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The unprecedented Deepwater Horizon off shore drilling rig catastrophe which began on April 20 at 10:00 pm local time with the sinking of the rig itself occurring on April 22 (Earth Day) only some few months after the massive magnitude 8 earthquake which devastated Haiti on January 12 has focused attention on the immense consequences of natural and human precipitated environmental cataclysms which in their severity, intensity and unexpected extent once again reveal the extremely tenuous and conditional nature of human species on this planet. The increasingly volatile interface and subsequent symbiosis between complex applied technologies and the forces inherent in the natural environment have reached a point of critical inflection which portends vast and potentially irreversible dislocations in the sustainable and precarious balance between mankind and the rest of creation, the natural world of our earthly abode. Ever since the monstrous blow of Katrina, the Gulf Coast of the United States is disintegrating in the face of an all out assault by a profound natural disaster and now a cataclysmic flood of crude. The southern wall of Fortress America is being rapidly and inexorably undermined and breached and the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe signals the final fatal thrust into the heartland.

The extent to which certain far reaching and, for the most part, generally recondite advances in scientific technologies are actually operative in recent natural and man-made disasters remains obscure and the source of much speculation. Due to the involvement of the military and intelligence agencies with so called national security and the proprietary dimensions of institutional corporate economic, and industrial prerogatives, a great deal of secrecy, doublespeak, and outright falsity envelops the recent milestone events of the last decade which have defined our political social and economic identity. Of course, such efforts to conceal, fabricate or deny imply a hidden agenda to deceive and mislead the public concerning issues critical to the general collective welfare founded on natural law.

Thus the very physics of the events of 9/11 are still a matter of much public dispute even within scientific circles, not to speak of the massive weight of evidence pointing to government conspiracy and collusion.The subsequent allegations of weapons of mass destruction, mysterious centrifuges, chemical weapons, "yellow cake" uranium and the like which led to the invasion of Iraq have all been called into serious question and for the most part have been utterly disproven. Likewise, the recent revelations of the outright falsification of data at the University of East Anglica upon which the "established science" of global warming was largely founded provide the most obvious evidence of statistical manipulation in service to political ideology masquerading as empirical scientific fact. Yet the "official" versions remain largely unchallenged though once again called into serious question or being outright discredited.

Billions if not trillions of dollars spent on war on false pretext with hundreds of thousands of lives lost to conflict and its concomitant plagues and scientific and social policy based on falsified data negatively impacting the lives of millions is itself indicative of a grotesquely and patently false social paradigm. This kind of dissociative and obviously pathological behavior, which would be deemed in the individual the hallmark of a dangerous insanity, in the case of governments,economic and scientific institutions becomes not only accepted and unquestioned fact, if only by default, but also a matter of an unfounded faith for the vast majority of individuals. While it is generally of little concern to most that our entire social edifice is predicated and founded on a lie, and a great, deathly, and all consuming lie at that, the profound metaphysical and spiritual implications of the grand delusion reach into and pervade every facet of our lives.

It is in this wider context in which we seek to place the cataclysmic petro-volcano miles deep in the Gulf of Mexico. Once again we are presented with a version of events which can be immediately characterized as, at best, hopelessly inconsistent, and at worst a conscious exercise in utter mendacity; an attempt to evade, misrepresent and even denythe very origins and the profound extent of the catastrophe from day one. The requisite release of information fed to media and internet has spawned the expected info feeding frenzy. Sensational and pre-programmed data conspire to swarm the electronic airwaves which merge unconsciously with our neural pathways to explain the unknown and disconcerting. Since we already know the mainstream fiction by heart, we will let fly with a few of the internet conspiracy theories:

scenario 1: A Blackwater SWAT team operating with Halliburton, after actually testing the now notorious blow out protection control valve on the very day of the disaster three successive times and a mysterious fourth test (never carried out) actually ignites the bubble of gas which has come rushing up from the depths of the well with tremendous pressure and erupts across the deck of the semi-submersible rig and destroys it in a massive fireball. The rig of course contains a "black box"( much like an airline)which records detailed records of operational procedures communicating with the mainland. The Box was mysteriously disabled at 3:00 pm, just seven hours before the conflagration. Motive? The elimination of British Petroleum/Royal Dutch Shell and Queen Beatrix of Holland from the Gulf in some type of Bilderberger turf war and the expropriation of the magnificent ocean of oil "vein" which extends all the way to Venezuela. Remember, of course, Daniel Day Lewis in "There Will Be Blood".

