Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sandy Hooked

We were resisting weighing in on the notable Yankee reinstitution of the Théâtre du Grand Guignol in Sandyhook Village, Newtown, Connecticut, but alas, after an extensive review of the material, are compelled to add our own two cents worth to the rumor, innuendo, speculation and internet sleuthing which has exponentially grown to accompany each successive manifestation of the various bloody  satanic abattoirs and grim ritualistic media extravaganzas of our trauma based mind control society and which are coming to define contemporary America and the hellish descent of its short lived empire into the benighted and infernal regions of an irretrievable collective psychosis.

Presiding over this phantasmagorical nightmare of personal and communal dissociative disintegration is, of course, the sacerdotal and sublime personage of the cloned Akhenaten, otherwise known to his captivated minions by his mundane moniker, Barry Soetero, erstwhile MKUltra /CIA Manchurian candidate and man of many faces, or otherwise, in sacrosanct manifestation, as Barack Obama, the "lightning from the heavens". From whatever Kabbalistic witching pot was distilled this eldritch phantasm of duplicity and illusion posing as international statesman also emanates the deviltry conjured forth in the latest staged blood sport entertainment replete with the talented thespians of the Sandy Hook Repertory Theatre in conjunction with Denver based theater group Visionbox and their Crisis Actors.

I suppose that is should come as no surprise that the media besotted American public should eventually completely succumb to total immersion in the production of cinematic and television fantasies to the point of blurring and eventually effacing the distinction between what is projected upon a two dimensional screen and what is actually real. The unprecedented theatrical production at Sandy Hook, now being gratuitously exposed on youtube and across the net, is emblematic of the completion of the mass media mesmerization of a gullible and unquestioning populace finally deprived of any last lingering shred of discernment and rational judgment. By the same token, evidence of such an unbelievable conspiracy rapidly disseminated by so many sources, not the least of which was the multiple infamous references to Sandy Hook in the "Dark Knight Rises", actually recently caused the closure of five Virginia schools due to one also referenced in the film.

Of course the satanic timing of the massacre was no accident, exactly midway through the holy season of Advent and thus directly between the feasts of Christ the King (Omega) and Christmas (Alpha) and more obviously, the luciferians' way of celebrating with child blood sacrifice the solstice and sacred Mayan epoch of 12/21/2012. The Mayans themselves were fond of such. It is interesting to note in this respect that the infamous destruction of 9/11 took place between the feasts of the Birth of Mary (Sept. 8) and the Triumph of the Cross(Sept.15), once again symmetrically and symbolically dividing the beginning and end points of Christian eschatology.

The real or even "imagined" murder of scores of people including 20 children presently eliciting the stupefied amazement, unconscious sadism, innate morose delectation, or simple schadenfreude endemic of morally corrupted masses will undoubtedly soon fade into characteristic apathy and indifference as much as the effects of the requisite media propaganda are indelibly impressed upon their unthinking grey matter. And thus the Sandy Hook episode, only the latest extremity of deranged barbarism to confront an unfortunate and doomed nation, will take its rightful place in the the now long and generally undisturbed line of "official versions" of these violent and sadistic provocations.

Yet even more ghastly, desperate, and demented scenarios has been adduced, inferring even greater depths of absolute iniquity emanating from the highest levels of government and the satanic cabals ensconced therein. Suffice it to say the machinations of absolute evil are so horrendous, abhorrent, and malign that the very comprehension of them generally remains far outside the purview of ordinary rational consciousness. The great irony though is that absolute evil takes place in often in plain view, hidden in plain sight. With its televised and computerized hard wiring, our scientific/technological utopia has given us with a front row seat to this infernal working which yet is construed as some sort of paradise. 

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