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There is some dispute concerning the actual birthplace of the 44th president of the United States. This has actually led to a law suit to the Supreme Court by an interested party questioning the legal standing of Barack Obama's citizenship, which of course would have direct bearing on his claim to highest office in the land. Largely dismissed as a politically motivated attempt to challenge the legitimacy of his presidency, we mention this here only because this question reflects only one of many aspects concerning the origins of this individual who has emerged from the enshrouding mists of general obscurity in a relatively short period of time to an unparalleled level of international celebrity. Lacking a long established political and personal identity and any proven record of performance has only heightened the mysteries, accusations, and innuendoes, which have attended the rise to prominence of the "first black president". Of course, even this appellation is of uncertain merit as Obama's mother, one Stanley Anne Dunham, was Caucasion. Yet while the maternal side of his paternity is generally accepted, some serious questions as to the identity of his biological father has led to much speculation on that subject. After much study, we have concluded that Obama's biological father was indeed one Frank Marshall Davis and not, as it is generally supposed, Barack Obama, after whom he was apparently named. Indeed, it is our assumption here that the aforementioned dispute over the birth certificate of the 44th POTUS arises from attempts to obscure and misrepresent the identity of his real biological father, the acknowledgment of whom would have caused considerable and insurmountable obstacles to his attainment of the presidency. Thus the elaborate mythos concerning Obama's African Kenyan origins which has been conveyed to the national and international community is from the outset one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated on mass consciousness in modern times. Putting aside for the moment other obvious and far reaching implications of this egregious dissimulation, it must be understood that the obamaphenomena in its essence is an American story through and through, and as such, is emblematic of deep strains of American culture which reflect the profound seismic shifts of the past decades which have irrevocably altered our national and social identity.

For the purposes of this study then, we will accept as the basis of any astrological analysis or conjecture, the generally established location, day, and time of birth of the 44th POTUS as August 4, 1961 at Honolulu, Hawaii at 7:24 p.m. AHST, as provided on the birth certificate of one Barack Obama Jr. by the Bureau of Vital Statistics, State of Hawaii.
Barack Obama came into the world at one of the most crucial junctures of American history. For if we refer to his conception, measured roughly nine months from his geniture, the date becomes November 4,1960, the day of the election of John Fitzgerald Kennedy to the presidency of the United States. And it is abundantly ironic that many comparisons have been drawn between the two men, both representing a most radical departure not only from the previous administrations to which they fell heir but also from prevalent religious and racial stereotypes which had typified the occupants of the Oval Office for centuries. Young, handsome and charismatic, with attractive wives and beautiful children, both men also seemed to embody a vitality that promised a fresh headwind of change and new founded hope for the future. Indeed Jack Kennedy seems to have provided a veritable template for the selling of the Obama candidacy to the American people. Yet if we look beyond appearances, we can discern some deeply troubling reverberations from the underlying layers of the national psyche and political substrata. At the time of Obama's birth, the clouds were already gathering which would darken and ultimately efface the bright expectations borne aloft by the Kennedy presidency.

In a notable speech, shortly before his assassination, Kennedy alluded to a dark and conspiratorial cabal of sinister forces which operated undetected in secret channels behind the facade of the elected democratic institutions and which sought to subvert and destroy the open and free exchange of ideas which was the hallmark of that democracy. In his efforts to eliminate the Federal Reserve, his refusal to support the abortive invasion of Cuba, in his attempt to ultimately withdraw U.S. forces from Indochina, in his promise to break apart the CIA and "scatter the broken pieces to the four winds", Kennedy sought to confront the menace of this occult power of a shadow government whose turbid waves soon afterwards engulfed and destroyed him.

Ever since that day in Dallas, whose repercussions are still in evidence some five decades later, the secret government has increasingly consolidated its power over seven successive presidencies, numerous genocidal wars and clandestine counter-insurgencies, several wholesale plunders of the national treasury, continuous social experimentation with the populace, including mass sterilization and abortion, environmental depredations and mass poisonings of its citizens, and all of this not only with the mute acceptance of the majority but actually with their active participation and support. So extensive, widespread, and pervasive are the largely unknown social and political programs that foster these crimes that their existence has become an unquestioned and unchallenged component of our national identity. As the late president rightly warned, the unwarranted and illicit usurpation of power by satanic agencies of social control and political domination has been accomplished at the expense and ultimate peril of the open and free exercise of the rights of self determination enshrined in the Constitution and founded in Natural Law. As much as the ideals expressed in the universally recognized and accepted constructs of the Natural Law seek to foster, sustain and protect human life, so do the aims and objectives of the secret societies seek to control, dominate, enslave, and ultimately destroy the same. To the extent that these occult entities promote their destructive "utopian" agendas under the aegis of governmental and social programs we have become a Culture of Death. With this necessary preamble we now come to the consideration of our immediate subject concerning which the foregoing comments will be seen to possess a significant relevance.

Trouble in Paradise

The strange weavings of fate and circumstance which briefly brought together the disparate destinies of Stanley Anne Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis and the subsequent birth of their son, later christened Barack Obama, reflect most dramatically the influence of the planet Neptune which held the midheaven at the birth of the child who was later to become the 44th president. First and most importantly, even the above statement regarding the child's patrimony must strictly remain an object of conjecture and open to dispute, as it is generally acknowledged that the Kenyan scholar for whom the child was named is his biological father. The question of this dichotomy is itself not unusual and expressive of a larger societal problem especially among the Afro-American community. Lacking blood tests and a verifiable birth certificate (which itself is under suspicion), we can only leave it to our reader to decide what most closely resembles a true state of affairs. Thus from the very outset one can here discern the illusory and vague, perennially changing outlines which are so characteristic of the influence attributed to the subtle emanations of Neptune, the planet of mystery, the unknown, of the incomplete. What seems is not so much what is, and what is, is not what it seems to be. This is the realm of shadows, of half truths, and wholesale fabrications which seize upon the imagination and lead it down labyrinthine paths which offer no outlet.

Enshrouded in a mystery the nature of which is hard of apprehension begins the incarnation of Barack Obama. Frank Davis, born December 31, 1905, became a regular visitor at the Dunhams shortly after Stan and Madelyn settled in Honolulu in June 1960 with their 18 year old daughter, Stanley Anne. The 55 year old black poet and jazz afficianado and Stan Dunham became good friends and drinking buddies, frequently availing themselves of the marijuana and cocaine which Davis sold out of a hot dog cart he operated in downtown Honolulu. Davis was also the author of a hard-core pornographic novel published in 1968 under the psuedonym Bob Greene entitled "Sex Rebel: Black-Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet". In the book, Davis describes in "lurid detail a series of shocking sexual encounters, often involving group sex" He goes on the describe the "seduction by Mr. Davis and his first wife of a 13 year old girl named Anne". Davis, himself, writes "I'm not one to go in for Lolitas. but there are exceptions. I didn't want to disappoint the trusting child. She obtained a course in practical sex from experienced practitioners." And further "on other occasions, Mr. Davis would cruise in Hawaii parks looking for couples or female tourists to have sex with. He derived sexual gratification from bondage, simulated rape and being flogged and urinated on" (all references from Toby Harnden- London Telegraph, August 2008).

Obama himself acknowledges the important influence of "Frank" in his memoir "Dreams From My Father". The obvious question arises whether Obama himself is aware of the subterranean origins of his own birth. Certainly Mr. Davis must have been aware of the situation, or at the very least had some very unmistakable indications of the state of affairs long ago which would be extremely difficult to ignore. As for Mr. Obama, the rigorous background and intelligence checks to which any candidate for important public office would be subjected to (much less the presidency itself) would inevitably reveal the truth. This is especially so considering Davis' alleged involvement with the Communist Party of America for which he was investigated by the infamous House of Un-American Activities Committee.
Given the predilections of Barack Obama Sr. himself, an alcoholic philanderer and polygamist who fathered several children by at least two wives and unknown mistresses and who killed himself in a drunken automobile accident in Kenya in 1982, Obama's memoir might have been more appropriately titled "Nightmares From My Fathers". Indeed, Obama had only one brief experience with his putative father, Barack Sr., long after the former had abandoned he and his mother shortly after his birth. This occurred when the future chief executive was 10 years of age. The bitter and morose, terminally alcoholic prematurely aged Kenyan Luo blew into Honolulu one December to visit his old drinking buddies from the University of Hawaii and his Phi Beta Kappa days in the early 60's. He stayed long enough to address Barack's middle school class about Kenya and advised him to stop watching "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and do his homework. Other than a series of letters the two later exchanged during the course of Obama's undergraduate career, this was apparently the extent of the relationship, which Obama painted in such roseate hues for mass consumption in his memoir.

Here we have a very obvious example of the illusory weavings of the Neptunian dominated individual, who scripts an elaborate personal screenplay to distort, magnify, evade, and fabricate the basic facts of a personal history. This is not that unusual an outcome in a society where pathologies large and small have become a commonplace especially in our social and political institutions. Indeed it has become accepted and even expected of our political leadership to mislead, manipulate, seduce and inveigle a suggestible mass constituency for the attainment of the aims of a covert political agenda. What is unusual though is the religious fervor bordering on hysteria which has accompanied the billion dollar packaging and selling of the latest presidential commodity. This has of course obvious historical precedents and parallels the implications of which do not bode well for the future of the nation.

Stanley Ann

The tragic and inglorious fate of Stanley Ann Dunham herself is yet another object lesson in the veritable chasm of disparity which now exists between the real and the merely fabricated, between the substantial and what is concocted and fictionalized for mass consumption. Her arrival in Honolulu in 1960 with her mother and father from Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington had of course immense consequences not only for her own destiny but also for the destiny of literally billions of individuals. That this deeply disturbed 18 year-old girl was in a matter of months pregnant due most probably to a misalliance with a 55 year-old acquaintance of her father is arguably one of the most notable recent events in American history. How this came to pass is of course open to conjecture. Suffice it to say that one muckraking right-wing denizen of the internet came into possession of nude photographs of Stanley Ann, which according to one source were apparently obtained from one of the daughters of Frank Davis and Helen Canfield. The photographs, which now have wide circulation on the web, show Ms. Dunham, clad only in sheer stockings and platform shoes in various poses against a backdrop of a phonograph and record stand and an armchair with wrapped Christmas presents on the floor suggestive of the Christmas season of 1960.

Given the self-admitted proclivities of Mr. Davis, the suggested scenario remains at least plausible if not altogether persuasive. A consideration of the natal horoscope is especially revealing. Born November 30, 1942 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, SAD has an especially powerful grouping of planetary forces in relation to the all important placement of the Sun @ 13 degrees of Scorpio. With the Sun is Venus@17 degrees of Scorpio. And in opposition are Saturn@16 degrees Taurus and Uranus@ 9 degrees Taurus. A rectification of the lunar position would in great likelihood put the Moon at the T point of the square to this opposition near the transiting Pluto@ 12 degrees Leo. Also of great significance is the fixed star Antares or Cor-Scorpii @ 15 degrees Scorpio at the exact midpoint of Sun-Venus. Natal Pluto is in trine to this point @ 13 degrees Cancer forming the exact midpoint of her famous progeny's Sun- Mercury nearing conjunction. This powerful and difficult assemblage of planets is nothing short of a cosmic dynamo generating immense psychic tension and emotional conflict with a resulting expenditure of vast energies much of it discordant and disruptive though with great creative potential as well. The Saturn-Uranus conjunction provides the dynamic contacting all personal planets including Mercury@ 13 degrees Libra by quincunx. This is the power placement par excellence and the considerable abilities are often directed to the control of others.

It is no wonder then that the various configurations of these planets are a remarkably consistent feature in the maps of power politicians including Obama himself who has these planets in exact quincunx. Of Uranus opposition Sun CEO Carter has this to offer, "Unless the horoscope has other mitigating features these contacts are likely to be of an unfortunate nature, even to the extent of catastrophe. The native may be individualistic to the point of anarchy...the self will is likely to be extreme and the judgment is perverse, refusing when the self will is involved to take account of the most patent and important facts. Vanity, morbid sensitiveness, and wrong headedness of every kind characterize this class of aspects as the person is impelled from without to work his own destruction or injury."

The placement of Saturn here is expressive of great difficulties with the father, who is hard, unsympathetic and demanding. The opposition to Venus indicates as well great difficulties in regard to the father who is "forceful, tyrannical, exacting, or dominating type, whose will allows little free development in his children"...One can only imagine the relationship between a man and his daughter whom he has given the name of the male child that he had hoped to have. From all accounts the relations were marred beyond repair. Life circumstances seem to partake of this severe in-ordination as any success is often won only with great difficulty by dint of repeated hard effort, any accomplishment attended by a great deal of limitation and ill-luck in its attainment. As Charles Carter avers, "The difficulty is always, at heart, one of self expression. Either proper expression is denied or delayed...or else the native tries 'to force the issue' and blunders disastrously." The influence is unfortunate for the husband as well, the same types of obstacles manifesting in a fixation on older men who bear the projected imprint of the animus with which the subject is ridden due to the poisoned identification with the father. "The contact is evil for children especially for the eldest, if a male" These indications seem to have been directly borne out in the relationship, which SAD had not only with her son but with Frank Davis as well. Carter goes so far as to say that "The Sun afflicted by Saturn is extremely likely, in a female map, to deny offspring altogether and indicate a single condition."

Indeed all of Dunham's friends in Mercer Island were shocked to find that she was having a child. After all she had expressed revulsion at the idea of giving birth and declined to even get near the babies that her friends were constantly sitting. As " the original feminist", as one friend remembered her, she disdained the idea of marrying as well. Then there is the anecdotal story of one of her friends having to change the diapers of the infant Obama as she had no interest in doing so herself. Her promiscuous liaisons with Davis however brought about that very condition which she abhorred. One can imagine the lonely and embittered state of mind of such a young girl when she discovered the ultimate truth, and the hysterical panic, which led her to enlist the unwitting assistance of Obama Senior. Or perhaps the African merely saw a quid pro quo arrangement with something in it for himself. At any rate it all ended rather mysteriously as it had began when the highly nervous, hysterical mother journeyed from Seattle to Cambridge perhaps in an attempt to reconcile with the increasingly truculent and abusive Luo. No one can relate what transpired in the interim but SAD returned to the West Coast and went on back to Hawaii only to see the now infamous dupe once again when she curiously flew from Indonesia to prep her son for his only mature contact with his "father" in 1971.

