Sunday, March 16, 2014

Interstate Highway National Security Lockdown

As the terminal national nightmare progresses inexorably into its now tortuously prolonged and final denouément, the spectacle of police agencies effectively blockading 12 lanes of I-270 for more than one hour near Washington DC at Rockville, Maryland ostensibly in search of fugitive bank robbers, only reaffirms our suspicions that the interstate highways will be the scene of massive illegal internments as the progressive and incremental martial law lock down continues. While the unprecedented action was welcomed by the credulous as an effective and necessary law enforcement measure, against the backdrop of an increasingly militarized society characterized by a plethora of cascading "emergency measures" which have de facto suspended constitutional guarantees, these actions have taken on the obvious character of arbitrary and dictatorial measures designed to beta test  the eventual rollout of a national security grid lockdown of the US. Obviously the absolute control of the means of transportation is one of the prerequisites essential to the complex machinations required in the  monumental effort to put the vast reaches of the North American continent under the iron matrix of martial law. While an unthinkable and even ridiculous notion to most of those paralyzed by the prevailing normalcy bias, the facts on the ground speak for themselves. This is especially so when one considers the similar and parallel lockdown of the Boston metropolitan area after the false flag provocation of the staged Boston marathon "bombing", once again in search of supposed criminal culprits involved in the so-called bombing.


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