Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kushmonster Bugs Out

"Because the Navajos resisted the settlers who were encroaching on Dine’ homelands, the U.S. government ordered military actions led by Kit Carson and John Carlton with instructions to destroy Navajo orchards and flocks. There was much bloodshed and in 1865 approximately 9,000 Navajos were forced on the Long Walk of 300 miles to an interment camp at Bosque Redondo, New Mexico. Terrible conditions here caused the death of many people and their livestock. Some Navajos escaped capture and hid with their sheep in remote canyons of New Mexico and Arizona".
While so many of our internet confréres and denizens of the blogosphere continue to happily occupy themselves with the latest titillating tidbits concerning the most recent political and social convulsions, police state machinations, riots, throne topplings, deteriorating economic conditions and general anarchy, Kushmonster has taken welcome and grateful leave of such endlessly convoluted and hopeless shenanigans and bugged out to an undisclosed remote location where we are presently occupied herding goats and sheep across rugged hills somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Though news occasionally filters through the vast and secluded spaces separating us from the perpetually discontented warrens of the civilized, we are generally well insulated from the current of events which once occupied and even dominated our attention. Instead, with a 1911 Springfield .45 strapped to his hip, our indefatigable correspondent Yardfarmer, in addition to milking and making yoghurt and cheeses and planting gardens on inhospitable hillsides, is tracking goats and sheep across the craggy and stony ridges which comprise his new domain.

Though he received the news of the badger game which snared "le grand seductuer", his nemesis and bete noire, Dominique Strauss-Kahn with a certain degree of jaded amusement and looked upon the idiotic and contemptible charade of the "killing" of el grand bogeyman Osama Bin Laden with his usual disgusted cynicism, Yard seems more than content with his escape from the increasingly constricted confines of both cyberspace and city life and has successfully acclimated his Great-Pyrennes/Akbash monster dog Cush to the ranch and herd of his new residence at the expense of only one dead Rhode Island Red chicken. Kudos to Cush.

The yurt from which we are presently posting is, as usual, being scoured by the relentless winds which regularly sweep through the scrub oak, pinion pines, ancient junipers, and mountain mahogany which cling to the dry and rocky hillsides in stubborn defiance of the harsh and sometimes pitiless environment. Almost as if in mute acknowledgement of Kushmonster's precipitate departure and clandestine retreat to our mountain redoubt, a Federal Agent recently visited the local food cooperative where the excellent selection of goat cheeses from the ranch are marketed and summarily demanded that all such "illegal" goat cheese be removed from the shelves. In addition the Fed capo make inquiries as to the origination and location of the facility which dispensed such dangerous wares which embody such an obvious threat to national security and proposed to come and inspect such premises.

Alas, such are the insane prerogatives of a government controlled by nefarious corporate and international financial hegemonic cartels which have as their agenda the suppression and ultimate elimination of the independent, creative entrepreneurial spirit embodied in this and many other singular local sovereign enterprises devoted to healthy, self sustaining and self determined living and culture free of the poisonous and restrictive control of the political and technological dictatorship. For the former we borrow a phrase from one our most notable modern satirists, Monty Python: "We fart in your general direction".

yardfarmer's latest e-mail: yes, it appears that the assiduous and indefatigable chronicler of the financial, metals and currency markets is slowly and yet steadily loosing touch with the same due to his chosen rural exile. yet the long term cyclical patterns remain the same despite my own general and growing lack of contact with the sites monitoring the short term fluctuations. despite the predictable and yet, to me, the somewhat precipitate and premature plunge in the commodities and metals markets, and perhaps because of it, the spring is being loaded for another parabolic surge upwards. buy and hold is a worry free approach. meanwhile, if i was back in d'never i would have ploughed a thousand or so into silver. fortunately i think the big plunge will continue towards its ultimate denouément near the second week of June. i might time my return for garlic harvesting to coincide with this expectation. so yes, the dead dollar still walks on its wobbly artificial legs. its pathetic condition is still a benefit to you, though i know the timing is not so immediately more financially beneficial to you. meanwhile it was sad to see one of the little kids die yesterday. some days earlier the whole herd stampeded away as they encountered some vehicles on the road i was leading them down after they had run away. this ended up being a 4-5 mile 4 hour trek to track them back over the hills to the ranch where they gratefully were guided by the loyal canines. the weather continues to be cool here. still haven't planted tomatoes! there was a good frost here last night. beets, carrots, onions are coming up fine with squashes, okra and beans and potatoes planted and emerging. we have begun milking the nursing mothers to relieve them of the bursting bags of milk. delicious stuff! cyndi made some great ricotta. i tried some but just came up with vinegar milk. nonetheless i made some excellent potato vegetable bisque with it. thanks for your sustaining thoughts and prayers and your distance work. we are well. peace out

yardfarmer to doctor dodge:in response to your question, i have seen the broad and speculative outlines of the future emerging from the obscurity of hypothetical conjecture which i have vaguely discerned over the past couple of years and becoming all too real. economically, geopolitically and socially, the world and this nation in particular are heading into an unprecedented crisis which seems to be taking most people unawares. the handwriting is on the wall. the ultimate collapse of the economy with the devaluation and elimination of the dollar not only as the world reserve currency but our own currency as well will guarantee massive social upheaval and set the stage for an eventual geopolitical global confrontation which has been delineated most succinctly as in, for instance, Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard". urban centers in chaos will eventually be locked down perhaps by martial law as civil chaos erupts and supply lines inevitably are disrupted as the world economy implodes. the future for me lies in agrarian enclaves of like minded individuals devoted to creating self sustaining secure and well armed communities to weather the coming cataclysm. so here i am, baking bread, making cheese and raising goats and sheep and chickens for milk and meat with good friends.so hopefully it's back to the future, the solid earth bound lives of my ancestors devoted to prayer and really hard work on the land. peace

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