Within months she filed for an uncontested divorce and soon afterwards left the unwanted issue with her mother and departed for the West Indies. The basic sanity of such behavior as all of this as evinced in our brief exposition of this rather soiled and sordid state of affairs can at least laterally be questioned if not actually exposed outright as the manifestations of some very self deluded if not actually depraved and hopelessly corrupted specimens of humanity. At the very least these shenanigans would provide some very rich material for the writers of both farce and high tragedy. As it is, the whole catastrophe has been wrung through the sanitizing washer of shameless obfuscation and distilled through sieves of self-serving and sentimental fictions in Obama's fulsome and self- adulatory fables.
The case of Frank Marshall Davis, born December 31, 1905 in Arkansas City, Kansas would have been for all practical purposes of only minor interest outside of the purview of students of Black American literature had it not been for that fateful misalliance with the young high school student from Mercer Island, the ultimate issue of which was his bastard son, the 44th president. His éminence noir now stands implacably and resolutely, if obscurely, behind the now all too famous mirage of his progeny. As no formal or acknowledged connection between the two will be soon, if ever, forthcoming, aside from a few cursory references to his horoscope, it will be the main purpose of this study to briefly demonstrate the parallels between his map and that of the man we so boldly presume to be his son, leaving it to some other astro-investigator to more comprehensively delineate the synastry that would firmly establish their inevitable and important connection. First and immediately we notice that FMD has an exact opposition of the planet Neptune@15 degrees Gemini to his natal Sun@ 15 degrees Sagitarrius. This corresponds to Obama’s notable square of the same planets- Sun@18 degrees Libra and Neptune@14 degrees Libra at the Midheaven. (Given the decided emphasis of Neptune in this study, it was with some sense of vindication that we discovered this concurrence ex post facto)
The Sun in FMD’s map is flanked by Uranus@10 degrees Sagitarrius and Mercury@ 21degrees Sagitarrius, drawing these planets as well into this critical opposition. One can notice another interesting parallel. Obama’s Sun is also closely flanked by these self same planets. Indeed Obama’s Sun occupies the mid-point of Uranus-Mercury as does FMD’s. This parallel is rather stunning and most definitely markedly narrows the perameters of statistical probability, which one might apply to the decidedly synchronous nature of this possible relationship.

1Sag. 10Sag. 15Sag. 21Sag. 8Aqu.
Ven. Uran. Sun. Merc. Mars

7Gem. 7Can. 18Can. 1 Leo 27Leo
Ven. Merc. Sun. Uran. Mars

The above replication is indicative of a relationship, which partakes of a much deeper and fundamental connection than the rather innocuous one implied in Obama’s biography, that of “mentor”. This is not proof that Frank Marshall Davis is indeed Obama’s biological father but when combined with circumstances, the facts of which have been adduced above, there is at least an increasing probability that this is indeed the case. When we consider the respective characters of the two men and take one of the individual shared aspects adumbrated above, such as Mercury-Uranus partaking of the Neptunian inordination, some obvious parallels arise.

Here you have men of letters, who feel comfortable expressing themselves in words in a sometimes bold and original fashion characteristic of someone confident of expression and yet in a kind of taut and edgy way in Davis’ case. The influence of Neptune often brings scandal, in the respect of Davis due to his pornographic proclivities and in Obama’s case because of his evidently completely fictional fabrication of events. Another instance would be the Venus –Mars influence which inclines to a decidedly freewheeling approach to sexual activities, again obvious in Davis’ case and with Obama you have the Larry Sinclair allegations of drugging and gay sex along with heterosexual promiscuity which have dogged Obama for years, again a Neptunian influence. These are only a few of many similar indications.
Obama and the Cult of Neptune

With these reflections we arrive at a consideration of the natus of Barack Hussein Obama, himself, and what he reflects of our national identity and the nature of our society. As one can scarcely understand the present without an ongoing and meaningful reference to the past, as we have briefly attempted in the foregoing, we will introduce the reader to a work we have in our possession by one Mercurius Fomalhaut, written almost three decades ago which, as it will be seen, has an important relevance to the matters at hand. Indeed we must admit a debt of gratitude to old Fomalhaut, among others who will be mentioned here, for his singular adumbration of the conjectures of the present work, which would itself have been impossible without his own obscure and yet significant investigations. The work I am referring to is "Reagan and the Cult of Neptune" in which Fomalhaut first advanced the synchronistic relationship perceived to exist between the planet Neptune and and a deeply embedded strain of socio-politico symbiosis which exists in the American political system as embodied in the personalities and destinies of its presidential leadership and the mass constituency with which they are interactive. We then begin our exposition with a lengthy excerpt from the above-mentioned work.

"It is not surprising that we should find Neptune in such a state of prominence here for its influence is a common ingredient in the horoscopes of actors, Hollywood 'stars', media personalities and the like whose business it is to portray, depict, fabricate, dissimulate, or other wise convey a semblance of the real. For Neptune, through its association with Pisces, connotes imagination, make-believe, fantasy, play-acting, image projecting, etc, As all of these partake to a degree of illusion and a certain subterfuge, Neptune assumes prominence not only in the genitures of actors, artists, spiritists, and mediums, but also in the maps of used car dealers, flim-flam men, parasites, alcoholics, common criminals and all those who so deceive, delude, dupe and falsify. For the image creating facility of Neptune can be used or abused, resulting alike in the inspirational creations of the genuine artist as well as the deception and treachery which, at its worst, finds expression in the intimidation, enslavement and extortion of others through manipulation of fear and terror.
As imagination implies flight, fancy, and escape from the uncongenial toils of mundane reality, if only in the reverie of the dreamer, so also there is a notorious predeliction among Neptunians to fight shy of the harsher realities and indulge themselves in various forms of escapism, such as drugs, alcohol, cultism and most extremely, psychotic withdrawal and schizophrenia. One can recognize these same tendencies at work in the widespread fascination with films and television as well as other forms of entertainment which offer the media habitué a convenient route of escape from the responsibilities, cares, trials and worries which attend everyday existence. Indeed, "fascination" is an apt keyword for the influence of Neptune. As a gauge of this influence one need only to look at the faces of an enthralled audience in a movie theater or in front of a television screen as the cold light flickers and flashes across their mesmerized, zombie-like features. The characteristic inaction, and passive receptivity so indicative of Neptunian inordination is reflected in this mute absorption of celluloid images which arise and then just as quickly disappear into nothingness.
Another arena of social activity in which we can discern the illusory weavings of Neptune is the law and its sister profession, politics. For here too is the decided need to persuade, cajole, convince, wheedle, seduce, or inveigle a certain group of individuals (a jury), or a mass of people (the electorate) into accepting a particular point of view, or adopting a course of action. It is a fact that scarcely needs mentioning that lawyers and power politicians are masters of deceit, distortion, and misrepresentation. Perhaps that is why these gentlemen are forever swearing oaths, taking affidavits, and impugning the honor of others while upholding their own. We can witness this same attempt to persuade, delude and misrepresent in the subliminal techniques of modern commercial advertising as well the propaganda and news campaigns of modern political regimes. And here we can discern another important sphere of social activity in which Neptune plays a significant role; the business and commercial sectors, which depend upon the often unscrupulous, cynical, and subtly coercive methods of advertising to sell a dubious bill of goods to a suggestible populace."

With these words Fomalhaut begins his curious study on the fortieth president of the United States, Ronald Reagan. It is interesting and ironic that Barack Obama would express his great admiration for Reagan to the point that he would expressly acknowledge a desire to consciously emulate his progenitor. Indeed Obama partakes to a large degree of the same distinctly Neptunian qualities which so typified " the great communicator". And it is no accident that both men share the same fervent and largely uncritical acclaim despite the extreme divergence of their apparent political orientations. This incongruity should really come as no surprise for style, appearance and image are the crucial determinants in the pre-packaging and mass marketing of the American presidency. Anything truly substantive is too long and hard of apprehension for the needs of immediate gratification so endemic to the infantile projections upon which the mass unconsciousness is so hopelessly fixated.

And herein once again we can observe another facet of the myriad meanings contained in the mythological sea god Poseiden. The "characteristic inaction and passive receptivity" with which Fomalhaut depicts our fascination with the cinema is a reflection of the most elemental origins of our human identity, the nine months of gestation in utero in complete dependence upon the mother. This intrauterine sea from which we have all emerged in a most violent and cathartic fashion remains a deeply ingrained and inescapable yet profoundly unconscious memory. In effect the mythological image of Poseiden and his sea horses churning the foam crested waves is on one level the expression of the birth trauma which ends forever this paradisical state of timeless suspension between heaven and earth. The psychological motif represented herein and which forms the basis of the Oedipal complex of Sigmund Freud has a particular relevance to our subject which will be further elaborated by the following words of Donald Bradley in his groundbreaking study of the planetary influences, "Taking the Kid Gloves Off Astrology".

"The seeming timelessness of intrauterine existence, the total lack of any kind of contrast or demarcation (Nirvana, incidentally means 'nothingness') gives rise to other similes which astrologers use in connection with Neptune. Hence, we continually run across such words as confusion, nebulous, obscure, mysterious, cloudy, and the like, in written delineations involving the planet Neptune in astrological charts. There is no thought latent in Neptune, which is creative only insofar as it can produce imagery. What is familiarly called "the higher mind" is only too often nothing but Neptunian imaginativeness. A mind on the defensive against fact and reality cannot be "higher". The Neptunian ergie forever seeks comfort in the sense of spiritual supremacy like that coddled by victims of paranoia. Neptune revels in an invisible world of beliefs, impressions, and what Spengler called Destiny-ideas.
Because the Neptunian state of bliss is really but a parasitical existence, a state of complete dependence, it is not without significance that Neptune is called the planet of victimization, of suctorial imposition by one person on another, of deception, of mysterious intertwinings of fates and factors in life. These associations are inevitable, arising as they do from the symbolism of the placenta on which the unborn infant is attached and from which it absorbs its nourishment. In this sense there is justification for saying that Neptune feeds and thrives upon another.
Neptune is repeatedly described as the planet of illusion and delusion. Astrologers rightly say that Neptune in the horoscope represents the native's weakness, for no man or woman has so strong a will as to resist and invitation to taste the sweet fruits of Eden no matter under what guise they are offered. In other words, Neptune chartwise represents the point where your resistance is almost nil, where you always give in, the habits you never seem able to break and those things which have a hypnotic fascination for you...."

We have consciously engaged in the foregoing speculations as a necessary prelude to any further considerations of the horoscope of Barack Obama as the planet Neptune assumes such a predominant influence in the celestial map that was configured at the time of his birth. Indeed Neptune @ 14 degrees of Libra is declining from the midheaven, a most important point in the horoscope and from which it contacts the setting Sun @ 18 degrees of Cancer and Mercury@ 7 degrees of Cancer by square aspect. This is an appropriate signification simply from the standpoint of the obscure, hidden, and even consciously misrepresented conditions, which surrounded the genesis of an individual who has emerged from those most dubious origins to assume such a pre-eminent position in modern history. If we accept the scenario portrayed above it has obviously been at least the intention of Obama himself to script a memoir for mass-consumption, which is distinctly at odds with certain facts, which could now be construed as inimical to the furtherance of his political ambitions.

The fictions which form the basis of this attempt to conceal his origins are of course perfectly consistent with a geniture wherein is contained such aspects. From the zenith, Neptune also contacts Venus@7 degrees of Gemini, the Moon@ 8 degrees of Taurus, and Jupiter@ 6 degrees of Capricorn rising in wide conjunction with the planet Saturn @ 1 degree of the Goat-Fish. Such a plethora of aspects only intensifies and widens the sphere and scope of Neptune as delineated above. The influences range from the muddle of personal confusion and bewilderment to the machinations of outright treachery and malfeasance. Our friend CEO Carter has some trenchant observations on the Sun square Neptune: “This must be accounted a position that very subtly weakens the character, for the native is as a rule easily played upon, either through his vanity or his sympathies, or both. He seldom realizes his own motives and may in extreme cases think that he is acting the part of martyr or saint when he is in fact gratifying his self-approbation. There is a craving for something great, wonderful, and out of the ordinary, but there is not the ability or wisdom to pursue what is genuinely possessed of these attributes, and those who bait the hook with specious promises can usually fish for the native successfully.”

Given the nature of the Sun in Cancer which according to Cyril Fagan is possessed of “a deep sense of inner insufficiency or even nothingness, which they resent” these proclivities are intensified to the point of pathological obsession where the native “is forever playing a part in the attempt to inflate the ego; or else he visualizes himself as a Mahatma wielding potent powers. Sometimes these stories are believed and gain wide circulation and then alas the day comes when they are exposed for what they really are. It is this very exposure that the Cancer native dreads most of all”. All the more cogently and continuing with uncanny insight Fagan goes on, “One can be moved to action by strong feelings of love or hatred but never by pure thought. Demagogues know this and so they work upon feelings and passions of an audience rather than on its common sense.” Given the nature of these predilections, especially considering the predominant position of Neptune and its contact with both the Sun and Moon, it is understandable that Obama would find himself entangled in a complex web of dubious and confusing associations, which would exploit and seek to manipulate the diathetic sense of inferiority and insecurity stemming from his abandonment by his parents. The resultant cognitive dissonance arising from a pathetic attempt to distance himself from the sordid and ignoble conditions of his birth undoubtedly mirrored his mother’s own panic stricken flight from the unacceptable circumstances of his genesis.

Rather than accepting and attempting to assimilate the tragic nature of his birth, Obama, not unlike so many others, sought the most obvious and accessible outlet for the despised and the rejected as an antidote to the trauma of abject abandonment and the pain of powerlessness bred of a deep sense of personal inadequacy. With the immense forces of will and an exceptional and yet hopelessly skewed intelligence borne of the genetic inheritance of two people who themselves were forced to struggle against tremendous obstacles to the attainment of their individual identity, the young Obama, perhaps largely unconsciously, determined to pursue the attainment of power and the control over others to compensate for the simple acceptance which was denied him, obviously with great apparent success. Unfortunately, the pursuit of supremacy can never adequately substitute for the unencumbered and unconditional love so necessary to healthy development. History is rife with the misadventures of this singular and hopelessly tragic pursuit as it is with the conditions that are creative of them. And we are witness to a host of destructive scenarios, which have emanated from this tragic quest. A manipulative and power hungry individual is on a two way street where one most often meets people with the same inordinate pride, greed and lust. The ensuing mélange is not often a pleasant picture.

