Sunday, April 27, 2014

Something Rotten in Bunkerville

"Jason Bullock"
"Charlie Delta"

With the most recent information warfare in the Bundy ranch standoff being disseminated uncritically across the mainstream news and the internet concerning the so called Afro-American bodyguard of Cliven Bundy, it is becoming quite apparent that yet once again, the narrative being offered is at the very least an exercise in obvious and transparent agitation propaganda. The person in question, identified alternately as "Charlie Delta" from the original posting of an open letter, fulsomely praising the Mormon rancher at TruthRevolt.org, and then mirrored by Bundy partisan and frontman Pete Santilli at Guerilla Media and "Jason Bullock" by CNN and most other mainstream media, is either a former US Marine, First Batallion Sixth Marines, or simply a six year Army veteran. Its interesting to note that when clicking on the link for "Charlie Delta" one is directed to a facebook page for one Courtney G Daniels. A visit to the corresponding page revealed that it has been deleted or is otherwise not in existence and a further effort popped up a malware warning of a site that fishes for private information to exploit. Take a close look at the alternate pictures of the "Bundy bodyguard".  This is obviously not the same person. If this is indeed the case what is suggested is that this latest salvo in the propaganda war being clumsily manufactured and marketed to the suggestible "American people" has the unmistakeable fingerprints of military intelligence psychological operations all over it. And emanating as it does from the quarters of the militia stronghold at the Bundy ranch suggests a critical involvement of those agencies therein.

Coming as it does on the heels of the "controversial" video supposedly exposing Bundy's cracker racism, this transparent ruse attempting to place the archetypal "token negro" in the cadres of gun toting rednecks really strains credulity and on face seems ludicrously contrived. These shenanigans are accompanied by the marshaling of the notable black conservatives in support of the righteous whitey Moses of the Mormon Mountains in the modern Exodus of the "American people" from the slavery to the federal government. Certainly the surreptitious recording of the apparently racist rants of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling is a parallel provocation designed to reinforce the distinct racial programming being relentlessly impressed into the unthinking masses.

Adding to this volatile and incendiary witches brew of propaganda, half truths and outright innuendo is the irresponsible disinformation being pedaled by Stewart Rhodes, whose inside "informants" have alerted him to a directive from Attorney General Eric Holder ordering a "hot" drone strike on the Bundy Ranch. The "Oath Keepers" duly bailed out leaving Rhodes and Richard Mack persona non grata with the remaining partisans there correctly called them out as "provacateurs" and unanimously banned them from the ranch.

Such an extreme and provocative measure seems highly improbable and the dissemination of such inflammatory and unfounded accusations once again seems designed merely to garner sympathy depicting the Bundy assemblage woefully out gunned outpost of freedom fighters much like the Alamo. While ratcheting up the tension both from without and within the artfully stage managed Bundy theater of confrontation, the socio-political engineers manipulate the levers of fear on both sides of its dialectic to the benefit of their own blueprint of the incremental and controlled chaos essential to its long term objective, the balkanization of the US into regional sectors presided over by state militias under the aegis of intelligence agencies with US military and paramilitary assets.

Much is made of the fact that the Bundy who projects such a simple, sanguine, and grandfatherly persona is the last rancher among 53 left standing in the BLM rancher range wars of the past three decades. The fact that he has ranged a thousand head of cattle on 600,000 acres of BLM claimed land for 25 years from his paltry 200 acre ranch is held up as a testimony to his steadfast endurance in the face of unrelenting opposition from the federal government and the BLM. On the other hand could it be that Bundy has benefitted from favorable treatment at the hands of the federal government enabling him in this obvious exploitation of the vast swaths of rangeland necessary for the maintenance of his herd? This kid gloves treatment fully concords with the present extraordinary hands off approach which the government is taking in a volatile standoff the likes of which have time and time again brought the full and lethal force of the federal goon squads down of the heads of those who have resisted the unwarranted and illegal encroachments of the government agencies.
Charlie Delta with Facebook Friends
Whatever the subterranean complexities and intrigues transpiring around the Bundy ranch and its desert potentate Cliven Bundy, the increasing militarization of the US is on full and frightening display. The spectacle of heavily armed groups confronting each other with high power rifles trained upon each other is something which would have been unthinkable only a few years ago. The fact that a such a confrontation with a heavily armed force of the federal government could end without massive bloodshed has many scratching their heads in confounded disbelief. The stand down of the BLM has many wondering when the next assault will commence. One possible explanation is that, especially with the increasing presence of highly trained ex-military personnel at the ranch, that a well funded para-military agency composed of ex-military is taking control. 

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