Tuesday, August 10, 2010


As the brother from another planet, Barrack Obama, recapitulated his mid-June public relations foray into the Mississippi Delta at the behest of Governor Haley Barbour for a photo-op at a local Gulf Port eatery where he dutifully posed consuming Gulf shrimp and an earlier visit to Grande Isle Louisiana on June 4 again sampling the safe-to-eat crustaceans, he lunched on the West Lawn of the White House with the 2009 Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints football team conspicuously (again) dining on supposed Gulf Coast shrimp and andouille sausages.This PR ploy comes on the heels of his birthday bash which involved more fish and shrimp fries(!) and hours of basketball with his brothers(and a sistah) from the NBA in tow. These potent propaganda ploys no doubt associated in the pliable and pre-conditioned minds of the American TV populace not only the health, wealth and success not only of NBA and NFL super-stars but the eminent consumability and salubrious benefits of all Gulf aquatic edibles as well as the miraculous restoration of the GOM by the super technocrats of British Petroleum after the unfortunate admixture of untold hundreds of millions of crude oil and millions of gallons of super toxic Corexit 9500. I think we can all be undoubted assured by the brother president's following words:

"With the ongoing reopening of Gulf fisheries, we're excited that fishermen can go back to work and Americans can confidently and safely enjoy Gulf seafood once again," Obama said. "We're certainly going to enjoy it here at the White House. In fact, we had some yesterday."

In fact the White House was good enough to provide a photo of that sumptuous culinary fare so skillfully prepared by White House chef Sam Kass

Meanwhile, in the Gulf itself, where persons actually dependent on the fisheries there for their livelihoods and the health of their families make their homes, some skepticism was actually expressed which seemed to contradict the avowals of the clean bill of health on the Gulf fisheries issued by the gustatory exhortations of our most august partner in BP's massive ecocide and poisoning of the international food supply.

Capt. Rusty Graybill, a shrimp, crab and oyster fisherman talks with reporters in Yscloskey, La., Friday, July 30, 2010. About 70 percent of Louisiana waters are now open to some kind of commercial fishing, but state waters in Mississippi and Alabama remain closed and so do nearly a quarter of federal waters in the Gulf. Seafood industry representatives hailed the reopening, but Rusty Graybill, a boat captain from Yscloskey, La., who fishes for crab, oysters and shrimp, said "it's a joke." (AP Photo/Judi Bottoni)

VENICE —"Seafood from some parts of the oil-fouled Gulf of Mexico has been declared safe to eat by the government, based in part on human smell tests. But even some Gulf fishermen are questioning whether the fish and shrimp are OK to feed to their own families.

Some are turning up their noses at the smell tests — in which inspectors sniff seafood for chemical odors — and are demanding more thorough testing to reassure the buying public about the effects of the oil and the dispersants used to fight the slick."

"If I put fish in a barrel of water and poured oil and Dove detergent over that, and mixed it up, would you eat that fish?" asked Rusty Graybill, an oysterman and shrimp and crab fisherman from Louisiana's St. Bernard Parish. "I wouldn't feed it to you or my family. I'm afraid someone's going to get sick."



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