Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bundy and Sharpton-The Black and White of the Masonic Gameplan

With the latest comments from the Mormon sacred cow rancher Cliven Bundy from Clark County, Nevada now entered and well imbedded into the public record, we are yet once again witness to the ancient and unfailing Roman policy of "Divide et Impera". Whether the context for the Bundy's apparent public relations blunder concerning them cotton pickin' Negroes was simply the inadvertent gaffe borne out of a growing hubris of the "great patriot victory" over combined Federal forces at Bunkerville or more of a planned provocation, the net effect is to anathematize the Bundy bunch and their pater familias as a pack of cracker racists not far removed from the KKK itself, and thus further polarize the ever growing divide between the the races and fuel the fires of racial division set in high gear ever since the election of the illuminati mulatto puppet Obama. Bundy's notable faux pas was immediately followed up with the dissemination of the following mockup contrasting the government's display of obvious hypocrisy and evident favoritism in dealing with a couple of scofflaws representative of the nation's growing racial identity crisis.

Such tactics of course and as stated have been a most effective since Roman times and similarly employed by the successive American regimes over the past several decades, learning the lesson well from their UK overlords whose own empire was built upon the exploitation of tribal, racial, ethnic rifts amongst innumerable feuding and squabbling pockets of god forsaken humanity across the globe. Recent history has made us witness to the same western machinations, notably in the dismantling of the Soviet empire beginning with Brzezinski's Afghan Bear Trap in 1979 and following through with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the inauguration of the so called Commonwealth of Independent States which themselves were eviscerated by a concentration upon their own internal and internecine blood rivalries. From the former Yugoslavia during the Clinton regime down to the subversion and destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa and the present international contretemps in Ukraine, a concentrated effort has been made to set one group against another in civil conflagrations which have had their decided effect of plunging nations into outright civil war with the intent of destroying national sovereignty.

In the United States we have witnessed similar incremental efforts to foment an already inflamed racial antagonism which is of course the legacy of slavery, endemic inequality, and a resulting permanent underclass. It was just a matter of time before the Bundy conflagration found itself defined by what has become the exploitation of racial divisiveness which has become the hallmark of the Obama regime. The Trayvon Martin shooting and more recently the murder of Jordan Davis by Michael David Dunn which is exhaustively explored by Prince Ray at mindcontrolblackassassins.com , are but instances of a large scale program clandestinely instigated by the illuminist cabal inhabiting the international corporate/government nexus to bring about an inevitable collapse of the social order in the US similar to what is transpiring across the globe most notably in the so called Arc of Crisis outlined by Zbigniew Brzezinski in his dark blueprint for global full spectrum dominance "The Grand Chessboard," the necessary prerequisite for which is the gun confiscation and the disarming of the American populace. The strange goings on at Bundy ranch are presently the latest beta test for the further implementation of the internationalist agenda.

At the center of this latest provocation which only apparently pits the evil federals against the mythical "American people" are the the Nevada cattle rancher with his roots deep in the centuries old Masonic establishment of Mormon Utah and the Prince Hall Mason Baptist Minister and "activist" who has made a career as a figurehead in the Civil Rights struggle. Such a mutual and common pedigree as adherents of the masonic brotherhood, whatever their exoteric personas might suggest, indicates a much closer affiliation as befits the practical and elemental implementation of the Hegelian dialectic to bring about the necessary "Ordo Ab Chao" so essential to the covert Illuminati revolution in America.

As in Ukraine and all across the decaying remnants of the Mediterranean underbelly of the EU, which Pepe Escobar has alluded to as NATOstan, there is in the US itself a considerable resurgence of the right in face of similar and equally insupportable strains of decades long lax immigration policies and the coeval economic malaise distributed unevenly by Federal Reserve monetary policies, long the bĂȘte noire of the hopelessly marginalized militia and constitutionalist agitators hoping for vindication in their stand in Bunkerville. There is something eerily similar to this also in the sudden resurgence of the so called Right Sector and its political arm of the Svoboda party in Ukraine which $5 billion dollars in covert US "assistance" and Greystone mercenaries propelled into a prominence which was instrumental in toppling the Yanukovich regime. The specter of armed vigilantes violently confronting the disorganized forces of state power reeling in disarray completes the disturbing parallel. The question then becomes in whose name and by whose agency the "patriot" movement gathering in the shadow of the Mormon Mountains are acting. For however appealing the disingenuous and romantic misnomer of "the american people" is to the partisans of the cause, it falls way too far and ineffectively away from the mark. As evidenced by all too dubious representatives of the Mormon clan it is evident that long and deep lines of connection reaching to high levels of military and intelligence agency activity are most likely and assured.

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