Friday, June 7, 2013

Hidden in Plain Sight-The Politics of Misdirection

 This latest transparent machination concerning the sudden media exposé revelations of NSA data mining with the active cooperation of Internet and TeleCommunications industries is simply another case of classic misdirection. The establishment of the NSA mega facility in Bluffdale, Utah ensures that despite the attempts to suggest otherwise, Big Brother tracks anything and everything in the USSA and will continue to do so indefinitely. And that is not to speak of ECHELON the original super computerized signals intelligence tracking unit. In other words the intensive monitoring of of all digital and internet surveillance has been common knowledge for years. Likewise, the subornation and infiltration of print and wire service media has been going on for decades by the CIA. The fact that the major mainstream media news outlets are not only owned by major corporations but that the press and TV are nothing more than the mouthpieces of statist propaganda is once again, common knowledge. In other words, the latest scandals are very old news to anyone with half a brain left. Likewise, the gun walking expeditions across the Mexican border dubbed "Fast and Furious", as if it was all some Hollywood thriller, which has some calling for the resignation of the attorney general, is but the tip of the iceberg of a long established government policy of drug running and arms transshipments going back to the Clinton administration in Mena, Arkansas and further to the Iran Contra scandals of the Reagan regime. The same holds for the arming of the band of Al-CIAda terrorists gangs of the so-called Free Syrian Army via Libya and Turkey. And why is it a surprise to anyone that the criminal enforcement arm of the Federal Reserve,  the dreaded IRS, singles out political opposition groups and activists for "special treatment"? Has it something to do with the critical role the IRS plays in the enforcement of Obamacare, soon to be dropped on the unsuspecting dupes of AmerCIA like a ton of bricks. Isn't this entire corrupt matrix of control based on intimidation and fear? C'mon let's get real! The point is that the media follows an agenda dictated to it by its corporate and government (read fascist) masters and the mesmerized, hypnotized, flouridated, chemtrailed, and brainwashed minions of the AMeriatrix only regurgitate the mental pablum force fed to their Alpha wave resonating zombified brains through their television screens. The question remains though. Why are the puppet masters pulling the strings on the Obama marionette tripping him up on the devil's dance floor which is the MSM? We think that with the wheels coming off the American economy as is already happening in the Japanese bond and stock markets, that something very big is afoot indeed. The puppet's strings have become hopelessly entangled, his programming is shot and the stage is being cleared for the debut of the next act which will inexorably lead to the final denouément of this American nightmare. 

Then again things aren't going so well in Syria which is proving an unexpectedly tough nut to crack. The Al-CIAda thug army is hopelessly splintered and on the verge of defeat. Assad seems to be in control, and as the fighting continues to spread across the borders into Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan, US marines are being posted a the Jordanian border and Russia begins delivering the dreaded S-300 missile defense system. By the time WW III breaks out, we might see the martial law crackdown we've been expecting for so long and Barry Soetero Obama or whoever he is will return to Punaho and soon be teeing it up on Maui possibly unaware that he was ever the president of the former United States of America. 

The putative president's performance in the following video might lead one to question not his competence but his basic sanity as well. Not only does he bumble and stumble across his words with an alarming incoherence but the very substance of his attempt at speaking speaks once again of some elemental cognitive dissonance at avery deep level. We will leave the discerning reader to decide for himself.

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