Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mubarak Family Flees to London with 35 Billion Pounds

Mubarak’s family flees to London with 35 Billion Pounds. US plans Post-Hosni eraIt may be too late to save Mubarak. The Sun from the UK reports that “The panic-stricken family of President Mubarak has reportedly fled Egypt for the luxurious refuge of their £8.5 million London townhouse.

The leader’s son Gamal, 47, is said to have spearheaded the move, flying to Britain on a private jet with his own family and NINETY-SEVEN pieces of luggage. He owns the six-floor Georgian mansion a stone’s throw from Harrods in Knightsbridge, West London.

But according to rumours sweeping Britain’s Egyptian community, the President, 82, and wife Suzanne, 69, are also planning to head to the ritzy five-bed haven….Egyptian baggage handlers at Heathrow are even said to have already spotted the First Lady arriving at the airport.

Mubarak is said to have amassed a £25 billion fortune for his family since grabbing power in 1981.”



the IMF has already had their hooks deeply imbedded in the economy not only of Egypt but the large majority of so called “emerging” economies throughout the world. through their notorious structural adjustments and the mechanism of the relatively recently introduced Article IV “consultations” ostensibly designed to help developing economies deal with “exogenous shocks”, the IMF financial predators have succeeded in transferring public utilities and essential infrastructure projects to the private hands of not only their cronies inhabiting the controlled financial sectors, but have immeasurably enriched the satraps who sit upon the thrones of power paying fealty to the powerful global suzerain which installed these plenipotentiaries into their parasitic positions of authority. (How else does someone like Mr. Mubarak lay claim to a reported personal wealth of $25 billion and a $13.8 million townhouse in London where he and his family will presently decamp.) Once the levers of neo-colonial financial control are firmly in place as they have been for decades, fiscal and currency manipulation, onerous debt service, and depletion or outright withdrawal of capital formation create the very “exogenous shocks” through which the IMF overlords create the social dislocations and chaos so essential to their intrinsically evil financial hegemony.


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Let the revolution begin.

yardfarmer said...

Mr. Kaminski reminds me much of Eustace Mullins and much like Mr. Mullins, his uncompromising exposé of the Zionist power structure is guaranteed not to win him many friends. The cogency of his arguments might find favor at rense.com, here, or any one of a number of other sites where truth is accounted a greater value than attempts to sugar the poison pill to make it a bit more palatable.