Monday, August 22, 2011

Gold @ $1912

amidst all the hoopla, backslapping, and exultation that the so-called rise in gold prices evokes among the more informed and prescient amongst us, it is worth calling to mind that this inert element remains as it always was and has been. what is perhaps more important is to actually listen what the golden canary is singing about. it would be immensely gratifying to suppose that the acquisitive accumulation of the shiny yellow metal is the penultimate solution to the all encompassing corruption and degeneration of an all but moribund social order and the accompanying pervasive debasement of world currencies. yet the real measure of successful adaptation to the catastrophic upheavals which are convulsing this present world are far more complex. do you presently abide in an urban center in the USA? if so, you might consider establishing a well thought out plan for an exit strategy. If this is impossible, and it will certainly be a highly unlikely option for the great majority, you might consider increased efforts at personal domestic security and devote immediate attention to the acquisition and storage of water and non perishable food. appropriate firearms and an adequate store of ammunition and a back up generator feeding an auxiliary electrical sub panel will be critical. ultimately it will not be so much what you possess, though many things are of course an unavoidable necessity, but who you are because we are presently entering an altogether new era where individual responsibility, creative capability, and foresight will not only be paramount but will be critical to survival. Perhaps in many cases that itself will come up far short.

"While the boy slept he began to go methodically through the stores. Clothes, sweaters, socks. A stainless steel basin and sponges and bars of soap. Toothpaste and toothbrushes. In the bottom of a big plastic jar of bolts and screws and miscellaneous hardware he found a double handful of gold krugerrands in a cloth sack. He dumped them out and kneaded them in his hand and looked at them and then scooped them back into the jar along with the hardware and put the jar back on the shelf." The Road-Cormac McCarthy

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