Thursday, November 18, 2010

Obama as Shiva the Destroyer

In the various successive attempts ever since his election to invest the latest POTUS with divine status, this latest hagiographic, hallucinatory incarnation of the anointed one perhaps stands out, especially in respect of the greatest US midterm electoral disaster in recent history as well as what has been regarded as a singularly calamitous foreign policy exercise at the largest and recently concluded G20 Illuminati convocation in Seoul, South Korea. The precarious balancing act depicted on the cover of our Orwellian Newspeak magazine implies that herculean task being apparently undertaken by our most august dimwit is perhaps an exercise which strains even the extraordinary transcendent capacities of the tacitly acknowledged god-man.

In actuality of course, this mind controlled, computer generated puppet show would be better served by a depiction of the many invisible strings connecting this lifeless marionette to the numerous puppet masters working the contrived motions of the theatrical events which comprise the stage management behind this increasingly absurd pretense of national governance. Also implied and subliminally suggested is the inevitable and looming downfall of this ersatz modern Promethean as he is either elevated to a new apotheosis via false flag event or simply conveniently and presently disposed of as the stalking horse he was from the very beginning. Either way, the madison avenue messiah is shortly to outlive his usefulness as his supporting cast one by one skulks off stage left like so many rats from the sinking ship, his masters slacken the mannequin strands and the hosannas of the mob turn to cries for blood.


Liberte said...

What brings a tear to my eye is the voracious appetite for all things statist, reflected in the ideology of the Newsweek/MSM victims that believe it to be, or crave it to be, the role of the POTUS to manage with 6 arms.

Looking forward to the days of no arms.

I enjoy reading here.

yardfarmer said...

I much appreciate your reflections, Liberte, revealing a profoundly personal and imaginative expression which is welcome here. I think it was Arthur Schopenhauer who simply said, "The State is a lie" The cost of our complicity and convenient identification with this illusion of state power imperils our relationship with the truth and ourselves. Feel free to drop in any time with any further musings.

George said...

excellent writing yardfarmer.