The scandal of shameful activities and associations so endemic to the self obsessive personality, the inclination to things criminal and malignant and the attendant efforts to cover, obfuscate, and lie, batten on the Neptune dominated individual and attend their every movement and this is so much the more so if they are in the public eye and seeking elected office, necessitating the hypocritical pretensions of exaggerated moral rectitude which the modern Pharisees trot out endlessly for public consumption. In respect of this we have the following from Webster Tarpley: “Obama has climbed out of a veritable sewer of corruption, crime, graft, bribery, kickbacks and rake offs to assume his current role as seraphic advocate of good government and public probity. Obama may not be the most corrupt individual to approach the presidency, but he is in all probability the person in whom the reality of corruption and a hypocritical pretense of clean government are most at variance.” Tarpley goes on to detail Obama’s financial entanglements with a trio of underworld godfathers; Antoine Rezko, Nadhmi Auchi, and Aiham Alsammarae, the latter having fled his native Iraq on corruption charges, after helping loot the war decimated country under the U.S. Coalition Provisional Authority. Rezko’s case was much more publicized and garnered a considerable amount of media attention during the campaign along with the Jeremian Wright imbroglio. Rezko was convicted on multiple felony counts of corruption and financial manipulation, one of which involved the purchase of Obama’s Hyde Park mansion.

Here is again displayed the duplicitous and criminal conditions in which the attempt to deceive, defraud, victimize, and otherwise undertake an underhanded and devious get rich quick scheme for the furtherance of one’s aims. Needless to say, such scheming is completely at variance with the veneer of righteousness and unassailable integrity, which the “president” has cultivated for the benefit of the gullible and unquestioning faithful of his misled constituency. But such are the murky currents of Neptune in which teem the underworld denizens of conspiratorial and criminal collusion.

It is interesting to note that at the time of Obama’s birth and at this point in of our country's history (1961) the conspiratorial web was being spun which would ultimately subvert, overthrow, and destroy our democratic institutions with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the coup d'etat and the subsequent murders of Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King and the ascendancy of the secret cabal of our present shadow government. Indicative of this was the transit of Neptune across the 17th degree of Libra, the position occupied by the Sun on November 4th, election day expressive of the treachery, deception and mass delusion regarding that apocalyptic national downfall. Also of interest in this respect was the fact that Neptune made its important direct station on November 4th, 2008, reflective not only of the mass hysteria at Grant Park in Chicago greeting the election of Obama an event which the historian Webster Tarpley has aptly referred to as " the postmodern coup", but also the international grand delusion regarding Obama's supposed African roots.

On the eve of the election, Israeli Defense Forces entered the Gaza Strip effectively inaugurating the devastating assault on the largely defenseless population there. IDF saboteurs proceeded to blow up and seal the labyrinthine tunnels which link the strip with Egypt while Israeli assassins selectively eliminated Hamas leaders. The ensuing and prolonged slaughter of mostly innocent civilians, who were subjected to bombardments of white phosphorus in direct violation of the Geneva Convention abated only with Obama's inauguration in January. The timing of this criminal enterprise was certainly not fortuitous. On June 4, 2008, the eve of the 41st anniversary of the commencement of the six-day Israeli-Arab war, Obama gave an important foreign policy speech to the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee. The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, who had just sewn up the nomination, used the occasion to repudiate his long standing support of the Palestinian cause, roiling the Arab world with unequivocal support of the Jewish state and unprecedented (and illegal) endorsement of an undivided Israeli capital in Jerusalem. Such are the duplicitous and treacherous currents of Neptune the malignant influence of which indicates a state of affairs, which is in direct contradistinction to any stated and apparent aims and objectives.
At the time of Obama’s birth, the planet Saturn@ 1 degree Capricorn was rising in wide conjunction with Jupiter@ 6 degrees Capricorn. This is admittedly the power position of the horoscope, not only because the horoscopus or rising degree of the map is regarded by some, especially Indian astrologers, to signify the most important and penultimate point in the celestial map, but in this case being occupied by the two most visible large bodies of the zodiacal sphere, this point acts as a kind of “handle” which acts as the main impetus or direction afforded to the southern and western planet grouping (This according to the directives of Marc Edmund Jones) The two planets contact the inner and personal planets; Moon, Venus, and most importantly Mercury at the descendant, as well as Uranus near the Sun. The trine from the ascendant great conjunction of Jupiter-Saturn to the Moon in the fifth house in Taurus is especially harmonious and bestows a wealth of benefits especially as regards temperament and general health.

It has been stated that a strong Saturn is the best prophylactic to the adverse influences of Neptune and here we find that maxim much in evidence. It inclines to seriousness, a sense of duty and responsibility with a conscientious and organized outlook giving the ability to attain, retain and consolidate one’s objectives. It is “distinctly good for worldly success or rather the retention and proper use of success” as CEO carter avers. He also adds with his uncanny sense of prescience, “there is usually affection and well-merited respect for the mother, but unless both bodies are well placed she is liable to die early or suffer misfortunes”. The Moon and Saturn in this aspect are undoubtedly responsible for Obama’s quite serious and aloof nature it imparts a somewhat calculated and cool element to the emotions and I think it implies and partakes of the literal and emotional distance which existed between mother and son.

On the other hand, the countervailing influence of the greater benefic, Jupiter, seems to have endowed Obama with “good spirits, contentment, and cheerful energy. The emotional nature is usually active, lively and inclined to optimism”. Indeed the whole ”northern” or lower of the map is indicative of a quite well balanced and harmonious attunement especially with Jupiter in contact with Moon sextile Mercury and midpoint Venus. One is left with the impression of a decidedly divided personality. The foregoing attributions apply primarily to the temperament and the persona thus the lunar influence. Thus Obama displays a personality that is engaging, affable, ingenuous, charming; altogether the qualities of an attractive and personable individual, certainly qualities that are essential for the politician, a chameleon like individual constantly accommodating himself to the changing expectations, demands of varied constituencies and interest groups, all the while cannily gauging the possibilities for the advancement , aggrandizement and consolidation of the only goal which of any real interest or significance-the quest for power.

It would be appropriate at this juncture to insert the ruminations of Cardinal James Francis Stafford taken from his address to the Catholic University of America on November 13, 2008. It must be kept in mind that the Cardinal is comparing Obama to the French writer Andre Gide.
“While reflecting about the profoundly negative impact of Obama’s vision on the humanum, I recalled how current are the reflections of Mauriac upon his contemporary, an influential European author. Even though Mauriac disagreed with him on almost every point, he acknowledged his great intelligence and personal attraction. ‘ But under all that grace and charm there was a tautness of will, a clenched jaw, a state of constant alertness to detect and resist any external influence which might threaten his independence. A state of alertness? That is putting it mildly: beneath each word he wrote, he was carrying on sapping operations against the enemy where a deadly fight was going on.’…Obama’s vision is modernist and rooted in the enlightenment. The content of Obama and Biden have elements similar to those described earlier: aggressive, disruptive and apocalyptic”

The same planets so endowed with the beneficent influence of Jupiter also bear the baleful and maleficent rays of Neptune and Saturn, albeit along with the certain harmonious influence of the three trines of Jupiter/ Saturn to the Moon and Neptune to Venus. Thus we have Saturn opposition Mercury of which Carter says, “This is often said to be a very undesirable position and it has been portrayed as cunning, malicious, full of suspicion and prone to underhandedness…there is often a tendency to plot and scheme…afflictions of Saturn and Mercury are very common in the nativities of tyrants and of narrow-minded and narrow–sympathied persons generally, who see only one rule and like to enforce it rigidly and universally being prepared to sacrifice everything to law and order.”

Of Jupiter quincunx Venus he goes on with, “There is a distinctly vain, idle, and even licentious type and there is a reckless, revolutionary pattern. Again, in some cases there is conceit without idleness. I have never found any of them conspicuous for unassuming modesty, nor do they seek the corner of the room or yearn to blush unseen. Oftentimes they like to strike a dramatic note, with themselves, be it understood in the centre of the stage…the feelings are frequently susceptible and the love affairs numerous. But a powerful malefic influence will readily introduce a much sterner element into the character and we may get the second or rebellious type.” Reinforcing and strengthening this “rebellious” tendency is the contact of Saturn by quincunx with Uranus (reflective of his mothers Saturn-Uranus conjunction just as Saturn aspecting Mars by trine is reflective of papa Davis’ Mars-Saturn conjunction) Saturn/Uranus inordinations are the most common and regularily occurring feature in the maps of U.S. power politicians over the past several decades. A lengthy quotation from the masterful C.E.O. Carter regarding this seems in order here.

“The contradictory character of these planets is well illustrated by the story of the Russian Czar, of whom it was said(in the time of the serfs) that he would gladly have seen all men free, if, freed, they would do exactly what he wanted! It is characteristic of the Saturno-Uranian contacts to act in a manner exactly opposite of to the native’s theories and often to alter the latter erratically, ring-
ing all the changes between rigid autocracy and anarchic “freedom”. Consistency is not one of the virtues of this combination, and, after many changes, one may find the native as positive as ever in his conviction of being right. A liberal amount of time may be profitably devoted by the native to the cultivation of the virtue of humility!
“ Violent, fitful, and wayward traits of character arise; the native verges from the moody and sensitive states to the reckless and defiant attitude, with little real strength of character behind… There is a love of drastic action and an inner longing for authority, and a condition in which there will be no thwarting or inhibition…”Sometimes there is arrogance and superciliousness towards others… there is the desire to be a reformer, but, the native will probably lack clarity of vision. The inner craving for power is pronounced in this type and will appear in many forms. Sometimes it will manifest as a passion for ruling ones fellows…”

Natal Saturn itself is in quincunx (or inconjunct) with the setting Uranus and forms a close and approaching trine with Mars. Jupiter likewise forms a Yod or “finger of God” configuration with Uranus and Venus with Mercury at the descendant as the midpoint. These extremely powerful planetary groupings across the horizons would demand pages upon pages of delineation, but for the most part we will leave this to the legions of hack astrologers who have rehashed the recipes of the formulaic tropical cook book schools ad infinitum and ad nauseam, adding more useless volumes of sortilegious monkey play to the already reeking heap of excremental verbiage called modern astrology.
Let us then for the moment direct our attention back to Mercury, the winged bearer of the caduceus. Of immediate interest is the number of demagogic orators who have been blessed by this placement of Hermes near the descendant angle, usually in deep affliction. Two of those, whom can be immediately called to mind, are Adolf Hitler and Obama’s hero, the so-called Great Communicator, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Mercury of course is rightly recognized as the planet par excellence of communication, a status derived from his mythological role as the messenger of the gods. And indeed the power of the word is a gift from God, which does not mean that like all the many other gifts of the creator, that it cannot be put to ill usage, and sometimes in direct and inverse proportion to its intended beneficial intention.

Hitler’s Mercury was opposed by Uranus rising, and lo! Reagan’s Mercury was in similar affliction with the rising Neptune, our perennial bugbear. As for Obama the fates have bestowed on him a triple whammy with Neptune Jupiter and Saturn all in adverse aspect from the all-important angles of the horscopus and the Midheaven. Praised by many for his purported eloquence, excoriated by others for histrionic and empty grandiloquence, Obama like his predecessors remains much listened to. Some have criticized his excessive dependence on the glass plates of the teleprompter and indeed video evidence has shown that when he loses touch with the teleprompting or there is an inevitable malfunction he lapses into something resembling only confused gibberish, fumbling and flailing in an attempt to regain his lost composure. By contrast and comparison one only needs to listen to the speeches of JFK to witness the impressive, sustained, and forceful delivery of a powerful orator. (Kennedy had the Moon in trine to the dynamic triple conjunction of Mars/Mercury/Jupiter in Aries ) And besides, he had something to say. Reagan, on the other hand, similar to Obama, remained, at best, simply histrionic and at his worst degenerated into dithering, stuttering, and even drooling as evidenced in the televised debates with Jimmy Carter. Of course Hitler’s much rehearsed and maniacal diatribes partook of some kind of demoniacal incantation which left his audiences paralyzed and spellbound, much more the character of the electric and magnetic Uranus/Mercury, as opposed to the hypnotically soporific and seductive pretense of Neptune/Mercury.

As we begin a more general analysis of the celestial map which provides the planetary patterns referred to briefly above, it is necessary to refer to a theory advanced by C.E.O. Carter in "The Zodiac and the Soul", which certainly has a particular relevance to any consideration of the dynamics of this horoscope. This is what he calls the Law of Subsumption which he applies to an individual horoscope of certain historical personage of whom he states " the remarkable thing about this man was not what we see in him personally but in the power he wielded over others" and further, "he was not so much an individual ego per se as the focus point of mighty cosmic forces". He goes on to suggest that this particular nativity can only be understood by, "relations with the map, quite unknown, of his race". Thus he assumes some unknown archetypal determining factor must be adduced to fully comprehend the relative similarities and differences between the individual horoscope and the more general and universal cosmic pattern expressive of a people, a "race", or as we will suggest, a nation, as to make them conceivable and comprehensible. And so any reflections which by necessity are of any personal traits, tendencies, or attributes, must be addressed in respect of the projection of a collective or supra-personal and thus unconscious and archetypal identification which is attached and transferred to our "individual ego per se", Barack Obama. In direct and inverse proportion, the feelings of helplessness and impotence so characteristic of neurosis, through the process of identification, projection, and transference, become the sensation of illimitable power and omnipotence, the impossible muddlement and attendant confusion of a hopelessly disordered personality becomes unassailable conviction, and most importantly the perceived insignificance and problematic nature of the individual consciousness is effaced in the counterfeit transcendence afforded by an identification with the mob mentality. The fabrication of the elaborate fiction to establish a mythos quite at variance with the simple facts of Obama's personal history comes full circle and is reflected in a universal collective dissociation sustained and existing only as an infantile projection of a massive wish fulfillment borne of the collapse and subsequent cognitive breakdown of the national identity into a "participation mystique" in which individual consciousness is overwhelmed by undifferentiated unconscious content, productive of nothing short of a national psychosis. In the ensuing chaos typified by mass hysteria and hypnotic fascination we find the characteristic mesmerization and equally passive and hopeless enthrallment of the captivated habitué who has abandoned reason, discernment and judgment, in short anything that defines one as an individual, in a dionysian quest for submersion in the murky and effacing currents of the unconscious and the subliminal. The sleep of reason breeds monsters.

