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Who's Your Daddy?

With the pervasive propensity for misdirection/disinformation an established modus operandi for the all important management of perception so essential to controlling and manipulating public opinion, it is really no surprise that the Obama birth certificate controversy would be so laboriously and painstakingly maneuvered on stage. Essentially a nonissue and exploitation of one of the essential features of the manufacture of the elaborate mythos of Obama's questionable origins, the media and the public at large is sent off on yet another fool's errand of absolute irrelevance.

This wild goose chase so fervently entered into could be obviated by the acknowledgment of the obvious fact that Barack Obama Sr. was in no way the father of the great pretender. The social and psychological engineers responsible for the fabrication and mass marketing of this computer generated, freeze dried hybrid package of brand Obama realized from the outset that such an impossibly impenetrable persona was, from a psycho/mythological perspective, a necessary feature of the "hero of a thousand faces" archetype (apologies to Joe Campbell) which alone could inspire such international and unabashed collective enthusiasm second only to the second coming of Jesus in the incarnation of the Lord Maitreya, himself .

It is our opinion that the father of Barack Hussein Obama was not the unfortunate badger gamed Kenyan dupe, Barack Obama Sr., but rather the original Sex Rebel Black, Frank Marshall Davis, the pimp daddy, drug dealing CPUSA, drinking buddy of Stanley Dunham, Stanley Ann's dissolute father. All of this incredible nonsense concerning Obama's Kenyan birth is simply a pre-scripted diversion from the pretender's real genesis as a real American homegrown, CIA groomed, Manchurian candidate and controlled asset.http://kushmonster.blogspot.com/2010/02/embed_27.html

Trouble in Paradise
The strange weavings of fate and circumstance which briefly brought together the disparate destinies of Stanley Anne Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis and the subsequent birth of their son, later christened Barack Obama, reflect most dramatically the influence of the planet Neptune which held the midheaven at the birth of the child who was later to become the 44th president. First and most importantly, even the above statement regarding the child's patrimony must strictly remain an object of conjecture and open to dispute, as it is generally acknowledged that the Kenyan scholar for whom the child was named is his biological father. The question of this dichotomy is itself not unusual and expressive of a larger societal problem especially among the Afro-American community. Lacking blood tests and a verifiable birth certificate (which itself is under suspicion), we can only leave it to our reader to decide what most closely resembles a true state of affairs. Thus from the very outset one can here discern the illusory and vague, perennially changing outlines which are so characteristic of the influence attributed to the subtle emanations of Neptune, the planet of mystery, the unknown, of the incomplete. What seems is not so much what is, and what is, is not what it seems to be. This is the realm of shadows, of half truths, and wholesale fabrications which seize upon the imagination and lead it down labyrinthine paths which offer no outlet.

Enshrouded in a mystery the nature of which is hard of apprehension begins the incarnation of Barack Obama. Frank Davis, born December 31, 1905, became a regular visitor at the Dunhams shortly after Stan and Madelyn settled in Honolulu in June 1960 with their 18 year old daughter, Stanley Anne. The 55 year old black poet and jazz afficianado and Stan Dunham became good friends and drinking buddies, frequently availing themselves of the marijuana and cocaine which Davis sold out of a hot dog cart he operated in downtown Honolulu. Davis was also the author of a hard-core pornographic novel published in 1968 under the psuedonym Bob Greene entitled "Sex Rebel: Black-Memoirs of a Gash Gourmet". In the book, Davis describes in "lurid detail a series of shocking sexual encounters, often involving group sex" He goes on the describe the "seduction by Mr. Davis and his first wife of a 13 year old girl named Anne". Davis, himself, writes "I'm not one to go in for Lolitas. but there are exceptions. I didn't want to disappoint the trusting child. She obtained a course in practical sex from experienced practitioners." And further "on other occasions, Mr. Davis would cruise in Hawaii parks looking for couples or female tourists to have sex with. He derived sexual gratification from bondage, simulated rape and being flogged and urinated on" (all references from Toby Harnden- London Telegraph, August 2008).

Obama himself acknowledges the important influence of "Frank" in his memoir "Dreams From My Father". The obvious question arises whether Obama himself is aware of the subterranean origins of his own birth. Certainly Mr. Davis must have been aware of the situation, or at the very least had some very unmistakable indications of the state of affairs long ago which would be extremely difficult to ignore. As for Mr. Obama, the rigorous background and intelligence checks to which any candidate for important public office would be subjected to (much less the presidency itself) would inevitably reveal the truth. This is especially so considering Davis' alleged involvement with the Communist Party of America for which he was investigated by the infamous House of Un-American Activities Committee.

Given the predilections of Barack Obama Sr. himself, an alcoholic philanderer and polygamist who fathered several children by at least two wives and unknown mistresses and who killed himself in a drunken automobile accident in Kenya in 1982, Obama's memoir might have been more appropriately titled "Nightmares From My Fathers". Indeed, Obama had only one brief experience with his putative father, Barack Sr., long after the former had abandoned he and his mother shortly after his birth. This occurred when the future chief executive was 10 years of age. The bitter and morose, terminally alcoholic prematurely aged Kenyan Luo blew into Honolulu one December to visit his old drinking buddies from the University of Hawaii and his Phi Beta Kappa days in the early 60's. He stayed long enough to address Barack's middle school class about Kenya and advised him to stop watching "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and do his homework. Other than a series of letters the two later exchanged during the course of Obama's undergraduate career, this was apparently the extent of the relationship, which Obama painted in such roseate hues for mass consumption in his memoir.

