Tuesday, November 6, 2012

FEMA condemns NY homes. Red Cross AWOL

Though it must obviously be left open to general speculation, it is becoming well obvious to some of us more well versed in the basics of weather modification as an expression of geopolitcal imperatives, that the attack on the eastern seaboard involving the geo-engineered hurricane was indeed the next stage in the ongoing agenda to incrementally subvert, undermine, and destroy the America colossus through the creation of eco and environmental catastrophes by black budget stealth technologies such as HAARP and Nexrad radar, the engineered implosion of the US economy and the devaluation of the dollar. Don't "believe" in weather modification? It's been going on since 1960.

As we witness the evolving catastrophe on the east coast with millions still out of power hunkering down in storm ravaged dwellings and fending off looters, tens of thousands homeless roaming the streets in search of food and shelter, local residents and civic leaders in Staten Island, Red Hook, Brooklyn and Rockaway are struggling to understand and expressing collective outrage that government agencies such as FEMA and the Red Cross are failing to respond to the unprecedented disaster that has befallen the area. The following video is among hundreds in which residents painfully volunteer the facts which so much of America seems to be oblivious of as they preoccupy themselves with the 2012 presidential election. 

The spectacle of FEMA managers moving in and condemning properties while residents go begging for the basic necessities points up the real globalist agenda of not only the agency itself but the government social controllers behind this geoengineered disaster. While the residents and borough leaders themselves decry the apparent ineptitude (and actual cynical laissez-faire) of FEMA and the American Red Cross, the Obama regime along with the Republican renegade Chris Christie point to the absolute necessity of such agencies in response to the compounding and artificially  created disasters besetting a country already descending into the abyss of an economic meltdown. 

As the president flew in for his requisite 90 minute photo-op with Christie, posing as saviors, Mayor Bloomberg, fresh from endorsing the incumbent, was only dissuaded from holding the lucrative $380 million New York City Marathon by the indignant cries of anguished residents still recovering bodies of friends and relatives only blocks from the starting line. 

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