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What's coming?

I had the disconcerting experience the other day of spending some time on the Georgia Guidestones website, www.the GeorgiaGuidestones.com . There was a long essay there, Blueprint for a Prison Planet published and copyrighted by Nick Sandberg in February of 2001. This particular piece along with others such as The New Order of the Barbarians, a "recollection" by Dr. Lawrence Dunegan of a lecture by one Dr. Richard Day given May 20,1969 could have literally provided the template (in so much that it faithfully reflected it) of Jones' well rehearsed and admittedly convincing weltanschuuang which is on full display in recent videos of his projected appearance on a soon to be broadcast CNN Anderson Cooper program. The very title of Sandberg's essay indicates the close and perhaps not so coincidental affinity with Jones' Prison Planet and InfoWars media empire. This is all the more surprising considering the obvious and general antipathy which Jones has expressed for the Guidestones and the New World Order governance which they have so come to represent. Though I am still at pains to understand the nature of this seemingly incongruous connection, to say the least, it raised some very unsettling questions which indicated that:
A. I must be missing out on something either due to some basic misperception, intellectual lapse or really naive misunderstanding or
B. Jones really is some kind of mouthpiece for the very NWO agenda he is seemingly so intent on exposing, acting in the capacity of the agent or mechanism for broadcasting "their" intents as they are obligated to do by their peculiar "ethic" which requires them to "warn" their intended victims, thus:
1. Absolving themselves (in their own distorted perceptions at least) of any moral culpability inherent in their intended nefarious agendas and
2. Convicting, a priori, the masses they are attempting to delude, subjugate, and enslave, of their own basic ignorance, apathy and moral indifference and pathetic inability to act in their own behalf which by the very laws of nature justifiably consign them to the inevitable extinction which they so deserve. (actually, Jones himself repeatedly levels the same accusation, harping on the theme continually in his daily broadcasts)

The Guidestones themselves give voice to this agenda. Lindsey Williams also testifies to it. I think that it at least bears some investigation. If this seemingly improbable and even preposterous assumption is the least bit credible then it follows that Jones recent and unprecedented appearances on the MSM (Fox News,Geraldo and CNN) may signal that he has reached the limits of his usefulness as well as of his expanding profile and is being set up for a takedown. (see also "You Don't Know What It Is, Do You Mr. Jones? on Kushmonster 11/5/09)

March 30
The recent FBI raids on the so-called Hutaree militia in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana occurring only days after Jones taped the CNN interview evidently suggested to the ever conspiratorially minded head Info-warrior himself that this might well be the case. Jones spent the better part of his March 30 broadcast in some concerted efforts at evasive action, airing a portion of an interview he had taped last year with one of the Hutaree suspects now in custody, one Kristopher Sickles a.k.a."Pale Horse" of Sanduskey Ohio. (below, second from bottom left) Sickles had attained some fleeting fame due to a youtube posting some months ago in which, among many other things, masked and voice modulated,he called for a fully armed million strong militia march on Washington D.C. Jones has taken great pains to point out that he had exposed Sickles as a government provocateur in the aforementioned interview. Was Jones, as he himself seems to suggest, sucked into a classic "honey pot" operation designed to discredit him by his tacit association with Hutaree? During the broadcast he made a lengthy on air phone call to a unidentified CNN producer to ostensibly prove he had actually been interviewed (?) subsequently nervously querying the producer about the status of his interview and whether he was going to be lumped together with "the Michigan hillbillies".

Hutaree mug shots

The murky situation was muddied still further when some new hillbillies entered into the equation via Fox News and the InfoWars comment line. Apparently (and you can't use that word overmuch in this context) some first class nut job posted on the InfoWars comment line some scarcely intelligible gibberish detailing threats against government agents potentially approaching his residence. (If you've ever has the misfortune to scroll through these posts, this one in scarcely exceptional, and indeed typifies the abysmal mental capacities of the mob of deviants and illiterates who regularly swarm the pages there.) At any rate Fox News, either through trolling through the garbage on this thread or by dint of planted inside information, "alerted the authorities".

"ACA" was subsequently detained, shotgun duly confiscated and taken to the Naval armory at Millington TN... Naval armory? Yes the person in question was the husband of a "military servicewoman" living on a Tennessee naval base. The shotgun was subsequently returned with no charges being filed even though "ACA" on a previous post had threatened to kill police and other law enforcement personnel, had praised the actions of Cessna kamikazi dive bomber Joe Stack, and threatened TSA personnel including his next door neighbor. The alleged source of his discontent was one of Jones' patented inflammatory rants entitled "The Cost of Defying Obamacare, $2,250 a month and IRS Goons Pointing Guns at Your Family".

In the ensuing apologia drawn up by Paul Joseph Watson, Jones was referred to as "denouncing violence and urges people to follow the non-violent principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King", quite a strange claim for an individual who waved what looked like a .357 Magnum on air in response to Michael Reagan's violent threats against Mark Dice and 9/11 Truth advocates.

That Jones thrives on and profits from such inglorious and sordid imbroglios is well known. His InfoWar and Prison Planet commercial mill, lauded by some as the undisputed media flagship of liberty and truth is, with no little justification, regarded by others as the amalgamation of a disturbing array of half truths, outright distortions, and obviously staged provocations all invested with Jones' own megalomanic penchant for self-glorification as some sort of counter-cultural demi-god.

Of course no one with such exposure is going to openly advocate violence. Yet inflammatory, derisive, and confrontational rhetoric goes a long way towards the tacit acceptance of violence as means of resolving the irreconcilable and polarizing battle lines which Jones and so many of his contemporaries are dredging into ever deepening trenches of divisiveness and discord. This is the methodology and modus operandi of the provocation, which both Jones and his declared enemies are past masters. It is little wonder then that some suppose Jones to share common cause with the forces of darkness he so adamantly professes to oppose.

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When I started researching "the way things are" I came across Jones' site and some of his videos. After studying the role of the CIA in its associations with major media and publishing outlets like the the New York Times etc, I wondered how a figure like Jones could get to where he was so visibly without upsetting the powers that are, unless he was part of the plan and purpose. His message is emotional and confrontational, and exactly the direction "they" want the average conspiracist to go. Emotion and confrontation are used to steer the masses towards actions that are not well thought out, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc, and can be used in the other direction as well, namely to design a public group that will be seen as extreme and dangerous, in order to justify their demonization, and eventual destruction. Thank you Kushmonster for being the voice of reason and intelligence, the ony weapons against mass ignorance.