Here we have a very obvious example of the illusory weavings of the Neptunian dominated individual, who scripts an elaborate personal screenplay to distort, magnify, evade, and fabricate the basic facts of a personal history. This is not that unusual an outcome in a society where pathologies large and small have become a commonplace especially in our social and political institutions. Indeed it has become accepted and even expected of our political leadership to mislead, manipulate, seduce and inveigle a suggestible mass constituency for the attainment of the aims of a covert political agenda. What is unusual though is the religious fervor bordering on hysteria which has accompanied the billion dollar packaging and selling of the latest presidential commodity. This has of course obvious historical precedents and parallels the implications of which do not bode well for the future of the nation.

Stanley Ann

The tragic and inglorious fate of Stanley Ann Dunham herself is yet another object lesson in the veritable chasm of disparity which now exists between the real and the merely fabricated, between the substantial and what is concocted and fictionalized for mass consumption. Her arrival in Honolulu in 1960 with her mother and father from Mercer Island, Seattle, Washington had of course immense consequences not only for her own destiny but also for the destiny of literally billions of individuals. That this deeply disturbed 18 year-old girl was in a matter of months pregnant due most probably to a misalliance with a 55 year-old acquaintance of her father is arguably one of the most notable recent events in American history. How this came to pass is of course open to conjecture. Suffice it to say that one muckraking right-wing denizen of the internet came into possession of nude photographs of Stanley Ann, which according to one source were apparently obtained from one of the daughters of Frank Davis and Helen Canfield. The photographs, which now have wide circulation on the web, show Ms. Dunham, clad only in sheer stockings and platform shoes in various poses against a backdrop of a phonograph and record stand and an armchair with wrapped Christmas presents on the floor suggestive of the Christmas season of 1960.

Indeed all of Dunham's friends in Mercer Island were shocked to find that she was having a child. After all she had expressed revulsion at the idea of giving birth and declined to even get near the babies that her friends were constantly sitting. As " the original feminist", as one friend remembered her, she disdained the idea of marrying as well. Then there is the anecdotal story of one of her friends having to change the diapers of the infant Obama as she had no interest in doing so herself. Her promiscuous liaisons with Davis however brought about that very condition which she abhorred. One can imagine the lonely and embittered state of mind of such a young girl when she discovered the ultimate truth, and the hysterical panic, which led her to enlist the unwitting assistance of Obama Senior. Or perhaps the African merely saw a quid pro quo arrangement with something in it for himself. At any rate it all ended rather mysteriously as it had began when the highly nervous, hysterical mother journeyed from Seattle to Cambridge perhaps in an attempt to reconcile with the increasingly truculent and abusive Luo. No one can relate what transpired in the interim but SAD returned to the West Coast and went on back to Hawaii only to see the now infamous dupe once again when she curiously flew from Indonesia to prep her son for his only mature contact with his "father" in 1971.

Within months she filed for an uncontested divorce and soon afterwards left the unwanted issue with her mother and departed for the West Indies. The basic sanity of such behavior as all of this as evinced in our brief exposition of this rather soiled and sordid state of affairs can at least laterally be questioned if not actually exposed outright as the manifestations of some very self deluded if not actually depraved and hopelessly corrupted specimens of humanity. At the very least these shenanigans would provide some very rich material for the writers of both farce and high tragedy. As it is, the whole catastrophe has been wrung through the sanitizing washer of shameless obfuscation and distilled through sieves of self-serving and sentimental fictions in Obama's fulsome and self- adulatory fables.

The case of Frank Marshall Davis, born December 31, 1905 in Arkansas City, Kansas would have been for all practical purposes of only minor interest outside of the purview of students of Black American literature had it not been for that fateful misalliance with the young high school student from Mercer Island, the ultimate issue of which was his bastard son, the 44th president. His √©minence noir now stands implacably and resolutely, if obscurely, behind the now all too famous mirage of his progeny. As no formal or acknowledged connection between the two will be soon, if ever, forthcoming, aside from a few cursory references to his horoscope, it will be the main purpose of this study to briefly demonstrate the parallels between his map and that of the man we so boldly presume to be his son, leaving it to some other astro-investigator to more comprehensively delineate the synastry that would firmly establish their inevitable and important connection. First and immediately we notice that FMD has an exact opposition of the planet Neptune@15 degrees Gemini to his natal Sun@ 15 degrees Sagitarrius. This corresponds to Obama’s notable square of the same planets- Sun@18 degrees Libra and Neptune@14 degrees Libra at the Midheaven. (Given the decided emphasis of Neptune in this study, it was with some sense of vindication that we discovered this concurrence ex post facto)
The Sun in FMD’s map is flanked by Uranus@10 degrees Sagittarius and Mercury@ 21degrees Sagitarrius, drawing these planets as well into this critical opposition. One can notice another interesting parallel. Obama’s Sun is also closely flanked by these self same planets. Indeed Obama’s Sun occupies the mid-point of Uranus-Mercury as does FMD’s. This parallel is rather stunning and most definitely markedly narrows the perameters of statistical probability, which one might apply to the decidedly synchronous nature of this possible relationship.

The above replication is indicative of a relationship, which partakes of a much deeper and fundamental connection than the rather innocuous one implied in Obama’s biography, that of “mentor”. This is not proof that Frank Marshall Davis is indeed Obama’s biological father but when combined with circumstances, the facts of which have been adduced above, there is at least an increasing probability that this is indeed the casehttp://kushmonster.blogspot.com/2009/09/obama-and-culture-of-death.html

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