Neptune Rediscovered

First observed by Galileo in December 1612 and mistakenly assumed to represent a fixed star as it was stationary retrograde, Neptune was predicted in 1845 by both Urbaine LeVerrier in France and John Crouch Adams in England based on anomalies of the orbit of its planetary neighbor Uranus. On September 23 of the following year, Heinrich Ludwig D'Arrest and Johanne Galle physically observed Neptune and it was identified as a planet. Certain events attended the "discovery" of the eighth planetary orb, along with mundane discoveries which have subsequently been attributed to the influence of Neptune and which have become in the process indelibly associated with the synchronous meanings which attend any understanding of the planet's significance.

The scientific advances in anesthetics and pharmaceutical agents were accompanied by the first emanations of hypnotism and mesmerization. Sweeping the European continent and appearing in America as well were the inchoate emanations of spiritism and occultism, the rapid dissemination and growth of which later caused Sigmund Freud to urge his pupil C.G. Jung to hold fast to his psycho-analytical theory as a "bulwark against the black mud tide of the occult" which he felt threatened the very foundation of Western Civilization. The revolutions of 1848, precipitated by the French dethronement of Louis Phillipe, erupted throughout Europe, threatened and eventually undermined the Hapsburg and Prussian monarchies of the Holy Alliance of 1815. The sparks which set the European tinder ablaze were the ill-timed insurrections in 1846 in Galicia and Poznania against the Prussian and Hapsburg overlords which Karl Marx referred to as the "the first democratic revolution of modern history". The publication of his “Communist Manifesto" in 1848 provided the philosophical impetus, which would lead to the enslavement of half the world to communism less than a century later.

This period, which would later be referred to as " the Springtime of the Peoples", was characterized by an unprecedented mad theatricality of hyper idealistic and visionary nonsense enunciated in endless hyperbolic and inflated pronouncements concerning the fantastic establishment of a paradise on earth wherein peace would reign, and all social and political divisions would coalesce in harmony. Of course it was socialism and the long hoped for realization of national liberation, which would deliver the masses from bondage and bring about this inexorably approaching utopia. In reality, these masonic inspired daydreams were only laying the groundwork for the internecine struggles which marked the death throes of the monarchies, which in turn gave way to the unparalleled bestiality of social Darwinism as embodied in sanguinary struggle of the nation-states. Thus the illusion of the once bright and beckoning future was ultimately transformed into the reality of a grim wasteland of trench warfare, apocalyptic devastation of total war, and the mass extermination of the gulags and concentration camps.

The parallels with the present state of affairs a century and a half later and half a world away are significant if not compelling. Three million people in England were living only on government handouts. The situation on the continent itself, though not as severe, partook of the same privations, with masses of unemployed drifting across Europe. Rootlessness and unease were evident. A sense of gloom and doom pervaded giving the impression that "the whole structure of the Continent was falling apart". The resultant social upheavals were symptomatic of massive discontent with the existing social and political institutions which the revolutionary elements sought to eliminate to clear the way for their own new world order. What resulted of course, other than some peripheral and gratuitous rearrangements of the existing political and economic order, was a retrenchment and strengthening of the implacable forces of reaction. Such are the illusions bred of unfounded expectation and unrealizable promises of false hope. La plus ca change, la plus ca méme chose.

With the discovery of so called animal magnetism at the beginning of the 19th century by Franz Anton Mesmer and the subsequent elaboration of associated phenomenon into the establishment of suggestion and hypnotism by the Scottish surgeon James Braid some years later, the foundations were laid for a radical reinterpretation of human identity the repercussions of which reverberate into the present with the most disturbing and profound implications for the social and political order. The attendant and contemporaneous emergence of spiritism, the occult, and the innovations of depth psychology likewise opened up apparently uncharted psychic territory the exploration of which has led into a veritable labyrinthine maze of remarkable and yet sometimes questionable discoveries which remain well outside the purview of ordinary rational consciousness and yet exert a compelling and significant influence on the historical and cultural events of the present age.

Scientific and technological advances have combined, interpenetrated, and coalesced with what was once regarded as the unsubstantial currents of thought, imagination, the spiritual and the supernatural. The previously unreachable and sacrosanct sanctum of the spirit has been encroached upon and invaded by the technical manipulations of empirical science. To some, this signals unprecedented scientific progress and thus the welcome advancement of human knowledge into here to fore inaccessible realms. After all, certain obvious benefits of the scientific technological imperative remain unquestionable. To others, profound moral and ethical dilemmas present themselves. Troubling questions arise about the implications of the application of scientific techniques to the manipulation of human thought patterns and subsequent effects of behavior modification. What is at stake is an issue which has, in one way or another, been of paramount importance to philosophy, religious experience, metaphysical inquiry down through the ages of mankind and thus to the very core of our human nature. The ontological significance cannot be overstated. At the very heart of the age old quest to understand the nature of human existence is the question of freedom.

Is man, as an individual and in the respect of the agency of his free will, an active and effective participant in his own destiny or is he simply the unwitting object of blind and unconscious forces beyond his control? This existential dilemma finds acute expression not only in the endless questionings of our modern philosophers, but in the context of the ongoing attempts to control, direct, manipulate and otherwise influence the human mind. It has been rightly perceived that in the ability to enlist the support of the masses either through persuasion or coercion lies the key to power through the creation or elimination of political, religious and socio-economic institutions. One encounters this elemental struggle in every level of human interaction but nowhere are the effects more acute and critical than in the political sphere. People quite naturally gravitate to centers of power in an attempt to ensure and sustain their collective survival. And just as surely do these foci need the support of the mass consciousness to survive. The attempts to control and manipulate the human mind involving the entrainment of brain waves through binaural beats and similar sound wave modifications found in frequency modulation and television transmissions as well as the experimentation involving extreme low frequency (ELF) brain wave patterns by applications of Tesla technology In the High Activity Auroral Research Project (HAARP) represent some of the most significant efforts to bypass ordinary human consciousness to dominate, subjugate and control the human mind through subliminal electromagnetic stimuli.

One of the pivotal events in Franz Anton Mesmer's sensational and scandal -plagued career was his confrontation with the Catholic priest, healer, and exorcist Joseph Johann Gassner in 1775 at the Munich Academy of Sciences. Gassner was a much heralded figure whose reputation had grown along with the miraculous cures and exorcisms which had gained him widespread fame across the continent. Mesmer was just beginning to attract attention for his own remarkable cures, which he apparently effected through the manipulation of various magnetic emanations which he believed present not only in individuals but also residing in the atmosphere as "etheric fluid". In a drama which must have appeared as something like a duel of the magicians, Mesmer convinced the members of the Academy that Gassner himself was possessed of a great reservoir of the "animal magnetism" which alone effected the cures and exorcisms which had been attributed to miracle of divine intervention. Indeed, so compelling and convincing was Mesmer's performance, that Gassner was completely discredited, his career ruined, and the supernatural basis of such inordinations such as possession and illness began to be seriously questioned. In fact commentators on the history of psychiatric theory trace the genesis of "dynamic psychiatry" to that event.

The singular appearance of Mesmer's "bacquet" or bucket must have presented a very curious spectacle indeed. The electromagnetic contraption was large enough to be surrounded by twenty some individuals to each of whom at successive intervals were applied one of the several iron rods bent at right angles and acting as antennae protruding from holes in the baquet. The contraption, accompanied by Mesmer's gestures and physical contact, induced in the participants wildly varying reactions which ran the gamut of behaviors usually exhibited only by the inmates of an asylum. Some howled like wild animals. Others were thrown to the floor flailing about madly. "Sensitive women" were sent into mesmeric convulsions culminating in "the sweetest emotion". Still others coughed up blood. Apparently Mesmer himself could initiate or cease such involuntary spasms with a gesture or touch.

These performances along with the numerous cures which Mesmer was apparently effecting caused such sensation that King Louis XVI himself became interested enough to convene a commission of inquiry composed of the famous chemist LaVoisier, the astronomer Jean Bally, the physician Guillotin and of all people, the American envoy Benjamin Franklin. The eminent gentlemen would reach no definitive conclusion, only expressing their reservations about the transference of any physical fluid and strongly cautioning against any further use of the technique especially as it seemed to predispose sensitive women to self abandonment . Mesmer himself was driven into the last of many forced exiles and from there drifted into obscurity.

Decades later in 1839, James Braid picked up the evanescent threads of the Mesmer phenomenon from the traveling French mesmerist Charles Lafontaine and subjected mesmerism to the rigorous scrutiny of empirical methodology. He promptly disavowed the mystical and arcane suggestions based on the "etheric fluid" and established a "psycho-physiological mechanism" which he located in the purely physiological state of the brain and spinal cord and redubbed the mesmeric procedure "hypnotism" after the Greek god of sleep, Hypnos. For Baird, the nervous system became the seat of all suggestive phenomena and he referred to the state of hypnosis as a "sleep of the nerves". In the process he fell afoul of English clerical authority who saw in the nascent therapeutic modality the cloven hoof print of Satan.

Braid defended his research in a twelve page monograph curiously entitled, "Satanic Agency and Mesmerism Reviewed". Once again the representatives of supernatural agency laid tentative claim to their rapidly vanishing turf. For his efforts Braid is remembered in posterity as the father of hypnotism, laying the foundation for the likes of Charcot, Piaget, and Freud.

The contemporaneous discoveries of the eminent Polish scientist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove remain for the most part as relatively obscure as they are significant. His discovery of binaural beats which involves the low frequency pulsation of two separate tones at slightly different frequencies, the combination of which produces in the brain perceptions completely independent of physical stimulus through the "entrainment" of brain waves. The brain waves mimic the pulsation of the implanted frequencies producing such sensations as are characteristic of the particular frequency introduced.

Mostly recognized for therapeutic value of inducing relaxation, the binaural beats have also been employed in less benign applications involving the aforementioned FM and television transmissions as well as in notorious MK Ultra experimentation conducted by the CIA. The latter program was inaugurated under the auspices of Operation Paperclip, a US intelligence operation formally approved by President Truman in 1946, involving the recruiting and importation of high level Nazi scientists in the waning days of WW II. The Nazi hierarchy had placed a high priority on the development of the atomic bomb as well as the implementation of mind control techniques known as "Weltenshunkrieg". German scientists involved in both programs were actively sought out and recruited by US intelligence operatives to the extent that the entire Nazi brain trust was soon working for the US government in the development of nuclear technology as well as forming a significant majority of the ranks of the American Psychiatric Association working in tandem with the notorious Canadian Dr. Ewen Cameron.

The Nazi mind controllers apparently busied themselves with a synthesis of Dove's binaural beats and the long established and refined tenets of Braids hypnosis. The result was a melding of a steady tone of 15000 Hz at the further limits of the hearing range with a much lower frequency at the range of 300 to 4000 Hz overlaid with the voice of a hypnotist controlling the frequency modulation which could be communicated to an individual in the laboratory or to a mass audience through the means of radio and television transmissions. The target subjects would be unaware of of the subliminal messages being transmitted to them, hearing only a tone or a "rush", and yet through the entrained brain waves would unconsciously understand and thus be "programmed" with the desired content.

After a brief foray into experimentation with psychotropic agents such as LSD, agencies such as the Scientific Engineering Institute began concentrating almost exclusively on the effects of radio frequency direct control of human behavior at a distance and other such biological radio communications upon the human brain and concomitant physiological influences. Such individuals as Steven Aldrich and Sidney Gottlieb, the successive directors of the SEI, performed numerous experimentations involving unwitting subjects much as their predecessor Ewen Cameron had. Inmates housed in correctional facilities and mental health lockdowns were some of the most easily accessible human guinea pigs, although, as with Cameron, due to their standing in the medical community, they had somewhat more limited access to the general population. (The trail of irreversibly damaged human lives, which Cameron left in the wake of his medical malfeasance was the source of millions of dollars of lawsuits in the late 50's and early 60's). With Aldrich and Gottlieb and their shenanigans at the SEI, events took a decidedly strange turn, which was to become a constant and ultimately defining feature of subsequent efforts at MK Ultra mind control programming, efforts, which would seemingly call for the offices of exorcism as practiced by Joseph Johann Gassner. Indeed the events that day at the Munich Academy of Sciences in 1775 were to come full circle as the paperclip scientists' involvement in a "social laboratory" at the University of South Carolina devoted to a study of black magic, witchcraft and the occult would suggest.

This bizarre hybrid of scientific methodology and black magic might have well attracted the attention of the eminent James Braid whom you remember felt compelled to defend his new found science of hypnotism against the onslaughts of the English clergymen. Indeed the evidence of "satanic agency" which Braid sought to disavow was provided in abundance a century later by the black psy-ops expert and National Security Agency general Michael Aquino when he formed the openly satanist Church of Set after a brief apprenticeship in Anton Sandor LaVey's Church of Satan. An army specialist in intelligence and psychological warfare and executive officer of the 306th Psychological Operations Battalion, Aquino's opus "From PSYOP to MINDWAR: THE Psychology of Victory" laid the groundwork for military and intelligence development of psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons employing ELF radio wavelengths along the lines developed by paperclip scientists and the efforts of Gottlieb, Aldrich and others at the CIA cutout Scientific Engineering Institute. A veteran of the notorious Phoenix program in Vietnam, Aquino's "thesis" developed and radically expanded the selective targeting and elimination of individuals selected from computerized data bases that was the hallmark of the Phoenix assassination program. The aspiring churchman developed programs employing the aforementioned mind control agendas to subdue populations "by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of imminent destruction". These applications were to be directed to both domestic and foreign operations. Apparently to further these nefarious aims, Aquino acquired the Bavarian castle where the Nazi SS was founded and, with a selected group of his fellow army intelligence operatives, re-enacted the occult ceremonies, which accompanied the investiture of the deaths head storm troopers, in full Nazi regalia.

