Thursday, July 1, 2010

Angry Toronto Banker Chucks Brick at G20 Protestors

As of late, we've all been treated to the tedious and tiresome spectacle of the latest G20 gathering in Toronto, Canada. As the "world leaders" convened their semi-annual satanic cabal in the tres chic metropolitan venue just across Niagra Falls and Lake Ontario from the dismally proletarian and forgotten enclave of Buffalo, New York, the usual motley crew of the disaffected, hopelessly alienated, and miserably marginalized came together in worship of TPTB with the usual incendiary madness and wanton destruction which has long typified their vain, empty and futile struggles against the NWO super-nemesis which alone seems to give meaning to their increasingly empty, abstracted, and mechanized shadow existences. After the storm troopers proffered a few of their vehicles to this massa damnata which were then dutifully set alight with gasoline bombs and the amoebic protoplasm of police informants and provocateurs colloquially known as the Black Bloc surged through the streets shattering plate glass and inducing mayhem, the paramilitarized police obliged with raids on a local downtown university, rounding up students, importuning numerous innocent bystanders, and sweeping up hundreds in their characteristic dragnets, interning them in facilities designated and designed for that purpose with some of the more than billion dollars requisitioned for "security". The regular repetition of this tawdry and aimless spectacle at various international locales increasingly wears on the nerves of ordinary persons engaged in the completion of their humdrum daily tasks having not the inclination, time, predisposition, nor airfare to attend these pagan rituals which have come to define our irreparably fractured social discourse. Perhaps this bald headed bastion of the status quo felt it incumbent upon himself to provide some peremptory rear guard action for the phalanxes of police attempting to at once provoke and compel the legions of radical chic and revolutionary poseurs intent on displaying their insufferable afflatus to the innumerable video and cell phone cameras and hordes of media whores recording this collective insanity with a singular, indefatigable and narcissistic vengeance. Fie upon them all, detestable, intemperate and wicked bipeds!

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George said...

how dare the peasants revolt! back to your chores at once! lol