Sunday, June 23, 2013

Satanism in the NSA

The recent highly staged theatrical international melodrama concerning NSA data mining and digital eavesdropping along with the outing of  "heroic whistleblower" Edward Snowden is yet another example of classic NSA black psychological operations. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the arcane complexities of domestic intelligence agency skullduggery has come to realize that such "revelations" are designed as part of a decades long strategy of foreign and domestic Psyops to further demoralize the already eminently suggestible and gullible masses with overwhelming feelings of helplessness and vulnerability at the presence of an implacable, omniscient, and all powerful entity in absolute control and most importantly against which any possible resistance is absolutely futile. We adduce the following from "Obama, Neptune, and the Culture of Death" to further elucidate this supposition.

This bizarre hybrid of scientific methodology and black magic might have well attracted the attention of the eminent James Braid whom you remember felt compelled to defend his new found science of hypnotism against the onslaughts of the English clergymen. Indeed the evidence of "satanic agency" which Braid sought to disavow was provided in abundance a century later by the black psy-ops expert and National Security Agency general Michael Aquino when he formed the openly satanist Church of Set after a brief apprenticeship in Anton Sandor LaVey's Church of Satan. An army specialist in intelligence and psychological warfare and executive officer of the 306th Psychological Operations Battalion, Aquino's opus "From PSYOP to MINDWAR: THE Psychology of Victory" laid the groundwork for military and intelligence development of psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons employing ELF radio wavelengths along the lines developed by paperclip scientists and the efforts of Gottlieb, Aldrich and others at the CIA cutout Scientific Engineering Institute. A veteran of the notorious Phoenix program in Vietnam, Aquino's "thesis" developed and radically expanded the selective targeting and elimination of individuals selected from computerized data bases that was the hallmark of the Phoenix assassination program. The aspiring churchman developed programs employing the aforementioned mind control agendas to subdue populations "by inflicting a state of psychological terror and feelings of imminent destruction". These applications were to be directed to both domestic and foreign operations. Apparently to further these nefarious aims, Aquino acquired the Bavarian castle where the Nazi SS was founded and, with a selected group of his fellow army intelligence operatives, re-enacted the occult ceremonies, which accompanied the investiture of the deaths head storm troopers, in full Nazi regalia.
  Why US military and intelligence agencies would have such recourse to the occult practices of established satanic cults is open to question. However the fact that they do actively participate in such practices is well documented. Indeed the efforts to enter into the workings of the human mind in an attempt to manipulate and control the thoughts, habits and activities of the populace has been long established as we have attempted to demonstrate in the above study using the reference of the Obama horoscope. Indeed with the 44th presidency of the United States much of what the esoteric and occult cabals working quietly behind the scenes for many decades is now coming to fruition. Indeed it has been suggested that the latest POTUS, coming from a multi generational CIA background, is himself a grand experiment in the mind altering techniques of ritual and trauma based mind control programming. His arrival on the international stage from relative obscurity itself bears the hallmarks of a mass irrational obsession and fixation out of all proportion to any actual significance or accomplishment. This alone is evidence of an artificially induced mass programming of the collective unconscious, something our social engineers have been effecting through the subliminal suggestions of modern advertising. In addition the profound and yet largely unacknowledged advances in psychotronic engineering have left little doubt that the mass manipulation of consciousness is having its decided effect.
In the early 1980's Aquino's activities came to the attention of the San Francisco police department and the FBI, which raided his home in 1984 as part of its investigation into the allegations of ritualistic satanic child molestation at the Presidio Army Base childcare center. The NSA satanist was also allegedly involved in the Franklin Savings and Credit pedophilia ring in which young boys from the Boys Town orphanage near Omaha were procured by Larry King, regularly subjected to ritualistic abuse at Offut Air Force Base and provided to the White House for sex parties with high ranking Republican officials including George H.W. Bush. Aquino escaped indictment along with the other numerous perpetrators in both these cases and remains one of the highest ranking officers in the NSA.The bizarre and pathological fixations of our Nazi mind controllers cum satanists began to bear some strange fruit as MK Ultra spawned CIA mind control projects proliferated and spread across the nation in clandestine government laboratories and academic programs. Much of the incredible violence both foreign and domestic which so characterized the emergence of the United States from the European cataclysm of WW ll as the predominant world power could be traced to hidden agendas fueled by the nightmarish paroxysms of the mad scientists and their implementation through Faustian bargains struck with the infernal powers. Along with the monstrous creation of ever increasing levels of the unimaginable destructive powers of nuclear weaponry and concomitant open experimentation which unleashed the insidious hidden poisons of radioactive elements upon an unsuspecting populace came in tandem the invasive technological and occult probings into the human mind, the encroachment of which poses the gravest threat to the universally acknowledged and fundamental character of human freedom. 
The disingenuous media expos√© of NSA monitoring of personal communications through the agency of yet another planted "whistleblower"* belies the obvious facts that the NSA has not only been engaged in illegal intelligence gathering since its inception but will continue to do so into the indefinite future from its multimillion dollar state of the art facilities in Bluffdale, Utah. Meanwhile the infinitely more threatening and subtle programs of invasive psychotronic warfare and mind control against the citizenry under the aegis of its esoteric luciferic cabals will naturally remain unrecognized, unacknowledged, and as a result, fatally effective.  
*There is also a connection to be made between Edward Snowden and The Carlyle Group. Jon Rappoport on his blog said that Snowden worked for Booz Allen which is owned by The Carlyle Group and that CG has $170 billion in assets with ‘their money making money in 160 investment funds.’

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