In the early 1980's Aquino's activities came to the attention of the San Francisco police department and the FBI, which raided his home in 1984 as part of its investigation into the allegations of ritualistic satanic child molestation at the Presidio Army Base childcare center. The NSA satanist was also allegedly involved in the Franklin Savings and Credit pedophilia ring in which young boys from the Boys Town orphanage near Omaha were procured by Larry King, regularly subjected to ritualistic abuse at Offut Air Force Base and provided to the White House for sex parties with high ranking Republican officials including George H.W. Bush. Aquino escaped indictment along with the other numerous perpetrators in both these cases and remains one of the highest ranking officers in the NSA.

The bizarre and pathological fixations of our Nazi mind controllers cum satanists began to bear some strange fruit as MK Ultra spawned CIA mind control projects proliferated and spread across the nation in clandestine government laboratories and academic programs. Much of the incredible violence both foreign and domestic which so characterized the emergence of the United States from the European cataclysm of WW ll as the predominant world power could be traced to hidden agendas fueled by the nightmarish paroxysms of the mad scientists and their implementation through Faustian bargains struck with the infernal powers. Along with the monstrous creation of ever increasing levels of the unimaginable destructive powers of nuclear weaponry and concomitant open experimentation which unleashed the insidious hidden poisons of radioactive elements upon an unsuspecting populace came in tandem the invasive technological and occult probings into the human mind, the encroachment of which poses the gravest threat to the universally acknowledged and fundamental character of human freedom.

The control, subjugation, and enslavement of the human spirit through these agencies attains a metaphysical dimension heretofore reserved for the flights of creative imagination or the inspired revelations of the author of Revelation. Indeed one would have to make appeal to those forums, especially the latter, for an ultimate understanding of these troubling matters.
Of course the ultimate diabolic machination of the these masters of iniquity, an event which they made absolutely sure would be forever seared upon the consciousness of those who witnessed it, and, due to the wonders of televison and video technology would be endlessly replayed down through the decades so that the horror of it might properly demoralize, traumatize, and infuse a nameless and unconscious terror in future generations, was the brutal murder of JFK in Dallas,Texas on November 22, 1963. This infliction of severe national psychological trauma, in addition and being part of the bestial and ungodly injustice it embodied, was nothing less than a worldwide satanic blood sacrifice, staged and enacted with the aim of not only destroying one man but also of serving notice of the ultimate fate which would be visited upon anyone with the spiritual temerity to question or oppose the satanic architects of the culture of death whose invisible and yet implacably enclosing walls were being erected to confine and ultimately destroy the soul of a nation.
Largely operating in the inaccessible and subterranean corridors of intelligence agencies, black psy-operatives, satanic cults, and the cloistered confines of seemingly innocuous academic programs, and thus cloaked in the guise of respectable scientific empiricism, the mind controllers remained under the radar of public scrutiny much as they do today. Thanks to the Watergate fiasco and the ensuing Church Committee political assassinations investigations, some brief rays of light were trained across the murky and sinister shadows, which conceal the CIA's clandestine operations. The White House "plumbers" opened up a veritable pandora's box of ordinary and extraordinary malfeasance not the least of which was the conspiracy at the highest levels of government to assassinate Kennedys and Martin Luther King. The brief and halfhearted attempts at the most minimal congressional oversight of CIA activities was inevitably short lived and immediately undermined by the incoming CIA director, George H.W. Bush.

In a brief foray into the MK Ultra program activities the Church Committee found that it had been effectively pre-empted by former CIA director Richard Helms who had destroyed all files relating to the program before leaving office in 1973. Aside from attempting to conceal his direct and personal involvement in the MK Ultra program, Helms obviously intended to not only drive the program further underground by falsely declaring mind control operations defunct but also to deflect any unwelcome scrutiny by the Church and Pike committees investigating CIA involvement in political assassinations from MK Ultra involvement in the murder of Robert Kennedy at the Ambassador Hotel only hours after his victory in the California Democratic Primary on June 5,1968. This horrific and monstrous crime provided the pièce de résistance of two decades of MK Ultra programming by its neo-Nazi mad scientists. The purported hypnosis and programming of Sirhan Sirhan by the Sunset Strip ersatz psychologist and hypnotist CIA asset William J. Bryan synthesized a Manchurian Candidate sleepwalking patsy who, according to secret LAPD records, fired only blanks to distract witnesses from the real CIA killers who were stalking Kennedy in the hotel ballroom and into the kitchen area where they executed the presumptive Democratic party nominee.

From all accounts Sirhan had absolutely no recollection of the shooting, a total amnesia in keeping with the "alter" personality programming. On the other hand he could recall the whole incident in detail under hypnosis. The RFK assassination along with that of Dr. Martin Luther King only two months earlier on April 4 marked the final, ruthless consolidation of the coup d'etat of November 22,1963, events which transformed the last hopes of truly representative democracy in the United States into a trance induced psychic gulag of mental enslavement and the sadistic brutality of murder incorporated on a global scale.
Some few years later, a further refinement and expansion of the MK Ultra experimentation awaited certain unfortunate, mostly black and poor members of the San Francisco area untermenchen culled from the roles of welfare agencies, mental health facilities, orphanages skid row flop houses, prison parolees and retirees living on assistance, as well as 150 foster children delivered to the Temple by court order. These marginalized, largely unemployed social outcasts were organized by state agencies administering them into a social welfare project/religious revival called The Peoples Temple, founded by a former state housing administrator and preacher named Jim Jones. Lacking any serious credentials and a well-defined resumé, Jones nevertheless was extremely well connected. Though it must have appeared strange for an itinerant preacher who used to sell monkeys door to door in his native Richmond, Indiana to make ends meet, he numbered among his acquaintances Walter Mondale, First Lady Rosalynn Carter among other notables who included Governor Jerry Brown, State Representative Willie Brown and San Francisco Mayor George Moscone, who admitted he owed Jones a debt of gratitude for mobilizing his cadres at the Peoples Temple in the mayoral election campaign. Jones gained the support of individuals as diverse as the black radical Angela Davis and the head of the local John Birch Society as well as numerous representatives of local law enforcement agencies including the SFPD chief of police. One little known fact which might have served to explain these associations was the fact that Jones, through the agencies of his Richmond, Indiana homeboy and former police chief CIA agent Dick Mitrione, had garnered the attention of the spooks and ghouls at the Langley, Virginia CIA headquarters in the mid 60's when he founded the first incarnation of the Peoples Temple in Indianapolis. Soon Jones, without any visible means of support, was traveling throughout South America including Guyana, eventually settling in Brazil where he studied indigenous Indian religious practices, spiritism and voodoo all the while communing with the ubiquitous Mitrione ensconced at the nearby CIA headquarters in Belo Horizonte. Rumor has it that Jones high tailed it out of Brazil when a local newspaper outed him as a CIA asset, eventually making his way to San Francisco to found his infamous Peoples Temple.

One of the stops Jones might have made passing through Guyana was the so-called "Shalom Center" which at that time was a CIA operated forward base training UNITA mercenaries for the conflict in Angola. This was to become the site of the infamous Jonestown, initiated in 1973 under the direction of one Lawrence Laird Layton, a chemist involved in the Manhattan Project along with other government experimentation with chemical weaponry in his capacity as the Chief for Chemical Warfare at the Army's Dugway Proving Ground in Utah. It was Layton's son, Larry who was part the group " The Red Brigade" that opened fire on Congressman Leo Ryan's party as it attempted to leave the Port Kaituma airstrip, killing him and two NBC reporters and wounding numerous others. Oddly enough, in the tangled web of CIA skullduggery that was Jonestown, it was Layton's daughter Deborah who initiated Ryan's investigation with her own peremptory, high profile and quite possibly CIA engineered defection from the cult. Her husband George Blakey, yet another who lived to tell the tale, was a CIA asset who originally purchased the land that was to become Jonestown. Blakey was also conveniently removed from the massacre having previously accompanied the basketball team to Georgetown. After the mass murders, he and his charges embarked first to Panama where they closed out a Credit Suisse bank account to the tune of several million dollars and promptly decamped to Grenada where they sought refuge at yet another MK Ultra experimental hospital operated by a Dr. Bourne involved in primate research for the CIA mind control program. Interesting work for a family self- described as devout Quakers.
Whatever went on at Jonestown, I think we can give a most definite affirmative answer to the question asked in the title of Michael Meier's book "Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment?" Apparently a fully equipped hospital existed at the compound at which the inmates were provided regular daily check ups. While this in itself is no evidence of MK Ultra programming and experimentation, the vast amounts of drugs which John Judge depicted as "enough to supply the city of Georgetown, Guyana (pop. 120,000) for an entire year, including 11 thousand doses of Thorazine" along with stockpiles of the psychoactive drugs called for in MK Ultra controls might lend some credence to that view. The M.O. of the paperclip scientists seems to be much in operation, i.e. victimizing the institutionalized and the dregs of society whom their despicable eugenics codes deemed eminently expendable. Indeed the spectacle of a compound of black inmates presided over by some Orwellian big brother, a cadre of elitist white intelligence operatives and psy-ops specialists in the Guyanese jungle and guarded by armed thugs does not speak well for the ultimate aims of such an enterprise nor its ultimate outcome. That outcome, the grisly abbatoir of piles of more than 900 bloated corpses rotting in the tropical sun, was officially described as a mass suicide effected by the participants imbibing cyanide laced Flavor-aid.

This manufactured disinformation was imparted in the early morning hours after the massacre from the remote area in short wave radio transmissions from the U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission, Richard Dwyer, later revealed to be CIA Station Chief, and who accompanied Ryan's original party to Jonestown and, with the temple defectors, the Port Kaituma airstrip. Disseminated to the media, this version of events remains the generally accepted story. According to autopsies performed by Dr. Leslie Motu, the Chief Medical Officer of Guyana, the majority of the inmates died of lethal cyanide injections delivered to a consistent location in the back above the left shoulder blade, leading him to conclude that the majority of the inmates had been murdered. Numerous victims who suffered gunshot wounds were believed to have managed to escape the first wave of killing and were either shot at the camp or hunted down in the surrounding jungle.
An interesting and equally sanguinary postscript was written to the Jonestown tragedy when, only a week later, San Francisco Mayor, George Moscone, and City Supervisor Harvey Milk were gunned down by police officer and former paratrooper Dan White. Though any connection was of course denied, both Milk and Moscone had been enthusiastic supporters of the temple, with Milk even going so far as to write letters of protest to the State Department taking exception to the unfounded smear campaign he felt was being directed by government agencies against Jones personally and the Peoples Temple in general. Another tidbit had the increasingly lugubrious Milk prophesying his own assassination and requesting that along with the bubble bath he requested be commingled with his ashes, that packets of Kool-Aid be also added as a sign of his solidarity with the Jonestown martyrs. The involvement of White added new grist to the MK Ultra conspiracy mill as White had previously complained aloud of mind control programming during his military career, and previous to the shootings had exhibited bizarre behavior such as goose-stepping loudly around the precinct headquarters and giving the Nazi salute. His famous "twinkie defense" at his subsequent trial, i.e. that he ingested massive amounts of sugar prior to the murders, might serve as an ironic parallel to the phony weaponized "Kool-Aid" in Guyana, which might itself been some CIA spooks thinly veiled reference to Tom Wolfe's "Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test", an assertion which assumes more credibility if rumors that Ken Kesey volunteered himself for MK Ultra LSD experimentation in the early 50's are true.

A more important and credible assertion is that the massive amounts of LSD, which flooded the streets of America in the heady days of the psychedelic 60's were engineered by the CIA, as had been the importation and dumping of heroin for decades into the U.S. urban ghettoes. These same allegations would resurface years later in the important investigative journalism of Gary Webb in the San Jose Mercury News, chronicling and detailing the importation and manufacture of crack cocaine in the Watts ghetto of Los Angeles, the revelations of which cost Webb his life, yet another victim of "suicide".

On the surface at least, the phenomenon of Jonestown and the Peoples Temple remains one of the most highly profiled and pre-eminent contemporary examples of many successive attempts to establish apparently viable, alternative sub-cultures within and yet outside of what is perceived to be an unacceptable and even inimical societal and cultural paradigm. Although this is not in the least unusual (one could site literally hundreds of examples even in the few preceding decades), what was unusual was mass carnage that ensued. Eerily similar parallels began to emerge years later, notably the Operation Move massacre in Philadelphia in 1985. The Move, also involving poor urban blacks, committed to a Pan-African movement centered around ecology and advocating a Rousseauvian return to a hunter-gatherer culture, was involved in a police standoff in 1978 which erupted in gunfire killing a police sergeant and resulting in the arrest and subsequent conviction on second degree murder of several Move members. The Move relocated. The standoff continued intermittently over the years until 1985 when complaints about a compost pile led to another standoff which culminated in the PPD dropping a bomb on the Move row house, killing the Move's leader and several other members and igniting a fire which destroyed several city blocks as well.

Some few months earlier in three separate chalets high in the Swiss Alps, 48 suicide victims were found surrounded by gas bombs that had been intended for some kind of Viking funeral, which had failed to ignite. The victims had died by suffocation effected by plastic bags placed over the head and tied at the neck, drug overdoses and gunshot wounds. Less than a decade later it was the turn of the Branch Davidian sect in Waco, Texas. On April 19, 1993, the infamous standoff between the Davidians and FBI and ATF allegedly over weapons violations and rape charges ended with a firebombing and machine gun attack on the compound killing 55 adults and 12 children. In 1997, the so called Heaven's Gate UFO cult gathered international headlines with a mass suicide involving 21 women and 18 men in California. These incidents being some of the most egregious examples of the nightmarish template seemingly designed and mass produced by intention, ample witness has been given by numerous other incidents not the least of which are the ongoing school shooting rampages which in 1997 alone killed 27 and wounded over 70 and culminated in the Virginia Tech massacre of 33 students on April 17, 2007.
As one surveys the subterranean and tortuous convolutions with which we trace even the most elemental outlines of the evolution of attempts to empirically quantify, control, and eventually manipulate the powers of the human mind, the image of the" uruboros" emerges, that is the ages old mystical symbol of the serpent devouring its own tail. One can scarcely imagine a more compelling depiction of the minds own attempt to study, gauge, or comprehend itself. One of the most consistent and common features employed in mind control techniques whether directed to an individual target in a laboratory setting or the attempt to homogenize and uniformly direct the thought patterns of a mass of people, which is the ultimate aim of such endeavors, is the closed system which inevitably develops and the respective dependence on the program synthesized within that closed system. The interaction with the environment, whether that be relational or situational, is effectively closed off as what the psychologist might characterize as the "undifferentiated content" becomes predominant. Indeed the effects of mind control effectively eliminate the participation of rational thought processes and thus display the same tendencies and symptoms of mental illness; delusional thinking, obsessive preoccupation, lack of affectivity etc., all of which disorder and debase the ability to maintain emotional balance, exercise discernment and effectively respond and react to real events. In fact the complete disruption and eventual effacement of the mental faculties especially related to memory are the seeming prerequisites for the compliant, passive and nugatory state required to receive the impress of thought patterning directives.

