Thursday, June 6, 2013

The End of Obama Redux-The Day of the Locust

It wasn't all that long ago that our esteemed astro-savant Mercurius Fomalhaut penned an article named "Videre Quam Esse- The End of Obama." The Latin aphorism of course was reversed by Merc from the original "Esse Quam Videre" to signify the opposite meaning- "To Seem Rather Than To Be". This could well be the motto of the inglorious Obama regime as the once inviolate and untouchable international demigod plummets from the empyrean realm into the mire of successive and all too human "scandals." This is undoubtedly coming as a surprise and a shock to many, especially the credulous fools, who enraptured by the purblind idiocy of the media generated myth surrounding the spectacular rise of the cyber manufactured persona of our modern clone of Akhenaten, saw in Obama nothing short of the second coming. Meanwhile the more discerning amongst us are savoring a certain measure of vindication in the present media feeding frenzy which has caused even some of the most ardent Obots in their feckless fickleness to not only question but turn coat and apply razor scrapers to their once prized Hope and Change bumper stickers. On the other hand it was with more than a little prescience that Merc made a rather oracular pronouncement at the end of his article which we adduce here for what it is worth.

In closing we necessarily make a departure from these desultory ruminations on the unparalled reeking garbage heap of corruption which is AmerCIAn electoral politics and adduce some more arcane witness to which we necessarily have recourse when we have reached the painful mundane limitations of our pitiful speculations. We must apologize beforehand to those who view a recourse to astrological indices as unprofitable and useless, but a singular celestial event, which had regrettably escaped our attention and which we feel has a direct bearing on the critical transition presently unfolding, must be addressed. This concerns the horoscope of Barack Obama which we have treated of at length in "Obama, Neptune, and the Culture of Death". In that study we paid perhaps overmuch attention to the planet Neptune which at the time of Obama's disputed birth was in what is called "square" aspect to the Sun at the time of his birth. At least that much cannot be disputed and was the subject of much other speculation across the astrologically inclined denizens of the internet. Suffice it to say that this critical formation between the Sun and Neptune is about to be impacted in a very forceful manner when the planet Saturn "transits" the point Neptune occupied at Obama's putative birth at the end of this year. It is interesting to note that when Obama's horoscope is locationally transferred to Denver, Colorado, the locale of his coronation as US president and de facto world super hero, Neptune assumes even more prominence as it occupies the MidHeaven, a powerful position relating to the important 10th house angular positon which signifies in simple terms one's professional standing, importance, and outward position in the world. The transit of Saturn over "natal" Neptune at this critical juncture and in "square" to the Sun almost assuredly signifies, at the very least, the unwelcome intrusion of long avoided reality into the deceptive delusions and illusory projections which inhabit the Neptune dominated soul. Donald Bradley calls this transit " a real throne toppler" and in Obama's case it seems to signify public downfall and personal humiliation. Long held secrets come to light and the complex and entangled web of deceit which the native has spun comes to entrap and ensnare him with a most painful immediacy. 

Needless to say, the contents of this conjecture have emerged from mere speculation to being borne out in reality by the cascading "revelations" concerning the multilayered levels of corruption which the media are now dredging up and hauling out for the passive consumption and morose delectation of the dumbed down masses of Americans much like the insipid Goebbelsian propaganda which at one time caused them to so fulsomely laud the obvious pretense, mendacity, and outright chicanery of the Obama regime.

The American propensity for self deception and delusion is only equalled by the alacrity and viciousness with which, when given the appropriate signal, these conditioned masses turn on and attack their erstwhile idols. This twisted and inevitable psychological mechanism manipulated to such great effect by our tireless social engineers was perhaps best captured in Nathaniel West's searing and blackly comical indictment of Hollywood in his "Day of the Locust". 

An outcome similar to the apocalyptic denouément of West's vision of America in decline can be witnessed in the 1975 film of the same name can be expected. Given the volatile and incendiary atmosphere of 2013 USA, the end of Obama, the repository of such false hope and misplaced faith, will undoubtedly usher in the same type of anarchic social chaos depicted in the film except on a national stage.

One is obviously left to speculate as to how this outcome engendered by the elaborately staged mise en scène is intended to come to pass. There was for instance a great deal of expectation as to president's future when it was revealed that, through the agency of Penny Pritzker, a multi million dollar mansion in Hawaii had been purchased pre-election by the Obamas. This led many of the conspiratorially inclined cognoscienti to conclude that the (s)election had been decided beforehand in Romney's favor. Obama's pitiful and pathetic performance in the first debate merely augmented this conclusion. Yet this devious sleight of hand merely served to snooker the expectant electorate into the possibility of a potential Romney presidency, which was effectively dashed in the final debate when with, once again, with the able assistance of the planted media hack Candy Crowley, the obviously compromising and politically damaging Benghazi imbroglio was effectively neutralized, at least for the time being. 

Indeed all of this media political theater obviously tailored for mass consumption seems to us to have only psychologically primed the public for the eventual departure of the anointed One post-selection. It is our surmise that the expected and inevitable social chaos of which Obama is the lynch pin is now on the table. All along the short fuse of racial strife has been the potential spark which will set the tinder ablaze and an Obama departure will be that spark.

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