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The Bundy Bloodline-Mormons, Illuminism, and Ordinary Madness in Bunkerville, Nevada.

My grandfather Anton raised several hundred cattle and pigs over several decades on 5000 acres on the North Star Route near Long Pine, Nebraska. This was after he spent several years in the packing houses in Chicago after emigrating from his family home in Tarnow, Poland, before World War I. He and his brother Andrew homesteaded there in the Sand Hills digging sod huts out of the prairie before he built a house and large barn. I remember him hand milking his cows on a one legged stool in that barn along with my uncles. He raised his family of 10 children along with my grandmother Agnes along with the chickens and pigs and cows and the fields of hay and corn to feed the animals. In the old days, they cut the fields of hay with horse drawn mowers and stacked it with horse drawn wooden hay ricks. Later the fields were cultivated with iron rimmed tractors which were eventually replaced with the modern John Deere variety. He was a very religious man who would be seen praying every evening on his knees before he went to bed. The whole family travelled the several miles into Long Pine to attend Sunday Mass. The children walked the several miles to the local school house and back every week day. When WWII broke out, the several sons of age; Stanley, Alfred, Leo, and Anthony all served worthily and with honor in the European theater. Three of them returned to live out their days on the ranch on the North Star Route. Anthony established a new place just over the hills to the west.

As the events near Bunkerville, Nevada continue to unfold at the Bundy ranch,  I wonder what my grandfather or his sons, now all long laid to rest, would think. I know that when the members of the American Indian Movement killed two FBI agents up in South Dakota at Pine Ridge, my uncle Alfred made mention of going up there and "teaching those yahoos a lesson," undoubtedly with his 30.06. That is about as close as they came to any kind of trouble with the government. For myself, I was surprised to see the following picture published in the British paper "The Daily Mail", because Mormon Cliven Bundy  could be an old Nebraska rancher, not so much like Grandpa Anton, but certainly like his cousin Johnny or his nephew Ed out there in the Sand Hills. As it turns out Cliven Bundy most probably represents an entity much more extensive than his 200 acre cattle ranch.
Danites on the March -LDS Enforcer Blaine Cooper Front and Center
Just who are these guys in the photo with the now famous Nevada cow rancher? Well of course, if the Daily Mail is to be believed along with the majority of the"alternative media," these are members of the the various "militias" who have come to save the Bundy ranch from the BLM federals who have apparently been causing such mayhem there in Bunkerville, stealing cattle and brutalizing the Bundy family. These are the latter day patriots and defenders of the Constitution whose presence there in Bunkerville is being celebrated as the beginning of the new American Revolution by the likes of Pete Santilli and Alex Jones amongst others. Taking a little bit of a closer look at the photograph what we find depicted looks more like a security detail than a militia. And old Bundy looks unmistakably like a Mafia don surrounded by a retinue of body guards.

It is interesting that Fritz Springmeier in his "Bloodlines of the Illuminati" identifies the Bundy family as one of the original 13 Illuminati bloodlines. He goes on to lists a who's who of various Bundys who have occupied positions of authority in commerce and industry and particularly the power structure of the US government and intelligence agencies. He even adduces evidence of the notorious serial rapist and murderer Ted Bundy who actually joined the Church of the Latter Day Saints in 1975 and was posthumously baptized in an "endowment" ceremony on May 2008 in the Jordan River Temple in South Jordan, a suburb 16 mile south of Salt Lake City Utah in an eldritch ritual the likes of which could only be encountered in the halls of Mormon. In the following linked video many similar questions are raised as to the role the Illuminati are playing in this theater of the absurd in Nevada which has all the makings of a classic intelligence agency psychological operation designed to effect a hidden agenda. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1npovi_cliven-bundy-teams-with-illuminati-scum-to-draw-out-militia_news

What is being neglected in the narrative of grazing rights, environmental protections and even the evidence of oil and gas deposits is of course the scandalous cronyism involving Nevada senator and fellow Mormon Harry Reid's son, Rory, and the Chinese solar farm ENN concession granted by Clark County commissioners to the tune of $4.5 billion. Evidence has come to light that the Senate majority leader and his former adviser who just happens to now be head of the BLM in Nevada have not only significant conflict of interest in the efforts to use the BLM to evict the Bundy family cattle operation from public lands where they have ranged for generations, but have also surreptitiously removed evidence of that fact from the BLM website.

