Tuesday, August 24, 2010

150 Kiloton Underground Nuclear Explosion Destroyed WTC?

Evidence seems to be growing that indefatigable Bilderberg investigative journalist Daniel Estulin's assertion that the World Trade Center towers and WTC building #7 were destroyed using 150 kiloton nuclear devices is not only credible but offers the only possible explanation for the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings on September 11, 2001. Following is link to an interview with Soviet nuclear intelligence expert Dimitri Khalezov comprising some 26 successive videos http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dimitri+khalezov&aq=f
Khalezov's contention that he was the object of an extradition by the US government from his residence in Thailand dovetails nicely with the publicity surrounding a recent similar extradition request for Victor Bout, an alleged Russian arms dealer. US efforts to get to Bout have been effectively stymied for the past two years. A recent flurry of State Department efforts to once again extradite Bout have apparently failed as Thai authorities have agreed to re-open his case thus thwarting renewed US attempts which had appeared only days ago to be assured of success. Bout, who was apparently Public enemy No. 2 on the US list of subjects to be apprehended (second only to Osama Bin Laden) is rumored to possess a wealth of highly classified Russian intelligence information on 9/11 similar to the startling revelations of Mr. Khalezov.

The Anonymous Physicist also takes issue with Khalezov's and indeed Estulin's respective Russian intelligence backgrounds a fact he says predisposes them to a covert agenda in service to such agencies. Indeed Khalezov insists that the US government was taken unawares by the "attacks" and simply responded with a reactive defensive posture, imploding WTC #1 and #2 in response to intelligence that nuclear devices had been implanted in the buildings and were on the verge of destroying NYC. I personally find these latter claims of Khalezov utterly ridiculous, implausible, and without merit and an obvious attempt at misdirection. I share AP's views that the swelling ranks of former government intelligence operatives presently disseminating information concerning the covert activities of government and intelligence agencies are highly suspect and as such should be subjected to the most rigorous scrutiny.


George said...

i often thought all the radioactive steel turning up in china and india might have something to do with the fact that we exported the steel from wtc to those countries. this isnt an area of my expertise however and it could be that these assumptions are totally false.

one question is that if nuclear devices were used why isn't the ground zero site radioactive?

George said...


yardfarmer said...

I guess Mr. Khalezov is going to have to answer those questions George in the 29 videos that comprise the rest of this interview (on YouTube of course)

Anonymous said...

Google "9/11 Nukes - Radiation-induced cancers"