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TAKING OUT THE U.S.A. 2001-2010


For any of those among us who had any lingering doubts about the future of this country and indeed the fate of modern civilization, one would think those reservations would be entirely dispelled by the apocalyptic cataclysm in the Gulf of Mexico which is slowly revealing a world historic catastrophe of an unprecedented and epoch making dimension. As extraordinary efforts by the government and its controlled media are being made to conceal the immense severity and extent of this, one of the defining moments of the modern era, an eerie and unmistakable parallel can be drawn between the Deepwater Horizon disaster and the events of September 11, 2001, which redefined the nation and the world as well as the hopes and expectations of generations. These two seemingly disparate and unconnected events are yet inextricably bound up in the predominant modern scientific-technologic paradigm that has come to represent the apex of the successive millennia of human existence. Indeed, the supplanting of the spiritual identity of mankind by the scientific technological world view has become so pervasive in its unchallenged assimilation of the human destiny so as to approach a divine status embodying an all embracing, all knowing, supra-ordinant entity from which there is no escape and no appeal. And this technological god has returned the worshipful and reverential supremacy which it has been accorded by obligingly recreating mankind in its own image.


With this resounding and seemingly irrefutable anthem of technology's obsessive mantra we come to consider the justification (or lack of it) for both of these ill fated projects which seem to express both the Nimrodian aspiration to heights (and depths) and, in their unbridled hubris, demand the inevitable and cathartic denouément which awaits all such unfounded monuments to the glory of man. Consider then the following assessment of one J. Herbert Fill, long ago in 1974, concerning the World Trade Center in particular and, in prescient anticipation, the Deepwater Horizon platform. Odd isn't it how these edifices alternately scaled the heights and plumbed the very depths to assert the domain of man in pursuit of technological supremacy. And how ironic that the very emblems of American supremacy; its technological superiority, its financial hegemony, its illimitable natural resources, and finally its vaunted military prowess became the very tools for its destruction.

"Bigness and power, the compensatory defenses against deep-seated feelings of human irrelevance that are troubling technologists, are the real reason for building such monsters... The World Trade Center, despite all the pronouncements of progress is really little more than a grand-scale metal manifestation of an entire society's neurotic defense"
Such a radical sentiment will find little currency or sympathy in a society afflicted with a fatal sense of its own triumphalism as well as a desperate addiction to the sources of its seeming illimitable power. As the unprecedented and unparalleled collapse of the symbols of international financial hegemony embodied in the twin towers shattered the assumption of American financial supremacy, foreshadowing the economic convulsions of the nation, just as surely the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe presages the end of the age of oil and the death knell of the nations toxic and long polluted environment. 

"Due to toxic gases from the fractured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the possible off-gassing of the highly-toxic Corexit 9500 (the chemical dispersant used by BP in the oil spill clean-up), acid rain and various as-yet-unknown forms of environmental damage, we believe that the government will have no choice but to relocate millions of people away from the Gulf Coast. Those living in Florida are presently at the highest risk, but the danger also appears likely to spread to all Gulf Coast states east of Louisiana and possibly even to the entire Eastern half of the United States once hurricane season begins.

Lastly, Lindsay Williams, a former Alaskan pipeline chaplain with high-level oil industry connections, has suggested that BP, in conjunction with the federal government, might try to cap the well by using a nuclear explosion – the environmental consequences of which are currently unknown."
Read more:http://blogs.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel#ixzz0r7H1yewP

Is it merely one of those supreme ironies coincident with some significant milestones in history that Barack Obama only a week before the Deepwater blowout called for increased offshore drilling for oil in a nation which had actually recently seen a noticeable decline in oil usage, or was such an announcement somehow connected to the "unforeseen event" which he in no wise could otherwise have reasonably entertained any foreknowledge of ? Astute observers of history have long concurred with a remark attributed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt. "In politics nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way". In this respect was Obama's pronouncement in some way a planned prelude or staged signal presaging the Deepwater blowout?

Before this suggestion is dismissed as yet another irresponsible and unfounded canard to be lumped onto the ever growing heap of such discarded rubbish, we must consider the very real possibility as suggested by the ever prescient Lindsey Williams as well as the respected oil/geopolitical specialist F.W, Engdahl that, much like the ongoing global warming hoax exposed by the East Anglica University "climate-gate" e-mails, the Peak Oil scenario, so universally accepted as established science, is itself at best an ill-informed psuedo-scientific theory or, at worst, a calculated agenda of disinformation designed to delimit and proscribe US domestic oil exploration and production.

"According to Kutcherov, a leading specialist in the theory of abiogenic deep origin of petroleum, 'What BP drilled into was what we call a ‘migration channel,’ a deep fault on which hydrocarbons generated in the depth of our planet migrate to the crust and are accumulated in rocks, something like Ghawar in Saudi Arabia.' Ghawar, the world’s most prolific oilfield has been producing millions of barrels daily for almost 70 years with no end in sight. According to the abiotic science, Ghawar like all elephant and giant oil and gas deposits all over the world, is located on a migration channel similar to that in the oil-rich Gulf of Mexico.
As I wrote at the time of the January 2010 Haiti earthquake disaster, Haiti had been identified as having potentially huge hydrocasrbon reserves, as has neighboring Cuba. Kutcherov estimates that the entire Gulf of Mexico is one of the planet’s most abundant accessible locations to extract oil and gas, at least before the Deepwater Horizon event this April.
What the enormity of the oil spill does is to also further discredit clearly the oil companies’ myth of “peak oil” which claims that the world is at or near the “peak” of economical oil extraction. That myth, which has been propagated in recent years by circles close to former oilman and Bush Vice President, Dick Cheney, has been effectively used by the giant oil majors to justify far higher oil prices than would be politically possible otherwise, by claiming a non-existent petroleum scarcity crisis." F.W. Engdahl

And just for good measure,we have the following from the sagacious and inestimable Bob Chapman:

Wait until the public finds out the oil fiasco was a false flag operation to pass Cap & trade and carbon taxes among other things. BP is junk and everyone knows it in spite of the attempted payoffs to Fitch. It won’t be long before the rating is junk and institutions are forced to sell the bonds for virtually nothing. It is even money BP will bite the dust. The bad news on the oil blowout gets worse every day as Obama tries to hide what is really going on so they can get carbon taxes. The Illuminists blew it. They didn’t know they were drilling into an oil volcano. There will be no way to plug the hole. The deluge will flow for years.

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