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The Real Hot and Bloody Mess Behind the Late Great False Messiah

The Autopsy of Nelson Mandela by Yiull Damaso
I was going back over some old posts and I happened on one that caught my attention due to the international media spectacle surrounding the interminable internment of the most venerable "Madiba", very much a very late though not the latest false messiah. It was an article buried in some quarter of the net and didn't receive much attention. here it is: http://kushmonster.blogspot.com/2013/06/arrest-warrant-issued-for-war-criminal.html While the attempt to arrest the war criminal Obama remains highly unlikely and only symbolic, we must remember that similar warrants issued for George Bush and Henry Kissinger have led to sudden revisions of travel plans for both of them. 

These large demonstrations in Pretoria against Obama came during his state visit to South Africa as a time when Mandela-Madiba was in a vegetative state, brain dead, with massive organ failure and on life support as his immediate family engaged in internecine squabbling. and prepared law suits over his considerable estateIndeed as the Guardian article suggests that Madiba was taken off life support, dying on June 26, 2013. This unusual state of affairs provided much grist for the more conspiratorially and apocalyptic minded denizens of the internet who seized upon the news as evidence that the vast gathering of some 91 world leaders was merely a pretext for either some Illuminati ritual intended to bring about the long expected manifestation of the Annunaki/Nephilim, or perhaps the retreat of these plenipotentiaries into some vast billion dollar underground city apparently constructed under the Nkandla compound of the reigning president of SA and Mandela's heir, Jacob Zuma to escape the coming ravages of comet Ison. We suspect of course that this arcane sensational tabloid boilerplate presented with the usual feverish forewarnings of impending doom and catastrophe is being spoon fed to these credulous commentators by the very minions of darkness they are seeking to expose. After all, as we shall see, there is a sanguinary trail of nefarious skullduggery and homicidal mania to be covered up by the misdirection afforded by these fascinating and arcane speculations  

Amid these great and seemingly unending commemorations and ceremonies one gained the unmistakeable impression that we are being led to believe that Madiba was the black messiah and Obama is his prophet. It is no accident that the most slavish purveyors of this insane patho-mythology are the rock stars and Hollywood icons such as Phil Collins who infamously and blasphemously averred that if we as human beings could all claim a universal "father" it would be Nelson Mandela. It was not long ago that Obama himself, in an equally deranged collective madness was being accorded a godlike status and proclaimed the savior of mankind. Actually the record is unambiguous and abundantly clear on both of these Nobel Peace Prize laureates. Although Mandela's atrocities pale in the face of Obama's it certainly wasn't for lack of trying. Even from his well appointed prison cell on Robbins Island the savior of his people was planning and initiating horrific bombing campaigns which left hundreds of blacks and whites alike maimed and murdered.

It occurred to me that in a country, so much like the United States in its endemic poverty unemployment and political repression, where an elite class of criminal Prince Hall Negroes such as Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson etc...not to speak of Oprah, Jay-Z, L'il Wayne, Bill Cosby, front for the white power elite...and where black Wall Street lawyer Kevin Orreo is presently presiding over the financial liquidation by bankruptcy of one of the largest cities in America... that South Africa, presently ruled by a similar cabal of black elites, was indeed merely a more sophisticated reiteration of the enslavement of the unfortunate untouchables of the lower strata of all colors of South African society. 

Testifying to this inconvenient reality which stands in stark contradistinction to the sumptuous hagiography being fabricated around Madiba is the apparently little remembered incident of the Marikana massacre of 34 striking black African miners in August of 2012 presided over by Jacob Zuma, Madiba's heir apparent. Adding insult to injury, the surviving miners were then charged with the murder of their comrades under an obscure apartheid era law.
The decision late Thursday by South Africa’s state prosecutors to use a notorious apartheid-era law to charge 270 striking miners with the murder of 34 of their colleagues — men who were actually shot dead by the police, as recorded by numerous television crews — marks a bizarre new low in a bloody scandal that threatens to strip the country’s post apartheid state of what remains of its moral authority. National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) spokesman Frank Lesenyego announced “34 counts of murder have been laid against the 270 accused” over the shooting dead by armed police of 34 fellow miners at the Lonmin platinum mine at Marikana in northern South Africa on Aug. 16. The miners, also accused of the attempted murder of 78 fellow miners who were injured, were charged under a law dating back to 1956 known as “common purpose,” said Lesenyego, in which members of a crowd present when a crime is committed can be prosecuted for incitement. In other words: the state says the miners provoked the police to kill them.
Read more: South Africa: State ProsecutorsTIM

