Sunday, January 6, 2013

Internal Exile In Fortess America

On a hardscrabble goat and sheep ranch nestled in the foothills of Southern Colorado which rise to meet the Huajatolla and the spine of the Sangre de Cristo or Culebra range, Yardfarmer has been literally abiding with the animals; a motley herd of sheep and goats among whom abide several dogs, a flock of chickens, one remaining Mulefoot pig, and a crew of young dropouts and our host ranch owner, all of us refugees from the rapidly disintegrating social matrix of the American empire. While the remote off the grid location as well as a strenuous work load at the ranch have prevented regular communications on this blog, the library in the local town some 17 miles away provides an excellent forum for blogging where Yardfarmer is presently ensconced presently pecking away at his long neglected keyboard.

While recent ultra-violent events both foreign and domestic have only proven to us the inexorable drift of the once social order into inevitable chaos and anarchy accelerated by the approaching ridiculous fiasco of yet another presidential election cycle, as with so much else that is projected and expected, the actual timeline of events which is bringing about the expected decline and fall has been, at best, a most confusing and dubious proposition. That is to say, the slow motion train wreck of financial implosion, the incremental and yet considerable erosion of Constitutional rights, the increasing implementation of a repressive police state and possible martial law, with the accompanying economic disintegration and social anarchy in the Eurozone and the US, inaugurated in 2007 and now five whole years in the making, is proving to be much more of an extended proposition than originally expected.

Indeed, as many of Yardfarmer's few friends, associates, and family question the basic sanity of abandoning a relatively comfortable and established way of life in a large urban environment along with the economic benefits of steady employment for the sometimes grueling vicissitudes of off the grid rural living, we remain committed to the belief that the "handwriting is on the wall" and that the days of the downfall of our American republic are already upon us.

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