Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mind Control Adventures/Brice Taylor

Thanks for the Memories - Brice Taylor

An Iran-Contra arms trade took place in a warehouse in Santa Monica. Nothing was ever to have been traced back to Reagan because it was to have been a covert operation to raise funds for other projects, "research projects." They felt justified in selling arms to anyone, including our enemies, because they felt that the days of armed conflict were over. Instead we could now win wars using our high tech psychological, chemical and electronic warfare, if we ever needed to, and be able to use mind control technologies to insure the enemy laid down their weapons. But in the meantime, we could sell them comparatively obsolete weapons and make money for furthering the research in mind control.

Lots of drug and arms deals took place in warehouses in California, especially in and near Santa Monica and Malibu. A lot of foreign connections were made in order to increase the funds for the continuation of the research projects. And they used the mind-controlled robots they had created to earn money for them. Many, many people are under mind control and have been working for them for years - men and women who are dentists, attorneys, stockbrokers, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, politicians, bankers, corporate heads, engineers, newspaper editors or owners, nurses, teachers, principals, etc. etc. etc. And all these programmed people are used to further "the cause," each placed in strategic positions for use by the Council.

The technology available is so advanced that most people couldn't even dream of it. It far surpasses anything yet seen on sci-fi movies or read about in books -- total automation, even of people.

They put mind control operatives into jobs that included travel and then used them internationally to further their cause. They felt there was no way that they couldn't succeed since so many are now under their complete control and are able to be controlled by universal signals, enabling them to put certain words, phrases, or symbols into the current media (movies, television, newpapers, music, etc.) and the mind-controlled robots are programmed to step up their pace. Certain words have been paired through programming to different tasks these robots are assigned to do. So all they have to do is to hear the word combinations, tones, frequency, etc., and they can all be commanded within a very short time to carry out their programmed instructions.

Mind Control Technology of the Future

There were lots of times they laid me on a gurney and injected me with drugs, and then the doctors talked to me while I was under the influence. There were many doctors at UCLA who knew all about mind control and were well-trained for the technology of the future. They were told they were specially selected because of their intellectual abilities "to participate in an effort at world peace in the only method known to man." They were trained in the latest methods in how to program and operate under mind control. There were lots of doctors involved, different ones at different times in different places. I was "demonstrated and modeled" often over years for their learning, understanding, and financial benefit. There were demonstrations for doctors, scientists, prison officials, and other professionals who were selected to receive this top-secret mind control information.

Reagan was involved in this endeavor for years, ever since he was Governor and because he was cooperative and "went along with the program." Then in later years, as President, the amount of people who witnessed the demonstrations grew as the plan for the New World Order grew closer to implementation. Those who were brought in to see the mind control technology could never go back to not knowing. They needed an army of professionals to carry out the plan and the numbers of people involved increased dramatically in the 80's after Reagan and Bush got into office and cooperated to the fullest.

During Reagan's administrations the doctors at UCLA did tests and demonstrations in front of other doctors explaining how I worked, but they called this "studies" of the mind or brain. They didn't refer to any of it as mind control, but instead gave it the catchy name "behavior modification." They had a circular arena where they conducted the demonstrations while I laid on a table or sat in a chair naked, responding like a puppet to their cues. The demonstrations involved simple mind control techniques as well as telekinesis. Once the doctor directed me to bend a spoon across the room with the power of my mind. They told me to see the spoon bend in my mind and to focus solely on this thought to see it, and hear the words that played in my mind; then the spoon would bend and sometimes it would even move and fall off a table from across the room. Once I was programmed to hold out my hand with a key in it and with my mind I bent the key. I curled it all up while I held my palm and fingers still, my mind totally focused on the key. Most people have no idea the power a focused mind has. The doctors watching would gasp. They also programmed me to start a fire from across the room with my mind.267

Large grants were given to doctors who wanted to do further research into the power of the mind or the mind/body connection, or studies of the brain. During one such demonstration, a group of doctors witnessed the presenting doctor give me the hypnotic suggestion that I would not be burned. He held a lighted match to my arm, and just as he said, I didn't get burned. One particular doctor filed by at the end of the demonstration to get a closer look at my arm to see if, indeed, I was not burned. After viewing my unburned arm, tears welled in his eyes, and in Catholic fashion he performed the sign of the cross on himself and said, "Forgive us," and walked away.

Over the years, most scientists and doctors didn't respond as this sympathetic, compassionate, scientific human being did. I believe that many were uninformed as to the level of the mind control experiments and usages, and did not know exactly how the mind control was accomplished. But my controllers were well aware of these technologies and used them to have me appear as "supernatural" to people they wanted to influence. They could pre-program in these manifestations and have them occur seemingly spontaneously without outside interference. This was how they rigged so-called miracles for the Pope and other Catholic leaders at the Vatican. They programmed in 'miracles' like making my hands bleed at the palms like Christ did or making me speak in high Latin tongue to the Pope or Bishops, delivering messages that dropped them to their knees, kissing their rosaries or necklaces or my feet. I didn't know what they were saying to me because I didn't really know Latin. They, like many others, were open to these miracles delivered to them on what they thought were the 'wings of angels' (me) to influence them. They thought I was some oracle delivering God's messages or angelic messages. I even delivered messages to Reagan with a religious theme, but it only worked on those who were religious.

I went between UCLA and Point Mugu Naval Base often for this technology. Point Mugu had large banks of audio equipment, dolphin tanks, and a pool, and UCLA had brain-testing equipment, MRI, and virtual reality gear.


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