Saturday, February 22, 2014

Massive Plutonium Contamination at Carlsbad WIPP Facility-Possible Explosion and Fire.

Well, it appears that Fomalhaut's prediction of a critical event transpiring on the full moon of February 14, possibly involving a singular event in "in the continental United States", is in the process of being realized as reports from the WIPP facility near Carlsbad, New Mexico suggest an increasingly severe and catastrophic radiological event. Although already underreported and largely ignored by the corporate media, this incident is being monitored by some alert and well positioned blogs especially the POTRblog.com in particular. Anyone interested in the further developments of this event should consult the continually updated feeds from this site. Of course the incendiary violence, insurrection and general NATO/US subversion in Ukraine continues with the prospect of either full blown civil war, Russian military intervention or a open partition being likely. As the Ides of March approach, we can most probably expect a critical phase of long impending economic collapse to manifest as well according to Fomalhaut's projections.

 "In addition the approaching Full Moon on 02/14/14 finds the Lights in extremely critical aspect with these planets suggesting that the events to transpire at that time early in March will be set in motion by this tense and difficult configuration.... the planetary indications suggest a possibly unexpectedly destructive and catastrophic outcome."

Can we then expect that the extent of this ongoing and multi- faceted economic, environmental and geopolitical cataclysm will only grow exponentially in magnitude to Merc's projected outcome in the first week of March? We will await the outcome.  http://pissinontheroses.blogspot.com.au/2014/02/deadly-warning-nearly-eleven-thousand.html

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