Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 Trillion Dollar Pauperdom

The ridiculous shenanigans of the federal government in the proposal presently being floated for the US Treasury to mint a trillion dollar platinum coin to effectively deal with the $17 trillion deficit (estimated by the Wall Street Journal to be more than $100 trillion) and imminent breaching of the so called "debt ceiling"which is gaining the approbation of certain members of the US Congress as well as Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is an expression not only of the insanity and blindness which are behind fiscal and monetary policy but a testimony to the dim witted yokels and bunglers posing as our political and economic leaders. Only one thing should be noted in this transparent ruse. The trillion dollar coin, which by law cannot be minted in gold or silver, would be immediately be deposited at the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, where it would be lent back at interest to the US Treasury and government, and as such it would not so slowly come to further swell the bloated coffers of the cabal of international banks of the Rothschilds, Lazare-Freres, et al. which are indeed the plenipotentiary extortionists of the so called Federal Reserve.

Of course all this plutocratic grandstanding and mere tabloid sensationalism masquerading as responsible governance comes  amidst yet another New Years Eve surprise from the Obamanation,
the last being the stealth passage under the noses of drunken reveling Americans last year of the totalitarian National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This years fandango, ostensibly to deal with the approaching financial "fiscal cliff", a meaningless term which was unremittingly drummed into the soft heads of the dumbed down masses complete with the usual Punch and Judy show of partisan wrangling, resulted in the passage of the requisite and pre-engineered tax and spending "compromise" which gut and sucker punched the middle class with a hefty tax hike, while leaving the "1%ers" relatively unscathed and searching for the usual plethora of loopholes and offshore tax havens and shelters, and stealthily siphoning the accounts of the welfare and "entitlement" classes which turned out so enthusiastically for their savior and who woke up to find their benefits cut. Meanwhile the 8,000 pound gorilla enters stage left. The first installment of the  highly cynically misnomered AHCA (as in "Affordable"&"Health" Care Act) and its $267 billion tax extortion goes into effect in 2013.

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