scenario 2: US Orders Blackout Over North Korean Torpedoing Of Gulf Of Mexico Oil Rig
By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers A grim report circulating in the Kremlin today written by Russia’s Northern Fleet is reporting that the United States has ordered a complete media blackout over North Korea’s torpedoing of the giant Deepwater Horizon oil platform owned by the World’s largest offshore drilling contractor Transocean that was built and financed by South Korea’s Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Ltd., that has caused great loss of life, untold billions in economic damage to the South Korean economy, and an environmental catastrophe to the United States.

Most important to understand about this latest attack by North Korea against its South Korean enemy is that under the existing “laws of war” it was a permissible action as they remain in a state of war against each other due to South Korea’s refusal to sign the 1953 Armistice ending the Korean War.

To the attack itself, these reports continue, the North Korean “cargo vessel” Dai Hong Dan believed to be staffed by 17th Sniper Corps “suicide” troops left Cuba’s Empresa Terminales Mambisas de La Habana (Port of Havana) on April 18th whereupon it “severely deviated” from its intended course for Venezuela’s Puerto Cabello bringing it to within 209 kilometers (130 miles) of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform which was located 80 kilometers (50 miles) off the coast of the US State of Louisiana where it launched an SSC Sang-o Class Mini Submarine (Yugo class) estimated to have an operational range of 321 kilometers (200 miles).

On the night of April 20th the North Korean Mini Submarine manned by these “suicidal” 17th Sniper Corps soldiers attacked the Deepwater Horizon with what are believed to be 2 incendiary torpedoes causing a massive explosion and resulting in 11 workers on this giant oil rig being killed outright. Barely 48 hours later, on April 22nd , this North Korean Mini Submarine committed its final atrocity by exploding itself directly beneath the Deepwater Horizon causing this $1 Billion oil rig to sink beneath the seas and marking 2010’s celebration of Earth Day.

While these titillating and sensational screenplays attract the cadres of the conspiratorially minded, the general public is treated to the usual smokescreen of ever present scandals concerning the calamity. BP's $3.5 billion in campaign contributions to Congress over a 20 year period, over $77,000 of which went to Obama giving him the peculiar and now dubious distinction of being the top recipient of BP funding.

$10,000 went to Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu who in referring to the fiasco revealed herself as unofficial BP spokesperson saying “I mean, just the gallons are so minuscule compared to the benefits of U.S. strength and security, the benefits of job creation and energy security, so while there are risks associated with everything, I think you understand that they are quite, quite minimal.” BP's $1.5 million annual lobbying apparently bought"categorical exclusion" from the National Environmental Policy Act at the behest of the Minerals Management Service of the Department of the Interior. Six days before the disaster BP was still petitioning the Department for an expansion of its waivers from federal environmental policy. Perhaps it was this kind of kid gloves treatment by the Interior Department which necessitated Interior head Ken Salazar to manfully suggest after the blowout that the government was "putting its boot on the neck of BP", a boot which mysteriously altered course and became stuck in the Secretary of the Interior's mouth. The following is from an interview with Karen Suckling, executive director of the Center of Biological Diversity, on Democracy Now!

