Monday, April 5, 2010


This video recording of the senseless and grotesque murder of innocent civilians is made all the more incongruous by the flippant smug and self-congratulatory attitude of the perpetrators as they sadistically exterminate their unfortunate victims by remote control and then revel in the carnage. This extraordinary documentation of callous inhumanity and indifference to suffering will surely go down in history as a most profound indictment of the invasion, occupation, and evisceration of the people of Iraq, that is unless we ourselves have already succumbed to the absolute moral indifference which is responsible for such heinous crimes. An entire nation stands indicted and convicted in these mere 17 minutes of video footage. The accompanying and dismissive disavowal of responsibility for this bloodbath on the part of the military authorities and the lack of any accountability whatsoever reflects our own complicity in this terrible carnage and assures us that we as a nation stand condemned and doomed to destruction for these appalling crimes, the victims of which cry out to heaven for justice. I think we can say without any qualification that the evidence of this footage places us squarely in the ranks of the of the worst war criminals known to mankind. May God have mercy on our souls.

McCaffrey himself is an accused war criminal due to his actions in the First Gulf War when he ordered the 24th infantry division under his command to position itself between retreating and defeated Iraqui forces and their intended destination, without receiving orders and with no clear strategic significance. The ensuing massacre, which involved the slaughter of innocent non combatants as well, surprised even his military peers, one of whom suggested it was "like shooting fish in a barrel". Of course he was cleared of any wrongdoing by a military inquiry. God only knows what other atrocities were perpetrated by this monster of iniquity in his previous tours of duty in Vietnam.

He subsequently became a military analyst for NBC and MSNBC providing the patented military doublespeak and disinformation that was the hallmark of the MSM reportage of the Second Gulf War.He was already an experienced hand at this due largely to his position as head of Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), 1996-2001, where he was the subject of a General Accounting Office (GAO) investigation for the use of prepared and prepackaged news stories that did not inform the viewers that the bogus reports had been produced by his agency.(with illegally appropriated government funds to boot) Again a white wash ensued. At the same time McCaffrey was soliciting the producers of several prime time television shows to embed anti-drug propaganda in their scripts.

Given these impeccable credentials and in light of his stellar military pedigree with his penchant for the same kind of gratuitous murder exhibited in the WikiLeaks video, it is no wonder that he was trotted out to run interference and do damage control. This hell bound creature from the dark side presently runs a consulting firm from which he undoubtedly dispenses the same type of toxic waste which has characterized his entire inglorious career. Barry McCaffrey, murderer, liar, be damned.

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