Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Decidedly Desultory Reflection on Our Culture of Death

Perhaps no recent US presidential election has been freighted with such intense national and international discord and ominous foreboding expectation as the cycle of 2012. As the domestic social discourse and US sponsored violent international provocations become more volatile and the emotional atmosphere becomes equally highly charged with ever more blinding animus, it becomes increasingly apparent that either an Obama election, which at this point seems to many an all but accomplished fact, or the more remote possibility of the inauguration of a new Republican regime will not only further expose with bold relief the seismic fractures which have riven the American social and political landscape with unbridgeable abysms of division, but will inescapably further serve to inflame and intensify the bloodshed and wanton destruction being inflicted upon the Middle East. Anyone still believing in a qualitative difference between the selected candidate and his decoy duck nemesis conveniently ignores the years if not decades of strategic planning that accompanies not only the engineered financial meltdown but the complexities of highly integrated and internationally organized military campaigns presently being witnessed.

Meanwhile, severe financial dislocations eviscerating the US economy are rapidly transforming the former undisputed economic kingpin and most powerful nation on earth into urban wastelands of joblessness, homelessness, foreclosure and incipient social anarchy presided over by a corrupt elitist oligarchy glutting itself with the most phenomenal transference of wealth in history. As the nation slowly sloughs through its inescapable economic quagmire towards third world status, the US military, its NATO partners, and terrorist proxy armies engage in the subversion, dismemberment, and destruction of sovereign nation states throughout the Middle East. With each successive sanguinary emanation of the so called "Arab spring," the dominoes continue to fall with Syria presently tilting precariously towards the catastrophic denouément which has befallen Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. Such gratuitous dislocations of senseless violence find reflection in the spate of mass killings being spawned across the country by Manchurian candidates groomed and pre programmed in the mind control laboratories such as the Salk Institute and its psychotronic engineers which gave us the handiwork of whoever carried out the Dark Knight shootings in the name of the unfortunate and obviously mind controlled patsy, Joker James Holmes, http://mindcontrolblackassassins.com/category/mk-ultra/

As the Anglo-American/NATO proxy wars fulminate across the Middle East and North Africa, one can sense that the stage here is being set for the ultimate confrontation of the "last remaining superpower" and its ascendant rivals in the East, both Russia and China over the last domino, Iran. As Russia attempts to salvage the Assad regime and maintain its foothold in the Mediterranean anchored at its refueling base in Tartusz, the Chinese are stepping up gunboat diplomacy in the South China Sea islands in maritime territorial disputes with its southeast Asian neighbors. In response, the US Naval fleet has dispatched some 262 vessels to the region, a little less than half the total fleet, now evenly divided between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/world/2012/08/12/wary-us-conquers-asia-pacific-waters/ Concerning these developments, F. W. Engdahl has a comprehensive, searching, and most informative article concerning US geopolitical imperatives in Southeast Asia.http://www.voltairenet.org/Obama-s-Geopolitical-China-Pivot

The US maritime supremacy is more obviously evident in the Persian Gulf where the US Navy juggernaut has assembled its Fifth Fleet joined by the U.S.S. Carl Vinson and the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln in an unusual display of littoral brinksmanship adding a vast Naval presence to supplement the encirclement of Iran by more than 45 military bases in Turkey, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq. With the obvious unstated and yet obvious goal of guaranteeing free passage of oil tankers through the critical choke point of the Strait of Hormuz in addition the fleet is poised to bring to bear the incredible technologically advanced firepower so instrumental in the destruction of Libya in the event of what seems a now foregone conclusion, namely an attack on Iran.