The unremitting and extensive psychic violence employed to deconstruct a relatively healthy and balanced mentality is evidence of the resilience and purposeful and independent nature of the human spirit. Unfortunately, the conditions of our modern social order, in an ongoing state of breakdown due to the unrelenting and pervasive assaults of corrosive and alienating institutional and technological imperatives, contribute to the erosion and disintegration of the human personality from birth. As a result, we are witness to the progressive psychological destabilization of whole populations, where conformity, apathy, and trifling self interest take the place of independent thinking, social engagement and the vital interaction of mutual and interconnected self interest. The insular, closed, and occult system, which presupposes an enlightened and superior esoteric class destined to exercise a hidden power over an unenlightened and inferior exoteric class violates the sacrosanct and indelible nature of free will and condemns mankind to slavery.

A brief survey of recent American history reveals not only a bizarre and countless assemblage of cults, sects, and new age movements, but also a government itself infiltrated and directed at the highest levels by individuals devoted to arcane and occult organizations which espouse the subversion, manipulation and control of public discourse through the application of advanced pychotronic and subliminal mind control technologies. Undoubtedly aided by the passivity, disorientation and confusion of such mass brainwashing, false flag terror bombings of 911 and cynical political disinformation campaigns have initiated brutal military campaigns unleashed against largely defenseless civilian populations in the Middle East and Central Asia with the overarching geopolitical goal of cornering the remaining world oil supply. Government and corporate interests have seamlessly merged to reveal a classic fascist model which relies on covert financial manipulation through cronyism, insider trading and the exercise of complex instruments of transaction, debt packaging and credit fraud to strip mine private and public assets, loot the treasuries and bring the international economy to the brink of an unprecedented collapse. An unprecedented flood of illegal immigration across the porous U.S. southern borders has radically and permanently altered the face of the nation resulting in a demographic tectonic shift in the economic, political and social realities. Finally, in the face of the increasing consolidation of the national security apparatus and the erosion and subversion of individual rights, the American populace has displayed its usual passivity, apathy, and indifference, paralleling the acquiescence, moral collapse and subsequent destruction of Wiemar Germany. A similar fate seems to await the hypnotized and morally paralyzed masses in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Voodoo Child- A Slight Return

It has been suggested that "From 80 to 90% of the populace of the United States can be hypnotized to varying degrees and at least 5% (10,000,000 of the U.S. population) is so easily hypnotizable that they are in a constant state of exaggerated suggestibility, even when awake and going about their daily routine. They are at the total mercy of all forms of influences and can easily be persuaded to do things and afterwards have no idea they did them." This is the opinion of Dr. Tobias Brocher, Director, Center for Applied Behavioral Sciences, Menninger Foundation, Topeka, Kansas. The implications of this supposition combined with the rapidly advancing sophistication and widespread deployment of CIA mind control techniques visited above have obviously created a climate in which the ability of the citizenry to openly and freely participate in the so called democratic process has been seriously compromised if not entirely destroyed. Indeed the unmistakable patterns of covert manipulation and coercive subliminal suggestion so characteristic of modern advertising and the application of such techniques in political campaigns was evidenced in the 2009 Cannes-Lion International Advertising Awards which bestowed the top two awards to the Obama campaign which in addition set new records for campaign expenditures totaling nearly $1,000,000,000. David Axelrod, later to become a senior adviser to Obama, engineered the cynical advertising campaign, accompanied no doubt by the subliminal currents of mass public mind washing alluded to above. An expert in media manipulation and ad consultant to numerous corporate giants such as AT&T and Commonwealth-Edison, Axelrod has made his specialty the engineering of ad campaigns supposedly generated by grass roots organizations and public interest groups which are actually the creations of the high powered corporate clients he really represents. In Chicago he helped create the so-called Consumers Organized for Reliable Electricity (CORE), which actually organized around the demand for higher electricity rates for the monolithic utility giant Com-Ed, which was then discovered to be a company front organization funded by Com-Ed to the tune of 15 million dollars. This kind of cynical charlatanism rose to new levels of political manipulation as Axelrod’s AKP+D Message and Media consultancy managed the Obama campaign, where a candidate representing the interests of Wall Street bankers and financial oligarchs was packaged as a community organizer and, most cynically, an anti-war activist.
The puerile and insouciant ignorance with which a certain vast segment of the American populace accepted these latest electoral manipulations, which have by now become a hallmark of our recent presidential investitures, was remarkable even by the accepted standards of the ridiculous and superfluous charade. The traditional off loading of the significant treacheries and ongoing malfeasance of the previous administration in 2008, what with further wars in the making and engineered economic meltdown in the offing, acquired such a critical importance that a candidate with a requisite and seemingly inverse proportionality had been manufactured to orchestrate the semblance of extraordinary alteration. And so from the farthest reaches of the realm of antithesis, the Hegelian dialecticians dredged up a prefabricated golem: anti-Bush, pre-programmed, packaged and personified as the radical and yes, racial departure from all policies of the previous administrations, while unfailingly and hypocritically committed to the further necessary elaborations of the same. The ingenious exploitation of the hopelessly retrograde black populace, combined with the deeply felt need of white Gen-X hiphoppers to forever expunge white guilt and a gnawing sense of racial inferiority reached a crescendo of futile and misplaced commonality of purpose in the resounding acclamation of the black face marionette dancing on the strings of oligarchic Wall Street puppet masters. The kleptocrats at Goldman Sachs, UBS, J.P.Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Lehman Bros. and Morgan Stanley (Obama’s top six campaign contributors) are proud owners of the best candidate money can buy. It is interesting to note that as early as December, 2007, George Soros and Robert Wolf, the U.S. chief of UBS, were busy mapping out campaign strategy for the Illinois senator which resulted in Wolf assuming the role of de facto campaign finance chairman, raising $500,000 by the following April. The payoff for the plutocrats was in the form an escalating velocity of the ongoing and unprecedented upward transference of wealth initiated in the Bush administration under former Goldman Sachs CEO and Secretary of the Treasury Paulson. This wholesale looting was handed over to the Obama tag team of Larry Summers and Peter Orszag, the masterminds of the economic pillage, asset mining, and transfer of Russian industrial and mineral wealth to congeries of underworld oligarchs which collapsed the Russian economy in 1998 under the aegis of economic hit man Al Gore.

One final foray into the astrological ephemerides may provide some insight into a singular signification involving the planet Saturn, which made its retrograde station on January 1, 2009, almost as if to signify the year of economic privation, impoverishment, and national penury which was to ensue as individuals, financial institutions and the national Treasury itself were all alike drained of the assets and values which they were previously presumed to possess. And yet Saturn is also the significator of wealth, opulence, riches and affluence. Indeed just as we cannot have poverty without the excesses of great fortunes, it is the lesson of the great chronocrator Saturn that just as the sand of the hourglass empties one obconical chamber into another to mark the inevitable passage of time, we cannot have the amassing of vast fortunes without the significant depletion of the resources of the many in favor of the few. More appropriately stated, as Saturn “rules” the starfield of Libra, the Balance, the perennial effort of nature to seek a balance applies alike to financial matters. Thus the upheavals and catastrophic displacements, which have befallen the financial and political structures, are in a larger sense the workings of a system based upon the orderly and predictable fluctuations of complex wave cycles which manifest in the rise and fall of civilizations as well as the expansion and contraction of financial markets. Thus these financial markets, in which it is generally acknowledged that significant and widespread efforts are made to manipulate and control prices and commodities, have imbedded in themselves innate laws more akin to an understanding of the laws of fractal geometry or Kondriateff wave theory than any attempts at technical analysis. The well known Elliot Wave Theory which has gained much currency in theory and application over the years since its discovery in the 1930’s has proven a valuable and reliable tool in both the analysis of equity and gold markets. Martin A. Armstrong, among others, provides a brilliant elucidation of these processes in his work “It’s Just Time”, written in a federal prison where he is serving a sentence, ostensibly for financial fraud and unprecedented contempt of court charges but actually for his refusal to surrender a ground breaking computer program, based on his elaborations of Kondriateff wave theory, to government intelligence agencies and CIA operatives interested in the application of the program to national security interests.
In this respect, the severe financial distortions, which preceded and attended the installation of the Obama regime, were the expected outcomes of decades long financial imperatives related to the establishment of fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve in 1913. The successful attempts by the financial oligarchy to crash the economy based on their long standing manipulation of the complex instruments of OTC, CDS, and CDO derivatives created by master manipulator Alan Greenspan at the behest of the Federal Reserve in the early 1980’s and continued under the Clinton regime under the aegis of the financial ghouls at JP Morgan Chase under the direction of Treasury Secretaries Robert Rubin and present Senior economic advisor Larry Summers represents a criminal plot to make insanely lucrative profits from the looming crash and subsequent destruction of the U.S. economy. By the creation of the derivatives, what were effectively “insurance policies” were issued on the major financial institutions, which would, foremost, guarantee the collapse of some of those institutions and at the same time immeasurably enrich the nefarious manipulators who, through the complex and devilish derivatives (in perhaps the ultimate “short selling position”) bet on those same institutions to fail. All the while, Wall Street and Federal Reserve insiders positioned in the administration, notably Tim Geithner, opened up the seemingly infinite reserves of electronically printed banknotes of the U.S. Treasury (the sine qua non of the Fed) to provide the exponentially increasing payouts to those “counter-parties” of the derivatives contracts, creating the veritable economic black hole down which the wealth of past, present and future generations of Americans will be disappearing for the dimly foreseeable and equally unsure future.
As we return once again to the case of Obama, the powerful direct station of Saturn fell athwart his natal position of Mars@27degrees Leo. As Mars configures the rising Saturn in the natal map “ it betokens…spitefulness, cowardice, harshness, and effeminacy, often coupled with a tinge of sadomasochism” according to the redoubtable Cyril Fagan. The station of Saturn on this crucial point seems to reflect the extraordinary and cowardly acquiescence and betrayal of the public trust at the behest of the rapine white collar predators, his Wall Street masters.
Fagan goes on to depict the emotional state which accompanies the abovementioned transit of Saturn: “It tends to make the native cowardly and fearful and, in extreme cases, even vindictive and brutish, especially to women and children.” Regarding this last reflection we have something further to add. Of the many issues, which have deeply divided the country over the last several years, the one that the 44th president has expressed absolutely no equivocation about is the one of abortion. Obama has repeatedly and emphatically stated his support such as the address on July 17, 2007 to enthusiastic partisans of Planned Parenthood where he stated, “We are not only going to win this election but we are going to transform this nation…the first thing I will do as president is to sign The Freedom of Choice Act…I put Roe at the center of my lesson plan on reproductive freedom when I taught Constitutional Law…On this issue I will not yield.” Of course anyone familiar with his record as Illinois state senator could scarcely be surprised at such adamancy coming from the only member of the state senate to speak out against a law which would require medical care for infants who had survived an abortion, rather than abandoning the unfortunate innocent victims to eke out lonely and agonizing deaths. That anyone would regard such a sordid and brutal abbatoir as the centerpiece of a lesson plan is indicative of not only the profound and ”brutish” insensitivity of a hardhearted intellectual schoolmaster with overtones of sadism, but also of the tragic and manifest imperative of an entire nation complicit in such appalling crimes and their attendant rationalizations.
The great majority of Americans are either profoundly unaware of or simply unwilling to acknowledge the origins and evolution of the present organization called so euphemistically, “Planned Parenthood”. That the ongoing efforts at “population control” had as their genesis the openly racist eugenics movements founded after the turn of the century would undoubtedly be a surprise to many of those who consider the modern efforts to limit world population a laudatory and almost universally recognized necessity. And to admit that the Nazi efforts to prevent interbreeding among German Aryans and Jews and the forced sterilization and eventual liquidation of large segments of the populace deemed hereditarily, mentally, or physically unfit to reproduce (or finally just to exist) had its own origins in court mandated sterilization programs in American states might even be shocking. And yet the prevailing scientific viewpoint, which held that the manifold problems faced by modern American society; poverty, mental illness, crime and indeed the “bad stock” which kept arriving by the boatload from every European quarter with the potential of infiltrating and defiling pure Nordic blood, could be conveniently and quietly eliminated through the application of negative eugenic techniques, was a widespread and prevalent one. It was to this purpose that the Eugenics Recording Office compiled records on millions of American citizens with the ultimate aim of ordering mass mandatory sterilizations. With the financial support of major foundations and hundreds of rapidly growing eugenic academic programs at the major universities, as well as the enthusiastic support of eminent men of science such as Alexander Graham Bell and Luther Burbank, the ERO, the American Eugenics Society, the American Eugenics Party and others were poised to “transform the nation” with the application of both positive and negative eugenics programs across the country.
The opportunity for the enactment of the grand design of the American eugenics engineers arrived in the 1920’s in the person of Carrie Buck and her child Vivian, born out of wedlock in Virginia, apparently a hot bed of eugenic agitation. Carrie suffered the ostracization and opprobrium which at the time usually accompanied the unsanctified issue of illicit relations and attracted the attention of not only the school authorities at the institution she attended, but also the notice of the court authorities, who under the newly enacted Virginia Eugenical Sterilization Act promptly declared Carrie and her new born ”certifiable morons” and thus subject to mandatory sterilization mostly on evidence submitted in testimony by her school superintendent. The fact that Carrie was on the school’s honor roll and had been raped by her foster family’s son did not serve to mitigate the court’s judgment which, as in so many cases, was dictated not by any real legal foundation but rather by the immense financial, scientific and political interests which were militated against the defenseless girl and indeed the several thousands of other unfortunates who had previously been hauled before the benches of the state courts and violated in such an appalling manner.
After some considerable legal wrangling, the case reached the Supreme Court, which in a verdict read by Oliver Wendell Holmes, ruled in favor of the State of Virginia effectively validating its sterilization act and mandating the sterilization of Carrie Buck. Later, a review of the case determined that her lawyer was all along acting in collusion with the State, which had prosecuted the case to validate its Eugenical Sterilization Act in order to effect the mass sterilization of the inmates at state mental health facilities in a supposed cost cutting measure.
Though the precedent eventually paved the way for the sterilization of 30 to 60 thousand Americans the major effect was in Germany where the notorious psychiatrist Ernst Rudin, head of the Kaiser Willhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography, masterminded the infamous medical experimentation upon Jews, Gypsies and other “untermenschen”. The eugenics movement was instrumental in the creation of the Prevention of Hereditarily Ill Offspring Act of 1933, which was instrumental in providing for the sterilizations of 375,000 undesirables. Massive funding for these various agents of the German eugenics programs came from the same American foundations that spearheaded U.S. eugenics efforts, including the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Institute, The Ford Foundation, and the Harriman family. Also amply funded by the Americans was one Otmar Freiherr von Verchuer, head of the Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity and Eugenics who wrote in his Eugenics Journal that war would provide a final solution to the Jewish question. He was ably assisted in his efforts by Hauptsturmfuhrer Dr.Joseph Mengele, future camp physician at the Auschwitz concentration camp. The German eugenics elitists were more successful in their efforts than their American counterparts as exemplified in the following from Marshall Thomas in his ”Monarch- the New Phoenix Program/Part One”

”The toll of Eugenics Laws would fall heavily on non-Jewish Germans as well. The chronology of events is instructive. First patients in German mental facilities were sterilized, then it was decided to gas them. CO gas was used in the beginning but was discarded in favor of Zyklon B gas for reasons of economy and effectiveness. Next all the residents of the old age homes in Germany were either starved, given lethal injection, or gassed and then cremated. Finally German citizens who had physical disabilities, many quite mild or correctable, were euthanized. Between 50,000 and 100,000 were eventually killed.”

