Thursday, August 22, 2013

Computer Generated Imagery and Green Screen Propaganda

Apparently, access to this particular video is being blocked across the net. I was surprised that the tally of hits here on this site (3) was so few and I ran across an article at Before Its News http://beforeitsnews.com/international/2013/08/censorship-beforeitsnews-syria-story-being-blocked-by-internet-providers-2466632.html which seems to confirm my suspicion that access was being denied. Strange indeed. The next link is an extensive compendium of evidence of the US involvement in Syria through its proxy army the FSA.http://aangirfan.blogspot.com/2013/08/fsa-gassed-damascus_22.html

There is actually some dispute over whether the evil overlords of this planet and their minions are really human beings at all. It has been stated that these creatures are murderous members of a reptilian root race which inhabits the human shells of our government leaders.. 

This of course is only the latest new age illuminati scheme put forth by the likes of David Icke, erstwhile disciple of Annie Besant, and forward Illuminate hand puppet. Sometimes you gotta wonder though.....the truth though is this is all just a modern replication of the eternal truths of the gospel.

In the dictatorship of our modern scientific technological imperative, people cannot really conceive of demons and angels so much, but they are all so receptive to aliens and all things "extraterrrestrial". With generations long ago weaned of the archaic and outmoded myths of Christianity, the new sci-fi mythological construct is steadily supplanting the age old truths of the Christian tradition in the minds of media addled youth and baby boomers raised on Star Wars and Trek. Now heaven is in a far away place in the cosmos called "the universe". Demons are aliens or reptiles. And of course the false prophets, mages, wise men and even ordinary cognoscienti are legion as befits their mistaken allegiance.

And now of course with the majority of Americans sucking up psychic toxins from televised media, anything is really possible. Reminds me of what Fido Dogstoevsky once said  "If you cease to believe in God you'll believe in anything". It should really come as no surprise that after generations have become increasingly addicted to pulsating flat screens, that the very reality around us is being literally counterfeited through the same agencies as suggested in the above video.

The "Angel of Light" has always been a bit suspect ever since his 24 hour fall from paradise. In his infinite pride he's making his final attempt to subvert the Church Of God established for eternity by the sacrificial act of the Second Person. Go ye, read the Psalms of David and gain strength. 

"While there should be a great  cause for alarm or suspicion in a discerning public and a representative government, especially given the severity of the situation, the present administration, largely due to the unquestioning allegiance and fawning devotion of a compliant fourth estate and a hopelessly suborned and corrupted legislative branch, continues to walk blindly, unscathed, and untouched through ongoing, respective, and catastrophic failures of domestic and foreign policy. Unfortunately, such wanton unaccountability gives criminal license and even wider scope for greater violations of a public trust so woefully and regrettably misplaced. But there is nothing really new here where those in power do the bidding of a occult and arcane elite ruling from the shadows." 

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