Monday, July 23, 2012

Obama Cynically Exploits Second Colorado Tragedy

An interesting fact has come to light on the massacre in Aurora CO. The FBI issued a "Roll Call Release" last May warning of potential attacks on theater venues in the US. Coincidence?


Given the undeniable proclivity of the FBI and other innumerable alphabet agencies for the staging of false flag terror operations, can we justifiably presume that the Aurora mass murder was yet another in a long series of fabricated events designed to further terrorize the populace as part of its domestic political agenda?

Given the fact that Denver was the site of the de facto coronation of Barack Obama as US president, is it accidental that in the midst of the 2012 presidential campaign, Obama would return to Colorado for the second time in less than two weeks to exploit yet another national disaster for his own political ends? His appearance in Colorado Springs after the suspicious and devastating Waldo Canyon fire can only be regarded as the most transparent and manipulative political theater. With the growing awareness of government attempts to exploit and coerce an increasingly gullible and hypnotically suggestible populace through successive violent provocations, is it all that far fetched to suggest that the Aurora theater abattoir was the work of yet another in a series of Manchurian candidates with the aim of further destabilizing and subverting a rapidly disintegrating economic, political and social order? We think not.
84,000 strong turned out for Barack Obama's nomination speech at INVESCO Field. Voters are also expected to turn out in record numbers for the Nov. 4 (Photo/Jason Kosena)

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