Ever since Joseph Smith established the Mormon Church after bizarre revelations from the angel Moroni, the Mormon faithful have struggled with persecution which led to the death of their prophet in the Carthage Illinois jail where he was being held on charges of sedition. To counter assaults on Mormons in Missouri Smith had sanctioned the creation of a self defense league called the Danites referencing the tribe of Israel known by that name and known for its violent and cultish idolatry. The militant members of this organization were involved in scores of murders allegedly ordered by Brigham Young. 

One of the most singular homicides committed by the Danites was the murder of my wife's great great grand uncle Captain John W. Gunnison in 1853 along with seven of his party at Sevier Lake, Utah, just across the state line from Mesquite and which was blamed on the Pahvant (Ute) Indians. The massacre led ultimately to the Utah War of 1857-58 which deposed Brigham Young as governor of the Utah territory.

Smith himself was inculcated into freemasonry by his father and older brother and purportedly remained a mason until his untimely end. Indeed the tenets of Mormonism and freemasonry have mutually interpenetrated through the evolution of the LDS. Given the vital importance of the Bundy bloodline in Illuminism, it is not  without foundation to suggest that the drama presently unfolding at the Bundy ranch is yet another classic false flag provocation designed to smoke out members of the so-called militia movement many of which are actually infiltrated by or in some cases wholly created, sustained and funded by government intelligence agencies. The very timing of this staged incident is highly suspicious arriving just a month before the designated American Spring protest in Washington DC on May 16. 

There are certainly many things which don't add up about this made for the silver screen saga of the American west taking place just east of the Mormon mountains, its protagonists and antagonists, heroes and villains. The official narrative, now become a rallying cry for the long despised alternative media, is about as facile and even improbable as the various recent government sponsored false flag events which have been received in those same quarters with such derision, skepticism, and outright scorn by the cynical and conspiratorially minded denizens of the internet. Perhaps a cynicism too long cultivated by the exposure to the the incessant psychological operations concocted to bamboozle the undiscerning and gullible populace has jaded my perceptions to the point where all the praise the lord hallelujahs and hosannas of the victory of "the people" against the tyrannical government ring very hollow. Indeed the whole affair seems to my mind as scripted and transparently obvious as the old west melodramas playing twice a night in two bit tourist trap repertory theaters. 

Especially against the backdrop of a rapidly escalating financial crisis and geopolitical confrontation morphing into a hot war in Eastern Europe, listening to the high blown, rambling and incoherent avowals of the innumerable erstwhile "patriots" swearing on the Constitution, calling on the founding fathers and God almighty, while cheering on a rag tag assemblage of illiterate bumpkins running around in the sage brush of some otherwise forsaken backwater with AR-15s waiting for a pot shot at government goon squads, is pure farce. Instead we are treated to a quintessentially American barrage of pompous sentimentality made all the more ridiculous by an assumption of utmost seriousness in this naive and even more insane and dangerous adventurism which would take but one inadvertent flash point to unleash a torrent of fire and blood on its unwitting and vainglorious participants.

Indicative of this madness was the performance of one of the 
Crazy ass Richard Mack
FBI Provocateur?
 principal actors in the melodrama, "Constitutional Sheriff," fellow Mormon and FBI National Academy graduate Richard Mack, who greatly fueled the emotional fires of the patriot resistance when he suggested that, far from being over, the showdown at the Bundy Corral was just beginning, as his "sources" in the BLM and the Las Vegas police force had informed him that an assault on the Bundy ranch was a 100% certainty. He also glowingly spoke of the curious stratagem, which had caused some misgivings in the faithful and gave ammunition to many critics, of employing the Bundy women in the front lines of the battle to confront the BLM goons, their dogs and tasers. Speaking fondly of this "indian tactic" Mack solemnly professed he would be right behind his wife or daughter acting in such a capacity, to take the next bullet. Unfortunately this insane claptrap, indicative of the inflammatory provocations being meted out to suggestible idiots is greeted with the usual Amens and Hosannas of our brave Christian soldiers.

The almost universal and unquestioning acceptance of the moral righteousness and conviction of their cause is of course nothing new to the American consciousness. It just so happens that the dark forces of evil which our Puritanical progenitors struggled so mightily against are now inhabiting not some distant foreign country but are flagrantly and lawlessly operating amongst and in the highest places us just like they did in old Salem. These devils need to be purged with their own blood and the wounds of their infliction cauterized through the purity and nobility of a new American crusade. And thus as a new generation embarks on yet another quest against "all enemies foreign and domestic" the battle will again take place in an all consuming and internecine national civil conflagration of all against all. 