The transoceanic collaboration between the elitist Nazi ideologues of both Germany and the United States dedicated to the eugenic cleansing of hereditary and racial stock had reached a fever pitch in the 1930’s culminating in the Third International Congress On Eugenics in 1932. The Congress was dedicated to Averell Harriman’s mother for her tireless work in funding eugenics organizations in the U.S., England, and Germany. The Nazi psychiatrist Ernst Rudin was elected president of the International Federation of Eugenics Societies. Averell Harriman himself had arranged the trans-Atlantic voyage of the Nazi eugenics hierarchy on the Walker/ Bush Hamburg-Amerika line. The shipping line was but one of many financial, business and industrial concerns, which linked the Bush, Harriman and Walker families with the German Thyssen-Krupp-I.G. Farben combine which financed Hitler and created the Nazi war machine. The congress was funded by one William Draper Jr., a lifelong friend and associate of the future U.S. president, George Herbert Walker Bush. Draper was a very busy man, spending 15 years financing and managing Nazi enterprises through the offices of the German Credit and Investment Corporation all the way through 1942, as well as retaining the rank of general in the U.S. Army and founding numerous eugenics and population control agencies well into the 1980’s. Draper also served as vice-chairman of the future International Planned Parenthood Federation. In fact it is not hard to find General Draper’s footprints all across the wide terrain co-inhabited by the ardent ideologues devoted to Nazi race theory, eugenics cleansing, and neo-fascist imperatives on both sides of the Atlantic. The delegates at the congress were entertained by a host of contributors and
speakers who stressed the need for comprehensive programs devoted to the sterilization of the mentally ill, the execution of criminals, the insane and the terminally ill, and the “eugenical racial purification by prevention of births to parents from inferior blood stocks” These initiatives were to become the consuming and life long passion of Margaret Sanger, a close associate and friend of both Rudin and Draper, who was to become the most visible face of the eugenics movement after her Birth Control League was transformed into its present incarnation, The Planned Parenthood Federation of America.

The figures alone give eloquent testimony to the success of Margaret Sanger’s so called “Negro Project”, initiated in 1939 as a response to the requests from public health officials in the southern states: 13,000,000 aborted black babies since 1973. Some statistics go so far as to say that one out of every two pregnancies among black women end in abortion. The lower end speculation is three out of five, which makes black women at least five times more likely to terminate a pregnancy than their white counterparts. One out of every three abortions is performed on a black woman. Out of 1,200,000 abortions in the United States annually, 500,000 are black with some 250,000 Hispanic (All statistics courtesy of Blackgenocide.org). Given her obsessive compulsive and driven personality, these numbers might be somewhat of a disappointment to the uncompromising eugenics crusader. The following is from George Grant in his critical biography “Killer Angel”

“The mass of Negroes,” her project proposal asserted, “particularly in the South, still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes, even more than among whites, is from that portion of the population least intelligent and fit”…In order to remedy this “dysgenic horror story” her project aimed to hire three or four “Colored Ministers, preferably with social service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities” to travel to various Black enclaves and propagandize for birth control…”The most successful educational approach to the Negro,” Margaret wrote sometime later, “is through a religious appeal. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the Minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

To this day PPFA notoriously positions the majority of its burgeoning clinics in or adjacent to neighborhoods with predominantly minority populations. Sanger’s first clinic was opened in 1916 in the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn with over 90% of its population Afro-American, and of course accompanied by all the ravages which perennially afflict ghettoized black enclaves throughout the United States: unremitting and grinding poverty, pitifully inadequate and substandard housing, chronic unemployment, government engineered saturation with hard drugs, pervasive alcoholism and addiction, non existent or over-taxed medical facilities, dysfunctional and understaffed schools, blighted urban landscapes with block after block of abandoned derelict buildings which Jimmy Breslin depicted as looking like Berlin after World War ll, altogether deserving of its familiar modern moniker, The Wasteland. Although this urban nightmare was still far away from the apocalyptic open prison yard of modern times, the picture that presented itself to the young white eugenic crusader must have confirmed her already deeply imbedded prejudices regarding the innate hopelessness of what she referred to later as the “Negro problem”. Thousands of miles and an ocean away, in the bloody and feral quagmire of the trenches of World War l, a unknown German corporal was formulating inchoate visions informed by the same eugenic race-science theories that motivated Margaret Sanger, which would later result in his own attempts to solve another pressing issue, the Jewish problem. Sanger’s own attempts at opening a birth control clinic in the squalor of a New York City ghetto might be interpreted as partaking of disingenuous armchair socialist grandstanding for which she and her coterie of upper crust salon socialists later became known. As was undoubtedly expected, after only nine days of operation, the clinic was raided by the police and shut down. Duly sentenced, Sanger cooled her heels in a jail cell for 30 days, in the process acquiring the required credentials for a piece of agitation calculated only to attract the publicity needed to further her agenda and aggrandize her decided personal
ambitions. In fact the “abortive” operation had all the fingerprints of the many and various foundations, which were beginning to supply their considerable financial and political capital to the push for eugenic programs in the U.S., Britain and Germany. Many years later with the PPFA firmly established, Sanger and her cohorts still felt the need to divert any public attention away from considerable involvement of the Rockefeller foundation in particular in the funding of the organization.
As the eugenics movement gradually distanced itself from any association with its Nazi connections and gradually shape shifted into the sanitized semblance of a public health initiative, the ambitious and well-funded public relations campaign began to pay some dividends. The “Negro project” was making much headway in the South, widely disseminating contraceptives at ever increasing rates and forming in the process a solid base of operations from which the organization would in the future expand to the entire country, all the while replicating the model, concentrating clinics around and within minority communities. Despite the successful recruiting of the support of black leadership across a wide spectrum of religious, social, professional and academic organizations, there was one slight drawback that was noticed over the intervening years. In 1940 the pregnancy rate among non-white women was 61/1000. Only 28 years later in 1968 that figure had doubled to 112/1000! The only reasonable explanation was that, as was generally feared as far back as 1939, the “Darkies”, with their rapacious instincts for indiscriminate breeding and attendant intellectual inferiority, could not be entrusted with the admittedly delicate scientific process of limiting their numbers. That the population engineers had provided the dark masses with means and opportunity for their own salutary delimitation had merely provided them with a false reassurance that what little restraint they might have previously exerted against their wild and uncontrollable venereal urges could be completely abandoned. This unmistakable result was to prove the consistent bugbear of PPFA and necessitated the deployment, in exponentially increasing numbers, of their own “final solution”-abortion on demand. Dr. Alan Guttmacher was instrumental in effecting the new policy agenda which through illimitable Rockefeller Foundation funding was able to effect the final hoped for goal of “liberalization” of abortion laws, resulting in the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling in 1973, which opened up the floodgates for the unprecedented assault on the unborn. Guttmacher, who had inherited the leadership of the organization with the passing of the sainted foundress on September 6, 1966, had signaled the increasing emphasis of abortion on demand as the concomitant and essential component of PPFA depopulation programs even to the point of publicly praising the surgical abortion teams which fanned out across the Chinese countryside in search of violators of the communist mandated 1 child per family restrictions. That these coercive and state mandated abortions would find favor with PPFA leadership is no surprise given some of Guttmacher’s statements:

“ Each country,” he says, “ will have to decide its own form of coercion, and determine when and how it should be employed. At the present, the means are compulsory sterilization and compulsory abortion. Perhaps some day a way of enforcing compulsory birth control will be feasible.”

Of course for a woman and the organization that bears her indelible impress and at the same time cynically manipulates the “useful idiots” of the clerical profession to such devious ends, common cause with an ideology that espouses the suppression of religious freedom can also come as no surprise.

“Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian churches. I look forward to seeing humanity free someday of the tyranny of Christianity no less than Capitalism”.

In 1966 PPFA bestowed the first Margaret Sanger Award upon Martin Luther King Jr. apparently for his efforts in the Civil Rights Movement and his dedication to the furtherance of the rights of Afro-Americans. His wife, Coretta Scott King, received the award in his stead and delivered a speech lauding the efforts of Sanger and PPFA. From the PPFA website comes the following.

Both he and Margaret Sanger challenged unjust laws, cruel social customs, and blind prejudice that still hold people in ignorance, poverty, and despair. Mrs. Coretta Scott King delivered her husband’s acceptance speech on his behalf, saying, “There is a striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger’s early efforts. … Our sure beginning in the struggle for equality by non-violent direct action may not have been so resolute without the tradition established by Margaret Sanger and people like her."

Sharing the award with King and Lyndon Baines Johnson was General William Draper Jr., the neo-Nazi ideologue and collaborator, rewarded for his tireless and long-standing efforts to foster race-science eugenic controls, to systematically eliminate the pesky inferior blood stocks and the reduce the rampant spawning of the Negroes. Of course the systematic campaign of genocide waged against the Afro-American could scarcely have taken place without the collaboration and open collusion of Negro ministers such as King and a whole phalanx of those like-minded well placed in the echelons of the white racist oligarchy. Below is a portion of the MLK acceptance speech

There is a striking kinship between our movement and Margaret Sanger's early efforts. She, like we, saw the horrifying conditions of ghetto life. Like we, she knew that all of society is poisoned by cancerous slums. Like we, she was a direct actionist - a nonviolent resister. She was willing to accept scorn and abuse until the truth she saw was revealed to the millions. At the turn of the century she went into the slums and set up a birth control clinic, and for this deed she went to jail because she was violating an unjust law. Yet the years have justified her actions. She launched a movement which is obeying a higher law to preserve human life under humane conditions. Margaret Sanger had to commit what was then called a crime in order to enrich humanity, and today we honor her courage and vision; for without them there would have been no beginning. Our sure beginning in the struggle for equality by nonviolent direct action may not have been so resolute without the tradition established by Margaret Sanger and people like her. Negroes have no mere academic nor ordinary interest in family planning. They have a special and urgent concern. . . . The Negro constitutes half the poor of the nation. Like all poor, Negro and white, they have many unwanted children. This is a cruel evil they urgently need to control. There is scarcely anything more tragic in human life than a child who is not wanted. That which should be a blessing becomes a curse for parent and child. There is nothing inherent in the Negro mentality which creates this condition. Their poverty causes it. The Negro constitutes half the poor of the nation. Like all poor, Negro and white, they have many unwanted children. This is a cruel evil they urgently need to control. There is scarcely anything more tragic in human life than a child who is not wanted. That which should be a blessing becomes a curse for parent and child. There is nothing inherent in the Negro mentality which creates this condition. Their poverty causes it. " -- MLK to PP 1966

It might be surprising to some that King, who apparently viewed the enclaves of his Negro brethren as poisonous cancers on society, would make such common cause with the very elitist racist ideologues whose admitted goals were to surgically excise those offensive black tumors which blighted an otherwise pristine white landscape. What is even more surprising is that he would be regarded as a second Moses leading his people from slavery and bondage to the promised land of milk and honey. This hagiography has apparently served as a template for the manufacture of the current computer generated black messiah who has been have elevated to the pinnacle of power by his white masters, all the while consolidating and elaborating their genocidal master plan. Obama’s speech to an NAACP convention in the spring of 2008 is significant in this regard. In the hypocritical and self congratulatory afflatus which has become so characteristic of his vainglorious speechifying, Obama revealed a detached quite anthropological observation of some anonymous Harlem street hustlers, opining with all the righteous and forbearing condescension of the sanctimonious preacher that “There but for the grace of God go I”. In his usually incisive and penetrating analysis, this time as regards the deleterious effects of the affirmative action program endorsing the use of race criteria in university admissions, Tarpley gives voice to the glaring hypocrisy and outright mendacity that characterizes this attitude.

“Today, 30 years later we are in a position to see the real shape of the river as we observe the characteristic human types which this system has created. Notable among these are Barack Hussein Obama and Michele Obama, who both assume the hypocritical stance of victims of racial discrimination, when in fact the only discrimination they have known has all been in their favor, and against the competition. Even as they amass luxury automobiles, significant wealth, mink coats, and their legendary mansion, they must parade themselves as people who repeatedly rejected the allure of the corporate world for a life of acetic dedication and personal sacrifice in the service of high principle. They also know that two-thirds of the black community for which they claim to speak does not benefit but demonstrably suffers, from this system…All this will provide yet another lesson that affirmative action perpetuates race conflict, condemns the poor to a life of despair, and promotes a parasitic overclass of race-mongers notable for their personal mediocrity and imcompetence.”

