Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Walpurgisnacht 2014

Well here it is Walpurgis night, a most dreadful eve of fire ceremony and blood ritual inaugurating the seasonal pagan ceremonial Beltane. If our notable and indefatigable chronicler of all things satanic, Fritz Springmeier is to be believed; besides the hordes of naked hedonists and libertines gathering about blazing pyres, wielding burning faggots and piling into seething and fleshy masses of orgiastic concupiscence, there will be enacted the more formal and feral invocations appropriate to summoning the presence of the demonic hordes in worshipful obeisance and invocation of the goat headed Baphomet. As opposed to the eternal and almighty Creator who demanded sacrifice of His only Son, the Second Person of the Trinity once and for all, Satan demands homage and propitiation by the continual bloody sacrifice of countless humans down through the ages. It is a well known fact that, aside from the the random and individuals who have dipped their hands repeatedly in blood in gory crime down through the ages, the very leaders who seem to control the destiny of nations and whose dictates send vaster numbers of their kind to be butchered, burned, and eviscerated in wars, revolutions, and civil strife, have for the most part formally and ritually accepted the Father of Lies and the Lord of the Flies as their own profane lord and do him the great honor of blood sacrifice which he demands as the price for the power and control which as the Prince of this world he has been granted to bestow upon those who worship him. Thus Walpurgis/Beltane will see, along with the abandonment to the foul and unclean surrender to bestial and primal urges, the bloodlust ritual sacrifice of innocents in perverse betrayal of the divine mandate and the true sacrifice of the Sacrifice of Calvary. While there is no greater love as that displayed by the true God Man who gave his life for us, there is no greater hate than to take the life of another in gruesome and profane transgression of that love for greed, wealth, and power, those profane and perishable rewards of the material plane.

It is not by accident that such pagan festivals follow so closely the Judeo-Christian calendar which give us every spring the opportunity for cleansing and atonement so essential to the harmony, balance, and understanding of the divine plan carried out in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The symbols of the old dualistic pagan cycles of nature worship, emblems of the folly of exultant pantheism, are suitably sublimated and transformed, inevitably yielding to the in breaking of the one God into time and space. On the vigil of Christ's resurrection observed less than two weeks ago, the liturgy begins significantly with another type of fire ceremony, the lighting of the Paschal candle from a bonfire either outside under the stars or in the back of the darkened church full of the faithful each clutching a candle waiting in the silence and the darkness for it to be enkindled by the fire from the Paschal candle itself a symbol of the light of Christ. Quite in contradistinction to the frenzied inflammation of the Dionysian bacchanalia of unrestrained lust and desire common to the profane rituals of Beltane Walpurgisnacht, a participant in the Easter Vigil calmly partakes of the divine light which has come into this world of darkness, the light of eternal life come to free us from the slavery to the senses in thrall of the passing material plane and revealing the transcendence of the sublimity of the mystery of the Incarnation.

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