It has been the subject of much speculation, especially amongst the inchoate patriot and militia movement who have now had their baptism, if not by fire as of yet, certainly by exposure to a full fledged strategic confrontation with the "enemy" and its forward agents in the field, as to why the forces of Satan could be so easily faced down and forced to depart in such ignominious fashion. A most welcome relief and a burgeoning, unexpected sense of confidence has naturally given way to an inevitable strategic retrenchment in expectation of further attacks, an admirable and sensible strategy when dealing with a force of such superior and overwhelming operational and logistical magnitude. Not lost and indeed paramount is the ever haunting specter of the previous April massacres of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Indeed, the moral high ground is a tenuous and precarious perch especially when the issue of force majeure as a final determinant has been inextricably introduced into the equation.

There is however another more subtle comprehension essential to any final outcome, one that necessarily admits of the dialectic of Hegel so dear to the Illuminist blueprint out of which has emerged the significant historical imperatives of modern political as well as military confrontation. In this inevitable context, the opposing and antithetical forces must be held in continual and, if necessary, asymmetrical balance until such point as the requisite synthesis is achieved. As anathema as the suggestion of participation in a "controlled opposition" might be to those who fashion themselves God's warriors in a struggle for absolute dominance, it is inevitable that they play into the Devil's hands to be used and dispensed with when the ultimate aim is attained. What that is remains to be seen. And yet within the Illuminist crucible of transformation presently being forged in this likely staged confrontation in the desert many factors emerge which suggest that the Bundy ranch and its most critical geographical juncture is serving as a beta test for the subsumption, co-option, and ultimate assimilation of the militia movement into its ultimate role as a paramilitary force or constabulary for NWO designs in the western United States. 

Not wanting to belabor the evident connections between freemasonry and its American stepchild of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, it is still curious that some of the major players in the Bundy Ranch melodrama are Mormons, and at least latterly, open masons or agents of the same. Now that the dubious Richard Mack has called out Glenn Beck on the issue, we can add his illustrious name to those of Harry Reid, Mack, Bundy, and undoubtedly innumerable others to what is becoming a veritable power struggle in the ranks of Mormonism and by direct inference, Illuminism. When we consider also the candidacy of Mitt Romney in the last presidential election we can certainly discern a considerable and rising influence of the Mormon branch of Illuminism entering into the political arena at this most critical juncture in the ongoing fall of the American empire. 

Thus the LDS, an organization widely recognized for its notable propensity for what has in the latest vernacular become known as "prepping" and whose insular hereditary culture and mistrust of the federal government is legend, is coming to the fore at the moment when the very issues of survivalism, preparedness involving communities of mutual assistance, and anti-government resistance are growing exponentially and is evidently on the verge of assuming power in the transition of the US into the globalist plans for a one world order. In this respect, the recent relocation of the National Security Agency to its multi-billion dollar facility in Bluffdale, Utah can hardly be considered merely fortuitous. It is also scarcely coincidence that the clannish and secretive LDS which has established the most comprehensive and authoritative genealogical records in history has become host to the most extensive intelligence gathering monolithic spying agency known to mankind.

And so while the various fringe elements of the militia, patriot and so called "liberty" movements flock to the Bundy ranch proclaiming victory over the agencies of the odious federal government and vindication for the outrages at Waco and Ruby Ridge in the name of the "American people," it is more likely that what we are presently witnessing is the beginning of the balkanization of the continental United States into many competing spheres of influence at the vanguard of which is the Church of the Latter Day Saints which has been quietly preparing for this very moment for decades if not well more than a century. In the Illuminist designs for the destruction of the US and its reordering along the designs of the one world order, there is thus no better and highly organized cadre than that of its Mormonist minions who from their inception have been at war with the federal government. This devious and convoluted machination would have all the god fearing Americans rallying behind their newly found cause cèlébre at the Bundy ranch believe in the putative restoration of their long lost republic along with the rights and freedoms it represented. In reality however the stage managed provocation enacted there is but the opening salvo in the ultimate shattering of only the mythic indivisible unity of a once great nation rapidly slipping into the bondage of Illuminist enslavement.


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thanks d. Even though i write this stuff mostly for my own understanding, it's good to know that somebody out there is reading. Our recent manufactured history is mostly constructed with seductive and ideological narratives whose intent is to deceive.

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Very interesting article. In further evidence of your theory Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland have moved a significant amount of resources into Salt Lake over the last 4 years.

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lilarose4truth said...

GREAT read. Thank you