Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Internet Voyeurism and Virtual Revolutions

As the increasingly chaotic hostilities and geopolitical machinations continue to unfold throughout North Africa and the Middle East, and the financial implosion of the Western social order craters the Anglo Western European societies, internet activists continue to chronicle the sanguinary and destructive madness with a peculiar fervor in direct and inverse proportion to their apparent effectiveness. Indeed we are reminded of Celine's observation that the intellectual's crowning vice is ineffectuality. While the madmen, homicidal maniacs, and incendiaries sally forth eviscerating civilizations under the transparent umbrella of "liberation" and "freedom", the cries from the internet grandstands reverberate with demands for war crimes, tribunals and "justice", all the while as they themselves reap immense profits, honors and righteous approbations from their followings. As they gaze contentedly into their crystal balls and congratulate themselves upon their singular prescience and moral and intellectual superiority and trumpet such tokens of empty folly to the vast wastelands of cyberspace and as the world around them dissolves into such incendiary madness they likewise concur that their intimate association with the intricacies of evil constitutes by itself true virtue. The truth is that, as the world descends into unprecedented economic and social anarchy engineered, directed, and designed by esoteric supernumeraries and carried out by their executioners in sovereign governments, nothing can forestall the inevitable consequences of the immense downfall of civilization as we know it. All the bumper stickers, t-shirts, videos, books and various technorati paraphernalia hawked and disseminated by these panderers of catastrophe to essentially pad their own nests can little change the inexorable progress of the immense millstones of human fate which relentlessly grind into dust all human aspiration large and small.

Thus we have the strange and mostly bizarre amalgam of innumerable www. luminaries of all shapes and sizes raising the alarums, sounding the tocsins, lighting the torches of sedition and fanning the flames of internetsurrection with the supposed aim of restoring the lost American republic with a return to the values of the founding fathers and their sacred Constitution. Meanwhile the implacable shadowy minions of the New World Order brotherhood of darkness, apparently so brilliantly exposed by the digital crusaders, go about their deadly business undeterred and unrelenting, remorselessly prosecuting their blueprint for world dominance from their remote unreachable redoubts in Basel, London, and Washington for the most part completely oblivious to the internet prattle which arises like the chatter of so many flocks of birds panicked by the sound of a shotgun blast.

Libya, only recently the most developed and prosperous country in Mediterranean North Africa, is a charred wasteland after a merciless NATO bombardment involving 30,000 sorties involving the most technologically advanced weaponry available resulting in 50,000 mostly civilian casualties as a grotesque rabble of mujahidin and US/UK Special Forces assassins rape and pillage. The streets of the European capitals also smolder in the fires of looted shops and Molotov cocktails as throngs of citizens and police provocateurs fight running battles with paramilitary forces. As the US/NATO juggernaut relentlessly grinds unchallenged across the Levant and the Middle East and into Central Asia and its hellfire missiles rain down upon the Pakistani tribal frontier, and the bombs of provocateurs resonate throughout Muslim capitals, an obsequious, quiescent and characteristically apathetic American populace retreats into celluloid and televised fantasies as the nation edges ever closer to massive social chaos and criminal anarchy, amidst an unprecedented welter of natural disaster and catastrophes, incipient economic implosion, and the looming threat of martial law.

At the same time, as befits a living theater of the absurd, a nation, at once so preeminent in the technological and scientific innovation which dominates the present world order (though now mostly in service to a historically unparalleled military juggernaut and the implements of hopelessly trivial and narcissistic so-called social media) finds itself in a perpetual neurotic fixation on a past freighted with the empty pubescent projections of a crippling sense of inferiority disguised as offended innocence-the lie and myth of September 11, 2001. And so ensues the predictable and lamentable sentimental and maudlin spectacle of the commercial and media induced feeding frenzy which inevitably accompanies the insatiable national blood lust culminating in an ongoing orgy of genocide, fratricide, and collective suicide.

As America has become an empire of past glories, to ascertain an increasingly nebulous and uncertain national identity partly necessitates a rekindling of that hoary and remote history sacredly enshrined within an unassailable hagiography populated by the wise and virtuous forefathers, the mythical "founding fathers" who in their unified multiplicity like bewigged and powdered Prometheans brought the liberating fire of republicanism to a wild and untamed continent and beyond to an astounded world longing for freedom. Of course the troubling reality that these suave white gentlemen were slaveowners, and drug runners and responsible for the extermination of an entire continent of indigenous peoples seems to not intrude into the prevailing and established myth of their semi-divine status though it could go a long way in explaining the equally questionable activities of their modern heirs in the Masonic capital of Washington D.C.

It was Samuel Johnson who famously opined that, "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel". With this in mind it is interesting to note that our latter day Paul Reveres riding hard on their keyboards across cyberspace and the airwaves of certain radio talk shows are congratulating themselves on their self professed service to the national interest. Another quote from the venerable Mr. Johnson speaks volumes in this regard.
"A man sometimes starts up a patriot, only by disseminating discontent, and propagating reports of secret influence, of dangerous counsels, of violated rights, and encroaching usurpation. This practice is no certain note of patriotism. To instigate the populace with rage beyond the provocation, is to suspend publick happiness, if not to destroy it. He is no lover of his country, that unnecessarily disturbs its peace. Few errours and few faults of government, can justify an appeal to the rabble; who ought not to judge of what they cannot understand, and whose opinions are not propagated by reason, but caught by contagion."
Johnson's perceptive unmasking of the hypocritical duplicity of the archetypal super-patriot offers a warning concerning the likes of Alex Jones and his muckety-muck fellow conspiratorialists such as Steve Quayle, Greg Evenson, Mark Koernke and Al Cuppet. (see Wolves and Sheeps, Hirelings and Shepherds on Kushmonster) While posing as self appointed guardians of the republic, these mostly manic and suspect individuals sow the seeds of contagion of which Johnson speaks so eloquently with the self same results, namely the lurid and sensational projections of an all powerful evil with which humanity is engaged in a life or death struggle and whose defeat will inevitably usher in an era of "truth justice and the American way" Haven't we all heard this siren call before? And while the "rabble, who ought not to judge what they cannot understand" is so misdirected and preoccupied with the pursuit of the immense and illusory shadows of evil, the all too real foe slips unhindered and unchallenged into our midst.

The point is that the elitist club of internet commentators who fashion themselves opposing the so-called NWO blueprint for world domination and enslavement are little more than a designed and controlled opposition who themselves represent an essential component of that blueprint themselves. Witness then Max Keiser on a recent Infowars broadcast professing his support for a certain candidate in the upcoming Tunisian elections. Keiser plans to become intimately involved with the financial restructuring of that North African nation in a possible capacity as finance minister upon the election of his personal friend running for the presidency. Keiser is apparently all too willing to step into a role with the very forces of repression which he himself goes to great length to condemn and disavow. Like most of the poseurs who strut about proclaiming their opposition to the very systems of greed and oppression which they are such an intrinsic and profitable members in good standing of. The January 2011 Tunisian revolution was the flashpoint of the so-called Arab Spring initiating the series of upheavals culminating in the recent overthrow of Quadaffi and the evisceration of Libya effected by US/NATO saturation bombing and the installation of the terrorist and foreign backed National Transition Council. Jones himself is nothing more that the Minister of Information for the "globalists" he is constantly excoriating for immense profit on his rapidly expanding internet and radio airwave platform.(see Say it Ain't So Jones on Kushmonster)

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