Likewise, it is a testimony to either naiveté, disingenuous self interest, or outright self delusion that King, apparently devoting his life to the alleviation of the manifold miseries afflicting the majority of Afro-Americans, would suggest that those very conditions were, in any wise dissimilar or to be dissociated from the efforts of a broad coalition of eugenics and population control advocates to decimate the black population in the United States. Perhaps the reason for this was that he, like so many others before and after him, uncritically accepted the very effective public relations campaign initiated after World War ll, portraying eugenics race science as “social biology”, and the racist genocidal imperative to purge society of dysgenic and inferior blood stock society as a public health initiative. These efforts were the result of an apparent schism in the eugenic movement. On the one hand the old guard held fast to the racist ideologies, which motivated the Anglo-German race theorists of the 20’s and 30’s, one of the major proponents of which was Wycliffe Preston Draper, founder of the Pioneer Fund. On the other were the new breed typified by Frederick Osborne, the so-called “reform” eugenicists, who realized that the success of any efforts to forward their aims of eugenic race cleansing were dependent on a deliberate reinvention of the eugenic objectives in the guise of a benign and salutary government heath program. Osborne, in resigning from Draper’s Pioneer Fund, admitted that their aims remained the same, but that the opprobrium and suspicion which had gathered around the movement due to its intrinsic association with Nazi race theory could only limit the effectiveness of its desperately needed programs.
The nature and direction of Osborne’s cynical and duplicitous machinations are quite typical of a racist/ elitist ideology, which has from its inception met with a well founded resistance to its nefarious and malignant purposes. It is a testimony to the iniquitous nature of these objectives that they must cloaked in secrecy and spoken of only with the honeyed tongue of conspiratorial dissemblance. Yet even a cursory review of relevant documents reveals the nature and purpose of their aims as exemplified in the following.

Frederick Osborn "reformed" eugenics by proposing that eugenicists conceal their true goal, which was, and is, to control human evolution by limiting marriage and parenthood to the superior stocks. He believed that less than ten percent of the population were worthy to have children. But he proposed that eugenicists never mention their conviction that most children should never have been born. Eugenicists were to assert instead a hypocritical concern for the welfare of the children of the inferior. This is the origin of Planned Parenthood's oft repeated slogan "Every child a wanted child". In reality, the eugenicists hope to manipulate the social and economic climate so that children unwanted by the eugenicists will be miserable and their miserable parents will "spontaneously" cease to want them. Ceasing to have children due to manipulation by eugenicists is called "voluntary unconscious selection" or, in other words, "CHOICE".

This project is laid out in the Galton lecture, "Galton and Mid Century Eugenics" which Osborn delivered in 1956*

"The very word eugenics is in disrepute in some quarters ... We must ask ourselves, what have we done wrong?

"I think we have failed to take into account a trait which is almost universal and is very deep in human nature. People simply are not willing to accept the idea that the genetic base on which their character was formed is inferior and should not be repeated in the next generation. We have asked whole groups of people to accept this idea and we have asked individuals to accept it. They have constantly refused and we have all but killed the eugenic movement ... they won't accept the idea that they are in general second rate. We must rely on other motivation. ... it is surely possible to build a system of voluntary unconscious selection. But the reasons advanced must be generally acceptable reasons. Let's stop telling anyone that they have a generally inferior genetic quality, for they will never agree. Let's base our proposals on the desirability of having children born in homes where they will get affectionate and responsible care, and perhaps our proposals will be accepted."

From "Galton and Mid Century Eugenics" by Frederick Osborn

After the extensive and wildly successful efforts at population control that culminated in the atrocities of World War II, a good deal of the offending inferior stock had been reduced to ashes and then some. The wicked criminals responsible had been defeated and scattered. Justice had been served. Relieved of at least the immediate threat of the more significant depredations of the wicked biped race, the denizens of the civilized world could relax and enjoy unhindered the satisfactions attendant upon the procreation of the species. This was especially so in the victorious realms of empire in the United States, where, unscathed by the apocalyptic mayhem which had exploded across Europe and Asia, there blossomed a “baby boom”. But the minions of the neo-Malthusian population control engineers were not going to be caught off-guard. Theirs was an eternal mission which required unsleeping vigilance and both forward and rear guard action in the endless war against the corrosive infiltration of the defective, the unfit, the undesirable and above all the teeming masses of the inferior blood stocks which were replenishing and spawning with renewed vigor. Besides, whole pools of such stock had been unscathed by the recent conflagrations and needed immediate attention. There was one small problem though. Now that Auschwitz had become a household word and the footage of mountains of corpses being bulldozed into open pits was becoming widespread, and reports of hideous experimentation by maniacal doctors were exposed, there was a public relations nightmare. In the halls of academia and scientific institutes stern visages of the hallowed founders of the great eugenic movement stared down with unrepentant dignity, still honored, still revered, and demanding vindication.
The eugenic movement dutifully went underground and after the salutary modifications reemerged renewed. The first flurry of renewed eugenic endeavor occurred in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1946-47. A pilot program for a world wide sterilization initiative was organized by Boyden Gray, the grandson of R.J. Reynolds tobacco magnate Bowman Gray. With the substantial and ill- gotten gains of his carcinogenic inheritance, Boyden Gray’s father Gordon had generously endowed the Bowman Gray Medical Center in Winston-Salem, which became the headquarters of The Sterilization League of America, later euphemistically transformed into Birthrite Inc. Enter Auntie Alice Shelton Gray who had raised Gordon Gray from childhood. She became the director from1946 through1947 of the sterilization experiment, which involved administering an intelligence test to all children enrolled in the Winston-Salem school district (shades of Carrie Buck). On the basis of the test, children who scored below an arbitrarily low mark were judged to be moronic and were sterilized. According to race-science experimenter Claude Nash Herndon,

“I.Q. tests were run on all the children in the Winston-Salem public school system. Only the ones who scored really low were targeted for sterilization, the real bottom of the barrel, like 70. Did we do sterilizations on young children? Yes. This was a relatively minor operation. It was usually not until the child was eight or ten years old. For the boys you just make and incision and tie the tube. We more often performed the operation on girls than boys. Of course you have to cut open the abdomen, but again it is relatively minor.”

Thus it was that several hundred South Carolina schoolchildren were deprived of the right to procreate. In 1960, twenty years before becoming president, George H.W. Bush brought William Shockley and Arthur Jensen, two “race science” professors, before the Republican Task Force on Earth Resources and Population. The theme of their testimony was the “down breeding” of the American Populace by exploding Afro- American birthrates. As stated above the efforts of the eugenics agents of Planned Parenthood in the South had wildly backfired. The Bush family had a long established interest in eugenic cleansing dating back to the family patriarch, Prescott Bush, and his deep involvement with the financing of the Nazi war machine as well as the eugenic movements of the 1920’s. Bush’s close association with both the ubiquitous William Draper and Boyden Gray, who was to become chief White House counsel to Bush in 1980, were instrumental in the establishment of serious and far reaching efforts to implement the sterilization programs pioneered by Gray and actively supported by the old Nazi fund raising operations of Draper and the Rockefeller Foundation.
”General Draper was George Bush’s guru on the population question.” as Webster Tarpley avers in his brilliant exposé of the G.H.W. Bush regime, “George Bush-The Unauthorized Biography”. ” Indeed Draper stands as an éminence grise behind the rebranded eugenics and population control engineering in the successive administrations of Eisenhower, Johnson, and Nixon. Draper founded the Population Crisis Committee, later Population Action International, and is directly responsible for a dramatic shift in the direction of American population control initiatives on the international level. As head of the military aid advisory committee to Eisenhower, Draper radically revised the mission of the committee, with the active support of the Dulles brothers, to study the threat of population explosion as a national security issue with the full engagement of the U.S. military in both intelligence and logistical operations world wide. This was in the administration of an individual who repeatedly stressed that the government had no business meddling in the issues of population modification. The main thrust of this initiative was the effort to effect so called ”demographic transition” in strategic areas worldwide. Conclusions drawn from intelligence reports and demographic studies indicated that populations with a certain level of population increase or decrease (births and deaths per thousand) which the statisticians regarded as unduly accelerating were more susceptible to civil unrest than those populations which displayed steadily decreasing rates in both as a result of embarking upon the hoped for “demographic transition”. In addition nations which displayed a demographic indicative of an increasing segment or even a majority of the population under a certain age, were likewise subject to patterns of social disturbance. Of course the predetermined and prevailing conclusion that such studies were designed to support was simply the depopulation of poorer countries which began in earnest in the Johnson administration with an emphasis on south and central American nations, and recognizing the limited effects of birth control in effecting such measures, opted for what Bush had originally declared to be “the first choice-surgical sterilization”. To this effect the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has adopted as one of its top priorities massive surgical sterilization programs in developing and third world countries. To this effect U.S. AID personnel are working from forward bases in Mexico to perform surgical sterilizations on millions of Mexican men and women with an emphasis on young adults. The infiltration and manipulation of indigenous organizations to “break down psychological resistance” acts as a groundwork for these operations. According to Tarpley, 37% of contraception users in Ibero-America and the Caribbean have been surgically sterilized as of 1992, and according to William Draper lllI (is there no end to this line of miscreants?) a projected 254 million couples will have been by the year 2000 as will 80% of Puerto Rican and Panamanian women. U.S. AID is active in 58 countries. As far back as 1992 the operating budget was $300 million. Stanley Ann Dunham worked for the Ford Foundation and USAID in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia. We will close with two quotations from Tarpley which he characterizes as “alike in their mock show of concern fro human suffering and in their cynical remedy for it: Big Brother must prevent the “unworthy” or “unwanted” people from living.”.

``The [government] must put the most modern medical means in the service of this knowledge.... Those who are physically and mentally unhealthy and unworthy must not perpetuate their suffering in the body of their children.... The prevention of the faculty and opportunity to procreate on the part of the physically degenerate and mentally sick, over a period of only 600 years, would ... free humanity from an immeasurable misfortune.'' Adolf Hitler

``The per capita income gap between the developed and the developing countries is increasing, in large part the result of higher birth rates in the poorer countries.... Famine in India, unwanted babies in the United States, poverty that seemed to form an unbreakable chain for millions of people--how should we tackle these problems?.... It is quite clear that one of the major challenges of the 1970s ... will be to curb the world's fertility.'' George H.W.Bush

Saturn-A Final Reflection

The transit of Saturn on the day of the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of the United States at that very significant turning point in the nations history, also contacts another important point, the exact partile degree of Neptune in the generally recognized map of the heavens at the inception of the country on July 4th, 1776. Transiting Saturn can rightly be regarded as the promittor and Obama’s Mars as the catalyst in this unusual assemblage of what can only be construed as malefic agencies.

Transit Saturn - 27 degrees Leo
Obama Mars - 27 degrees Leo
US Neptune - 27 degrees Leo
Sanger Sun - 27 degrees Leo

The reader will notice the addition of the position of the Sun on September 14,1879, at the birth of Margaret Sanger, eugenic elitist and founder, in 1932, of the Birth Control League, predecessor of Planned Parenthood. Some might regard this alignment as coincidental and fortuitous, but we will suggest that this grouping, of such seemingly disparate elements synchronously drawn together at that most precise degree of the zodiacal sphere are expressive of a meaningful connection.
In C.G. Jung’s astrological experiment, the Swiss psychologist compiled a random sample of common planetary interchanges in the horoscopes of married couples and unmarried pairs and subsequently subjected his data to a rigorous statistical inventory, proving the existence of an ”acausal orderedness” which he expressed in Chapter 7, Synchronicity; An Acausal Connecting Principle, in his work, The Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche. Apropos of this study, it is noted that one of the more frequently occurring planetary exchanges between his married and unmarried pairs is the Mars of one individual conjoining the Sun of the corresponding individual of the pair, thus fulfilling the expectation of the astrological indices. The supposition here is that through the combined agency of a predicated and therefore predictable agenda of one individual (Sanger- Sun, the initiating principle) and another individual (Obama-Mars, the active and effective principle), professing and advocating this agenda and thereby responsible for its further existence and the successful attainment of its recognized aims, exists a shared and common objective, which in light of the qualitative effects of the promittor, the third principle (Saturn), indicating the nature and direction of that purpose, is effected the possible and probable result (Neptune-mass deception and delusion) of such complex interaction on the nature of the common national identity.
The effects will be destructive and far-reaching in the extreme. The combination of Mars and Saturn always lays waste, in individual instances leaving wide swaths of the personal terrain in ruins. The implications for a nation or populace are no less dire. The significant depredations being accomplished on the economic level will be matched or exceeded in the social sphere, where the prerogatives of agents of social engineering such as population “control” guarantee that they will redouble their efforts at the elimination of undesirable elements on the front line of which will be the ultimately defenseless ranks of the unborn, not long after followed by the infirm aged, the sick, the mentally, emotionally and physically disabled. The transit of Saturn occurs every 28 years and with retrograde and direct station is completed roughly every 30 years. And yet occurring at the particularly crucial juncture and in such direct and critical reference to the head of state, the implications are in much more of a magnitude of severity. The transits of Saturn over Neptune, themselves partaking of this cycle, have always foreshadowed and then ushered in a national crisis. The keyword of this transit is “downfall”. Of this transit Donald Bradley says “a real throne-toppler, this” and perhaps this aspect is directly indicative of what Webster Tarpley has referred to as the “post-modern coup”. The planetary complexes do not bode well for Obama himself, who may find himself unable to govern in the midst of an ever increasing chaotic and anarchic situation, and may well be removed himself at some pre-determined point. There are certainly some strong indications of possible treachery emanating from unknown quarters as often it is the fate of the Neptunian dominated soul to become the very victim of the machinations which he himself thinks he is enacting but which in reality are just part of a complex web of events spun into motion by the shadowy and ruthless cabal with which the unwitting dupe is entangled. The presence of such planets as Mars-Pluto astraddle the eighth house is certainly not a very reassuring feature and may be indicative of underworld forces, which suddenly emerge from the shadows and make their presence known with dark, violent, and brutal finality.


August 11. 2009

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