The President should start an initiation of an investigation of Ken Salazar and his role in allowing this to happen. Salazar has been a major proponent of the offshore oil drilling industry. He passed legislation as a senator in 2006 to open up the Gulf of Mexico in the first place to offshore oil drilling. He gets campaign contributions by British Petroleum. And then he walks into this agency he is supposed to reform, and instead of reforming it, pushes it to do even more offshore oil drilling. So Ken Salazar is part of the problem here, not the solution. He should not be doing the investigation of MMS. He should be under investigation for helping to cause this crisis

Further revelations of a $506 million insurance policy on the defunct rig by its owners offshore drilling behemoth Transocean Ltd. which was the occasion of an initial immediate $411 million cash settlement brought back memories of the notorious Larry Silverman's insurance policy taken out on the World Trade Center Towers only weeks before the attacks on 9/11 for a similar amount. With indemnities related to the catastrophe over $200 million, Transocean will realize a profit of over $270 million as a result of the"greatest environmental disaster in U.S. history" These tidbits, obviously designed to stir the pot of righteous public indignation over the excesses of corporate America were all too similar to the public outrage which greeted the windfall profits, executive bonuses and general financial skullduggery at Goldman Sachs. It is well known of course that in addition to having many of its notable alumni ensconced in the Obama administration, Goldman was Obama's numero uno campaign contributor in 2008.

The Goldman Squid, whose notorious and ubiquitous financial blood funnel could be found firmly lodged in the deeper recesses of this scandal as well as so many others apparently owned the company which manufactured the highly toxic Corexit chemical dispersant agent used exclusively by BP over the objections of the EPA, which sickened many of the local shrimpers and fishermen that BP had press ganged into floating booms to contain the oil slicks approaching the gulf coasts. In addition Goldman had conveniently unloaded almost 400,000 shares of BP shares last January 31, initiating a wholesale dumping of BP stock by other financial heavyweights throughout the first quarter of this year. Perhaps a little evidence of significant insider trading here much like the infamous and mysterious puts placed on American and United Airlines shortly before the 9/11 attacks. The significant question whether Goldman's dumping of BP stocks over the quarter prior to the disaster becomes more acute when it is realized that current BP chairman Tony Hayward divested himself of major portions of the company's stock apparently only some days before the blowout.

the following from Zerohedge goes into greater detail delineating the curious and fortuitous dumping of of Goldman's BP stock holdings in the run up to the oil rig blowout:

"As the chart above demonstrates, there is an "odd" correlation between Goldman's sellside sentiment on the stock, and the amount of stock held by Goldman's asset management arm, especially evident in the days between December 31, 2009 and March 31, 2010, when despite a recent Buy rating attached to the firm, GSAM sold off more than 40% of its stake in the name. On December 31, Goldman held 71 million BP shares, and three months later this number went down 42.5 million. Another oddity is that back in 2008, when GS had the stock at Neutral, GSAM doubled its stake in the firm from 28.8 million shares to 57.3 million days before Ms. della Vigna raised the stock to a Buy, albeit if only for just over a month. Oddly enough, in the half year period when Goldman was telling its clients to Sell the stock, between 3/31/2009 and 10/28/2009, GSAM holdings declined by a whopping -3.9%."

Chances are that if anyone really knows what transpired on the day of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion one most likely candidate would be the former chairman of BP plc and chairman of Goldman Sachs International (GSAM), Peter Sutherland (photo left). Mr. Sutherland is truly one of those generally unknown and yet extremely powerful and influential individuals who, with his important standing in many supra-national global organizations, has defined and created international political and financial policy for the past three decades. As founding director-general of the World Trade Organization (WTO), acting general director of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), European Chairman of the Trilateral Commission, chairman of the London School of Economics, board member of the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sutherland was also on the Board of Governors instrumental in the crafting of the Maastricht Treaty which inaugurated the European Union.