Charge Miners over Colleagues' Deaths | E.com http://world.time.com/2012/08/30/south-africa-massacre-miners-charged-over-colleagues-deaths/#ixzz2nNvc7dPY

 As to this we have the following analysis from an ANC communist party insider which should be required reading for anyone unduly enamored of the hopelessly corrupted ANC sellout traitors presently in the process of enshrining the former British MI6 operative and Zio-Illuminati agent Nelson Mandela as a national and universal sanctified hero .http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2013/12/did-mossad-betray-mandela.html

It was a dire error on my part to focus on my own responsibilities and leave the economic issues to the ANC’s experts. However, at the time, most of us never quite knew what was happening with the top-level economic discussions. As s Sampie Terreblanche has revealed in his critique, Lost in Transformation, by late 1993 big business strategies – hatched in 1991 at the mining mogul Harry Oppenheimer‘s Johannesburg residence – were crystallising in secret late-night discussions at the Development Bank of South Africa. Present were South Africa’s mineral and energy leaders, the bosses of US and British companies with a presence in South Africa – and young ANC economists schooled in western economics. They were reporting to Mandela, and were either outwitted or frightened into submission by hints of the dire consequences for South Africa should an ANC government prevail with what were considered ruinous economic policies.
All means to eradicate poverty, which was Mandela’s and the ANC’s sworn promise to the “poorest of the poor”, were lost in the process.Nationalisation of the mines and heights of the economy as envisaged by the Freedom charter was abandoned. The ANC accepted responsibility for a vast apartheid-era debt, which should have been cancelled. A wealth tax on the super-rich to fund developmental projects was set aside, and domestic and international corporations, enriched by apartheid, were excused from any financial reparations. Extremely tight budgetary obligations were instituted that would tie the hands of any future governments; obligations to implement a free-trade policy and abolish all forms of tariff protection in keeping with neo-liberal free trade fundamentals were accepted. Big corporations were allowed to shift their main listings abroad. In Terreblanche’s opinion, these ANC concessions constituted “treacherous decisions that [will] haunt South Africa for generations to come”.http://www.counterpunch.org/2013/12/11/how-the-anc-sold-out-south-africas-poor/

Whether by accident or design I guess we will never know, a unlikely court jester was tossed into this otherwise solemn nonsense in the person of an interpreter for the deaf, a "signer", whose actions and image has now gone viral over the net. Suffice it to say that that Thamsanqa Jantjie,  who was subsequently revealed to be a self admitted"schizophrenic" and a convicted serial felon, insists that he slipped into some alter reality while Obama was droning on in his usual meaningless platitudes, and began "hallucinating angels descending into the stadium" while gesturing randomly and chaotically just an arms length away from the president. It is hard to fathom how or why such an individual could be put in such a position but the ensuing confusion generated by such a ludicrous spectacle was particularly embarrassing for the organizers who went to great lengths to distance themselves from the debacle disavowing in unity any responsibility. 
Given the equally embarrassing photos of the POTUS like some teenager on a lark giddily taking "selfies" with the UK Prime Minister Cameron while cozying up to Danish Prime Minister Hell Thorning-Schmidt during the memorial's solemn proceedings one has to wonder if the first Obot's programming is completely short circuiting to the point where he is losing any remaining sense of self composure and the gravity of his position if he indeed possessed any to begin with or whether he is being "set up" to expose the slap happy irresponsible adolescent fool that he really is who just happens to be "the leader of the free world". On the other hand it has been suggested that such media "coverage" is meant to counteract the persistent allegations of Obama's homosexuality most recently put forward by a classmate of his at Punahou High School in Honolulu, Mia Pope, who suggested that the young Obama was selling his services to rich elderly white male clients for cocaine.  

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