Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yeah, It's the End.

Many of us are aware of course of the apparent imminent and cataclysmic demise of the Western World trumpeted from a wide array of internet platforms great and small each feeding off another in an unprecedented frenzy of catastrophism, shrill apocalyptic predictions, and sometimes maniacally reiterated exhortations of approaching doom. The economic debacle afflicting the US and the Eurozone looms large in the multifarious and endless speculations and prognostications revealing the acute sense of unease as to the future. While some remain blissfully unaware of the extent of the massive economic convulsions which have destroyed trillions of dollars of collective worth and transferred equally extraordinary amounts of public wealth to private hands, others feel most acutely the financial depredations which has brought the nation to the brink of an economic abyss the likes of which has not been experienced in several generations. Awash in a deluge of indebtedness and unemployment, the nation pitches blindly across a darkening and swelling sea like a rudderless vessel driven to inevitable shipwreck. As if in infernal concert with this extreme and precarious societal crossroads, the US military, garrisoned in 156 nations and overextended in thousands of forward bases, wages endless war across Central Asia and the Middle East, voraciously consuming the dwindling national wealth in the desperate and inevitably hopeless gambit of dying empire. A grotesquely and fittingly ironic horror was introduced to this attempted geopolitical strong arm expropriation of the vast natural resources of the region as the Hieronymous Bosch apocalypse of the British Petroleum Macondo Deepwater Horizon catastrophe exploded in the Gulf of Mexico creating a masssive toxic cesspool which still spreads its poisonous cocktail of heavy crude and Corexit dispersant through the North Atlantic while bringing the Gulf Stream loop current to a halt. Combined with the decades long drain of industrial production and employment to third world sweat shops and the hopelessly porous southern border with the narco state to the south, the US is experiencing an irreversible meltdown of historic proportions. Meanwhile the notoriously disengaged, apathetic, and indifferent American populace bathe complacently in the mesmerizing ELF rays of their bubblevision conditioning tubes, occasionally sporadically fulminating and spasmodically seething over the inevitable demise overtaking themselves, their families and the nation. The engineered distractions and misdirections of the domestic political falderal such as the present brouhaha over the Muslim community center at the sacred "ground zero" serve only as an escape valve for whatever evanescent swamp gases are flaring around the smoldering and decaying remnants of the national economic meltdown. All of the inherent and fatal contradictions inherent in the American Dream are now coalescing in a waking nightmare to undermine, subvert, and ultimately destroy whatever vestiges remain of the triumphalist illusions of national supremacy and empire.

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George said...

well said. perhaps in all this ending is some new beginnings as well.