Given even the vague outlines of this insanely exalted and complicated pedigree, it would be no stretch of the imagination to suggest that Mr. Sutherland is privy to the workings of the global elite in a way that few of us "morts" can imagine. We think it is safe to assume that the given the exponentially growing global and strategic significance of the worst environmental disaster in history, that the BP/Deepwater Horizon/Transocean Ltd. oil rig explosion and the subsequent volcanic rupture of crude into the Gulf and soon to be the Mid and North Atlantic, at the very least either comprises the tragic and inevitable consequences of the globalist agenda for control of worldwide natural and financial resources or embodies an integral component in the ongoing plans of the elite for their One World Corporation Unlimited.

Sutherland presided over the scandal and crisis plagued arrival of British Petroleum to the shores of America after its merger with Amoco in 1998. Under his watch the recently acquired Texas City oil refinery became the third worst oil refinery fire in U.S. history killing 11 workers and injuring over a 170 on March 23, 2005. Less than a year later on March 2, 2006, a huge leak at Alaska's Prudhoe Bay facility was belatedly discovered, ultimately releasing 267,00 gallons into the snow as an automatic leak detection system failed to discover oil seeping from corroded pipelines. A smaller leak later polluted the bay in Long Beach, CA. Critics claimed that bottom line cost cutting measures and the ability to pay the huge fines, some $98 million alone in the Prudhoe Bay incident, permitted and encouraged "catastrophic safety risks". Along with competitors Exxon and Royal Dutch Shell, BP was the subject of criminal and civil investigation over manipulation of crude oil and unleaded fuel markets in 2003/2004.

Given the recent history of British Petroleum in the United States and in particular the emerging involvement of Goldman Sachs, British Petroleum and trans-global and trans-national organizations in the ongoing Deepwater Horizon world environmental catastrophe, the question arises as to the nature of this extremely complex nexus of influences emanating from powerful financial, political and scientific/technological/corporate institutions so dynamically represented in the person of Mr. Peter Sutherland. It is interesting to note that Mr. Sutherland recently was attending the notorious Bilderberg gathering in Stiges, Spain along with many other global power elites.

It is a testimony to the growing public awareness of the putative machinations of these powerful elite agencies operating behind the thrones of sovereign nations and pervading our social and economic institutions that suspicions immediately arise as to the involvement of a cabal of conspiratorial forces in any significant crisis or catastrophic event. While ignoring for the moment the relevance of the relative merits of these "conspiracy theories" what is obvious is that there is a genuine and serious crisis of public confidence in those institutions which embody the collective aspirations of societies. Nowhere has this become more pervasive than the economic collapse and the widespread perception that political and economic institutions have played a critical and pivotal role in what many have suggested is an engineered social catastrophe.

There is much well founded commentary which suggests that our so-called democratic institutions have long ago become incapable of governance and that not only crisis control, but crisis creation has become the mode de jour of national political management. This became apparent in the disputed presidential election of 2000 which was decided not by popular or even electoral vote but by mandate of the Supreme Court. This gross electoral miscarriage was followed shortly thereafter by the attacks of 9/11 which were foreshadowed by the now infamous Project for a New American Century memorandum which called for "a new Pearl Harbor" as a pretext for US military involvement in the emerging and strategic geo-political theater of Central Asia, the blueprint for which was curiously laid out in years earlier in Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard".

Given these significant "a priori" designs, which were subsequently realized in such detail that criminal culpability in violation of every applicable domestic and international convention could be proven beyond the shadow of reasonable doubt, the denial of the obvious evidence of such criminal conspiracy and racketeering can only be attributed to a disingenuous and willful ignorance which is itself evidence of collusion and actionable complicity.

Looked at through this clarifying lens of the painful experience of significant past events, and given the established precedent of criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of governmental, technological and financial institutions in these events up to and including massive economic dislocations, it is scarcely unreasonable to suggest that the emerging and yet still vague outlines of the Deepwater Horizon disaster will eventually expose the same pattern of an engineered and manipulated crisis designed to further the hidden agenda of an elite minority of world managers at the expense of a humankind they propose to subvert, control, and eventually target for elimination.

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