hollywood thriller, which has some calling for the resignation of the attorney general, is but the tip of the iceberg of a long established government policy of drug running and arms transshipments going back to the Clinton administration in Mena, Arkansas and further to the Iran Contra scandals of the Reagan regime. The same holds for the arming of the band of Al-CIAda terrorists gangs of the so-called Free Syrian Army via Libya and Turkey. And why is it a surprise to anyone that the criminal enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve,  the dreaded IRS, singles out political opposition groups and activists for "special treatment"? Has it something to do with the critical role the IRS plays in the enforcement of Obamacare, soon to be dropped on the unsuspecting dupes of AmerCIA like a ton of bricks. Isn't this entire corrupt matrix of control based on intimidation and fear? C'mon let's get real! The point is that the media follows an agenda dictated to it by its corporate and government (read fascist) masters and the mesmerized, hypnotized, flouridated, chemtrailed, and brainwashed minions of the AMeriatrix only regurgitate the mental pablum force fed to their Alpha wave resonating zombified brains through their television screens. The question remains though. Why are the puppet masters pulling the strings on the Obama marionette tripping him up on the devil's dance floor which is the MSM? We think that with the wheels coming off the American economy as is already happening in the Japanese bond and stock markets, that something very big is afoot indeed. The puppet's strings have become hopelessly entangled, his programming is shot and the stage is being cleared for the debut of the next act which will inexorably lead to the final denouément of this American nightmare. 

Then again things aren't going so well in Syria which is proving an unexpectedly tough nut to crack. The Al-CIAda thug army is hopelessly splintered and on the verge of defeat. Assad seems to be in control, and as the fighting continues to spread across the borders into Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, US marines are being posted a the Jordanian border and Russia begins delivering the dreaded S-300 missile defense system. By the time WW III breaks out, we might see the martial law crackdown we've been expecting for so long and Barry Soetero Obama or whoever he is will return to Punaho and soon be teeing it up on Maui possibly unaware that he was ever the president of the former United States of America. 

The putative president's performance in the following video might lead one to question not his competence but his basic sanity as well. Not only does he bumble and stumble across his words with an alarming incoherence but the very substance of his attempt at speaking speaks once again of some elemental cognitive dissonance at avery deep level. We will leave the discerning reader to decide for himself.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The End of Obama Redux-The Day of the Locust

It wasn't all that long ago that our esteemed astro-savant Mercurius Fomalhaut penned an article named "Videre Quam Esse- The End of Obama." The Latin aphorism of course was reversed by Merc from the original "Esse Quam Videre" to signify the opposite meaning- "To Seem Rather Than To Be". This could well be the motto of the inglorious Obama regime as the once inviolate and untouchable international demigod plummets from the empyrean realm into the mire of successive and all too human "scandals." This is undoubtedly coming as a surprise and a shock to many, especially the credulous fools, who enraptured by the purblind idiocy of the media generated myth surrounding the spectacular rise of the cyber manufactured persona of our modern clone of Akhenaten, saw in Obama nothing short of the second coming. Meanwhile the more discerning amongst us are savoring a certain measure of vindication in the present media feeding frenzy which has caused even some of the most ardent Obots in their feckless fickleness to not only question but turn coat and apply razor scrapers to their once prized Hope and Change bumper stickers. On the other hand it was with more than a little prescience that Merc made a rather oracular pronouncement at the end of his article which we adduce here for what it is worth.

In closing we necessarily make a departure from these desultory ruminations on the unparalled reeking garbage heap of corruption which is AmerCIAn electoral politics and adduce some more arcane witness to which we necessarily have recourse when we have reached the painful mundane limitations of our pitiful speculations. We must apologize beforehand to those who view a recourse to astrological indices as unprofitable and useless, but a singular celestial event, which had regrettably escaped our attention and which we feel has a direct bearing on the critical transition presently unfolding, must be addressed. This concerns the horoscope of Barack Obama which we have treated of at length in "Obama, Neptune, and the Culture of Death". In that study we paid perhaps overmuch attention to the planet Neptune which at the time of Obama's disputed birth was in what is called "square" aspect to the Sun at the time of his birth. At least that much cannot be disputed and was the subject of much other speculation across the astrologically inclined denizens of the internet. Suffice it to say that this critical formation between the Sun and Neptune is about to be impacted in a very forceful manner when the planet Saturn "transits" the point Neptune occupied at Obama's putative birth at the end of this year. It is interesting to note that when Obama's horoscope is locationally transferred to Denver, Colorado, the locale of his coronation as US president and de facto world super hero, Neptune assumes even more prominence as it occupies the MidHeaven, a powerful position relating to the important 10th house angular positon which signifies in simple terms one's professional standing, importance, and outward position in the world. The transit of Saturn over "natal" Neptune at this critical juncture and in "square" to the Sun almost assuredly signifies, at the very least, the unwelcome intrusion of long avoided reality into the deceptive delusions and illusory projections which inhabit the Neptune dominated soul. Donald Bradley calls this transit " a real throne toppler" and in Obama's case it seems to signify public downfall and personal humiliation. Long held secrets come to light and the complex and entangled web of deceit which the native has spun comes to entrap and ensnare him with a most painful immediacy. 

Needless to say, the contents of this conjecture have emerged from mere speculation to being borne out in reality by the cascading "revelations" concerning the multilayered levels of corruption which the media are now dredging up and hauling out for the passive consumption and morose delectation of the dumbed down masses of Americans much like the insipid Goebbelsian propaganda which at one time caused them to so fulsomely laud the obvious pretense, mendacity, and outright chicanery of the Obama regime.

The American propensity for self deception and delusion is only equalled by the alacrity and viciousness with which, when given the appropriate signal, these conditioned masses turn on and attack their erstwhile idols. This twisted and inevitable psychological mechanism manipulated to such great effect by our tireless social engineers was perhaps best captured in Nathaniel West's searing and blackly comical indictment of Hollywood in his "Day of the Locust". 

An outcome similar to the apocalyptic denouément of West's vision of America in decline can be witnessed in the 1975 film of the same name can be expected. Given the volatile and incendiary atmosphere of 2013 USA, the end of Obama, the repository of such false hope and misplaced faith, will undoubtedly usher in the same type of anarchic social chaos depicted in the film except on a national stage.

One is obviously left to speculate as to how this outcome engendered by the elaborately staged mise en scène is intended to come to pass. There was for instance a great deal of expectation as to president's future when it was revealed that, through the agency of Penny Pritzker, a multi million dollar mansion in Hawaii had been purchased pre-election by the Obamas. This led many of the conspiratorially inclined cognoscienti to conclude that the (s)election had been decided beforehand in Romney's favor. Obama's pitiful and pathetic performance in the first debate merely augmented this conclusion. Yet this devious sleight of hand merely served to snooker the expectant electorate into the possibility of a potential Romney presidency, which was effectively dashed in the final debate when with, once again, with the able assistance of the planted media hack Candy Crowley, the obviously compromising and politically damaging Benghazi imbroglio was effectively neutralized, at least for the time being. 

Indeed all of this media political theater obviously tailored for mass consumption seems to us to have only psychologically primed the public for the eventual departure of the anointed One post-selection. It is our surmise that the expected and inevitable social chaos of which Obama is the lynch pin is now on the table. All along the short fuse of racial strife has been the potential spark which will set the tinder ablaze and an Obama departure will be that spark.