Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Bust?

A recent article in the Denver Post of January 15, 2012 suggests that " the weak economy means people are waiting to have babies". The article goes on to say "that's bad news for retailers who sell children's clothing and toys". The survey which the article refers to comes from, of all places, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Actually this is no surprise as it has long been contended by the American Medical Association that pregnancy is a "disease" the only cure to which rests firmly in the hands of doctors in lab coats sporting ubiquitous stethoscopes. Indeed the having and rearing of children has assumed an increasingly problematic proportion in the minds of most Americans and especially with recent generations of narcissistic, hedonistic individuals raised in dysfunctional and broken homes, and presently hopelessly addicted to the internet trifecta of so called social media, internet pornography, and video games. Apparently the steepening economic slide has only aggravated an already pronounced Anglo/European and American proclivity for cultural and racial suicide as expressed in demographic trends which reflect an alarming birth/death ratio revealing a rapidly contracting population, insufficient for even replacement of existing levels.

While this news may warm the hearts of the social engineers, population planners, eugenicists and various depopulation and eviro-fascists such as Cass Susstein and Maurice Strong, the death knell is sounding for the US of A with an exploding immigrant population pouring over the porous southern border as well as the Eurozone with its own brand of demographic invasion represented by burgeoning Muslim immigrants. Indeed it is projected that within 50 years, due to the unabated surge in Muslim populations in the West, that Europe along with the United States will become de facto Muslim nations.

Meanwhile in the US, where population has declined 3/4 % from the 2000/2009 average to under 4 million live births, where abortion mills keep up the ruthless mass slaughter of its own children (now in the tens of millions), and where the open embrace of the so called gay agenda has fed an exponential growth in homosexuality and lesbianism, the consumer death culture runs rampant like a self feeding cancer. The Post article goes on to suggest that there is after all a "bright spot for investors in Carter's (CRI) and other children's retailers. In 2010, 40% of births were first children. First borns tend to mean a flurry of clothes and gear purchases, unlike second-and third-borns, who tend to get hand me downs."

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