Of course in the midst of this apocalyptic conflagration squarely lies the state of Zionist Israel. The so-called civil war in Syria, actively abetted by the Anglo American axis with its allies in NATO, has as its ultimate aim the destruction not only of Assad's Syria but more importantly the bases of Hezbollah in Lebanon which administered a stinging defeat upon the Israelis during their last abortive invasion of Lebanon and whose tens of thousands of missiles stand poised to deliver a decisive blow to the Zionist State in the event of any attack on Iran. The neutralization of Syria and its de facto client state in Lebanon, Hezbollah are essential to the isolation of Iran to which end Turkey has been acting as a forward base through which millions of dollars of UK funding along with mujahadin/Al Qaeda mercenaries from Saudi Arabia and Qatar and a host of other Gulf Cooperation Council entities forming the so called Free Syrian Army have been funneled to oust the Assad regime .http://www.voltairenet.org/Syrian-blood-etches-a-new-line-in The creation and funding of the Muslim Brotherhood through the agency of the British foreign intelligence agency MI6 has become more than evident through these perfidious and transparently insidious machinations. http://www.redmoonrising.com/Ikhwan/Clash.htm

They go after Christians with a vengeance.Its hunting season now not only for Alawis but for Christians.

With these cogent, pithy, and timely words the journalist Pepe Escobar describes the Saudi supported purge of Christians by the so called Free Syrian Army. In respect of this we have the following from the From the New York Times "In Hamidiya and Bustan al-Diwan in Homs Province 80,000 Christians cleansed from their homes by the FSA have gradually given up the prospect of ever returning home". Just one of the many instances across the Middle East and Africa of the blood purging of Christian minorities that have taken place among the many church burnings, murders, tortures, rapes and mutilations by Islamist supremacists, the proxy army death squads of the Anglo-American NATO axis of evil are running rampant through the major cities of Syria sowing wide swaths of destruction. http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2012/08/cia-forces-kill-christians.html

According to Escobar, the criminal gangs of the FSA, a pastiche of psychopathic killers otherwise known as "mujahideen and hard core jihadis" recruited from Pakistan, Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, and Tunisia are proclaiming an "Islamist State," waving Al Qaeda flags, taking videos of themselves and their carnage, and then promptly retreating ahead of regular Syrian Army forces. http://www.independent.co.uk/opinion/commentators/fisk/robert-fisk-rebel-army-theyre-a-gang-of-foreigners-8073717.htmlWhile the champions of feminazism, Hillary Clinton and Suzanne Rice trumpet such victories for "democracy" and unrelentingly condemn the atrocities of the Assad regime, the US/UK NATO genocidal bloodbath continues unabated. The bloated and ghastly Secretary of State, who in a more just world would certainly be tried and executed for war crimes, is following in the footsteps of the bloody Tudors, Henry VIII and his equally feral and bloodthirsty issue Elizabeth I, who both hunted down English Catholics and their priests "with a vengeance".

For all of their sanguinary proclivities the Tudors could scarcely themselves keep step with their modern counterparts in the endless slaughters perpetrated by the neo-liberal executioners in Washington. Prompted by the dark forces of illuminist occultism which smolder infernally beneath the transparent patina of their nominal Christianity, the breadth and scope of their murderous designs, from the institutional nightmare of the local abortion mill to the international killing fields of Libya, Syria and the rest of the blood soaked middle East, actually stagger the imagination and remain as an object of stark disbelief in the eyes of only but the most steadfast and unflinching witnesses to their awful , execrable and unforgivable crimes. Anathema Sit!

In light of these ruminations it would be appropriate to address in addition the glaring incongruity of a foreign policy which, under the aegis of a partly Afro-American president, has recently not only destroyed the sovereign state of Libya but also in the process subjected its African citizens to what can only be described as a collective lynching at the hands of Islamic racial supremacists. Tens of thousands of native Africans have been subjected to internment, rape, torture, and murder by Islamic racial supremacists flying the flag of Al Qaeda while the President ludicrously and hypocritically opined stateside that if he had a male child he would "look like Trayvon".

As the election of 2012 fast approaches we can rest assured that whoever ultimately lays claim to the specious title of "leader of the free world" will possess an allegiance not to the Constitution nor to the people whose basic rights it seeks to enshrine and protect, but rather to the prince and the principalities of this world, whose pomp, wealth, and honors cannot silence the laments of the dead whose wails cry to the heavens for justice.

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